Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Twilight : New Moon controversy


With the release of Twilight's new movie, New Moon, fresh controversies have started between the pro-Twilight camp, which only includes females, and the anti-Twilight camp, which are all males.

The pro-Twilight camp have claimed that the new movie is awesome and so cool because aside from the oh-so-touching love storyline and a very handsome vampire, the producers even included another even more handsomer Jacob Black, which makes the movie even more worth it to watch. Aside from that, the happy ending of the film could bring tears to anyone's eyes.

The anti-Twilight camp however, do not understand the big fuss about having two handsome guys in a movie. The author of this blog especially, thinks that he is way handsomer than any of them two. Aside from that, they also claimed that the storyline is still the same old love triangle formula and the film have not much entertainment value except when your girlfriend next to you hugs you because she's so touch but you'll be too busy sleeping anyway.

Those who were neither male nor female however, have nothing to comment.

The debate continues.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Exam Rantings

Come exam time, National University of Singapore (NUS) will be transformed into National University of Stress (still NUS).

You will see books, lecture notes or laptops accompanying students around wherever they go, be it the bus stop, the dining hall or even in the toilet during bathing.

And you who did not feel much stress at first starts to get stressed also because of the new dress code that suddenly appears in the exam week.
It seems that the the "in" fashion trend involves anything that has to do with your study and you'll be deemed unfashionable if your clothes is not paired with a 2 Kg textbook.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Malaysia, oh, Malaysia

I recently read an article discussing about the prospects of my home country, Malaysia, in 20 years. According to the article, well, there isn't much prospects left anyway considering that the route the country is taking now is led by blind leaders.

The article speculates that one of the major imports of Malaysia in the near future would be maid due to the continuous export of talents out of Malaysia.

To illustrate what would happen to Malaysia in the near future, here's a sample prediction that i found on the internet:

Malaysia passes boundary of net oil exporter to net oil importer. Budget deficit jumps to double digits

Fearful of opposition, Malaysia bans all political parties except Barisan Nasional. Elections banned, with Deputy Info Minister Zainuddin Maidin saying no need for erections. Ruling government declares itself 'Sole Guardian And Protector Of Nation'. Internet is banned, making Malaysia laughingstock of the world. Since we now cannot go online, we don't feel the shame.

Foreign & domestic investors pull out. Following in the wake are thousands of Malaysian professionals... Malays, Chinese, Indians, mixed, etc. Vast industrial regions & financial buildings lie abandoned, with lalang reclaiming the land.

Due to high crime, armed security companies do brisk business. Premier Najib declares self Grand Generalissmo Of The Federation Of Malaysia For Life. A second campaign of Wang Malaysia, oops, One Malaysia is initiated: One Mind = One Malaysia.

To cut costs Utusan, NST, Star, Berita Harian fires all staff and replaces them with 1,000,000 monkeys with typewriters. Readers don't notice the difference.

Interior Minister Datuk Seri Profesor Madya Dr. (H) Khir Toyo declares a new race class called 'BNPutra'. He defends the move saying some Bumiputera are more Bumiputera than others

Malaysian maids start appearing in upper-middle class homes in Jakarta. Remittances become major income source to nation.

Wawasan 2020 is celebrated with multimillion dollar parades. Inflation reaches 100% in March. Oil runs out, petrol is RM45.25/liter (incl inflation)

Fedup with high crime rate, government launches multimillion ringgit campaign: 'Snatch thiefs... its a fact of life. Deal with it! Semuanya OK!'

Malaysian construction workers, road sweepers, general workers seen in Bangkok, Bombay, Bandung, Beijing. English speaking ones get higher pay. Remittances now #1 income source. South Africans move to Malaysia to work in security sector, experience with rifles being in high demand.

Malaysia on World News for two things: 1)Top 20 in Most Corrupted Index, 2)tragic sinking of boat with 400 Malaysian immigrants en route to Manila.

Food shortage due to farmland converted to housing estates & megaprojects that are undersold and underused. Extremely low value of Malaysian Ringgit hinders food imports from Thailand & Indonesia. 1 Euro = 12,000 Rupiah = RM50,000

"Greetings to u! I nephew former Malaysian Prime Minister Khairy Jamaludin! My uncle has U$1,000,000,000 in bank. I as benificiery want transfer money to foreign account. Pls reply my email with account number and help me in good faith. If success, I give you U$5,000,000 as reward. This not scam like Nigeria email. Tank you n god bless"

Malaysia print RM500,000,000,000,000 banknote. Finance Minister celebrates this occasion, declares 'every Malaysian now a billionare!' Price of 1 packet of magee mee is RM650,000,000,000,000.

Sign on toilet in Hat Yai (translated from Thai): 'Use Toilet Paper only! No Newspaper, no banana leaf, no Malaysian Ringgits'

Factionalism in UMNO-BN turns ugly. Various BN warlords split, each employing own army of mercenaries. Arms traders do good business selling surplus tanks, AK47s, pickup truck with machineguns, and attack helicopters.

Piracy becomes major problem in Straits of Malacca, like in 1600. Global shipping harassed by Malaysian pirates. World navies intervene...

Factionalism in UMNO-BN turns really ugly. Warlordism rampant, with People's Front of Malaysia vs. Malaysia Peoples Front. Nationalist Justice Morality Force of Pahang attacks Johor Power Militia. Sabah & Sarawak says F.U. and leaves Federation.

A new world record for Malaysia! Tallest pile of stones in the world! Built from former Petronas Twin Towers, now destroyed by various warring militias. Malaysia is now playground for proxy wars for foreign nations.

LONDON: De-facto Prime Minister Tan Sri Datuk Doktor Profesor Angkasawan Mahmud bin Mukhriz Mahathir bets on horses using Malaysia as leverage. He loses...

 Sad but true.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Before the storm

Tomorrow is exams!
And i've finally finished reading my entire Psychology textbook!
600+ pages in all!

But not yet touch other readings for my 4 other modules!
In simple language, GG!
That's why i'm so HIGH now!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

I am?

To prove that i am not as my friend say i am, i have ask your help to kindly navigate  to this blog and see if you can figure out the answer:

If you cannot get it, well it proves that i'm really not perasan but if you managed to get it, what can i say?
I'm really handsome ma.

Peace XD

Thursday, November 19, 2009

AFK (Away For a Killer exam)

Exams are coming!
So i guess i have to post a note here declaring that i will be in studying or rather praying very deeply in some secluded cave so i will not fail badly.

"NOTICE: The author of this blog have gone on a 2 week prayer seclusion in a deserted cave near the beaches of Johor to try to obtain last minute divine help for his exams. Please bear with the absence of the blog author as he promises that he will do his best to ensure a speedy return to blogging  and hopes that all of you would not miss his handsome face too much, not to mention his idiotic blogging style that always emphasize on the his handsomeness.
The author also wishes to wish to who are sitting for the finals in NUS a happy wishing period in which we all wish that we should have studied a long time ago.
Thank you."

Monday, November 16, 2009

Friendships, sigh

Why do human relationships must be so complicated?
No matter what you do, there is bound to be at least someone who do not agree to what your actions.

Jesus said that  
"do unto others what you want them to do unto yourselves",
but is that really the case?
What happens when you try to be nice but people misunderstand your intention or instead take you for granted? What happened to "do unto others what you want them to do unto yourselves"?

Sometimes it's just so hard to be a good friend.

You do not know what your friends might expect, think or act.
They may have a different set of values than you and sometimes you just don't get what are they thinking or trying to do.
Worse, you might even offend them without knowing it.

And often, you will end up getting hurt and disappointed with all the problems in the friendship.
When you put too much feelings in the relationship but ended up getting shit in return.

So why bother anyway?
Wouldn't it be better to just live a life for yourself, an individualistic life, like how everyone is living and just forget about the idea of a true friendship because it does not exist anyway?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 !

I think the person who invented the video games must have done an in depth study of males and found out that males have a higher tendency to be hooked unto video games.

Males like me.

I'm currently hooked on this game called Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and i'm sure all of us guys would agree that this is one hell of a game that we would not miss.
The gameplay rocks, the story rocks, everything rocks (including the price)!

Well, one bad thing is i have finals coming up and messing around with games is not a good idea. But, who cares?

Blame it on my genes.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


2012 is awesome!

Went to watch it yesterday with my uni friends and seniors yesterday at Vivo City.
The movie was great with the overall storyline and the almost 3 hours of the film do not seem long at all as you'll be sitting at the edge of your seats as the main character have a tendency to get into all sort of troubles during the end of time.

The movie also raises a lot of questions regarding humanity.

It made me wonder how will the end of days be like for all of us in this world.
I do not know about you, but i certainly believe that there will be a day when this Earth expires, either due to our own fault or due to some divine reason.

Well, serious questions aside this is a movie you should watch, no matter if you are a guy or girl, as it has elements that both guys and girls will like.
And if you want a girl to cry on your shoulder during a movie while not boring yourself out (think of the Korean love drama), try this movie.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Study Dillemma

My exams are one more week away and i can still go online, sleep for God knows how long and practically do everything but study.
Guess some old habits die hard, especially the habit that have to do with laziness and addiction to computer games, plus not mentioning blogging by writing some meaningless post like this.

Some of my friends however, can go on a study binge for 12 hours straight reading the entire textbook without stopping.

How they do it, i have no idea, but if i were to go on a study binge by reading an entire textbook for 12 hours, you would not find a living Luke Phang tomorrow anymore.

Heck, even one hour for me is a killer.

Maybe i should just drop out of uni, invent something great and be remembered for eternity, like Bill Gates and Einstein.

Life without Handphone

Telling me that handphones do not exist about 10 years ago is like telling me that humans do not wear clothes 10 years ago.
 Okay, that was a bad comparison, but i'm not really good at giving any with a half asleep mind.

I'm saying this is because my 4 month old handphone decided to play a trick on me by displaying nothing but a pitch black screen.

To make matters worse, i am in a foreign country with a warranty card that only works in Malaysia. Which means i have to virtually go without handphones for the rest of my period in Singapore before having a chance to send it for intensive surgery in Malaysia.

And life without handphone is not easy to start with.
I feel so disconnected, unable to receive SMS from friends asking me to go dinner or join in the day to day activities or receive important messages.

Which means i am basically left out of everything and it would be my fault because i do not have a handphone. Funny, right?

And to think that my parents do not have handphones during their time.
How do they manage, actually?
I certainly can't.

And they say that technology is good.

p/s: I'm using a substitute handphone now borrowed from my friend. Life is good when you have a whole bunch of friends who own multiple handphones. I lost all of my contact numbers though, as i forgot to save then numbers from my new handphone into my new Singapore SIM card  T.T

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Design!

What started out as an attempt to change my blog's layout so that i can squeeze in more ads in hope that i will get more than the mere RM2 from existing ads in this blog turns out to be my biggest attempt in overhauling almost everything in this blog.

Spent roughly 4 hours figuring out which codes are for what and well, what you are seeing is a result of my 4 hours work.

I'm never good with HTML codes to start with and sometimes i really look with envy on those blogs that have designs that can only be achieve with a degree or something.

Hope my 4 hours work is not that bad and if you have any comments do let me know.

What's really important?


When the final exams are already approaching, i guess it would be normal for students to complain and lament about the day when they have to sit in the examination hall and go through the painful process of squeezing every part of our brain so that we will not fail the exams.

Given a chance, many of us would gladly choose to avoid exams and think of it as a suffering that we can happily live without.

I, myself, happen to hate exams too and wished that i lived in a country where there is no examinations at all.

But how often that we will realize that it is a privilege and even luxury for some to just have the chance to go for an examination?
For them, the chance to attending school is like owning the latest iPhone for us, or maybe having a Lamborghini as our own car.

Funny as it seems, it is true.

We often do not realize how lucky we are living in this world.
Even what you're doing now, reading this blog post, is also considered a luxury many could not afford or could not do in many parts of the world due to reasons like oppresive government or simply because they do not have the money.

We often worry about the small things in life, that would seem so irrelevant to those who do not share the same fate as us.
Things like what to wear to school, the pimple growing on our face, the upcoming prom night while some of our peers are worrying about whether they can survive the day tomorrow.

Maybe life is not what we may think it is sometimes.
Maybe life does not only revolve around us, but in fact it is a way much larger picture that we may presume.
A picture that will shock and leave us speechless when we venture out of our comfort zone and take a look at what is truly happening in the world.

Maybe that is why i take a very simple attitude towards life and worry less about petty things like wearing fashionable clothes just to impress girls.
Or trying to get a cap of 5.0 every exam.

Because life is more than just this.
I realized that how lucky i am to have a chance to live the life as i am doing now and it would be a waste if i were to spend my life as anybody else, going through the same rat race to accumulate wealth and fame.

I want to give back something to this world because i do not want to waste what God have poured to me abundantly in life.
His love, a family, good friends and a chance to pursue my dreams in life.

Some might laugh at me but i want to get a shot at changing the world to be a better place by helping others.
That's my dream and maybe that's what life is for me.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Facebook Frenzy


Facebook should be banned.
I'm saying this because i suspect that Facebook is a tool of evil especially created for students so they cannot study and will spend the whole day on it.

Be it primary school students or even university school students,
once you open Facebook, you will have a hard time pressing the 'x' on your internet browser and going back to the History book you were reading just now.

Of course, most of us would be more interested in what our friends is up to, how our pet is doing in Pet Society or joining causes like "Barbie Dolls should have more male other than Ken" compared to reading of how the Chinese did their farming techniques 5000 years ago, right?

Therefore, i'm starting a new cause in Facebook with the name
"Ban Facebook for all students so they can study"
followed by writing a note explaining the consequences or Facebook-ing too much for students and then tagging everyone next.

But that will have to wait because i'm quite busy right now catching some mouse in Gwania.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

LOL at Malaysian Politics


Malaysian politics never fail to crack me up.
Where better to look for comedy than just right in your own backyard?

In Malaysia aka Bolehland, where everything goes, literally everything goes.
Things like bright students, being Malay, Chinese and Indian, that go away from Malaysia due to the disbelievingly dark prospect in the country if you do not happen to have good relation to the ruling elites, which is UMNO or Datuks.

You will also find cars made out of Milo cans too.
Cars who have a self terminating time bomb once it reaches a mere age of 2.
Doors that will drop off, windows that cannot be closed and keys that cannot be pressed are among the self terminating mechanisms you'll find in these Milo cans.

And democracy in Malaysia is equal to not being able to wear black or hold candlelight vigils and getting water cannoned if you are attending an opposition talk.

To get a taste of funny Malaysian politics, you do not have to look far for it.
Just the 2 top leaders in Malaysia will do.

One would be our dear Deputy Prime Minister (DPM), Mr Muhyiddin Yasin

And the other will be our dear PM, Najib bin Razak

On one hand you have the DPM championing Malays' rights, saying Malays rights is important and other races should not question it.
Okay, maybe he did not say it directly like that, but that was roughly his point as you know politicians can beat around the bush a long time just to make you confused.

And then out comes the PM saying that he works for all the races and everyone is equally important.

Hmm, is it me, or did i just hear a contradictory statement?

To make things funnier, both of them comes from the same party and both of them are supposedly supposed to work together in the same office building.

How come they can come up with such contradictory statement?

Or is it part of the normal Malaysian politics tactic?
Where the DPM's comment will make it to the pro-Malay newspaper while the PM's statement will only go the the Chinese newspaper?

Or is that both of them are so busy "governing" the country until they do not have the time to talk to each other to take a common stand on issue?
What happened to collective responsibility?

Malaysia Boleh.


Monday, November 2, 2009

The right subject in University?


Who says that time flies?
For me, time teleports.
At a neck breaking speed, that is.

It's hard to believe that i have been in university for more than 10 weeks and it is now approaching the end of my first semester already.

I can say that university is definitely a great experience - if you minus the sleepless nights - and i have never regretted stepping foot into NUS.
Yeah, i know i may have say it like a thousand times or so, but well, when you make a nice decision, you can't help it.

Back in Malaysia, i am used to being told again and again that university is a place for you to study a "good" subject so you can find a job.

I'm sure that if you're a Malaysian, you will be used teachers and busy body relatives telling you to choose subjects that are considered "safe" like engineering, medicine or computers.

I was in the same kind of situation too.
Stuck between a choice of Psychology and Computer Science,
a subject that i like and was very interested in compared to a subject that is considered safe but not very well liked by me.

Yeah, i'm interested in computers, which is the area where you can build kingdoms and shoot a few zombies, but definitely not the science of it.

Luckily for me, i got my dad as a support.

Honestly, after coming here,
I realized that university is not just another stepping stone before you find a job.

University, in my opinion, is where you pursue your dreams and where you seek to gain more knowledge in the things you like, to empower yourself in what you're interested.

And when you're interested in the things you are studying, of course you will be more enthusiastic and when you're enthusiastic, that will get translated into good results.

Compared to a subject that you hate, you will hate going to the lectures and you will hate every part of the subject, which is not very good if you want to score well in it.

Choose a subject that you will like in uni, or you will end up regretting it.




I love to run.
Though i may not be a very good runner, getting tired after a while etc etc, i enjoy running more than any other sports that i have experienced.

I like the fact that when running, you are not very much competing with other people unlike other sports like football or basketball where a simple mistake like scoring an own goal could result in your name blacklisted from the sports community forever.

Running, in some sort of way, is like challenging yourself without the stress of trying not to score an own goal during the sport.

And you can go about at your own pace, with no teammates or rivals pressuring you.

Yeah, support running!


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