Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lazy, just plain lazy

I just simply find it to hard and quite pointless to update my blog to be honest for all you guys who is asking me to update.
Seriously, i just do not see the point of blabbering almost everything about myself on the net that say, will maybe end in places i do not want them to be.

Blogging is not the same as writing a diary, you know, because you practically need to mind what you write here. At least in diaries i can shoot whoever i want without worrying it becoming a wildfire news at school tomorrow well, if it does not get stolen by my arch nemesis, that is.

No worries, i will still blog but not as often only. Say maybe a week or a month once depending on whether Godzilla decides to stop by Ipoh and then i will have something to write about.
Besides that, well, like they say, putting too much of your heart out in public places could really much end up in ways you cannot imagine.

That blog issue aside, i think i do not have much to say. Except i'm participating for The Star's trailblazer competition. Something like Amazing Race, in case you're wondering.
They could need a star appearance there to help cheer up the competition (hey, i'm once an italentstar, ok?) and hopefully i could win something.
For more info, you could visit

School's starting tomorrow and i'm back to old prefecting life. Kinda sad cause it reminds me of my junior aka oxygen with all the questions that keep bombarding me until i have no time for my other junior.
How i wish oxygen could just take him and have 3 juniors for himself. I bet he would love that ^^

Til then, adios

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