Saturday, June 4, 2011

Three Idiots

I have watched Hong Kong movies, Hollywood movies, Singapore movies and even Thai ghost movies but I have never watched any Bollywood movies before in my life. Not that I don't want to, it's just that I don't have the opportunity and subtitles are hard to come by for Bollywood movies. And then there's the little racist in me that thinks that all Bollywood only include dancing people around a coconut tree.

I watched my first Bollywood movie today. A movie called 3 Idiots. Possibly one of the best movies I ever seen, even outshining those from Hollywood, Hong Kong and (definitely) Malaysia that I've watched before.

To put it simply, it's a movie about 2 friends who embarked on a search for their long lost college buddy and the story of how they came to be known as the 3 Idiots.

To put it un-simply, it's a movie about friendship, love, family and dreams. It questions the rat race that we are all chasing now. It challenges the convention that as long as we follow the formula everyone is following in life, we will be successful. It encourages us to follow our dreams, to live our life and to be free. It teaches us that life could be hard but it is how we face it that matters.

It's a movie filled with comedy, romance, action and also the classic Bollywood dancing and singing. Not only does it managed to use humor well to bring out it's message, it also manages to throw surprises to the viewer at every turn. The jokes are smart witted, the story is simple but yet interesting but by the end of the day, it leaves you with the big question on whether you are doing it right for your life. Not only it manages to entertain, it managed to impart with perhaps a life changing lesson as well. Honestly, how many movies can do both at the same time?

To put it simply again, this movie is a definite must watch. And definitely Oscar worthy.

They once had it on Youtube but I guess due to copyright reasons got removed. I have a copy of the movie though, with the subtitles (which you will definitely need if you don't understand Hindi) and I am willing to share it with anyone that wants to watch. Alternatively you can also Google it to download a copy.

If you're a student caught in the rat race and wonders that whether if there's something more to life other than just getting good grades, if you're a student who is constantly under pressure to do well, you MUST watch this movie. I repeat, MUST. This movie is that good.

It made me laugh, cry and other tons of feelings at the same time. If you miss this movie, you're missing out on perhaps one of the best 2 hours and 45 minutes of your life. So no matter what you do, download it, watch it from Youtube (without subs) or get it from me, you must watch this movie. Guaranteed 100% handsome by Lukey.


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