Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Titles That I Have Now

I've been dead tired and dead busy this few days to actually update my blog proper, no thanks to all the activities I'm involved in right now. Honestly if you ask me, I think that 24 hours a day is just not enough for one person to do all the thing he wants, not counting the time that he needs to sleep, eat and shit.

If I were to tell you the titles or positions that I have now, you would understand why half of my blog posts are complaining about how busy I am and stuff like that. As of 14th July 2011, 1.00 am, Lukey is currently:

1. One of Eusoff Rag dancers for NUS Rag and Flag day 2011

2. Videographer

3. EHOC Programmes Team Co-Head

4. Luminous Guild Member (who is expected to log in everyday to meet requirement)

5. Self-proclaimed "I Will Update My Blog Once Per Day" Handsome Blogger

6. Minecraft Bangla Builder

7. Friend

8. Son
9. NUS Third Year Student

And 9 already is a lot if you only have 24 hours per day in which you have to perform all 9 functions in one day. Perhaps I just have the suicidal tendency to overkill myself with work. Either way, trying to do too many stuff in a set timing is just not a good thing if you want to keep yourself sane.

If you see me not updating my blog anytime in this three weeks more than five days straight, most probably I would have died of overwork already.


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