Monday, July 11, 2011

4am Need To Wake Up :(

I need to wake up at 4 am later. To run. Yes, an early morning run at 4am in the morning when everyone else is still sleeping soundly on the bed. That's roughly 6 hours from now. I have a feeling that I will look something like this when my clock hits 4 am later:

And of course, looking as cute as the panda above for the run is not gonna be a good thing. I wouldn't want the Singapore Wildlife Society to mistake me for an escaped panda from the zoo. And since it's been ages since I woke up at such an early time, in fact, 4am is closer to the time I sleep, I have a few ideas in mind to help wake me up when 4 am comes later and not look like a panda.

I can have 10 alarms each on my 2 handphones and iPad to wake me up later. With so much noise going on, I'm bound to wake up. But then again, I might just snooze them all and go back to sleep.

Or, I can ask any of my friend to wake me up later when 4am comes. But then again, there might be the risk my friend will sleep through it too and I'm too shy to ask also.

Perhaps I can spam Red Bull and Coffee now hoping that the adrenaline would last me all the way to 4 am and the run. But then again, running with Red Bull fully pumping in your bloodstream is not really good for health. There's a chance I might go boomz too.

Or maybe I can just do the impossible. Off my computer and go too sleep now.


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