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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hola, Senorita!

Estoy Buzz Lightyear! Te ves guapa esta noche.
(Yeap, i'm sure our face were like Woody's when Buzz switched modes or if you have no idea what i'm talking about, watch the movie! The sentence up there is in Spanish, by the way.)

 After reading numerous reviews everywhere about Toy Story 3 praising how good it is, i finally had my chance when i was back in Ipoh! At first, i thought that the movie wouldn't be that good as you know, the quality of the movies normally tend to degrade as more sequels come out. Two of the best examples would be Shrek and SAW. All the sequels seem to be like attempts by the producers to hold on to their money making machine as long as possible. And when movies are made solely with this purpose, you tend to fall asleep when you're watching the movies.

Why can't they make Fiona in Shrek like her? Then maybe i'll watch Shrek.
Luckily, the people at Disney and Pixar did not disappoint. Not only was the movie on par with the previous two Toy Story, i can say that Toy Story 3 can be considered the best. There's so many different toys adding their unique flair to the movie, the plot keeps you glued to the seat and i'm laughing so hard the whole movie my mouth hurts. And watching the movie brings back memories. The days where playtime seemed so enjoyable and where imagination is only the limit.

A definite must watch! An 8/10!

And YAY to true love in Toy Story 3!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Laptop Woes

 This post is a continuation from: I Should Have Used A Protection

My computer is still on life support after getting the laptop version of AIDS. Where the immune system of the laptop, the anti virus software, fails and even the simplest bug of some kind can make it go Boomz. Which means i cannot go online and update this blog or risk catching some malevolent bug that can send my computer straight to the cemetery. You can say i'm giving my computer some sort of quarantine that we humans get when we're diagnosed with some sort of deadly virus. Or the lack of immune system, in my case.

This is basically the state my laptop is in now

Well, at least i'm in NUS now, one of the places where you can find loads of computer experts. After a series of discussion, most of the experts agree that my computer is beyond salvageable. They all agree that i should just reformat my computer because the disease that my computer got is beyond repair. Unless if i want my computer to become a walking zombie literally.

So i guess it's time to say bye bye to all my computer games. 

Not to mention that i'll need to reinstall my anti virus software and Microsoft Office again. Ugh, i think i'm just gonna throw everything to D drive next time and only leave Windows in C to save all the trouble and considering how many times my computer is falling sick. Well, let's hope that at least after reformatting, i can go back to normal blogging and no more tech rantings!

And to reaffirm what i said in the last post, USE PROTECTION! If not you'll end up regretting like me.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I Should Have Use A Protection...

This post is a continuation from here.

Something strange happened today. My laptop, which was dead a few days ago, somehow managed to self resurrect when i decided to turn it on again today while hoping for a miracle. I got a miracle alright, but i never knew laptops or anything electronic for that matter, have an ability to heal itself. A laptop which cannot load Windows yesterday is able to do so miraculously today without any tinkering from me. Any explanations?

I guess my laptop must have taken Medicine course last time

Of course, not everything in my laptop was restored to the way it was before. For some queer reason, only the immune system of the laptop is unable to function properly. My laptop's firewall and anti-virus software seems to be not functioning. Every time i turn them on, they auto-turn off themselves. Which means i cannot let my laptop go online because it's basically unprotected from all the threats that may come from the internet. I guess i just found a computer equivalent of the AIDS disease.

It must be the my brother's pendrive that he put into my laptop the other day. Somehow the pendrive was infected with the virus and when it penetrated my USB hole, my laptop got infected. 
Lesson learned : Use Protection next time!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why Study in Singapore?

As per my friend request, this post is gonna be about studying in Singapore. Or more accurately, the reasons why i choose to study in Singapore and not my home country, Malaysia. (Sound so professional here)

Singapore VS Malaysia

Before that, a brief introduction first. My name is Luke, if you have not known yet, and currently i'm one of the many Malaysians now studying in National University of Singapore (NUS). I was a Form 6 student before coming to Singapore so this post i'm writing will mainly apply to Malaysian students who are stuck between the choices of either furthering their studies in Malaysia or Singapore.

I'm sure one of the main criteria that we look for when we are choosing which university we are going to would be the quality. This is because by the end of the day, a better qualified university equals a better learning environment, higher class facilities and also a better job prospect once you graduate. And if you were to compare, it's undeniable that Singapore universities is better in quality than their Malaysian counterpart. The last time i checked, NUS was in the top 50 ranking among universities worldwide while University Malaya (UM) is too distant to be seen. As an employer, when two graduates with the exact same qualifications but from different universities come to you, which one would you choose? The one from the better university or the opposite?

The other reason why Singapore appealed to me was the high security level there. In Malaysia, walking out after sunset alone normally result in you being mugged, kidnapped or raped. Look at all the daily news. Though there are still crime in Singapore, at least the frequency there is not as high as in Malaysia. A girl can still walk out alone after sunset in Singapore and return unharmed. That alone speaks volume. No point going for tertiary study and end up being robbed and killed in the process, right?

Reminds you of a country?

The quality of the infrastructure here is also another pull factor. The toilets are clean, the public transportation is efficient and Singaporean taxi drivers who do not literally rob you when the charge a single trip for RM 60 makes life there relatively easy and convenient. And when life is convenient and easy, you have one less thing to worry about. Life in uni is already stressful as it is.

I'm sure sick of seeing these toilets in Malaysia

But of course, life is not a bed of roses here in NUS either. The study environment here is both tough and competitive. Certainly not for the fainthearted but hey, everything that is good requires some sort of hard work right. I'm not complaining.

I guess that roughly sums up everything. There are tons of other reasons too but i just included a few important ones. Wouldn't want this post to be too long too. Hope this would be enough for you Shi Hao.

P/s: Views mentioned above are entirely of my own. There's no scientific proof  backing it or whatsoever and probably half of what i mentioned up there would not be true but hey, this is democracy right?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

RIP oh my lappie...

Ladies and gentlemen, we are all gathered here today to mourn the recent passing of Lukey's best friend, the HP ProBook 4310s.

As we all know, or at least the person who is writing this post now knows, this red (or maroon?) laptop has served its owner tremendously during the past one year. The constant university assignments, lectures notes, countless hours of gaming, bouts of internet surfing and funny blog posts (i hope) would not have been possible if not for the constant hard work of this HP ProBook.

But as it pains me to admit it, laptops have a ridiculously short lifespan, even shorter than your house pet, you would say, due to the constant threats of viruses and newer replacement models. Which is why the owner of this laptop have decided to let it rest in peace and do his blogging work on his desktop... for now.

Thanks to the recent technological advancements and the existence of lots of brilliant minds around NUS, the laptop owner has a pretty high chance of resurrecting his HP ProBook when he's back in NUS. And by saying that i'm meaning you Lim Xian You, you're gonna help me fix this darn laptop! Muahaha!

I should really get earplugs

A note written by me during an 8 hour long bus ride from Singapore to Ipoh, 10.45 pm (pardon the strong language, i was half asleep and half sick at that time):

An idiot 2 seat in front of me has decided to whip out his laptop and play computer games with the volume turned up to the max. I don’t know what the other passengers are thinking, but I find it extremely annoying. I’m already half dead because some random viruses and bacteria have decided to attack my system and now I can’t even get some rest. Come on, playing computer games in a bus? Your screen is already bright enough but you decide to top it all off with sounds of guns blasting, bombs exploding etc. I don’t know what that guy is trying to show, either he has extremely good skills at playing computer in a bus or that he has a computer, but I don’t find it funny. People nowadays really fail at civic mindedness.

Now I’m faced with a 3 choice dilemma. I can walk up to him and ask him nicely to at least mute his computer, or I can fight fire with fire by taking out my own laptop and blasting some random sounds back or I can do nothing and pent up my anger. Being the timid and pacifist I am, I think I’ll stick with the third choice. Besides, since no other passengers find it annoying, I guess I’ll look pretty stupid if I’m the only one walking up to him.

On my opinion, people like that fella in front of me should be taken out and shot for failing simple civic mindedness common sense. 

Maybe I should have gone with a more expensive bus instead. Or maybe I should have really gotten some earplugs considering how sensitive I am to sounds.

Oh well, i could always rant about these kind of people in my blog.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Missing but not Gone

Finally after being missing for so long, i'm finally back and blogging. Of course, my vow to at least blog once per day has been shattered into many pieces by now but you can't really blame me though. My ability to go online is very geographically dependent. In a small town like Ipoh, the internet connection here, particularly the broadband 56k Streamyx, the speed is so slow until it takes 5 minutes to just load my Facebook home page. 

Can you imagine that? 5 minutes!

Well, luckily i'm not the only one who's complaining about the speed. Thanks to my sister, my parents finally relented and bought her the cheapest alternative, DiGi Internet! Of course, it's still not as fast as the connection at Singapore and i don't know how it compares to Maxis and Celcom, but at least my Facebook page don't take a whole 5 minutes to load now.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

When you cannot come up with a title...

Ahh... finally a day when i do not have to wake up early, rush off to work and sit in an air conditioned room the whole day staring at my computer. Holidays rock. I could now go back to my home sweet home, eat some home sweet home cooked meals and not worry about the work tomorrow. Not forgetting to enjoy my first official holiday since the start of this semester break. All my friends had been to places like Genting Highlands and even Tibet to celebrate the end of their first year study in NUS. The only pseudo holiday that i got  was in Bugis Street buying a short pants. Sad.

What's even better is i'm going back to meet Wei Wen! It'll also be our first official time meeting together after we started and i'm really looking forward it. Perhaps we can even go for a holiday together =)

To celebrate our first break, the programmers had some sort of a party session yesterday. We first watched a romantic comedy, Definitely Maybe, which on my opinion, is a great movie to watch.

It tells of a political consultant who tries to explain to his daughter about his past relationships, how he ended up with her mother and why they are getting divorced. He changed the names of the characters in the story and she tries to guess who is her mother in her father's story. The movie then takes a flashback to her father's younger days and follows his relationships as it progresses from one girl to the another, then back to the first etc etc.

The relationships got pretty complicated after a while, but i think that is what makes the movie so nice to watch. It's completely different from those traditional love movies where you meet a person and that's it. The person stays with you for life. We all know how different reality can be.

Like my friend used to say, in our lives, there's three type of person that we'll meet along our journey in love. The one that we love the most, the one that love us the most and the one that we ended up getting married to. This movie did a great job portraying that. A definite must watch.

To share a beautiful quote from the movie, 
"The human heart has hidden treasures, In secret kept, in silence sealed; The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures, Whose charms were broken if revealed."

After the movie, we had a drinking session! Ops, i mean social session. Our programmers head, Marcus, gladly volunteered to be the bartender of the night, mixing lovely cocktails for us. The drinks were superb. Much difference from the usual beer. Which reminds me, i need to pay Marcus!

And the result of the superb drinks were me ended up quite high. I was back into my room before the event finished and crashed til 1 pm today. Not to mention that i'm still having muscle aches all over after the rag dance practice. A hangover and muscle aches is definitely not a good combination.

But who cares? I'm going home today!

P/s: Sorry for the extremely wordy post, when i'm lazy i don't feel like adding any pictures :p

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our World Cup Culture Must Have Seemed Strange To The Aliens

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away.... (copy Star Wars intro :p)

There was this solar system and in this solar system lies one planet, third in distance from the system's star, known as the Sun to the people of this planet. In this planet, in which we shall name Earth, there exist a strange culture. A strange culture that takes place once every four years.

You see, on this planet, every four years husbands will cease to be husbands, alcohol sales will be at all time high and people will sacrifice the precious rest time even though they will be having some big event the next day. Yeap, you guessed it right, it's the Fifa World Cup period!

The World Cup period will be the time where the whole world sits still in front of the TV whenever there's a match going on, the time where football suddenly becomes the most liked sport, the time where marriage counselors make the most money and the time where North Korea is not so much hated all out of a sudden. Yeap, the World Cup is indeed a big event with the capability to change our dear ol' Earth.

And while everyone is glued to the television screen/monitor every time a World Cup match is going on, guess what will the author of this blog will be doing?





Sorry-lah, i guess i happen to be in the minority category who prefers sleep to staying up late at night watching football. Besides, no point getting panda eyes just watching a ball gets chased around the field. Maybe i'm an alien in disguise in Earth, which explains why i have trouble adapting to the Earth culture. Maybe that's why my girlfriend likes me so much :p

Maybe i'll watch the World Cup when something like this happens:-

All the guys players get replaced by sexy girls! Then i'll start watching and be interested in football!
How about that?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Singapore's Very Own The Apprentice: The Rookie!! Stand a chance to win a Nokia E72!!

One of the constant headaches of being a university student is our internships. Almost every university student i've seen around NUS is already in an internship or is planning to do one. But internships are so hard to come by! With so many people fighting with you for that chance, sometimes you wonder if there's an easier way to prove yourself.

Which is why i love the new show in Singapore, The Rookie!

Presented by Nokia, The Rookie is a reality show very similar to to Donald Trump's The Apprentice show. Twelve contestants have to battle it out with each other through various tasks in hope of securing the ultimate prize, INTERNSHIPS!!! Even better, the internships will be at prestigious companies like Microsoft, Nokia, Standard Chartered and even Zouk! I didn't know Zouk have internships for that matter. I would die to have an internship at Zouk. Free beer everyday!! 

What's more, the winner will walk away with SGD 5000! An internship at a reputable company and SGD 5000? I'm seriously considering to join The Rookie next year if i can't get my internship.

However, The Rookie do have some difference from the original Apprentice show. One of them being the the Nokia E72. Each contestant will receive a brand new Nokia E72 phone at the start of the contest in which they will receive their daily challenges (like coming up with a fund raising strategy), results of the challenges and also news of who's gonna be eliminated next. How cool is that. Having Donald Trump tell you you're fired through the phone.

Ops, sorry my bad. Donald Trump will not be making a appearance in the show. But it's still cool how they incorporate the Nokia E72 into the show. Plus the phone has so many cool features to add an unique taste to the show. One of it being the Nokia Messaging feature where all the notifications are delivered.
Truly a neat phone!

Of course, there are also many things that the organizers have in store for us the viewers too. Aside from being able to watch the exciting show and check its progress online, you can also win a brand new Nokia E72 for yourself. A new cool phone just for free!

All you have to do is to visit The Rookie's website here and predict the winner! Vote for him or her and if your choice of winner wins, you stand a chance to walk away with the Nokia E72. There are two of it up for grabs! So what are you waiting for?

Head over to the website and watch the first episode to check out the show for yourself! Episodes are webcasted on the website regularly.
I'll be heading over there right now too to catch up with the latest episode too!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

What To Do When You Cannot Find A Parking Space?

As a driver, i am constantly frustrated when it comes to finding parking spaces. Most of the time when i'm in a rush, i have to risk parking in illegitimate spaces and risking a fine. I'm sure most drivers also face this kind of problem. So is there any way to counter this problem?

A woman from China here seemed to have found the perfect way.

She pirated the parking space!

Oh you can do it the good ol' Malaysian way.

By double parking! 

But i still like the China girl's method better. At least we don't get fined or anything. Thanks Joshua for the video!

Facebook's Somewhat Annoying New Feature

Is it me or is there a new and somewhat annoying feature in Facebook? I don't know about other accounts but recently whenever i try to do something in Facebook, the word verification thingy keeps popping up. You know, the feature that requires you to type out some words displayed prove yourself to be a living human and not some robot who sends out spam messages. Last time, i only get these word verification thingy only if i wanted to post my blog link into my Facebook page. Somehow, something changed in Facebook and i'm supposed to verify words whenever i do some normal things like:-

Sending a message (screens-shoted as a proof)

And approving a friend request...

Is it just my account, or are you having the same problem too? 

Well, I'm guessing that it's part of Facebook's new privacy policy. If im not mistaken, i remember reading about this large group of people complaining about how flawed Facebook's privacy policy is and threatening to quit if Facebook don't do something about it. Looks like they got their wish and i have to increase the number of times i have to prove that i'm not any malicious robot with evil intention to take over the world through spam messages in Facebook.

Oh well, i'm not complaining. It's very understandable because of the recent free iPad message circulating in Facebook currently. I guess hackers can't help it just have to make our lives a tad more miserable ( don't hack my blog for this!! >.< ) sometimes. But that's just for the message part.

On the other hand, I just can't seem to understand why we need to verify words when approving a friend request? Because if i were a robot with evil intention, i'm guessing no one would really want to add me and even if they add me, they would know that i'm an evil robot. What could i gain?
Anyone mind enlightening me?

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Tags: Pastor Dr Martin Ssempa, Uganda

I came across this post while blog surfing around Innit. The owner of the blog was asking people to visit his blog so that more people will know about this issue so i decided to do him a favor. And guess what, i landed on a anti-Christianity post. Full the usual rantings of how religion can lead you astray, religion is bad for humanity and we all must be communists to respect human rights (i might be exaggerating, but that is the general feeling i got from what he's writing and i'm just gonna copy his style and blast whatever i want without caring about what others might think). You might want to read his post first to understand what i'm talking about. Or you can try making out what i'm talking about if you're too lazy to go over to his blog.

Homosexuality and Religion.
One of the most talked about, most debated and most controversial topic ever found and is still currently raging on our dear planet Earth. On one side you have the religious people saying that homosexuality is wrong, against the nature and should be outlawed. On the other hand you have the homosexuals claiming that the act of homosexuality itself is prevalent in nature and we with religion are a bunch or overzealous bigots who infringe on the very basics of human rights by condemning them.

As a Christian myself (though not a very good one), i felt compelled to write something to defend Christianity from what he wrote in his blog. Try-lah. I do admit that sometimes, all these religious fellas give religion a bad name. No matter where you turn, you have these overzealous people using religion as a tool to forward the agendas. You have this Pastor Poo-Poo from Christianity, Mr Osama from Islam and host of other crazy people from other religions. 

And being humans, we always tend to overgeneralize. If one Muslim went and bomb a building, we will tend to think that all other Muslims enjoy bombing buildings too. Which is so not true. Though there might be few rotten apples in the basket, but there are also tons of other good apples that we failed to take notice of because of the few rotten ones. So please don't overgeneralize. It's a fallacy on itself.

Oh, well. One thing that i fink irking in his blog was the way the author tries to highlight that religion is nothing but human rights abuser. Especially in the case of homosexuality. Need i point out that not only people who have religion discriminate against homosexual, people who are atheists do too. Communist China too once passed a law prohibiting homosexual right and mind you, communist are anti-religion.

I think that the problem regarding all these discrimination against homosexuals do not just lie with religion itself. True, there are some verses in the bible that condemns homosexuality but there are also verses in the bible that ask us to love one another and not to judge. Though i may not view homosexuality as a natural act, i do not condemn them either. I view faith as an act between an individual and God. If that fella wanna be a gay Christian, go ahead for all i care. Because i believe that he, like me, have the ability to discern between what is acceptable and what is not. And there's the bible for him to read. As long as he don't come professing his love for me, i'm fine with that. Or else i would he would find himself in my blog like this guy:

Which is why i think the religion vs homosexuality issue is blown way out of proportion.
Oh well, for the time being, i'm having a very good time exchanging views with the blog's author. You can hop over to his blog to view the debate between us. Sometimes it amazes me how people claim that we do not see things from their viewpoint when they themselves are doing exactly the same.

Maybe the problem lies in both sides trying to convert each other and trying to impose their beliefs on the opposing side. Maybe this is how we humans are shaped. We would not sit still until people from the other side admit defeat and conform to our beliefs. That's sociology for you. We're just like fighting fishes don't you think? If we see people who are different than us, we'll just attack them without mercy. If that's the case, there's one brilliant solution to make our world a better place to live in.
Just keep the two sides away from each other.

Like they say, Ignorance is Bliss. If we don't know that the other side is doing, we won't try to force them to conform to our standards. Just let the both sides live in whatever way they want. Minus all the fighting, protesting and law changing etc.

P/s: (To be a little bit discriminating myself) However, i do doubt how long the homosexual community will hold out should we choose to separate them like that. Mind you, people in same sex marriages cannot reproduce naturally after all. Maybe through in-vitro fertilization?

He's back! And it's funnier than ever!

Remember a post that i wrote a few days earlier about this guy who asked me about my height and weight? ( Guess what, he's back again! And this time, i think it's not me who's feeling weird about this guy anymore. I tried to be friendly, like how my mum and my high school moral lessons usually teach me. But well, when someone starts to ask you funny things, you'll start to think funny too.

Below are the example of conversation we had in MSN. Am i bad for posting it up for the whole world to see? Nah, i don't think so. Besides, it's free entertainment! 

FYI, that is the second time we're chatting on MSN. I certainly wouldn't mind if this guy happens to be a hot babe, but too bad i'm attached at the moment. But honestly, how many people would ask someone whom they have not met before to swim on their second time chatting online. And if you've noticed, my constant questioning of his intention of asking me for a swim scored a zero. The swimming trunk part did not help much either. To make matters worse, see how he ended the message:-

Somehow, i think i'm sending a subtle message that i'm attracted to guys.
Well, at least some people thinks i'm handsome, albeit in a wrong way. But never mind, i can live with that.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Human Centipede

I've thought i've seen the worst of sadistic movies with movies such as Saw, Nightmare on Elm Street or House of Wax. You know, the movies where everyone dies in the most creative way you can imagine. I thought movies like those are already sick to begin with and could never bear watching more than 10 minutes of the movie. But when my friend showed me this trailer, movies like Saw now seem like a children movie. See it yourself:

Another movie that i'm definitely not watching. At least not after meals. People who come up with sick movies such as this should be taken out and shot.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Orange uPhone GGGG to take on Apple iPhone 4G

June 9, 2010 - Apple's recent announcement of the release of the iPhone 4G have people everywhere celebrating in joy. After iPhone 3Gs, many were wondering if Apple could continue on with their creativity and bring out more for their customers. The iPhone 4G is said to boast better features such as a front facing camera and a better operating system than it's predecessor. Such was the significance of the release of the Apple iPhone 4G that prior to the release date, there are already numerous blog posts on the internet speculating and reviewing about the phone. Some are even considering to make the iPhone 4G release date as a public holiday so the people can go and get themselves the must have gadget of the millennium. 

However, not all may share the same sentiment towards the new Apple iPhone. They do not view the iPhone as some gift grom heaven. To these people, Apple iPhone is like just any other phone. True, the iPhone may contain a few more features than normal phones do but by the end of the day, it's still a phone. It does not have any applications that could help to avert poverty or solve global warming. Heck, it does not even have a umbrella to use when it's raining.

In anticipation of the iPhone 4G release, these anti-iPhone people, consisting of highly talented people like designers and engineers, have banded together to come up with a phone that is capable of taking on Apple's iPhone heads on. To highlight their point, they have named it Orange's uPhone. They have even come up with a promotional video to show that Orange is better than Apple.

Orange's promotional video where Apple gets creamed by Orange

Unlike the iPhone, the apps that you can find in uPhone does not require you to do things like shaking the phone to shoot a gun or tapping away madly to get the beer out of the phone. Instead, each app is designed in a way that it will be useful in daily life. Among the confirmed features in uPhone includes:

1. A build in lighter to let you light up anywhere you want

2. A pen to help you write whenever you forget to bring one

3. Toilet Paper Dispenser

4. Bookmark!

5. Last but not least, an umbrella for those rainy days!

With all the apps included, the uPhone designers hope that it is enough make the public realize that iPhone's apps are just any other normal phone apps. uPhone designers also hope that by unveiling the uPhone, people will not be so crazy anymore about iPhone and goes everywhere parading the Apple. Other apps that will come together with uPhone in the future includes a toothbrush, a condom and also a homing missile to seek out and destroy other iPhones.

Not only than, Orange has also hired a famous Korean girl group to sing the uPhone's theme song, GGGG!

Instead of "GGGG, baby, baby" in the chorus, sing it as "GGGG, orange, orange"!

So everyone, stay tune for the unveiling of the Orange's uPhone! Besides that, Orange's uPhone contains more Vitamin C as compared to Apple's iPhone. And Apples go bad easily.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stalker or am i just unfriendly?

Random Facebook Tip: Never upload a Photoshopped photo of yours as your Facebook (FB) profile picture, especially if you look like a famous alien in that photo.

Because when i uploaded this photo 
as my profile picture, i get something like this.

A guy added me from FB, got my MSN from there and the images above were the conversations we had in MSN. I know it wouldn't be very nice to make these conversations public, i just want to know whether conversations like this are weird or am i just being paranoid here.

I don't know. Somehow when a guy suddenly adds me and ask about my height and weight it creeps me out. Plus the fact that the nagging that i have always gotten from my mum have shaped me to be wary of random strangers. Strangely it only applies to males though. If some random pretty girl adds me in MSN and asks for my height and weight i would be happy to give her everything. I would also add in extra details such as how many hairs i have on my head or how many times per day.

Gender discrimination perhaps? :p

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