Thursday, June 9, 2011

Me Is Da Handsome Finalist!

Hello everyone, Lukey here.

Lukey the blogger, that is. Not just any blogger, you know, but a handsome one at that. And not just any normal handsome blogger, but one that has won stuff like iPad, iPod, Wildfire and even soft drinks from blogging. And now, besides winning stuff, this handsome blogger is also one of the Top 10 finalists for Singapore Blog Awards 2011 in not just one, but two categories! The WTH Category and also Best Shopping Blog Category.

That's right, reading makes you go "What the hell?!" and want to go shopping at the same time. Awesome combination right?

But of course, none of the prize winning and Singapore Blog Awards would have been possible if it had not been for the person who is sitting in front of the computer now, reading this blog while thinking "How many things must this guy win from his blog?". Yes, you. Honestly, if it's not for the viewership count and comments in blog, I wouldn't have come this far in blogging. Of course, the handsomeness is an in-born trait so I'm leaving it out in the thank you passage but sincerely, I would love to thank you for your continued support for this pink little blog here.

Singapore Blog Awards is a big thing for me, to be honest, like the Oscar is for any budding Hollywood actor and to tell you a secret, I have been dreaming of winning the Singapore blog awards and be surrounded by pretty female bloggers ever since I was born. Really. I have the blogging gene in me. A handsome guy once told me so.

Which brings us to the main topic of this post, votes!

You don't have to die, but you'll be less handsome/pretty if you choose to vote for someone else :p

Like every competitions since the start of reality television, I will be needing your votes (or rather your mouse clicks) to have a chance to win this thing.

I know, I sincerely dislike asking for votes myself because the way it scares people off and sounding desperate is the last thing I want to be, but being able win this award means having one of my dreams come true and I cannot do so without your help. And since blogging is the only thing I can be good at, to be honest, I would really really really x89327589327 times really want to win this thing. Or at least get second if can.

I'll be coming up with more posts, hopefully posts that can really make you go WTH! and wanna enjoy some good shopping deals ( is a good place to start :p) so I can convince you to vote for me, but in the meantime, you can vote for me in the Best WTH Blog category at and the Best Shopping Blog category at

Many many thanks! Arigatou! Terima Kasih! Xie xie! And I'll start learning how to say Thank You in all the other languages if I win!


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