Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Someone likes shit a LOT~~ o0o

I came across this while i was taking a mental break (in other words slacking) after burning most of my brain off writing a 1500 word essay. Looks like politics is gonna be my favorite topic of the month!

I guess the video kinda says it all.

Malaysia Boleh!
 My foot.

What would you do if your country was invaded?


A friend majoring in political science asked me a question today. If given an option, would i stand and fight for my country or would i choose to flee with me family if there was an option to let me flee?

Well, to be honest, i'm not a very patriotic guy. And if i were to choose, i would hold a banner with the sentence "Welcome to Malaysia!" clearly  printed on it welcoming the invaders.
Looks like all those history lessons during secondary school did not work out the way the government had hoped for in instilling patriotism in our young Malaysian minds after all. I'm sorry, i don't mean Malaysian minds, what i mean is Malay, Chinese, Indian and others minds.
The only success history lesson had in me was teaching me the art of sleeping without the teacher noticing.

It's not that i do not want to be patriotic, it's just that the current government does not give me a reason to.

You see, well maybe if you're still in Malaysia you would not see it that clearly, given the amount of censorship in all the various form of traditional media, having people from the government constantly telling you that you are not a citizen of the country, that you are only a pendatang (immigrant would be the closest equivalent English word) is not a good way to instill patriotism.

Besides, if you have your ex prime minister joining a Malay nationalist group that wants to "promote" Malay rights and thinks that all Chinese and Indian is out to get the Malays, it's not a very good message to send out.
It's like making this entire issue an us VS them thing.

I want to be patriotic.
I want to sing my national anthem proudly.
But if my own country sort of chase me out from it by imposing all these race based quotas in education (even if you happen to enter the local university, you have to attend these brainwashing course called BTN to tell you about how Malays reign supreme), how could i be?
And to hear the government complains about the brain drain from our country.
Heck, if given a chance, i would happily stay. But sadly, some quarters are more interested in promoting raced based politics rather than meritocracy based.
And sadly, when our country do not give us the chance and recognize us we have no choice but to find a better future elsewhere.
Not surprisingly, it's very easy to find Malaysians here in a Singapore University.

I want to be patriotic and to be able to fight for my country.
But is it worth dying for something that do not even acknowledges you?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And you thought universities were good...

I suspect that university is not a place of learning as how some people like to portray it.
It's not a place where you can gain new knowledge and uplift yourself from a poor family where your staple diet is only cucumbers to a family where food is so abundant until you become obese.

I suspect there is more than that than just all these fairytale stories.
I suspect that secretly, our professors in university are not here to impart us with wonderful knowledge about humanity. Secretly, i think they are working on a secret project that anyone caught leaking the information will immediately "disappear" from this world (which is why i'm now writing this post under my table, just in case). The scale of the project is so large that they have no choice but to use the universities as a medium.

 Eviiiiiiiiil Professorssss

I suspect that the experiment that they are conducting is related to testing the limits of human beings so they can send for war or some further experiments to be some sort of super heroes.

I mean, give the amount of information us university students have to remember, it is very obvious that the professors are testing the limits of how much information a human brain can store.
A few hundred thousand of pages of pure dry facts is not the way to make anyone smarter. 
I think that they are trying to come up with some Super Remembering Man that can remember all the criminals' facts and info in an effort so during battle with super villains, Super Remembering Man can use the secret of that super villain wetting his bed when he was 3 to put him to shame.

The amount of assignment we are put through are also an indicator. Come one, in what working situation will your boss ask you to evaluate Plato or determine whether PAP in Singapore is a democratic government? Maybe, this is an experiment to uncover who can handle the gigantic amount of stress generated from these assignments most effectively. As you might know, fighting bad guys and trying to balance your normal life can be very stressful to super heroes, thus the need to address the stress handling ability before making that person a superhero.

And of course, superheroes must also possess a lot of other abilities to make themselves look good on television and to their fans. Who would like a superhero who just know how to whack bad guys but do not how to sing and dance?
This is where the CCAs (co-curricular activities) come in. By making CCAs compulsory, we are forced to take up skills for the purpose of making the superhero to appeal to the opposite sex. You cannot deny that a superhero with a voice like Adam Lambert is definitely going to be more popular than one who sings like a frog.

I think i seriously need to cut down on my time spent on comic books and superheroes movie.


To be honest, the reason why i came up with the crap on top is due to the fact that I'm really stressed to the limit now. I think i'm just gonna go crazy, paint my face in white, dye my hair green, put ugly lipstick on my face, carry a penknife with me and make Batman my arch enemy.

That proves to what extent of all the work on me til i'm willing to make my slogan "Let's put a smile on that face". I have 4 assignments due this week, not to mention one 15 minute video that i have not yet touched and a very important graduating seniors video for my hall (which need me to run around all hunting seniors).

Hmm, just where did i put my penknife again?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Guess what?

In line with my constant failed attempts,
Taking into account that my head have been one blurry mess this whole day,
Following age old advices from age old wise people,
Not wanting to contradict my own textbooks,

I have decided to do something extraordinary tonight,
Something that i have not done in a long long time,
Something so shocking that you will have to chase your eyeballs after they pop out,






10.43 PM

But first i have to find my own eyeballs back first.

It was a warning from Singapore's MIB division!

A lot of people was interested about the identity of the so called biatch in my previous post.
I did not realize how much of a hit it was until people around me started to ask me who am i referring to in my post. To prevent further confusion and speculation, i think i owe everyone an explanation.

Firstly, the biatch post is purely fictional. Any coincidental links with any human being, living or dead is unintended. 

Secondly, the reason i made that post is not because i want to flame someone. It is because prior to my post, the Singapore's MIB Division had issued a warning about the probability of biatch-es appearance in Singapore due to the fact that it is a holiday period in the biatch-es planet and they are known to make frequent trips to the Earth. Hence, the increased need for security.

Thirdly, for people who have yet to know, the reason why i came to acquire this sensitive information is because that i am a MIB myself. The reason why me and my friends choose to go to the Dinner and Dance in MIB costumes was not for fun but in fact work. The camera equipment i'm holding that night was in fact not a camera, but an advanced biatch detecting weapon. We have received tips from the Galactic Alliance that a certain biatch plans to interfere with the Dinner and Dance. At the time of this article's writing, we have yet to discover any conclusive evidence. (Original post here: l)

Fourthly, the reason why MIB is concerned about the appearance of biatch-es is because of the nature of the biatch-es itself. According to reports from the Galactic Alliance, biatch-es must be carefully monitored and dealt with because they have the tendency to wreak havoc of the communities they are in. If you have read the guide, you would have notice that the biatch-es like to disrupt normal human social conventions. The reason is unclear, but one theory states that by weakening existing social ties, biatch-es have a better advantage over humans in case of an imminent invasion.

Lastly, if you happen to notice that a particular person you know closely resembles the traits of the biatch i mentioned in my earlier post, do not be alarmed. Or do not speculate that she's the person i'm shooting in my previous post. Like i said, i was shooting no one. The guide provided was an universal guide and the person you know might be a biatch in fact. Do not hesitate to contact MIB directly to deal with the biatch.

In conclusion, the biatch post is referring to no one. It was only a warning from the MIBs.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

"How to spot a biatch?" : Guide To Avoid Biatch-es

Definition: A biatch is an creature who's origins and identity is unknown but however, dresses in the image of mostly a human female. It is a highly dangerous creature who operates outside the norms of humanity and should be avoided at all cost or risk having your life screwed over. Based on numerous data collected, Lukey's Rantings is now finally able to compile a list of possible indicators of a biatch's presence for the benefit of readers.
  1. Biatch-es have the inability to form close friends with members of the same sex. Its circle of friends revolves mostly of members of the opposite sex, the degree of closeness varies. 
  2. Biatch-es do not treat close friends as close friends but rather as a maid or a slave. Their requirements of close friends includes wanting their close friends to do whatever the biatch like (eg: going out, accompanying her, hearing her whine) without taking into consideration of the close friend. They however, comes up with all sort of reasons when the close friend as for favor. Which leads to them having no close same sex friends and even if they have, the longest period will only be a few months
  3. Biatch-es love to come up with sad stories about themselves. They love to portray themselves as weak, vulnerable creatures that are prone to get hurt to gain sympathy from others and so others will defend them no matter what. Biatch-es thrive behind layers of lies
  4. Biatch-es have the inability to think from others' shoes. They cannot understand how others are feeling or thinking, which roughly contributes to Point 2.
  5. The scariest weapon of a biatch is tears, or rather crocodile tears. If her sad stories do not work, she will utilize this weapon to break your defenses. The ability of biatch to so easily shed tears continues to baffle scientists
  6. Perhaps the scariest thing about biatch-es is that they will do anything to get their goals, be it a popular guy, fame, etc. They do not care how many people they trample, how many lies they make as long as they get what they one
  7. Biatch-es are mostly motivated by a single factor in all their actions, to be popular. They want to project a good image of themselves to everyone, which is why all the stories about them being victims 
  8. The most scary thing about a biatch-es is that everyone seems to like them. They have good acting skills, making it hard to spot them unless you have known them for very long. Going against biatch-es is never easy given the amount of supporters they can gather through their sad stories
  9. Biatch-es are also two faced snakes
  10. Biatch-es are oblivious to people hating them because well, like i said, they cannot think from other people's shoes.

As to why biatch-es exists, scientists are still clueless to it. They may be aliens who spaceship crashed on Earth and therefore they are gathering minions to rebuild their spaceship or they may be just like aliens from the show Species where they are finding the perfect mate to produce their offspring.

No matter what, all scientists do agree that staying away from biatch-es is the most advisable action because a suitable weapon to confront them has yet to be discovered. A close encounter with them may result in unforeseeable consequences.

Should you see a biatch, please contact MIBs (Men In Black) and they will take care of the rest. Tq

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wanna ignore your baby? Think again

I came through this video when during my Developmental Psychology tutorial.
It's scary how communication between a parent and a baby, something that we sometimes take for granted, can have such a big effect on the baby.

We are Earth's Last, Best, and Only Line of Defense. And We Dress In Black!


Yeap, that's right, I am the MIB (Men In Black)!
It would be great if i was really dressing up to go catch aliens, which means leaving university (stress filled assignment life plus no sleep) and doing some worthwhile jobs like saving the Earth. Not to mention having the chance to meet sexy female aliens. That would be nice.

Sadly, i'm just dressing up for my hall's (or hostel?) Eusoff Dinner and Dance 09/10 event at Amara Hotel.
It's kinda like a event to end one academic year and there is this cosplay involved if you are attending. Since i want to cosplay with the least cost possible, MIB is a very good idea as most of the costume are easily available. I can even find them in my cupboard!

Of course, when it comes to cosplay, there are bound to be some highlights.
To be honest, we Eusoffians can cosplay quite well to if we were to compare with people from Japan and Korea.

We can cosplay so well til we have people coming like this:

Apparently the chef mistakenly took him as a real fish and well, you know the rest of the story.

I wished i had the ability to take more photos of the people cosplaying but well, sadly my camera sucks under poor lighting conditions, evident from the above photos. Anyway, there are dozens of different cameras that is better than mine so yeah, i'll just have to wait and coop from Facebook.

Duty calls too. As i wanted to save 30 bucks of entrance fee, i happily volunteered to cover the event under Eusoffworks Video Wing. Meaning that i am allocated a best friend whom i must take care the entire event.
His name is Sony HVR Camera.

Yeah, so i have basically no hands the entire night holding him.

The other thing that i noticed about the place there is the workers. Apparently wearing black got us much looking like the people who work there.

This is them.

And this is Kok Weng, my fellow MIB in arms.

Here's a better comparison. Just compare Kok Weng and the people behind him.

The next time i'm cosplaying, at least i will study the workplace dress code of the place we're going first at least. Crashing costumes with people working there is not a really good thing. Well, at least the tie makes us look like their supervisor. 
Oh, and we have GUNS... *winks*

I had a good time. 
Looking forward to go to the next DnD, depending on chance.
And no more black next time.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I thought that the most boring-est topic that i ever had to take in NUS would be Geography.
I've proven that theory by spending most of my time in Geography lectures sleeping or surfing Facebook catching up with the latest gossip. Why should i care about what the lecturer says about climate change? Heck, the talk about climate change and how it could affect our lives have been going on since the day i knew how to talk and i still don't see or feel anything resulting from climate change.

Guess it's the typical Malaysian attitude i have.
"Aiyah, what ice cap melt, ocean level rise and temperature gets warmer? Nothing one geh la!"

Being ignorant is a bliss i guess.
I'm only affected by only what i see, refusing to take a look beyond the borders i live in.
I doubt that my actions would impact the world even if i choose to change. What can a puny Lukey do?
Sleep more with fans off while someone dozes off with both air-cond and lights and computer on with music blasting out from speakers?
Why should i suffer while you get to enjoy life?

Humans are that selfish i guess.
Total self enjoyment is the top priority, others' concern don't bother mean. Even if my actions could affect a farmer living 1000 kilometers away, why should i care? He dying is his problem not mine.

Somehow i realize how folly my logic is.
I have an amazing capability to turn off what i do not want to hear and just tune in into things that make me feel good. Well, not anymore. To when must i continue to be ignorant and arrogant?
Until the sea levels do eventually cover Singapore?

The video my Geography lecturer shown me kinda struck its point.
Though Geography videos, being Geographical in nature can be still quite boring, is very relevant especially in our lives today. If i was not shown the facts straight in the face, i would have still been living in my own comfortable cocoon.

The video is called the HomeProject video, it's movie length documentary which can start off quite slow in the beginning but trust me, once you reach the end, you'll be holding unto the seat. You might be also thinking "WTF?!" when the facts are shown to you. That was what i did.

Just click on the link to bring you to Youtube. 
It's definitely something worth watching, especially if you happen to be a student like me, growing up in the city oblivious to how life revolves around the world and around nature.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Harry Potter-ry Dinner

I felt like Harry Potter the other day.
Well, not exactly because some crazed magician in his bid to take over the world killed my father and mother but failed to kill me because of the power of love then i ended with a scar on my forehead which made me looked ridiculous and later i ended up in some kind of magic school worrying about my grades bla bla bla. You get the idea.

It's just that the friends count that accompanied me to dinner that night is exactly same as the friend count Harry Potter usually has. Which is one guy (Ron) and a girl (Hermione). In my case, Ron happened to be Kok Weng and Gwen took over Hermione's place. Me of course, must be the main character since this is my blog =)

There's Hermione and Ron for you.

The reason how we ended up with three person dinner outing is still unknown to me, maybe Voldermort decided to secretly kidnap them to blackmail me, i don't know. Putting the "Save the Magical World" business aside, we decided that having a full stomach was more important than saving the world.

Since there was just the three of us, we decided going far for dinner is not worth the hassle and settled for some place nearer. Following recommendations from my hair stylist, Mr Gary Yong from Western Salon who always cut my hair a little tad too short, we decided to try something new at the nearby Pasir Panjang Inn.

The place was nice, just like any coffee house. Just that the menu had quite limited choices, it's only a one page menu, but the price range for ok for cash-strapped students like us. Mind you, we three have to constantly fork out money to repay Hogwarts for all the damage we do in each Harry Potter Series book.

The three of us decided to eat the same thing after spending lots of time looking at the menu. We can be so indecisive sometimes. Even a one page menu managed to give us a lot of trouble. In the end, we ordered a Claypot Chicken Rice and a Sambal Kangkung.

I must say that the food there was surprisingly quite nice given my general perception of Singaporean food. A word of warning though, Sambal Kangkung and Claypot Chicken Rice can be a deadly combination. Without the right amount of water to counteract all the HEAT, you could most probably end up with a fever the next day which sadly happened in my case.
So Mr Harry Potter had to postpone his fight with Voldemort due to fever. That is, only after showing a MC from a government approved doctor because Voldermort wouldn't want to believe me at first.

Of course, something good must at least have resulted from the Harry Dinner Outing. Just like in the books, Ron eventually managed to confess to Hermione and they ended up happily ever after together.

Just joking. Gwen's boyfriend or Kok Weng's future boyfriend / girlfriend might kill me for that. Actually Kok Weng already has a boyfriend. Guess who?

Caught "sleeping together" in a mamak stall. 
The red shirt guy is definitely not me because 1. I only wear pink, not red and 2. I'm holding the camera so i couldn't be in the picture since i'm photographing. 
So the identity of the guy i'll leave it up to imagination.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ever heard of Feedjit?
It's a HTML gadget that lets you know about visitors to your webpage. I have one right here in my blog and sometimes i like to check on it just for the sake of fun. To see who visits my blog.
Guess what have i found?
This is confusing.
For people who know me, you know what the "canalicully amelia" stands for.
Apparently the rumors about me liking someone had gone a little tad too far til a stranger knows about it, evident from the wrong spelling.

I wonder.
What could possibly be the explanation for the query? I would be happy to hear from the person who searched Google using the term above.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday life is hostel can be so quiet, which is quite a nice thing.
The Singaporean residents have mostly went home and most of the people wakes up quite late. Guess it's time for me to do some studies then.

Have an exam coming up which costs 30 points for my final grades. And it's BioPsych. Ugh..
Bio, i hate Bio.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Life after Form 5 / O Levels can be so hard.
Hard as in the choices we have to make which inevitably will affect our life in the future. Luckily for me, i have already pass this stage. Unluckily for me, my sister is currently stuck in this stage and being the eldest son, i'm now stuck as the middle person in an ongoing debate between my parents and sister.

Honestly, for me i think that the methods of how we choose to attain our goals, in my sister's case it's either college or Form 6, is not really the important point. What matters is whether you will enjoy the process of the path you choose to take or you loathe it. But to achieve your goals, i think that's there is no one fixed method to get to it. As long as you strike your goal, any method would be fine.

Why worry so much?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Real Champion

Sums up how am i feeling right now with all the assignments abound.
Give me a break please?


I need ideas.
I'm participating in a video competition which needs me to describe who a young champion is.

I've been thinking of going the unconventional way.
Not those normal sports heroes, great singers or student leaders.
Perhaps real champion means not doing something for yourself but for purely for the interests of others?

Because when you're doing for yourself, it's easy to find the motivation once you get the recognition and glory. But if you're doing for others people may not notice your work and therefore the chances of rewards are much lower. When there's no rewards, it's harder to motivate yourself and do the right thing.

What do you think?
What makes a real young champion?

p/s: Maybe i can count myself as a champion too since students need to cope with such huge amount of stress these days. How about that?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Paper Bag Incident

I think i finally had my share of my most embarrassing moment in uni today.
There was this Physical Geography practical lab i had to attend today and it was the first lab i'm supposed to attend for this Physical Geography. The past few weeks it was the Human Geography tutorial i'm taking.
So as any famously blur person would do, i assumed it was at the same time as my Human Geography tutorial class since it was in the same place.

So there was i, walking into the class and noticing that the people in my class certainly do not look like the usual people i see in lectures.
Ignoring that, i took a seat and waited for the tutor to start the class.

My first hint of something wrong is when the tutor asked the class to split into groups to discuss Statement 1 and Statement 2. Being the blur student i am, i started to panic because i remembered that i am supposed to do something with Microsoft Excel, analyzing some temperatures for Singapore. I checked the date i'm supposed to attend the lab and i got it right, it's 15th of March. Maybe i mixed up reading something and i missed the Statement 1 and Statement 2 thingy?

So i told myself that it will be ok and followed instructions to split into groups. Besides, being in Arts and Social Science, you can basically crap through any tutorial discussion.
All hell broke loose when they started to discuss. I'm like "WTF are they talking about?!"

Of course staying two hours for the class is now not a feasible idea.
I picked up what nimble courage i had and  went to the tutor.
"Erm... excuse me, i think i'm in the wrong class. Is this Place, Environment and Society practical lab?"
"Nope, this is Changing Landscapes class."
"Is this the Geography lab?"
"It certainly is but this certainly isn't your class so bye bye."

I went back, checked the time and found out that i was 2 hours earlier for the class.
It certainly pays to have a friend taking the same class as you.

Time to take a paper bag and use it to cover my face.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'll be going to sleep at 12 am later. 
The first time i have slept so early in such a long long time since coming to NUS.
All because of a Geography practical that i need to do tomorrow and i have no frigging idea how to do it so i'll have to wake up early tomorrow, go to library and figure out a way to do it with a slightly refreshed mind from a good night sleep i hope.

Still makes me wonder what on Earth was i thinking when i chose this subject. 
Reading maps sure can scare the hell out of me.

Getting Sentimental

I have been stuck with a half awake brain for almost a whole day.
I have a sock still in the washing machine spinning with another person's laundry because the person who cleared my clothes from the washing machine miss the sock.
My handphone battery died out on me halfway when i was still outside.
My treasured white Adidas bag finally had a stain on it. The culprit is identified as Mutton Masala.
Controversial pictures and videos of me are about to surface in Facebook as soon as Huang Hua transfers stuff that are inside her phone into Facebook.
I have duty to attend as EHOC Programmer tomorrow from 1pm til 4pm.
I'm supposed to sleep early but here am i still blogging at 2 am in the morning.
Plus i just recently found out that doctors made a mistake about my gender when i was a baby, which explains all the controversial pictures and videos that are about to appear in Facebook soon.

Well, despite all the reasons for me to be unhappy and grumpy, (the last one about my gender is of course, a fake), i'm still quite happy today. Went to support one of my best buddy's concert called Emerge 10 at Zirca.

I was surprisingly able to get past my scary and shy self this time - maybe it's the half awake brain or the coke - and do some crazy and spontaneous stuff. Stuff like running to the stage and giving flowers to him. Well, not directly, because i pushed a girl to do it, but hey, being a guy myself i would certainly prefer a girl giving roses to me anytime of the day more. 

I also happened to have a Singapore Idol runner up - or so i heard -called Jasmine Tye waving back at me during when she performed. It is not because i was handsome, sad to say, but i happen to be the only person waving at her during her performance using a modified Adam Lambert cheer hand so she waved back out of courtesy. Too bad i was too busy looking at other stuff like pretty girls passing by to notice her waving back at me until my friend told me so.
Jolynn got this from Adam Lambert's autograph session in Bugis Junction earlier in the day. Decided to modify it for my best buddy Xian You and Xian Yong - which is why the XY - to show my undying love and support. And also to keep my hand busy. Hope Adam Lambert fans won't kill me for this.

Well, at least i can say that a celebrity who happened to be a hot girl waved at me once, though i may be looking at another direction at the time. You know, when people have even the most minor contact with celebrity, they will want to boast about it. I don't want to be left out too!

I enjoyed the the night. The spontaneous running up the stage with roses to give to Xian You and Xian Yong, the usual talking cock sessions, me acting like an idiot as usual and just all of us chilling together made my night. My group of friends is a weird bunch of combination. We have the high pitched twins, a charismatic chicken, an unimaginably rich Master, a multi talented genius, a guy who always have the same style of clothing that you can recognize almost from anywhere, a flower who happens to be yellow, a very caring grandmother and me, the so called lame joker and clown. But well, that is what makes us special. Though we may be different, that's what make us bond together.

When we get together and start talking with lame jokes flying around, you'll have people looking at us wondering if we have just escaped from a mental institution.
Truth to be said, even if we do end up in a mental institution one day,i don't really mind getting stuck with them also. If-lah.

Of course, all friendships will have their ups and downs, just hope that ours will last through the four years we're going to spend in NUS. No matter how many performances we have to perform, how many assignments we must go through, how stress we might become when the exams come, how low our CAP might go - touch wood touch wood - i mean how high our CAP might go or even how many girlfriends/boyfriends we might come to have - because some of us happen to be quite handsome/pretty, no pun intended - we as friends will stick together.

I'm not really good at talking, except talking cock that is, so that is why i choose to post this on my blog where i know you guys will read it. Just to let you all know that you all should treasure me as a friend because i'm the handsomest guy you can find around Eusoff. Just joking.

I just appreciate that i have a bunch of good friends in university.
Life in uni would be so much boring-er without all the lame jokes, high pitched laughs and free performances.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I feel sticky all over after a hard day of filming.
It was a good experience though. The sad things is just that bathing does not seem like a viable option now because i'm heading out later again to support a friend's concert. No point getting all sweaty again after a good bath. So i think i'll just hop into some random clothing and stay uncomfortable for a few hours at most.

There's this thought that have been lingering in my mind for days now.
You know there are some people, some "friends", you might say, that always gives you lectures about all the things friends should do and should not do to each other. They speak as if they have the authority of a person who have a PhD in friendships. If you happen to so called break their perceived "Rules of Friendship", they will throw a tantrum and complain about how unfriendly you can be. Even if you have reasons explaining your actions.

Problem is, when it comes to them, they have no problem stepping over their "Rules" with excuses that only works for them but not you. What happen to do unto others what you want on yourself?

Seems to me like they can only think in terms of themselves, through themselves and for themselves without putting themselves in other shoes. Why am i ranting in this blog? Because speaking to them will only result in me getting a "detention" of some sort.


They say university life would change you dramatically.
Back in my hometown before uni, my sleeping time is usually 11 pm and 12 am and i can easily wake up at 8 am. A very healthy lifestyle.

Once i come here, my sleeping time ranges from 2 am til 5 am or even 6 am if the assignments are crazy enough. 
Which explains why my waking time now is pushed forward a few hours to the pm.

I finally got a feeling of how bad this habit can be when i tried waking up at 7 am today but was only able to do that after 3 hours of constant alarm ringing. Like they say, the hostels in NUS have a different timezone of their own. A timezone that trains you to be Batman since this guy also don't sleep normally because duh, he's a bat.

Batman having another bout of insomnia again.

Time to get myself a Batman costume i guess.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Life Manual, Anyone?

I wish that life can come with a manual.

 Apparently there IS a life manual

You know, instructions on how to use a product that you have just purchased. Life would be so much easier then because i don't have to spend so much time scratching my head and debating with myself on the appropriate actions to take when faced with difficult situations. When a difficult situation arises, i could just turn to the manual, follow the instructions in it and be done without any regrets.

I know there are a lot of advices, suggestions and guides to life by countless people who have gone before me. The downside of this, i noticed, is that most of it are contradictory. 

Money Can't Buy Everything VS Without Money You Can't Survive

Be Kind To Everyone VS Being Kind Only Means Getting Exploited

Enjoy Life VS Success Only Comes With Hard Work

These contradictory advices never fails to give me headache every time. I guess this is life. There is no definite answer to how you choose to live it. There is no definite right way to do it. 

If there was a definite way to life, like "Being A Doctor Is The Only Way To Success", life would be pretty mundane then. We would also have problems like toilets clogging up because everyone is a doctor and no one knows how to fix a toilet. Provided if a doctor managed to invent a toilet in the first place.

Which is why i think how you choose to live your life is entirely up to you, no matter in what area.
As long as you get the job done (as in living your life), then i guess that there is no problem.
Which means that the life manual book just now was probably a hoax

Complicated right?
But i guess that's just how life is.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Story of Carly Fleischmann, a really special girl

Since starting this university journey almost a year ago, i have never looked back and wondered how would have life been if i had chosen another path. Being in this course have taught me many valuable lessons in life. It taught me that no matter how much us humans thinks we understand life or in my case, other people, there will be always surprises that will continue to awe us around the corner.

There was this one presentation that my group had to do for Developmental Psychology about autistic children. In the simplest terms, autistic children are those whom we label as "special". As for me, i can never bring myself to like these "special" children, or to view them as an equal human being. I have always wonder why God would have created people like them, where they can sometimes be such a burden to "civilized" people like us. To put in one simple word, i think of them as "dumb".

In the course of preparation, one of my group mates happen to come across this video about this "special" girl called Carly Fleischmann. She's an autistic and since young, she have been unable to speak and branded by doctors as mentally retarded. Nobody had hopes of her becoming anyone with intelligence more than a six year old. That is, until a remarkable event happened. This is her story.

I was speechless when i first saw this video. It's like having a big boulder crashing unto all me self beliefs and shattering it into pieces. So much for my delusion of being superior over these "special" people. Jesus really nailed it when He asked me not to judge others or being risked being judged back myself. I felt so guilty of labeling people like Carly as hopeless while viewing myself in a high position.

Well, i guess this is one of the good things of choosing to study Psychology. Out of so the sea of pessimism in life, miracles can and do happen. It gives me hope that there's more to life which is worth living for.
The case of Carly is one of it.

It's not a miracle that she knows how to communicate, it 's a miracle that underneath the outer appearance of what we think as a mental person, there is an unique individual down there, just like me, just like you. Capable of thoughts and feelings as anyone could.

It can be argued that we humans are not just made up of nothing but circuitry and a bunch of flesh. We do have a soul. Some sort of inner voice, you might say. Just because we cannot prove of its existence we cannot just brush it aside thinking that all our emotions, our feelings and our thoughts rely solely on how our genes program us, how our body shape us and how our brain is wired.

Deep down inside, everyone is the same.
Which is why i would like to believe that something far greater than us is behind the engineering of humans. I used to doubt that because like i said, i could not understand the logic of creating people who cannot function as normal humans in the way they think and operate. But now i know that i'm just the same as them.

The next time i come into contact with people like Carly, i will give them all the respect they deserve as a normal human. No more thinking that me myself is way more superior than anyone else.

Carly Fleischmann, thanks for throwing the boulder unto me and shattering all my irrational beliefs.
You're the reason why life is so much more beautiful than it seems.

Carly's blog can be found at
You can also follow her on Twitter at  

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jay Chou early in the morning?

I don't wanna do this. Because i know how fast news spreads through internet and how i might end up making another enemy in my hostel. But when you push me too far, i have no choice.
Besides, it's not my fault that you choose to wake me up so early and now i have nothing to do.

I think someone had a sad break up in my hostel.
And he/she feels downright sad about it. He/she thinks that the whole world, or in my case, the whole hostel would want to share his/her sadness so he/she chooses to play Jay Chou's song to vent his/her feelings. Problem is, out of the so many countless songs from so many albums of Jay Chou, he/she chooses to only play one song which happens to be Cai Hong. Again, again and again.


I don't know about other people, but when you force me to listen to a same song for 50 times and made me lose 30 minutes of sleep not counting that i have an exam coming up later, i tend to get a little bit angry. Of course, the best way would be to find the source of music and ask him/her gently to tone down, but i'm not really good at this. The last time i tried, i had to go home with broken glasses and a broken nose. Which is why i'm using guerrilla methods like this to vent my anger.


Well, at least he/she choose to stopped now. Maybe some other people who is braver than me went to shoot that fella. But that's 30 minutes well wasted there. Looks like someone missed out on the development of technology and forgot that there's a very valuable invention called earphones. I don't know. Joshua said it may be an alarm clock, but i don't really take that explanation because which alarm clock that has a capacity to be so loud can play the whole Cai Hong song at the same time?

Earplugs. I really need to get earplugs.
Or a gun maybe.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Random Ranting


My friend told me not to be such a nice guy to girls or end up being manipulated.
The more i treat them nice, the more they will think that they are worth it and think of guys as a tool.
Where do i draw the line then?

I don't know. On one hand you have people telling you that you should be nice to everyone every time, turn to the other cheek when a person slaps you but on the other you have people saying that those actions are for idiots and you might just end up broke, cheated if you're gonna be nice to everyone you meet no matter what.

One thing i have to admit though, is that girls is the hardest thing to understand on Earth.
Given a chance, i would rather try to decode Einstein's theory rather than decode a girl's brain.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Yes to random Sentosa Trip

Jim Carrey in Yes Man taught me to say a Yes to everything. 

Applying this concept, a day which was like any normal day turned out to be a exciting day when my church friends from Malaysia called me and asked me if i would like to join them for a nice little trip to Sentosa Island.

Applying the Theory of Yes, i gave my friends a big YES and i was on my way to meet them up at Sentosa. Never realized that saying Yes to my friends involved saying No to my half finished assignments and the job of saving humanity (computer games, you know). 

Never realized too that going to an island naturally means a trip to the beach. Sad to say, beaches have a particular own dress code. In my haste of changing, rushing out of the room and wanting to be handsome at the same time, i forgot about a beach-y dress code and a fashion disaster followed.

That's me trying to look handsome by the beach.

And if you haven't notice, i happen to be wearing a shoe.

Not to mention that the "short pants" you see on top of the photo happens to be a folded up long pants. Shoes and long pants is a deadly combination under that hot sun and lots of sand under your feet. So i have sands going into my shoes every time i walk on the SANDY beach on one hand, and the sun burning my legs off under the long pants on the other. If i were to nominate the single most blur person i ever knew in my life, i think i can make a very good candidate myself.

Despite my attempts to make my friends turn back and go to a place other than beaches, my requests were mostly ignored because some of them had some desires to fulfill by the beach.

Drawing on the sand, that is. What were you thinking?

She's all happy with her drawing while i was busy getting out sands from my shoes behind the camera. Well, at least someone is happy.

After my threats to jump into the water and commit suicide and coming back to haunt them for the rest of their life, we decided to switch place. To be honest, it wasn't my threats that worked though, in fact all of them asked me to jump. It was Daniel's idea to leave and explore the island that got everyone moving. Sad me.

We happen to bump into some TV program that was part of the Singapore "Kindness" movement.

They have people trying to get you, or tourists, in that matter, to call to someone back in your country and tell them that you love them. Shouldn't this be International Kindness movement then? 

Well, what the heck. For all i know, if i were to call my mum, i can imagine our conversation to be like:
Me: Hi, Mum, just wanted to call to say I Love You
Mum: Why? Because your allowance have run out again and you need me to send money to you again?
Me: No, i'm serious. I just wanted you to know how important you are to me.
Mum: You sure you're not running a fever?

Not a very good thing to show on TV. But it certainly did not stop these people from trying though.

For all i know, if someone is truly important to me, i'll tell them how much i love them everyday when i wake up. Why need to wait til you're about to die or when you have the chance to go on TV only you choose to say? 
Since no one of us wanted to say random "I Love You"s, we wandered off to try something that Peter keeps recommending us to try. The Sky Ride and the Luge Ride! And yeap, it goes in that order.

Basically what you have to do is to take the Sky Ride to the top of the hill first (surprising because Singapore managed to have hills!)

One reminder, if you're wearing slippers, keep it close to your legs. Or you'll risk being like Peter.

We had some trouble explaining to the people how he'd dropped his slippers, but eventually he got it back, which was a good thing or we'll have him lamenting of how good his slippers have been. After we reached uphill, we of course need to go back downhill. This is where the Luge Ride come in.
Since taking photo during the Luge Ride is illegal, i'll let the promo pictures do the talking.

I'm just joking. As Malaysians, we excel at breaking the rules. How would a "no taking picture with your own handphone because we can take for you and that will cost you 20 dollars per photo" rule stop us? When there's money involved, there's always a novel way of breaking it.

Not just 1, but 2 photos! Had to take everyone of course. Too bad Daniel's Luge sped too fast for me to catch a glimpse of his face so just have to settle with his back.

Before we decide to end the day and head home, we certainly did not want to let go of the chance of visiting Malaysia's Genting copycat, ops, i mean the Universal Studios and Casino the Singapore government has been so hyped up about.

Apparently nudity is not a very big issue here. Couldn't blame it because of the all time low fertility rate and the Singapore government is putting every effort to make the people to reproduce. Assuming you'll be aroused after seeing these 2 nude statues.

Couldn't enter the casino because of the age though and due to the fact that the theme park has yet to open. We had to settle with the views around the new area. Must admit that it's quite pretty.


That's a day well spent there. Have to thank Jim Carrey for teaching me how to say Yes most of the time. But he did certainly forgot to mention that saying No to assignments have bad effects too.


Friday, March 5, 2010

The Meaning of Luke

A wise master once said that to understand the world, you must first understand yourself.
What better way than to start with your first name which in my case happen to be Luke. Thanks to George Lucas, whenever i introduce myself as Luke, i get quotes like:
"May the force be with you" or "I'm your father... *strange breathing sound*".

Looks like i have a lot of fathers around me, which should be a good things if they were each give me monthly allowance. Or at least a lightsaber. Anyway, a good way to find out a meaning of a word, or a name in this case, is to refer to one of the oldest method around, a dictionary. Not just any dictionary like Oxford or Cambridge, those are old fashioned, by the way.

Want to know what's new fashioned? Urban Dictionary.
So following a suggestion by a random Facebook friend, i went to Urban Dictionary and typed Luke.

1. A person with a giagantic shlong, Scrotum, or overall package and who uses it for masturbation purposes at least three times a day
(Schlong btw, means "The penis (plural penises) is an external sexual organ of certain biologically male organisms" and Scrotum means "the external pouch that contains the testicles" according to Google)

2. From the Latin meaning "light" he motivates others by gentle persuasion a natural born leader.
A person who has this name tends to be
Very loyal, respectful, fearless, outgoing, idealistic, fun loving, competive nature
But due to a very loyal and fearless nature these two combined will mean Luke is a force to be reckoned with.
And also attracts quite a lot of female attention due to these characteristics 

3 Someone that is totally beastly and pawns everyone around him

4. He is a fun loving guy really funny and can make anyone laugh. He is very quiet at first and seems shy but when you get to know him you will fall in love. He has very good style and always looks handsome. He also always smells really good :)

5. Luke has a gigantic penis and uses it every night on people.

6. A really smart, interesting, kind guy. Always looking out for others, quite shy, but extremely good at drama.

7. Some one who has an huge large penis, is a total player, and one is totally beastly

8. A really great person who struggles at times to discover who he is, but is unwilling to compromise his beliefs when it comes to what he knows is right. a music lover, a sensitive soul, a person who is always there for the people he cares about. he may be flaky at times, but he will always come back to those he cares about. a true friend. he also has a wild streak.

9. The most lovable person who i love cuz he is my bf. and yeah. woo!

10. A very intuitive person. Someone who knows ur hearts desires before you do. Someone who wants to know your every secret so that he can leave you blissfully content. A very sensual lover with a wild streak. He knows what he wants and usually gets it, either by sweet talking or with equisite force... Looks very much like the David carved by Michaelangelo...


Except for the few parts that mentioned body organs, i found that i'm actually a very lovable and great person! Not bad. First thing i'm gonna do is to bask in a few moments of self glory, thank my parents for giving me a great name and take a measuring tape to see if it's really that large.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Brain doesn't seem to be working normally this past few days.
Maybe it's the lack of sleep.
Or the lack of stimulation.
Or i knocked my head somewhere unknowingly and now i'm having concussion.


Coming to uni can really change a person.
For example a task that seemed impossible and astronomical for Luke last time is now happening!
Task like visiting the library to study.
Until i realized that i left my pencil case back in my room which meant i cannot make any notes.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Is it me or is relationships nowadays seem so freakishly complicated?
Because everywhere i turn, i keep hearing stories about this person breaking up with that person, that person cheated with another person, one person having multiple relationships at a time with multiple persons or in a more happier tone, a person younger than you is getting married because that person is going to be a proud parent of a twins soon.

It seem so much different from what i used to believe when i was young. I have Disney to thank for that. In reality, "happily ever after" is nothing than a way to make you delusional.

I talked to my buddy just now back in my hometown. .

The girl whom he loved for 5 years, whom he was together for five years, cheated on him, again. And you thought that guys were the bad ones. On my opinion, girls can be even scarier. She went off with another guy, whom she presumes to be richer and more well off than my friend. Not to mention that she can show him off because this guy is handsome, rich and popular.

This is not the first time either. Dumping my friend for someone who has more material goods than him. And everytime after the cheating ends, either because she is dumped by the more "suitable" male, she would come crying back to my friend, begging for forgiveness and saying that she she will change. Everytime, the "change" only last until another guy shows up. Then she's off again, making excuses telling my friend that they're not suitable together and making up stories to make her sound good.

My friend, being a guy that believes that everyone should be given a second chance and that everyone has a good personality inside, always fails to stand his ground whenever that b*tch come crying back.

And stories like this is not rare either.

Makes you question your principles sometimes. Why must you be so kind when others act like jerks? Why not just join in, go with the wave rather than telling yourself that all of this is worth it because what you are doing is "right"? If you can't beat them, join them right?

I don't know. This is a screwed up world we're living in.
Sometimes it's just feels like a constant battle.
I sometimes really want to ignore all these god damned principles and just do what all others is doing, one night stands, having multiple partners and cheating on every girlfriend you get because by the end of the day, holding on to your "principles" will get you nowhere. In fact, in this world, is these "principles" that you hold on that makes you an outcast.

It's funny how the very values that you believe will give you a good relationship is the very reason that you have trouble finding someone. Because you're an outcast.

As for my friend, i hope all goes well for him and he can just forget about the girl and focus on what's important now, like his life.

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