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Saturday, October 30, 2010

And the stupid assignment award goes to...

Thank god i'm not studying in UTAR.

Not because the quality there sucks or what, i think it's way better compared to some of our local universities, it's just some lecturers there give stupid assignments. Okay, perhaps it's not UTAR's fault. Many lecturers i know give stupid assignments too but lets get back to the story.

For the past few days, i have been flooded with requests from friends to ask me share a MTV video that they have made for a subject they are taking. And by flooded i mean Facebook wall posts, MSN nudges and messages all round asking you to help promote the video. Most of the requests are bordering on sentences like, "Please help to share this video and tell your friends to share it too. Please. It is very important to me. Thanks and please."

I don't know bout you guys, but i usually get annoyed by requests like this. Not that i do not want to help, but on my opinion, i think that if what you have produced is good, be it a video, a blog post or anything at all, people will naturally want to share it without you asking. You certainly don't see Taylor Swift going around asking people to listen to her sing or Xiaxue begging you to go the her blog.

Of course, as friends, i would of course share it if you asked me to. What are friends for anyway? It's usually the people whom you do not know and only approaches you when they need help that annoys me.

So when this person approached me in Facebook for the Nth time asking me to share the video he made, out of curiosity i asked him why is it so important for me to share the video and why he is so desperate to promote it.

"Because the lecturer are grading us based on the views we get on Youtube, that's why."

Grades based on the views you get on Youtube? So as a lecturer you're asking your students to come up with a viral MTV video? Isn't that a bit too much? 

And according to my friend, the video must be a parody based on a well known MTV video that is already on Youtube. As far as i know, a good parody is hard to come by. There are a lots of parodies of almost every popular song there is and your video must really stand out to go viral. Not an easy task for students. So what can you to to get the hits up? Friends that is.

Besides, a good video takes time to travel. And for first time videographers, you do not have a fan base to disseminate your video. Ultimately, the person who has the most friends (ie most popular) will most probably the the highest hit on the video. So you're basically graded on how popular you are. Or how desperate you are in spreading the video, that is.

Oh well, since complaining about the assignment to the lecturer does not help much, i guess i should just help them share the video here.

I still think it's a stupid assignment though.

[CONTEST] Going Crazy With Mr Potato

Life as a university student is certainly never a bed of roses. More often than not, it feels more like a bed of durians rather than roses. Especially when you're busy squeezing your brain trying to figure out why 1 + 1 = 2 or why Osama decided to have a sexy beard..

According to the laws of nature, thinking too hard about why 1 + 1 = 2 will undoubtedly always use up quite a lot of energy, often resulting in an empty stomach who wants some food to replenish all the energy lost during the thinking process.

Which probably means that you'll receive a signal soon enough from your brain telling you that you're hungry and you should stop thinking and start to find food already.

If you have yet to know, a recent un-scientific study done by the author of this blog (lets call him Dr Lukey) have shown that aside from head traumas, seizures and watching too much soap operas, feeling hungry is also one of the main cause on why people go crazy. In his observations, Dr Lukey has found that people who goes crazy due to a hungry stomach normally engage in outrageous acts such as:-

1. Spamming social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter all over telling people how hungry they are
They're angry and mad due to their hunger. And they want the whole world to know. It's a form of expression. Perhaps they're hoping that by posting their feelings for the whole wide world to know, they will feel better and maybe one kind soul will appear and give them some food to make them feel better.

 2. Banging their head unto something solid
Apparently a pain in the head will make you focus less on the emptiness in your stomach.

3. Eat things that are not considered by the majority population as food
Perhaps the best method out of all the crazy things a person will do when hungry, this crazy act actually involves putting in some food into the stomach to alleviate the hunger. Example of food includes paper, pencil, eraser, nails or anything you can get you hands on. However, a satisfying result is not guaranteed and this method often results in a few hours of camping in the toilet.

4. Pulls hair and bites nails
I don't know how that works, but i think offers some sort of therapeutic effect.

However, Dr Lukey has also found that there are some special people who does not follow the crowd and tend to engage in some crazy acts of their own when they're hungry.Like me, for example. Biting nails? Pfft, way too dirty. Hitting my head? I'm already not that smart so why the extra help?

When i am hungry, i prefer much more to do crazy things like:-

1. Commanding rocks to turn into food.
Easy, cheap and fast. There's no need to waste your money and go far far away to get your food. And no, i'm not copying any events from the Bible. Besides, who knows? Maybe one day i will get lucky be able to turn rocks into delicious chicken chop.

2.The truth is, there is no food. I mean hunger.
Everything comes from the mind. As the famous oracle from the Matrix movie puts it, there is no spoon, on in my case, there is no hunger. Are you feeling hungry because you're hungry? Or because it's something else? Are you sure that hunger exists? Is your stomach is merely tricking you? There's no such thing as hunger. There's no such thing as hunger. There's no such thing as hunger. There's no...

But by the end of the day, Dr Lukey concluded that no matter how crazy you get, you'll still be hungry no matter how much you convince yourself that you're not hungry and you'll never get chicken chop from rocks. Instead, Dr Lukey suggests a better solution when you suddenly feel hungry. Much better than trying to copy some tricks from the Matrix (although i must admit that the bullets dodging are quite cool).

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, handsome ladies and pretty boys,  Dr Lukey presents to you the pain free, stress free and guilt free hunger solution, the one and only Mister Potato Rice Crisps!

You heard me right, not potato, not tomato but rice crisps! A healthier was to snack when you're hungry with no added MSG, 20% less fat, no artificial coloring, cholesterol and trans fat free and best of all, it still tastes totally awesome! Perfect for students like me who needs a snack after a hard time of deciphering the reasons behind why 1 + 1 = 2.

And with four different tastes to choose from, be it Original, Sour Cream & Onion, Hot & Spicy or Flame Grilled BBQ, you're bound to find a flavor that suits your taste.

With so many plus points, Mister Potato Rice Crisps is the answer when a sudden pang of hunger strikes. And as Dr Lukey puts it, 
There’s no need to act like a madman because there is Mister Potato Rice Crisps for you to munch on, anytime, anywhere.”

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sexy Lingerie Football!

I'm no sports fan. Honestly. If you ask me what football club i support, instead of the normal Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd or Arsenal shout followed by a rendition of the club song, you'll receive a blank face from me.

But i'm about to change my mind. Especially after watching this.

<a href="" target="_new" title="How to Play Lingerie Football" rel="nofollow">Video: How to Play Lingerie Football</a>

People like to come up with all kinds of sports, don't you think? I heard that there's this school that actually plays Quidditch in the USA. Instead of flying brooms, they have running brooms instead. Which means you have to run around passing the ball with the broom stuck between your legs. Not a very recommendable sport for us guys.


And there's the wife carrying sport.
Tough love really do mean something for these husbands.

Not forgetting the cheese chasing sport where to winner gets a free cheese for winning.

Not for the lactose intolerant.

As weird as these sports may be, there's still no push for me to actually take interest in it. But lingerie football, now that's a whole new story on a whole new level.

And, despite what you may think, the sport is actually quite serious in the US with its own National League and teams from various states. Heck, it's even comparable to the NBA with weekly matches shown on national TV. Team names include Dallas Desire, Los Angeles Temptation and San Diego Seduction.

Now that's what i call a sport. All that is left to do is find myself a team to support and start tuning into the weekly matches shown online.


At least i'm being a normal guy satisfying my desire to see the opposite sex dress scantily in some high contact sport. It's much better than watching testosterone filled males sweating it out chasing some ball. And that for me, is not normal.

What? A movie out of Justin Bieber?

"Baby, baby, baby ohhh... Like baby, baby, baby noo... Like baby, baby, baby ohh... I thought you'd always be mine mine"

I'm sure that was pretty familiar to you. It gets played almost everywhere. Clubs, radio, television and even used as a blog soundtrack. You have to be living in a cave and growing a 10 foot long beard to miss it.

It's one of the most popular songs sung by one of the most popular non-pubertal boy on the planet. His name is Justin Bieber.

If you're one of the normal human living on Earth, there's two universal ways in which you will react to this song by Justin Bieber whenever it is played.

One would be, "Ohhh... that's such a nice song. Don't you think so? And he's so cute. I would certainly do anything, i mean ANYTHING, to have him as a boyfriend". Girls mostly falls under this category.

The other would be, "Argghhh turn it off, turn it off! It's a pain to my ears". People in this category are usually overly jealous boyfriends who cannot seem to understand why their girlfriend would paste a poster of Justin Bieber instead of them in the room.

I, on the other hand, happens to be in the third category. The so-what and don't-give-a-damn category. To me, he's just another celebrity like Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers etc etc. No big deal.

But then someone smart in Hollywood decided to release a movie about Justin Bieber, and in 3D some more. And it's not some movie where Bieber gets to play the hero in an epic storyline of love and hate or a musical about how he attends a Camp Rock and found his girl of his dream there. It's a friggin' story of himself. The story of Justin Bieber. With the title "Never Say Never".

You can watch the trailer here:-

And that's when i went WTF?!

A movie about Justin Bieber? Sure he's famous and has an overly girl-ly voice, but an inspirational movie based on his story? What about Taylor Swift? Or Angelina Jolie? And Lady Gaga? Won't their story be inspirational too? Why out of the countless celebrities out there, Mr Bieber gets chosen to have his story made into a film? And casting him as the star too?

If you were to ask me, i think all this Bieber-ism is getting way out of hand. Who knows, maybe when i wake up tomorrow they would have declare him a new god and started to worship him. Bieber as the bringer of hope!

Okay, maybe i'm overreacting. Perhaps this is not an attempt by some Hollywood producer trying to squeeze ounce of cash he from the Justin Bieber phenomenon by making a movie about Bieber. Maybe Justin Bieber does have a touching and really inspirational story to share after all. Of how he was born a girl and got mistaken for a boy, how he had to deal with the trauma and ultimately coming up with a song called Baby to recount those terrible times when he was a baby. And perhaps by watching this movie in 3D effect would make us better humans and live our lives better too. Maybe.

Speaking of inspirational movie, maybe i can come up with my own movie too, like what Justin Bieber did.

It will be based on a true inspiring story of how a handsome blogger struggled to gain fame and money through blogging but realizing that it was friends and the love for blogging that mattered in the end. It will be an internet story filled with love, hate and drama, all in front of the computer. I even thought about the title for the movie already.

Always Say Handsome!

  Anyone want to buy tickets from me?

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Sorry people, there's no handsome post today because i spent the entire day out shopping. Yes, shopping. Handsome bloggers need time out too, you know. To stock up some beauty products that is.

And the night wasn't very much free too due to commitments like DOTA and planning my dear old friend, Pikachu Jason's birthday. Happy birthday yeah Mr Jason!

In the meantime, why not brighten up your day with a feel good speech from one of UMNO's leaders?

After the debut from the Prime Minister's wife singing a karaoke version of Tomorrow Never Comes, we now have racist rapping at a UMNO meeting.

Ahh... nothing but a dose of daily jokes from the Malaysian political scene.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010



I hate their dirtiness. I hate the tingling feelers. I hate the sense of dread and fear they bring in me. I hate that they disrupt our lives. I hate practically everything about cockroaches. 

As much as i hate them, i can never bring myself to kill them, at least physically. Asking me to raise my legs and squish the cockroaches and causing the bottom of my footwear to be filled with cockroaches' liquid irks me. And there's this fear that they might fly at anytime and land on your face.

Which is why i have a no touch me no touch you policy against the cockroaches. As long as they don't bother me, i will not bother them. Works fine most of the time. Until when one courageous cockroach decides to go against the policy and barge into my room.

Like just now.

When i see a cockroach hanging about in my room, a complex series of thoughts will take place in my brain. On one hand, there's this overwhelming urge to get the cockroach out from the room, preferably dead, as fast as possible. On the other hand, there is this fear that paralyzes me from approaching the cockroach any further. Physical contact is a definite NO.

When faced with situations like this, Lukey only has one option.

Far range insecticide bombardment.
Which basically involves holding a can of insecticide as far as possible and spraying it like there's no tomorrow, hoping that the enormous amount of chemical unleashed upon the cockroach will choke and kill it. Like how a chemical warfare works.

The only downside is that i tend to overdo it most of the time, with my room ending up looking and smelling like it has just been fogged by those anti-mosquito man every week. And i must say my next door neighbors weren't very pleased indeed by the smell that my long range bombardment caused.

I should really find a better way to counter these cockroaches without causing distress to the rest of my block mates. Any suggestions? 

And yes, i do admit that i'm a failed male. Explains why i'm still very much single.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Malaysia's First Lady singing eh!

I love Malaysia...

...for all the funny things the politicians put us through. 

Like asking Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansur aka Malaysia's First Lady aka Najib's wife to come up with a music video of her singing If Tomorrow Never Comes.

Whoa, so Malaysian politicians or their family have to do singing too now in order connect with the voters? Or are they trying to search for alternative careers before GE13 before UMNO gets booted out?

Honestly, no matter how hard i try to think of a valid reason, i just simply cannot comprehend why would our first lady suddenly choose to sing a love song like this.

Affected by our neighbors, Singapore,  i presume?
(I'm referring to the recent passing of Mrs Lee Kuan Yew)

Perhaps the international attention generated regarding the loving relationship between Mr and Mrs Lee Kuan Yew prompted Najib to do something similar to in an attempt to show that he too, can be as loving as MM Lee. And maybe grab some attention for himself. Or portray that Malaysians too, can come up with touching stories regarding political leaders.

Although i must say the kind of attention this video is generating is heading the opposite way based on the comments received in Youtube...

Malaysia seriously boleh la...
I wonder if ISA would be used on the people who posted this on Youtube?

P/s: The video got deleted soon after it was uploaded. Luckily some kind souls managed to download the video and upload it again soon after it was taken down.
Check out the other version here:-

World’s Coolest Intern

In university, there are a few unwritten requirements that you have to fulfill (NUS has tons of them) or your university experience would be deemed as incomplete. Things like going for Student Exchange programs, partying late til the night or holding a key position in any society. Internship, for example, happens to be among the key things that you must do in order to make your degree look nicer.

However, finding an internship position is never an easy job. The process includes a painstaking effort going through countless newspapers and Google searches to find a company that is offering a suitable position that you want. Not only that, you have to make numerous phone calls, exchange tons of emails before you are considered for the particular position. And the ultimate killer? Having to attend interviews.

I hate interviews. Because they tend to favor the extroverted people that can talk a lot and have better social skills. I understand that being able to speak is a plus point, but that does not mean that people like who, who prefers typing much more than speaking, are any worse off in terms of capability compared to those who can talk non stop.

Which is why i never expected to do any internship during my study in NUS. Not that i do not want to, it's just because that i'm already too busy with all of my commitments in Eusoff Hall and i will most certainly lose out to all those kiasu people who talks a lot.

That is, until i saw an email from Nuffnang that went,
"Do you have what it takes to be the World’s Coolest Intern?"

Believe or not, Nuffnang together with Standard Chartered Bank are organizing a blogging competition in which the winner will walk away with a six month internship program at Standard Chartered. Not only that, the intern will also get more than SGD 30 000 in total! How cool is that!

And best of all, you do not have to have crazy accounting skills or have the ability to increase sales to be eligible for the position. All you need is an adequate knowledge of the social media, such as Facebook and Twitter to be eligible. Now that's what i call cool! x2  

All you have to do is to write a blog post entitled "World's Coolest Intern" and blog about why you would be cool enough for the coolest intern job with Standard Chartered Bank.
More info at:

  So, time to put on a thinking cap and think. Why Lukey, the owner of this blog, is cool enough to be the coolest intern with Standard Chartered?

Of course, the first reason would be because i'm handsome.

My blog's address happens to be anyway, so it would not be surprising that i chose this as my first and foremost answer.

Of course, you may argue on looks being irrelevant to being the world coolest intern. Looks, to put it simply, does not equal a good working attitude and a good personality.

However, i do wish to point out that despite how much we talk about the importance of what's inside, many of us still form a first impression based on looks and which is why it's important. For example, lets say you're an interviewer for a job and this guy walks into the room:-

I'm willing to bet that 99% of the people will go "WTF?!" first before thinking that you should not care about his looks and instead focus on his capabilities. I'm willing to bet again that no matter how much you try to focus on something else, the negative connotations that come together with the look is already burned unto your mind.

Although this is a cruel example, we can't deny that this is how the world works. Looks ARE important. It is how we're wired and it is what the society puts on us. You don't see guys like that appearing on the "hottest 100 men on the Earth" list. Sad, but true.

Which is why being the owner of, when it comes to portraying a good first image, i would definitely pass the job! And mind you, whenever the word cool guy is mentioned, he's normally assumed to be quite handsome as well.

Moving on!

Second on the list on why am i cool enough to be the world's coolest intern would be the positive self attitude!

No matter how big the problem or how deep in the water we're in, a positive self attitude beats it all. It is the can do attitude that defines successful people. They do not think badly of themselves when failure arises, but rather see it as an opportunity to strive for the better.

And when it comes to positive attitude, Lukey has it too! (Evident from the above point that boasts i'm handsome). And of course, to be the coolest intern, you need to have a good self image too. Someone that goes around feeling incompetent most of the time definitely is NOT cool.

Humble, yes. But not to the point of self defeat.

And last but not least, the ability to Facebook and Tweet!

Facebook and Twitter is my life. So much so that i have friends complaining that i Tweet too much. Not to mention that i blog too much too.

Normally this would be a big hindrance to any job applications, because social media is banned from many workplaces, and of course, i wouldn't proudly announce it everywhere.

But since this is one of the requirements for the coolest internship program, the ability to maneuver Facebook and Twitter efficiently would definitely ensure that i'm cool enough to be the coolest intern around!


So yeah, with a handsome look, a positive self attitude and the skills of Facebook and Twitter, i think that i am cool enough to be the coolest intern at Standard Chartered Bank.

Of course, there would be the more traditional values like the ability to lead (i'm the director of Video Production team for my hall), punctual (never missed a meeting before except the time when i was dead sick thanks to bird flu) and able to come up with all sorts of ideas, i would prefer to leave it at the top three reasons or else this post will end up looking something like a resume.

And since it's a blog competition, it wouldn't be very wise to bore everyone to the point of clicking the red 'X' on top of the browser. And i believe actions speak louder than a few words typed out on a resume.

So, back to the main point.

Am i cool enough to be the World's Coolest Intern with Standard Chartered Bank?

This post is written as part of an entry for the World's Coolest Intern blog competition organized by Nuffnang and Standard Chartered Bank
More info can be found at

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mi Casa (Home) - SSA2218 (AY10/11)

I'm think i'm gonna be lazy today and let a video i did do the talking for this post.
(The unfinished assignment does not help much either)

So, ladies and gentlemen, introducing to you a video that our group produced for one of the subjects we're taking in NUS, Singapore Films and Performance of Identity (SSA2218), Mi Casa! Which means home in some strange foreign language. I think it's Spanish.

It's a story about an student who has traveled around the world since his birth (thanks to globalization) and his journey to find the meaning of home.

Hope you will enjoy the short film and all comments are welcomed! Except those that go for personal attacks like "Chinese are stupid" and "your father is an idiot" comments.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

RE: Haze

There's nothing better than waking up to hear funny news for a good start to your day.

If most of you have noticed, Singapore recently became very much like Genting Highlands or Cameron Highlands, constantly enshrouded in a layer of white. However, it's not the water droplets that we're talking about here, but rather the regular import that we have from Indonesia every few years, haze.

If you noticed, the buildings in the background seemed eerily covered in white
Yeap, it's the time again when our dear neighbours decides to burn the entire forest of in Sumatra in the name of building more farms. And it's also the time again when the wind decides to blow all the smoke towards Malaysia and Singapore so we would have a mystical like feel as we go on with our normal lives, thanks to the constant white that seem to envelop everything.
And of course, when Indonesia decides to export all the haze over, Singaporeans and Malaysians will start to make noise and complain about how bad this is to our health, economy etc etc. And normally, Indonesia would start apologizing and promises to implement a few serious measures to prevent the forest burning in Sumatra. Or at least make sure that the wind isn't blowing towards Malaysia and Singapore when they decides to burn the forest.

But, nothing ever changes. Every few years, the same thing happens.

Some fella would burn the forest in Sumatra to clear land, the wind would blow them over to Singapore and Malaysia which is then followed by Singaporeans and Malaysians making lots of noise, Indonesia would then promise to curb the problem, the haze dissipates and everyone goes back to their own lives without actually solving the problem.

This year, however, instead or apologizing like they do every time the haze come by, Indonesia decided that they had enough of being the end of the criticisms and decided to be defensive:

"It has only been a week of smoke but people are already making so much noise. What about all the oxygen that (Indonesia) supplies to them during the rest of the year?", says one Indonesian government spokesman
Whoa, i certainly did not know that we're breathing in Indonesian made oxygen into my lungs all year round. And it certainly sounded to me like a threat coming from the Indonesian government. 

"If you complain anymore about the haze, we'll make sure that we'll keep burning the forest the whole year round until you cannot see the food in front of you."

Time to come up with a real big fan and blow all these smoke back to Sumatra to give them a taste of what we're facing. The best solution.

The drama comm of Eusoff Hall suggested converting the Singapore Flyer into the Singapore Fan and blow those Indonesian haze back to where they belong

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Is anybody out there?

You know you-have-too-little-friends / your-social-circle-is-too-small when you realized that you're the only one left in hostel with no one to eat dinner with at 7.30 pm. I think i should seriously throw this shell that i put on top of myself away and be braver in getting to know more people. If not, god knows if i still have the chance to still eat dinner with other human beings in the future.

But then again, i'm a person who enjoys solitude most of the time.

But then again x2, that's me trying to comfort myself when i'm stuck alone with no one to have dinner with. I think i'll just go sleep.

Friday, October 22, 2010


My 501st post!


To celebrate, i'm gonna have a good sleep tonight!


Why Can't Average Guys be Great Boyfriends too?

A female friend of me recently remarked about how guys who knows how to sing perfectly (or have any artistic talents, in that sense) would make great boyfriends. Or at least have a greater deal of market value, so to say.

Explains why Adam Lambert has so many female fans although he is gay. Because he knows how to sing.
Guys like me, for example, who only knows how to write blog posts and have no idea how to belt out a perfect rendition of Bruno Mar's "Just The Way You Are" while playing the piano at the same time are automatically relegated to the "unsuitable" boyfriend or "friends only" category by girls.

Sadly, it's not only the girls who only thinks that to be a great boyfriend, you must know how to sing like Bruno Mars or be able to dance like. Guys think the same way too!

Somehow, we all think that in order to have a chance of nailing the girl we like and to not live a lonely uncle  life, we all have to be at least able to show to show off some skills or talents to attract the girls we like. Which is why the enrollment for dance or singing classes are always at a all time high.

Allow me to ask one question.

What does a freaking talent have to do with being a great boyfriend?

Will your boyfriend be less likely to cheat on you if he is a great actor? And does a boyfriend who knows how to sing very well also knows how to love and respect his girlfriend in the right way? Does dating a awesome dancer means there will be less argument in a relationship? Will the quality of the relationship improve if your boyfriend happens to be the Britain's Got Talent competition?

I'm pretty sure that the answer is mostly no.

I'm not saying that talented guys make sucky boyfriends, i'm just merely wondering why whenever we consider possible soul mates candidates, we have to look for various reasons on why we should love them and why they would make the perfect candidate.

What matters in a relationship are values like loving a girlfriend deeply, respecting her and being always there for her. It's things like this that sustains and maintains the relationship, not your grade eight in piano lesson. And values like this are definitely unobservable and unmeasurable, but it doesn't we do not have them.

What i'm trying to say here is that we as the average guys, the ones that sings in odd pitches and only knows how to randomly whack the musical instrument, are no different than those who can sing til glass shatters and belt out Beethoven's entire composition with their eyes closed. We can make good boyfriends too.

In fact, anyone can make a great boyfriends. Including the guy who only knows how to vent out his feelings on a miserable blog. And yes, i'm self-promoting here. Goodnight.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Great Spirits and Mediocre Minds

Yesterday, a speaker who was a nominated parliament member for Singapore came to Eusoff Hall to talk to us about Great Spirits (or was it great minds? I think i prefer great spirits since it implies less thinking) and Mediocre Minds.

His full name was Mr Viswa Sadasivan, by the way
He mentioned about how great spirits stands tall in the face of adversity while the mediocre mind crumbles. When met with obstacles, the great spirits brave it through.

It's been four days now since the start of my most busy and deadly week since coming here. And surprisingly, i'm still very much alive! Although i did skipped a few lessons and have two permanent black rings around my eyes, otherwise i'm still quite still Lukey.

So, do i qualify as a great spirit too for surviving this tough hall week?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 3

Still pretty much fighting my way through this ridiculously hellish week.

Current situation: two presentations down, and more to come. To be exact, there's another presentation, one short film, one performance, one formal dinner, loads of video trainings, one AGM and one more dance practice that i have to face this week. 

Makes me feel very much like the Spartans when they had to hold their position against waves upon waves of enemies in the movie. Except that my enemies are not scary-black-looking Persians (not being a racist here, they did wear black armor in the movie) but rather, erm, scary situations in which a failure basically means getting killed by someone depending on what situation i failed at.

Not to mention the scary looking textbooks. I say so because each time i open the textbook, i could picture those scary-looking-black-Persians coming to get me. No thanks to the sentences used that i could never seem to understand.

Oh well, at least Gandalf helped to motivate me a little bit to study.

That is, if i happen to find the time.
Gandalf bless me.

Call to cancel Adam Lambert's concert in Malaysia

If there's one thing Malaysia that is good at, i would say is its ability to create news for all the wrong reasons.

On October 14th, a day before the scheduled concert of Adam Lambert's Glam Nation, a group of university scholars, supposedly, protested in front of the Malaysia's Arts, Culture & Heritage Ministry building in what they claim was a move to protect Islam and the culture of Malaysia.

They claim that Malaysia on its own have already lots of social ills such as pre-marital sex, baby dumping and university students who have too much time and by allowing Adam Lambert to perform in Malaysia, it would further aggravate the social ills that is already so rampant in Malaysia.

Is it me, or are they saying that banning Adam Lambert from performing will help to curb the social ills that are currently raging in Malaysia? And how is it so?

To cut the story short, Adam Lambert did came and perform the following night, much to the relief of average Malaysians. Not only did he not take into account the protests by the Islamic university students that were so homophobic, he even promised to abide by the rules set by the Malaysian authorities and promised not to offend any sensitive parties.

To quote him, "... I have agreed to make a few minor adjustments out of respect for the Malaysian government. Looking forward to a fun show."

So, which side do you think was more forgiving and open minded in this case?

Of course, being "staunch" fanatics believers, the university students did not give up on trying to make their point and blocking Adam Lambert from performing. During the night of his concert, they went down in droves and organized a peaceful protest outside the concert venue.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, including being a homophobic.

I'm not saying that i'm a homosexual supporter, but when you take a deep look at these protests, you realized that for all the evils that we claim homosexuals exhibit, we in fact are the evil ones. We discriminate them in every way imaginable, including not letting them to perform, without even taking into account that they are human beings too, just like us.

I mean, apart from their sexuality, what have they done wrong? Sure, they might burn in hell, but did they in anyway did something to offend you? Did they kill your family or steal any of your belongings? Or did they say something wrong to you? I'm sure the answer would be no for all the questions asked.

I, for one, think that some Malaysian university students have too much time on hand. Rather than focusing on real issues, something that could affect their lives, like the corruption in the government, world poverty, global warming or the increasing crime rate, they are more concerned that people would turn gay if they happen to be watching Adam Lambert's concert.

If this goes on, i'm sure that in five years time, artists would be so scared to perform in Malaysia and they would prefer other places like Singapore which is much more liberal. So much for wanting to make Malaysia a tourism hub.

Who knows? Perhaps in five years time, Malaysia would be the only country where Osama would be rapping away on the Western infidels and how to bomb them in Stadium Putra.

Malaysia boleh, indeed.

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