Thursday, June 2, 2011

My First Food Tasting At Popeyes

In the world of the bloggers, or the blogosphere (that's how we call it to sound cool) there are a few things that you must do before you can call yourself a blogger. There's the classic getting your first cheque from blogging and there's also the privileges of being able to attend awesome events like food preview and tasting session, for example.

Despite winning stuff like iPad and some competitions here and there (ahem, sounding proud here),  I never had the chance to attend any food tasting event yet. But from what I see around the blogosphere, food tasting events seem to be a very common thing among bloggers. Heck, there was even this blogger who joked once that he never spent a cent on meals before because of all the food tasting events he attended. Just kidding.

But like they say, you're never a blogger until you have attended a food tasting event. And thanks to Popeyes, the days of staring hungrily at other people's blog posts finally came to an end today!

No, not that Popeye, this!

In conjunction with the brand new opening of their 11th outlet at Orchard Xchange (Yes, Popeyes is at Orchard now!), a few bloggers (including me!) were invited for a food tasting session to experience the delicious dishes of Popeyes, including its tasty fried chicken which is prepared from chicken which have never been frozen before, marinated for 12 hours to give it the prefect taste, and also the famous mashed potato, which well, is just purely awesome.

They allowed me to bring along a friend too for the food preview session and for the day, I managed to drag my bestie Vivian to accompany me!

This is Vivian Wong who's gonna be my model for the day

And this is me, happy to be sitting at Popeyes enjoying free food

To be honest, in my whole life I have only ate Popeyes chicken only once before. And that was way long ago at Changi airport. Little did I know that unlike other restaurants, they do not freeze their chicken prior to serving so customers would enjoy maximum freshness out of the chicken. And to be honest for the second time, the chicken is good! I know I should be able to describe to you about the taste of the chicken as I am a blogger tasked to do so but sometimes words just fails me. I only can say that the meat is different from what I usually taste from fried chicken and it looks kinda pinky too. And indication that it's fresh, I think.

Crispy outside...

Tender inside. Hungry already?

Of course, we were not only served chicken for the night. In fact, we were served a king's meal. One that involves the legendary mashed potato and the tasty fries that I've never tried before. And not forgetting the signature pop.

Look at the amount of food!

Besides the chicken, we were also served bread, mashed potato, coleslaw and also a signature pop. Vivian got the melon flavor while I got the apple one. And I must say, all the food were awesome. The thing about Popeyes that I liked is the uniqueness of the food.

From the fries to the mashed potato, they do it in such a way that outside of Popeyes, you would not taste another mashed potato like how you taste it inside of Popeyes. If you have eaten Popeye's before, you would understand what I am talking about. There's these tiny pieces of potato mixed with spices in the mashed potato that just make your mouth crave for more everytime you taste it. The same goes for the fries too. I don't know what they add to the fries, I'm assuming pepper because it has tiny tiny black spots here and there but it's just simply delicious. Well, enough talking, time to let the pictures do the talking!

The food was heavenly alright, befitting the name of Popeyes. Just look at Vivian's face as proof. The food alone is making her smile from ear to ear.

 Even looking at the pictures is making me hungry back. I wished there was a 24 hour Popeyes hotline I can call now for supper.

Not only were the food were great, the service of the Popeyes staff were quite commendable too. Some of my friends, who were Popeye fans even before I had the chance to attend this food preview session, asked if I could help them take away Popeyes because they have been craving for it and would not mind paying for the meals ordered.

However, as this was a food preview session and everything was free, taking away was not allowed but still, as a favor to us bloggers, the friendly staff Popeyes let us broke the rule once and in the end, we have two additional happy people besides me and Vivian.

One was Alston...

and the other Sheng Jie...

Both of them big Popeye fans. And now I am too, thanks to this food preview session. Good food on the house and best of all, having the chance to eat with a pretty girl without having me to pay. I love being a blogger.



whoa .... got food bo jio. T.T

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