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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything

Since the end of exposure camp and start of my "holiday", I have been feeling one constant mood everyday. No matter how much I try to shake it off, it just wouldn't let me go. Want to know what mood I'm feeling? I'll let my friend Bruno Mars tell you. Or rather, sing to you.

I don't feel like doing anything alright. I blame my lazy genes, I blame the fella who invented the internet and I blame Bruno Mars for that song.

The Ways To Screw Up Your Blog, Lukey Style

 I have not been able to update my blog as frequently as I used to lately, if you'd noticed. Even if I do update my blog, it would be only for the sake of updating and nothing else, which explains why viewership of my blog has dropped drastically to a state where if my blog was a restaurant, I would just sit down and swat flies all day.

 And while my blog is slowly dying, I thought why not write a guide out of it, you know, on how to kill your blog slowly, Lukey style. Just in case someone decided that it is not worth letting their blog live anymore and would like it do die a natural death but can't bring themselves to ignore the blog totally. So here's a guide to screw up your blog, courtesy of the handsome Lukey blogger (although I have been forsaking my blog, I'm still handsome) learned from the past few weeks of mine.

1. Play an online game. Not just any online game but an online game that will get you addicted to it. And in my case, happens to be a game called Forsaken World, where everything is forsaken, your blog especially, because you're too busy trying to level up and trying to be the strongest in the world.

Hi, I'm Lukey, oh wait, I'm ChiChibi actually, because this is my Forsaken World persona

You see, the thing about online games is that there's always another level to catch, another quest to do which in turn, means that you'll be constantly trying to reach that target of yours (which only increases by time) and not having time for anything. Add in a little peer pressure from other players (in fact there's thousands of them in the server) and soon you'll be saying things like, "After this quest" and "Let me finish this mission first" when it comes to doing real life things, like blogging.


2. Have a boring life. Contrary to popular belief, most bloggers don't blog because they have a boring life. They blog because they have a really colourful life that they want to share with the world, which is why having a rather dull life is another way to kill off your blog. Because you really have nothing to write anyway.

You could write about how boring your life can be, though, but I suspect that after reading for the 100th time of you complaining about how bored you are in your blog, readers will come to associate your blog with being boring too. Of course, you could choose not to update anything at all when you have nothing happening in your life, but then again it would still translate to the same thing. Readers finding your blog boring.


3. Have an over-exciting life. But that that also doesn't mean that you should have an over exciting life until you have to energy or time to blog.

Me, for example, out of every possible thing to do during a summer vacation, chose to be a head over the orientation committee in my hall and before I have the time to regret, I have been swamped over with loads of responsibilities and expectations from both my superiors and my colleagues. For the first time in my life I worrying about budgets, liaising with people, planning events, dealing with red tapes and doing all sorts of things that is expected of a head and by the end of the day, I have no time to care about my blog.

Even if I do want to care, I'd be too exhausted by then and would just simply come out with a post to survive the day. So I guess a balance between keeping your life interesting but not too interesting is the key.


4. Get not enough sleep. Because when you have not enough sleep, whenever you sit in front of the computer wanting to blog, all you can think of is the comfy bed next to you. And even if you managed to get your fingers typing, you'll find out after 5 minutes that their actually moving on their own giving out scrambled words while your mind is already snoozing away.

You know, like those boring lessons in school where you start writing down un-readable words for your notes when you're sleepy? That's what happened to me when I tried blogging with not enough sleep. Something like "I wasd tyrihgn tpo bligpo" happened to me. And if you're sleepy enough, your fingers would go and click post without you really noticing and your readers would be wondering why you're suddenly writing Martian. Luckily for me, I fell asleep before I had the chance to click post.


Yeap, and that's the four main reasons why the quality my blog is sort of taking a roll downhill, I mean down the mountain, right now. Definitely not something that you should be doing if you want to be a popular online blogger. And a handsome one too.

I think I should slap myself everytime I fail to blog. Wait, that's stupid. Maybe I should ask a pretty girl to give me a kiss instead. Then I would have more incentive to blog and wirte a nice post. Anyone want to do the honors?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Camp Yellow Fever (Eusoff Hall's Exposure Camp) 2011, My Perspective

Eusoff Hall's second annual exposure camp came to close on last Friday, 27th May 2011 and boy, was it fun. And being a self proclaimed handsome blogger, duty compels me to blog about all the fun experience during the exposure camp!

Although I was also involved in the organizing of the camp last year, I must say that the experience I got from this year is quite different. Part of the reason have to do with the new team and also the increase of participants this year but the main reason is mostly to do with me being one of the co-head this year. And I must say, being called the head of committee certainly feels way different than being just a normal member.

But that's for another post. This post is for the camp! So back to the topic.

This year, with the theme Angry Byrds and Angry Pigs (yes, we sorta borrowed the Angry Birds concept), Camp Yellow Fever was held on the 25th to 27th of May and saw an increase in participants from 23 to 40 with four different OGs.

One of the OGs, Egg Bomb Bird, from the camp

Like any other exposure camp, the purpose of this camp was to introduce something, in this case, the concept of hall life, to would be NUS freshmen and to let them experience what it feels like to live in a hall. But of course, it's also for them to have fun (what's a camp without fun right?) and get to know each other before coming to NUS. And also for me to get to spot any potential girlfriend candidates among the freshies too. Just kidding.

In short, other than than the extremely handsome organizer (hinting at myself), the camp is pretty the standard thing that you can expect from camps happening around NUS now. We played lots of games, gave some talk about our camp (and also hall), barbequed and also had some performances from the freshies on the second night. Pretty standard camp, I guess.

Having fun during the Soap Sumo game

That's right, we use fruits for Captain Ball

But still, we had a lot of fun and got to know a lot of great people. Because by the end of the day, I think that it's not what we do that matters but rather the process and whom did we share the experience with. Besides, from how I see it, playing games is the best and quickest way to get to know each other and to get yourself high (alcohol works better, but since it's illegal, we didn't include it).

And seeing how the OGs have their HTHT (heart to heart talk) session by the end of second night (or third morning, since they talked way after midnight), laughing happily away, I guess it's safe for me to say that the exposure camp this year was a success. Which is a good thing because I was afraid it would screw up with me being a head. But I guess everything turn out for the better.

Too bad that I did not really mingle around and get to know new people though. Which was exactly what happened last year too. I guess this shyness of mine is a bit hard to kick off. But oh well, at least everyone had fun. And now it's time for me to get some sleep and wait for orientation!

Day 2 Group photo

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Post-Exposure Camp

I'm too sleepy to write a good blog post again. Remember how I complained about how busy I were with exposure camp just a few days ago and that I have no time to update my blog properly? Now that exposure camp has ended, I still can't find time to blog properly. Heck I think it's even worse than a few days before. And what do I have to thank?


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the handsome owner of this blog has decided to immerse himself (or should I say addict himself) again in a massively multiplayer online role playing game again after swearing not to due to the massive time a MMORPG cam take up in your life. And thanks to this game, my Twitter, Facebook and also this blog has been relatively untouched for the past few days. I guess when you're saving an virtual world, the social media sort of takes a back seat. Or maybe it's just because we're all guys.

Brought to you by the same people who brought you Perfect World, I could say that Forsaken World is pretty much like Perfect World (which is great because it feels familiar) which some minor changes here and there. Firstly, the thing that I took notice the most was the party quest system.

In any normal MMORPG, whenever you want to do a party quest, you first have to find the suitable people, travel to the quest place and waste a lot of time waiting. However, in this game they centralize the entire party quest thing so that you can access the list of party quest available just by pressing a button and getting teleported to the place when there's enough people.

And even better, loads of my friends are gonna play it too! What better way to play an MMORPG than with your group of friends right?

But since I'm writing in a half asleep state now, I think I should stop here and get some rest. I have been staring non stop at the computer screen since morning leveling up my character. Which is crazy, I tell you. And not healthy.

Before I go to sleep however, I thought it might be good to introduce this person that is gonna be me for the next 3 months in the game. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet ChiChibi or in short, CCB!

Pretty right? I think I'm falling in love with myself now.

And I think I really need the sleep now. Night.

Friday, May 27, 2011

FS - Of love, first impression and telling a lie

It's 2.30 am. I am half dead, fully stressed from the Exposure Camp and half high from the Vodka that I drank. I think I shall skip blogging seriously for this time and answer some Formspring questions since my questions have been piling up in my inbox. And like they say, 3 is a lucky number and from random mouse clicking, Lukey the handsome would be answering these 3 questions today:

1. How do you know that you're in love?
Easy. When you start doing stupid stuff that you would not normally do for a person, like SMSing him/her everyday, when you want to hear and see that person everyday, when he/she suddenly becomes the focus in your life, then you're in love. And it's not necessarily a happy process.

2. What do you first see / take note of / notice in a stranger?
Looks, I guess. If it's a girl, I would take note of how pretty she looks and if it's a guy, I would see if he's more handsome than me or not. You know, in case he decides to go after that pretty girl that I have just eyed.

3. Would you please tell me a lie?
Sure, why not. And the lie would be that I'm the ugliest person living on the surface of the Earth. Now go figure out the truth :p

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why I Did Not Apply For An Internship

Since the start of my three months summer vacation, I have been asking myself a lot of that question lately. Almost all of my close friends applied for an internship, citing reasons like not wanting to waste time, wanting to earn a little pocket money and wanting the resume to look good for applying for the internship. I, on the other hand, happened to be the odd one out as from the start, I had my mind set not to apply for any work and chose instead to be part of my hall's orientation committee.

However, as the days progressed and as I spent more time with Eusoff Hall's orientation committee (EHOC), although I sometimes still feel left out by all the conversations among my friends about work., I find myself asking that question much less often now. I realized that when it comes to life, you must sometimes do the things that you really enjoy doing rather than the things your friends are doing. And being in EHOC is one of the things that I enjoy doing.

From what I see, internship is mostly a boring routine. Because you're an intern, companies would mostly give you menial and boring tasks like sorting out papers or data entry. You do not get to do the exciting stuff like leadership or planning projects because you're not yet qualified. (Standard Charetered Bank, however, is one exception that I've seen). And by the end of the day, you'll be bored out of your wits wishing that the internship period would come to an end as soon as possible.

I also observed that most people are doing internship for the sake of doing internship. For them, they do not care what kind of internship they are doing, as long as it's an internship. When asked what did they learn, mostly it will be about how boring work life would get.

For me, I cannot stand doing this type of work. Which was why I chose to join EHOC rather than take up an internship position. I knew that with my second year Arts degree, I would not be qualified to do most of the good internships out there. At most, I will land on a job that requires me to do some boring stuff that I could get paid double for if I do it as a part time job.

Besides, I also foresee that the kind of experience that I get from the internship would not be a very enlightening one. What can you really learn from data entry, anyway? Super fast typing speed?

I would really much prefer to be involved in planning something big, something like the hall orientation that includes over 200 people and I can bet that the experience you get from organizing such big events beats data entry experience any time of the day. And in the process, you'll get to know a lot of new people and forge loads of new friendships.

And honestly, I'm not too eager to work either. Like how my dad used to say, you can work all you want, even for the rest of your life but the student life is very limited. Once you step into the working world, it would be very hard to turn back time and be a student again. The student experience is a really rare one and even if you could be a student again after you start work, the entire experience would not be the same anymore. You'll feel old.

Which is why while I can still enjoy student life, I will enjoy it to the fullest. I love the life I'm living now and I definitely have no qualms about not having an internship as compared to other university graduates. Because I love what I am doing and like I said, EHOC beats internship any time of the day.

I guess that is why I did not apply for an internship.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have no motivation to update my blog now. The reason? Minecraft. And a host of other stuff. But Minecraft is still the main problem. I think it's because the game is just too awesome. And to illustrate the game's awesomeness, I'm gonna share this two awesome Minecraft videos with you!

Minecraft is 8 bit graphics in all its glory. And I would say perhaps the most revolutionary game of all time I've ever played.

But then again, I should stop building my Minecraft mansion already because there's exposure camp happening tomorrow. So goodnight people! And play Minecraft!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Singapore Cabinet Swearing-In Ceremony

Never ever bring a bulky bag to a government function or important events because everyone will look at you in a "Is there a bomb inside that bag?" way. Well, at least that's what happened to me when I attended the recent cabinet swearing in ceremony on the 21st of May, 2011 (the day the world was supposed to end, according to one Harold Camping, which it didn't) at the istana.

The invitation card

But I guess I must be one of the few lucky ones (not to mention one of the youngest too) in Singapore who had the chance to attend such a prestigious and important event like this. After all, it only happens once every four to five years when elections come and if you have been keeping up with the news lately, the recent election has been one of the historical ones due to the high swing of votes to the opposition. Not only that, the new cabinet has also gone through quite a bit of reshuffling so yeah, this is one special cabinet swearing in ceremony indeed and I have to thank for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Most of my friends had their jaws dropped when I showed them the invitation card from the istana (proud).

The Istana

To be honest, during the whole event, I can't help but feel as if I'm James Bond (or Johnny English, due to my blurness) on some spy mission. The police checks, the number of important people having important discussions around me (I managed to overheard it due to me being incredibly quiet during the whole ceremony, acting as if I'm on an important mission out to learn secrets from the people there) and the grandness of the istana , all seems to be lifted out from some spy fiction movie. I need to stop watching all these spy movies on weekend.

Aside from the Johnny English feel, I also can't help but to feel awed and humbled too. Imagine being one of the incoming cabinet ministers taking up oath that day, swearing to uphold the country's constitution and to serve her best interest, that's a lot of responsibilities as far as I know. I, personally cannot do that. I would faint on the spot if it were to be me taking the oath. The stress and responsibility involved was just too big and I secretly salute all the incoming ministers for having the courage to step out to lead the country.

It's not easy leading the country, you know. In our modern age today, nothing escapes the eyes of the citizen and if people find you to be unworthy, you'll feel the heat. Which is why I prefer to avoid rather than taking up something like this. It's just too big a responsibility for me to fanthom.

Also, I was also pretty much amazed by PM Lee's speech. Perhaps I have not really paid attention before but being there hearing him speak in three languages, that's pretty awesome. From where I came from, politicians wouldn't really bother much if you do not understand what they speak. There's subtitles anyway so why should they care?

Now, a PM that speaks in all three languages, that's sincere. It proves that he's trying to reach out to everyone, not just a specific group. It's a shame that there was no Hindi or Tamil version though. If PM Lee had done that, I think I would have stood and applauded him.

In his message, the prime minister stressed for a unified Singapore now that elections are over and he also assured Singaporeans that the government has received the message from the election and promised to listen and do their best to address the woes of the people.

 And after the speech, we had food, istana style! And by istana style I mean huge amounts of delicious food, separated into loads of categories (Chinese, International, Malay and deserts!) which even with an empty stomach (I purposely skipped lunch for this, just kidding) I cannot manage to sample everything. And they even have people serving you drinks. Reminds me of those high class buffet I normally see in Hollywood movies.

In short, this whole cabinet swearing in ceremony was an eye opener for me. I got a better grasp at understanding the significance of such events and also the responsibilities the ministers hold (I will never look down on them ever again). Not to mention the real good food. I've gotta attend more events like this, honestly.

Monday, May 23, 2011

RE: Rapture, A Non-Atheist Viewpoint


May 21st, 2011 (which was yesterday) was lately treated to quite a bit of fanfare, especially in the US. Which is not surprising given that it was the day the world is predicted to end, at least according to one guy named Harold Camping. Accwoording to him, an event called Rapture will take place on the Saturday, 6 pm local time (around the world, starting with New Zealand) where faithful Christians will be taken up to heaven on that particular timing and the world would be left to its demise til October 12th, where God would pull the plug once and for all.

And like all doomsday predictions, May 21st passed on relatively quiet for most of the world. The earthquakes and people being beamed up to heaven, as predicted by by Mr Camping, failed to materialize and life goes on as usual.

Along with many other Christians around the world, I did not believed in Camping's predictions that the world would end on Saturday. After all, the bible said that no one, even Jesus, would know the exact day the world would end. The bible even warn of false prophets who claims to proclaim the word of God and who will misled the people. Camping, for example, is one of them.

Sadly, some (particularly some atheists) saw this as an excellent chance to level their case against religion. One particular blogger that I follow, lets call him Mr A, argued that this Rapture and apocalypse belief is one of the reasons why the entire religion thing is bullshit and the world would be better off without organized religion.

In his blog, he wrote that people who believed in religion are nothing but gullible people who accept anything thrown to them, the belief that the world is ending on May 21st, for example, blindly and unquestionably. For him, religion only ruins people life, like how Camping's followers have sold off their entire possessions because of his message and how now they are left with nothing. Not only that, everything that people believe about in religion, like the belief that the world is coming to an end, is utter nonsense and should be banished altogether because it only does harm and not good.

If I'm Freud, I would say he has some serious reaction formation issue here (reaction formation is a psychology term btw, and it refers to a defense mechanism to conceal your desires by forming an opposite reaction to it. An example would be a preacher who preaches heavily against porn but secretly loves to watch them). But I don't deny that he has a point though, people like Harold Camping really gives us a bad name and that is why for this post, with my limited intellectual and language, I will try and  write things from an non-atheist viewpoint.

Firstly, I would like to disagree with the claim that Christians are the only people who constantly harps on the Judgement Day message and that without religion, we could all go on living peacefully without worrying about the end of the world. The problem is that although religion makes it easier, it's not only us who make doomsday prediction. Everyone does, Christian or not. There are numerous predictions out there regarding on how the world would end and not all of them are based on religion. The 2012 prediction for example, is based on the Mayan calendar, not Christian. And an example I remembered from my Psychology textbook is that in 1997, 39 people committed suicide believing that the Hale-Bopp comet which was passing Earth, would bring about an end and carry them off to paradise. And they're not Christians.

Secondly, what's wrong with believing that the world would end one day? I for one, believes that any day could be my last day on Earth and I should live everyday as it it was my last and leave no regrets when I go to sleep and from how I see it, it's not an entirely bad thing either. My friends and family know that I love them and if today were really to be my last day, I would die a happy man. It is those people who like to cause fear and spread panic are the ones that is problematic and not all Christians are like that.

Besides, the Bible says that only God knows the date of the end and those who claim that they know are among the small minority among all Christians. And from what I see, people who make doomsday prophecies do not really do it for the love of people, but rather they do it for the sake of fame .

But like they say, it only takes one to give the entire community a bad name. Because Christians or not, atheist or non-atheist, we like to stereotype. Christians like to stereotype atheists as immoral people doomed to hell and atheists stereotyping Christians as stupid people who would just believe anything. When only can we learn to accept each other and why can't believers and atheists live peacefully?

I mean as long as I don't spread my beliefs to you and don't make you do stupid stuff, you should leave my beliefs alone right? So what if I believe in an afterlife? It's not gonna hurt you or anything. And there's no scientific evidence to disprove of it either so you don't really know.
The point is that majority of Christians do not believe in the May 21st Rapture and for all you atheists say about us stereotyping, you all are pretty much doing the same thing too now.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Comfort Zone

I did things today that I swear I would not have done before. Things like giving a talk and attending the swearing in ceremony of the Singapore cabinet all alone. And it feels great to be outside the comfort zone. It gives me the feeling that actually accomplishing something.

I should step out of my comfort zone more. Like what Flemeth said in Dragon Age 2, never be afraid to take the leap of faith when the time comes. You'll never know how far you can reach.

"I used to have a comfort zone where I knew I wouldn't fail.
The same four walls and busywork were really more like jail.
I longed so much to do the things I'd never done before,
But stayed inside my comfort zone and paced the same old floor.

I said it didn't matter that I wasn't doing much.
I said I didn't care for things like commission checks and such.
I claimed to be so busy with the things inside the zone,
But deep inside I longed for something special of my own.

I couldn't let my life go by just watching others win.
I held my breath; I stepped outside and let the change begin.
I took a step and with new strength I'd never felt before,
I kissed my comfort zone goodbye and closed and locked the door.

If you're in a comfort zone, afraid to venture out,
Remember that all winners were at one time filled with doubt.
A step or two and words of praise can make your dreams come true.
Reach for your future with a smile; success is there for you!"
- As shared on Facebook

Saturday, May 21, 2011

FS- End of the World Wish

Long day #1 ended fairly well today, thank goodness. But longer day #2 tomorrow has not started yet, un-thank goodness. My slides for the talk are mediocre at best (I wonder I managed to survive school presentation last time) and already I'm expecting the worst from tomorrow's talk. Something like the organizers coming up the stage to stop me half way because my talk is that bad. Or me getting fired as the blogger mentor.

Not only that, I'm also already expecting the worst from tomorrow's cabinet swearing in ceremony. What if my dress code is wrong? What if I ended doing something stupid during the swearing in?  Or what if I took the wrong bus and end up at the swearing in of other events?

Pessimistic, I am but you can't blame me for expecting the worst out of everything. I was raised to think like that. Blame my upbringing. I think I'm gonna answer a Formspring question to cool some steam off. And the question I got is:

What would your last wish be if tomorrow was the end of the world?

Honestly? I wish for world peace. That we would stop fighting and start loving each other. Eh, wait, if there world is gonna end what's the point of loving each other anyway. Everyone would just die in the end so there's really no point. Besides, that answer is too politically correct.

What I really want?

Call me a romantic sissy but what I really want is for the girl that I love to say that she loves me back too and for us to spend the last hours together. That's all. I'll die a happy man if like that.

I don't mind some hot passionate sex though in the process. Because I don't really want to die a virgin. But then again, I might get sent to hell so I might want to reconsider that.

But if the girl I love doesn't love me back (which is what usually happens), my wish is to have my blog hit a million users in one day and have everyone calling me handsome. Just for once. Then I'll die a happy man. And a handsome one too.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Unfinished Businesses

The list of unfinished businesses I have now:

1. The power point for my upcoming talk for's Campus Spy session this Saturday. 

I have almost half done now but my brain seems to like to think itself into a dead end corner. If it doesn't get itself unstuck soon enough, I think I would just go on the stage and do a silly dance this Saturday and be forever known as the crazy dancing blogger. Or I could just pee in my pants.

Oh ideas please come to me. Not forgetting loads of courage too.


2. Eusoff Hall Exposure Camp 2011.

Somehow I seem to forget about the responsibilities and work that follows when one decides to volunteer for something big, like being a co-head for the orientation committee. There's tons of proposals that I need to go through plus all the minor details that must be on my fingertips at all times. Not forgetting that my entire genetic sequence is made up of the L gene. The lazy gene.

And right now, I have to ensure that everything goes smoothly or heads will start rolling.


3. Turf Belles Party

I have a party to attend tomorrow. One that has 20 pretty girls in it. One that came with an invite asking for hip guys to attend the party. The only problem? I'm no hip guy. Nerd guy, maybe but definitely not hip guy. What if I go to the party tomorrow and suddenly they decide that I'm not hip enough and ban me from entering?


4. Cabinet swearing in

This is no party but still it came with an invite. From the President of Singapore. And it's gonna be at the istana. Meaning Castle.With lots of high ranking people and big shots too. And I'm just a small fry who loves to blog.

And did I happen to mention that I'm a Malaysian? I think I'm gonna pretend that I'm some Malaysian delegate that's attending the event. But then again, being a Malaysian delegate doesn't make me feel proud to be one.


5. EusoffWorks clean up

And there's the computer clean up that I must do before I officially hand over my job.


I think I'm just gonna die.

FS - Interesting Formspring Questions

 I thought of writing one long post of why I die die don't want to graduate early from NUS but since it's already 2.12 am and I still have programmes meeting tomorrow, I think I shall leave it to another day where I have more time (a day that I didn't play 3 DOTA matches at one, preferably).

But still, the oath of Blogger Consistency that I took refrains me from slacking (unless I'm trapped at some godforsaken island with no internet) so no matter what, I have to die die come up with a post today. And for the post today, I went to Formspring, chose some funny questions that were collecting dirt, and answered it, Lukey style.

Q: Is your cock big?
A: Well, I have not compared it with others before nor taken a ruler to measure it so I don't know what is considered big for a cock. But I could let you take a peep though, for 100 bucks that is if you're a guy. Free if you're Megan Fox / Emma Watson / any hot chick. 


Q: Do you masturbate?

A: The politically correct answer would be NO, since it's wrong to do so according to religion and I want to appear as the innocent cute boy but then again, this question is too private. Another 100 bucks please if you want to know the answer. Free again if you're a hot chick, depending on your purpose of asking XD

Oh wait, what is masturbating anyway?


Q: I've got a friend who has a crush and i personally think that her crush likes her back. but her crush is moving to Australia and her crush is making us play chess games with him and would tell us who he likes if we win. what should we do? Cuz we cant win.

A: A chess game, seriously? A chess game? And even if he does tell you, what are you gonna do if he really does like your friend? Because no matter how I see it, this thing couldn't end nicely, long distance relationship is a pain to maintain.

But for the sake of closure, skip the stupid chess game and ask him straight away. If he's keen on telling, he would tell. But what happens after that, well you can ask me a question after you get an answer from him. Just don't play chess. Maybe strip poker or DOTA, but never chess.


Q: What do you think is the point of swear words?

A: For me to say something like, "Why the F*** am I getting all these questions?!". Else, swear words are normally used to express feelings that normal English words can't.

Like him:


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Really Random Day

Today was really a random day. Or a really random activities day. Lemme explain why.

At around 4 p.m. today, the electricity supply to my whole hostel was suddenly cut off. On a hot sweltering day. Which meant that all around the hall, there were practically no working fan or air-cond to cool us down. We were practically gonna be cooked alive in our room under the heat if we were to stay. And as humans with a will to survive, being cooked to death was not our choice of dying. Me for example, wants to die peacefully on my bed at the age of 200, surrounded by my 200 grandkids, successfully earnedmy 200 billionth dollar and having screwed 200 hot babes.

Okay, maybe I should minus the screwing the hot babes part but the point is, neither me or my friends wanted to spent any more time trapped under the heat without any cooling mechanisms. We knew that we should get out of our hostel, no matter what.

But there was one small little problem. We have no plan of where we should go or what we should do. Besides, planning takes too much hassle anyway because there would be a lot of disagreements on the details. Everybody wants different stuff.

So we decided to name today as the totally random day. We are going to do everything randomly, there will be no planning involved and we are going to just go with the flow until the day ends. No planning, no discussion or whatsoever. Just plain spontaneity. (The idea itself was random but hey, that's the spirit right?)

So the first thing we did was get down to the Kent Ridge Bus Terminal and hop on to the first bus that comes. No questions asked and no objections. And we're gonna let that bus takes us to whichever place that has air cond where we can engage in random activities and dinner.

I must admit I was quite afraid at this part because I was half expecting us to end up in some god forsaken place but thankfully, NUS is quite central and all the buses that passes through Kent Ridge Terminal is able to bring you eventually to a shopping mall somewhere in Singapore.

And thankfully for the second time, it was the usually rare Bus 10 that arrived first. And Bus 10 usually means Vivo City, one of the biggest shopping mall in Singapore that is nearby to the Sentosa Island. So five minutes later, we were all happily on our way to Vivo City.

Once at Vivo City, next we had to decide on what random activity to do to burn our time. It was around 4/5 pm. Watching movie seems to be a good idea so after a bit of discussion (yes, we broke the rule here), we settled for a 9.40 pm movie. One that is called "Fast and Furious 5".

We still have 4 hour plus of free time though, so it's pure randomness from then onwards til the movie!

For the #3 random activity (after the bus and movie) of the day, me, Huang Hua and Tee Hong went to buy Gong Cha to quench our thirst. We did not anticipate the queue though, it was freaking long (I think we had the sun to blame) and in the end, we spent quite some time waiting to get ourselves those cup of bubble milk tea. And in the process, I think I must have changed my mind about 127562134 times on what to drink. There's just too much choices! (I eventually settled on a herbal jelly milk tea, which I regretted because Tee Hong got a better drink!)

Just look at the gazillion choices!

With our thirst quenched, it's time for the random activity #4!

And for the fourth random activity, we headed up to the arcade at Vivo's Skypark and played (guess what?) Guitar Hero! And thanks to this randomness, I can proudly announce that I'm no more a Guitar Hero virgin! Hohoho.

None of us looked like that though

And with this being my virgin experience, I must say I pretty much suck at the game. Had a face off with Huang Hua and out of the 2/3 times I played, I pretty much got thrashed. But luckily for the final time, I owned. At least I still saved some face for myself. And thanks to the 5 minutes of Guitar Hero, I feel like buying an Xbox just for the game. Someone stop me from spending unnecessary money!

Of course, all these randomness needs fuel. And fuel comes from food. Lots of it. And for random activity #5, we had Carls Jr!

I learned from eating Carls Jr that I need a bigger stomach. Because I can't frigging finish the burger and fries together. Fuh. 

And now that we have extremely full stomach, what else can we do in a shopping center? Shopping, of course! And to make it even more exciting, almost all of us are guys! Yeap, 3 guys went clothes hunting in Uniqlo. And the best part, all 3 of us bought clothes. Clothes that we changed into immediately after paying. And that.s random activity #7.

Here's mine that cost 9.90 SGD:

The message read "Mickey Mouse, A Little Guy With A Big Smile", just like Lukey Mouse! I mean just Lukey

It's a steal!

And that's a total of 7 random activities in just one day.

For the #8 random activity, well it's a personal activity actually, I went to the toilet. And for decency purpose, I could only say that I had my own version of Fast and Furious with my stomach in the toilet. I have the Carls Jr meal to thank for that. 

After settling my fast and furious stomach, it's time to catch the official Fast and Furious 5. I must admit I was quite looking forward to the movie because of all the hot girls (also hot cars) in the movie. Also the high rating given by critics also kinda make me wanna watch it.

Gal Gadot! So hot that she can beat Megan Fox already!

To put it short, the movie exceeded my expectations. Way exceeded in fact.

The action sequences in the whole movie was superb. The driving skills displayed was really TOP. Especially the finale part. My jaws just dropped halfway through all the cars chasing, drifting and ala Burnout style of driving. The entire driving sequence makes you feel as if you're part of it, driving in the car along with them and it's that exciting that it makes me wanna just grab a car and drive like them. Too bad it's illegal.

The plot was also nice too. Along with the main plot, the director manages to intertwine a few sub plots together with it without confusing the audience too much. Not many people can pull it off you know, how he manages to focus on two sides of the story, one of Vin Diesel and another of Dwayne Johnson (the Rock, he looks cool with a beard and a bald head and his name is Luke!) and managed to join them together at the end of the story. Not only that, the movie also manages to include the story of the other characters as well, for example the love blossoming between Han (the lucky bastard Chinese or Japanese that appeared in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift that got Gal Gadot as his girlfriend) and Gal Gadot alongside the main story. In short, the whole story does not focuses on only one character as the center point of the whole story, but rather it gives you the "family" feel, as Vin Diesel would put it. It's about everyone, the movie.

And of course, there's the hot babes. And cars. And also hot guys (I'm saying this because my alter ego in the movie, Luke Hobbs aka Dwayne Johnson is hot with his beardee).

This movie is a must watch even though you're not a Fast and Furious fan. it has elements of humor, action, excitement and love. Almost everything that you want in a movie, you can get it.

And there's a hidden scene too after the movie, just like what they are doing with The Avengers. Which means there's a Fast and Furious 6!

Oh well, I guess that's all for the post today and before I go to sleep, let me end off with random activity #10. And random activity #10 is..... I spent 50 over dollars in one day! Which leads to random activity #11 which is I'm gonna eat cucumbers for the rest of the 3 months stay to save money!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Camp Yellow Fever 2011 Sign Up Sheet

 Hi! If you're an incoming NUS Freshmen (or Freshie, sound so much cuter this way) and is still interested in joining any upcoming NUS Hall Camp, why not try out Eusoff Hall's Camp Yellow Fever happening on the 25th to the 27th of May? It's fun, awesome and a great chance to experience one of the best Hall life in NUS! Sign up sheet just below!

If you need more info, just drop a comment below this post :)

Friday Birthday Parody

Despite all the bad publicity, you cannot deny that Friday is one of the most popular music ever. So popular that there are like almost one thousand parodies out there of the song. And one of them happens to be a birthday parody produced by yours truly Lukey the handsome for his friends birthday. Yes, I have been infected with the Rebecca Black disease too. The Black Friday plague, as they call it.

Anyways, here's the parody I did:

The entire production including the shooting, storyboard, recording and editing only took three days in total. I guess simplicity worked because we had no studio, no lighting and only a tripod plus a Canon 60D for the entire production. That's right, there's no mic or special lighting involved. And I'm too lazy to go to complicated anyway.

 Do let me know what you think of the video okay?


On a side note unrelated to today's post, if you're coming to NUS this year, please take note that the Eusoff Hall exposure camp is still open for sign ups. The duration would be from 25th to 27th of May 2011. Check out this post for more details:

We desperately need participants right now.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Lukey Touchy Theory

Once upon a time ago, when I was still back in Malaysia, when the middle hair parting is still considered a norm, I was in this clique of friends in church. There were five of us, all of the same age. The only problem? Four of us were guys. Guys whom have almost no contact with girls in or out of school and with the church being our place where we can actually mix with girls. And the girl? She was hot and she was friendly. And definitely touchy. When she talked with you, she would poke you, lean on your shoulder and rub her hands against yours. And she did that to all four of us.

 Which comes to no surprise that eventually all four of us guys fell for her. I remembered it as being very funny because out of the four of us, two had a relationship with her before (sadly, I'm not one of them) and all four confessed to her before (and sadly, I'm one of them here). And there was this time when our brotherhood was almost on the verge of breaking due to our common feelings to the girl. It almost feel like a Korean drama itself.

But I guess things took a turn for the better because at the time of this post's writing, none of us are with her. The friendship did not last though, out of the four, two had since flew solo and it's only me and another buddy now who are still best friends. Of course, there's another buddy in my group, but he's not counted because he never shared the pentagon love experience.

The whole fiasco took place more than six years ago and lasted for more than years. Yes years.

By the time the dust settled, I came out with a new theory in my mind relating to the whole Korean pentagon incident. I have not found a name for the theory yet (because I kinda forgot about it after the whole experience and after I switched environment but I guess I need to now) but it goes something like this. According to my theory, the probability of a guy falling for a girl is directly proportionate to how friendly and touchy the girl is to the guy. The effect will be further multiplied if the guy's social circle is small. The less girls the guy know, the greater the effect of this theory.

 So according to this theory, for it is easier for a guy to fall for a girl who is really friendly and touchy than a girl who likes to distance herself away and act high class. Which explains why most popular girls are the ones that likes to mix with people and complement their mixing with lots of body contact.

The explanation behind this is simple, really. Most guys are sensitive to touch and when girls who touch us, it turns us on. For us, touch communicates a body language that indicates interest. Factor in the fact that most girls do not touch us so we're bound to feel special attraction to the girl that gives us special attention. Which explains why the theory effects is amplified for guys with small social circle.

It's because of the unique feeling that the girl gives. When you're used to being rejected and unnoticed, when someone suddenly gives you that special attention, we're no doubt drawn to her. It's how humans are programmed.

And of course, with that theory in mind, I swear that I'll never fall into such trap again. Because it's not a pleasant experience. First, you'll be shamed like nobody's business because of the misunderstanding that she would like a nerd like you and second, there's bound to be guys who gets the same fatal attraction by her and due to you being a nerd, there's no way for you to win them.

Besides, incidents like this often leads a trail of destruction. Like broken friendships, hatred and lots of cursing plus emo-ing in your free time. It never ends well. And since the incident, I reminded myself of the dangers of that bodily contact.

But I guess I did not stress it enough because history recently repeated itself again. The number of guys have gone down by one though, but everything else looks the same. There was the awkwardness and the shock and there's the nagging feeling of wanting to strangle your friend to death. And of course, in the center of everything, there's the girl. Not to mention the guys with the limited social circle of girls.

It's just like six years ago.

But then again, the me today is not entirely the me six years ago. Now that I step back and look at the big picture, I can't help but to find it funny to see how everything started and how everything is progressing. And how stupid I have been. But, honestly, when it comes to matters like this, no one could be really blamed. The me six years ago would have refused to talk to everyone involved but the me today doesn't really see any point.

Like what my friend from the six years used to said (the one that is still my good friend now), what is yours will eventually be yours and what is not yours will never be yours, no matter how hard you try. 

The best way? Widen your social circle, get to know new people and immerse yourself in activities you enjoy doing. Like coming up with a stupid theory to explain everything and writing a super long blog post to de-stress, even if you know the friends involved will eventually read it. But that doesn't mean I would not be a bitch though.

Being the anxious ambivalent plus avoidant guy I am (sorry, Psychology term here), flying solo after this incident also seems to be a probable choice too. I cannot deny that I am a little bit hurt and it would only makes sense to build a wall around the heart to protect it.

And I think I'm gonna name my theory the Lukey Touchy Theory.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why You Should Join Eusoff Halls EGGposure Camp 2011


Returning again for the second time this year on 25th to 27th of May 2011, the Eusoff Hall Exposure (EGGPosure) Camp 2011 (or also known as Camp Yellow Fever 2011) is set once again to bring the best of Eusoff Hall to any potential NUS Freshmen who are interested to experience what hall life is about. And here's 10 reasons why you should join Eusoff Hall's EGGposure Camp 2011 (if you're coming to NUS, of course. But still if you just want to have fun, we also welcome you. We just need the participants :p).

1.  It's fun!
What's a camp without being fun right? Our programmers at Eusoff knows the importance of enjoying yourself in a camp and that is why we work around the clock to ensure that you have the maximum fun-ness guaranteed! Among the activities we have lined up for you includes the Angry Byrds VS Angry Pigs finale war (which really involves building structures and trying to destroy them), awesome performances and lots more that you will only know when you attend the camp! And if you still don't believe, the campers last year can testify. Out of all EH Exposure Camp last year, only two of them did not  apply for Eusoff Hall stay.

2. Discover what hall life in NUS is about. 
Ever wondered what NUS Hall Life is all about? It is one of the most unique thing in Asia because not many universities in Asia have such a vibrant hostel life like NUS with so much activities and opportunities for you. It's really much like how the four houses in Harry Potter looks like. Except that instead of just only one big event like the Quidditch, we have loads of them. We have the IHG (Inter Hall Games), DP (Dance Production), Rag and Flag to keep you busy the entire year round. Through the camp, we aim to give you a chance to experience what it feels like to be called a haller in NUS.

3. Get to know awesome people.
We have have lots of awesome people joining the camp too. Not to mention a handsome programmer like me. And through the camp, you and your fellow awesome campers will be able to share of lot of experiences together and you will be able to get to know your future university mates better. What better way to start a university life than together with friends, right?

4. A worthwhile experience.
Honestly, the friendships, experiences and fun you get from the exposure camp is not something you can find everywhere. And once your chance is up, you can never join it back. So why not grab the chance while you still can? You definitely would not regret it.

5. Super duper fun.

6. Unregrettable fun.

7. Fun that you'll remember forever

8. Handsomely fun, just like me.


10. Nuff said, the camp is awesome. And sorry that I ran out of idea at No. 5. My brain is facing an imminent shutdown. But still, Camp Yellow Fever is a must join exposure camp!

I believe that the 10 reasons (well actually is just 4) I mentioned is more than enough to convince you to join our Eusoff Hall's Camp Yellow Fever exposure camp. To register for Eusoff Hall's 2011 Exposure Camp, simply go and follow the instructions there. Registration closes on the 21st of May! You could also message this handsome blogger here for more information :)

P/s: The photos were taken from our first ever Exposure Camp last year, courtesy of EusoffWorks

FS - To Psychology Or Not?

A reader recently asked me whether he/she should take up Psychology in NUS or rather a more concrete course in NTU through Formspring. His/Her question went like this,"Lukey, pls advice. i wanna do psych but am torn between nus and ntu. thanks!".


Since I was feeling kinda moody and wanna throw my mind of the depressing news that I heard, I decided to be kind and write a real long reply. Really long.
"Hi! I'm not sure if I'm the most qualified person ever to answer your question, because obviously my response would be biased towards asking you to come to NUS and study Psychology because I find it fun and quite interesting. I could say if given a chance to do it all over again, I would still choose Psychology in NUS.

But... in line with being neutral and impartial, I would try to list down the pros and cons of studying in NUS, wouldn't be writing about NTU because I know nothing about it, just to let you weight the pros and cons.

Because good things always come first, I think I will start with the pros. The pros of studying Psychology in NUS includes:

1. It's interesting. There's no complex maths formulas (save for a stupid statistics module), no long bacteria names and no out of this world things like logic gates to bore the hell out of you. What you will be studying would be how human works and why do they work in such a way, which not surprisingly, is what we do everyday when we come try to explain people's action. Only this time you have hard facts and scientific research to back you up. And you'll get to learn things you never known before about yourself and others in the process too.

2. It makes you a better person. Seriously. My two years in Psychology have taught me immensely the dangers of stereotypes and prejudices and the dangers of making the wrong judgments about others. It has also taught me to respect the actions of others, no matter how wrong it seems, because everyone is different and people might have their own reasons of doing something. Not only that, it has also taught me about myself, what kind of person I am and how our life on Earth are determined largely by ourselves.

3. It allows me to help others. One thing about Psychology is your ability to help and understand. Because Psychology teaches you the reasons behind the actions of other people and the mistakes common people would make when it comes to relationships. And armed with that knowledge you can better lead and offer advice that works.

4. The environment. I'm sure you would know that NUS is one of the top universities in Asia and choosing to study in it would be a richly rewarding experience. Your degree is more recognizable, you get better employment opportunities and you get a better quality of education. Which is very important for you to grow and thrive.

But then, for all the pros, Psychology in NUS does have its downside. One of the most prominent one is the amount of stress and challenge you have to face in order to survive. Being one of the top universities, you have to be prepared to meet the standards of the university (which is scarily high) or risk being kicked out from the university. You cannot afford to slack or have fun in here, that's for sure, unless you're filthily smart and there's a high risk of collapsing under the immense weight of the expectation and stress if you cannot handle it.

And of course, it also depends on where your interest lies also. When you like something, you will tend to be more enthusiastic and initiative when it comes to studying. And it also helps to prevent hatred for the course to build up, which is very dangerous if it does. Not healthy.

But I guess I have talked, I mean typed, for too much already. The things that I've mentioned just now are among the few pointers that you should take note of when considering NUS. And most importantly, know what you want to do. I personally like to read minds (to see if people think I am handsome or not) so I really much enjoyed studying Psychology.

Hope my long ranting helped!"


I love long questions like this on Formspring. Because I just a long winded guy (who is longer winded when he's depressed). Lets just hope I would not get any depressing dream tonight. Better still, lets just hope I would not wake up tomorrow.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Campy Yellow Fever: Angry Byrds and Angry Pigs

Yesterday was the second time the EHOC (Eusoff Hall Orientation Committee) Programmers met up for the preparation for Eusoff Hall's second annual exposure camp for NUS Freshmen and also Freshwomen (gender equality FTW!). Despite my initial reservations of how unprepared we seem before the first meeting, I must admit that things are looking pretty good by the time we ended our second meeting.

In just two days, we have managed to come up with the whole itinerary, the games, the theme and pretty much everything that could be settled in two days. Which is already quite impressive. I was half worried that things would not turn out fine at first because I never had the experience of heading such a big and important comm like EHOC Programmes. Perhaps my genes dictate me to be good at the smaller stuff and not mega projects.

But still, so far things have been pretty good. The Programmers are one bunch of dedicated and capable people and I am more happy to be working with them. Given the progress that we're making, I can say that the Eusoff Hall Exposure Camp 2011 is gonna be a great one. Though we may have a little problem though. A lack of manpower and participants.

We currently are looking for Eusoffians to become group leaders and also 20 more participants to hit a nice number for the camp. Not that we have not enough but just like they say, the more the merrier right?

I think I'm gonna come up with a post of 10 reasons why you should join Eusoff Hall's Orientation Camp later. Maybe after dinner. When there's enough fuel to power my brain.

Interview With Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester from Supernatural)

I used to watch Supernatural when I was back in Malaysia. I had the AXN channel back then and everyday without fail, I would be sitting in front of the TV joining the brothers Dean and Sam battling the forces of evil. The whole hell vs heaven thing never fails to excite me.

But those days were long gone since I came to Singapore. Supernatural has now moved into Season 6 and I've not watched any TV for more than six months already.

 Premiering on AXN Beyond (Starhub TV Ch 525) next Tuesday, May 17th, Supernatural Season 6 will see the return of the two handsome brothers to again fight the forces of evil. Yeah, I know Sam sort of sacrificed himself at the end of season five by locking up himself in hell but like all the shows out there, where's the fun if the hero dies and the story ends right? 

Thanks to IMSG and AXN Beyond, is proud to share with you, if you happen to be a big fan of the older handsome demon hunter Sam, an exclusive interview with him regarding the upcoming Season 6 of Supernatural. Now don't go drooling over him and flooding my blog for all you girls out there kay? Besides, I would get jealous.

AXN Beyond: So, Sam is in one messed up place right now.
JP: Sam is in a very messed up place, of all the messed up places that Sam has
been, this takes the cake. People always ask me how I want the show to end,
and I say, “I think it would be fun for Sam or Dean to die,” but then I’m like,
“Wait, Sam died. Dean died. We’ve both died.” So I don’t know if
there’s anything that can take us down. But I think spending some time in the
hole with Lucifer, Sam is pretty messed up.

AXN Beyond: So, are you good Sam or bad Sam?
JP: If I was to make a choice, I would say that to the audience, I’m bad Sam. But I
think to Sam, he’s good Sam. Not the way it was with the demon blood, where
it was obvious, but season 6 Sam is like the season 1 Dean, who is “shoot
first, ask questions later” – I don’t want to talk about my feelings and
emotions, whether I hurt, whether that person we just Devil-trapped died. It’s
like, “No, we got the demon. It’s fine.” It sucks, but there are casualties in war,
there is collateral damage. So this Sam is… he’s died a couple of times. He’s
been to Hell, he’s been to Heaven. I think now he’s like, “You know what? It’s
not on the cards for me to live a normal life, to have normalcy, to have a wife
and a kid, and go to Law school. So I guess I am going to try to do what I
know to be right.” And I can say I know, because I have been to Heaven, I’ve
been to Hell, I’ve been possessed by Lucifer. You can’t really get much bigger
than that. So now Sam is very tactical. Not that he’s heartless, but he feels
that doing his heart’s job is to protect people that can’t protect themselves,
whether there is some loss or some damages in the process, that’s the harsh
truth of the war I suppose.

AXN Beyond: Can you tell us how you get out of Hell?
JP: I’d love to, but I don’t yet know. I’ve been told that we’re not really going to get
into that until probably episode 9, 10 or 11. I’ve read up until episode 5, which
has been us obviously being weirded out by Sam being back, but hasn’t been
about trying to figure that out. We’ve accepted that Sam tried to figure it out
and couldn’t, Dean tried to figure it out, he couldn’t, and Bobby, and we
haven’t even seen Castiel yet. He comes in episode 4. But I think it’s going to
be one of the main arcs of the season, when we get around to it. All we know
for now is that Sam is back, and Sam doesn’t know how he’s back. It’s not a
secret he’s holding.

AXN Beyond: Coming into the series, as a whole, did you know you were getting into
this level of religious-type elements?

JP: The series? The whole series? I remember in season 1, I guess – in
“Touched” or “Houses of the Holy” – but it was the first time we talked about
Angels, and Sam thinks he sees an Angel. Maybe it was season 2 actually.
And I remember Jensen and I kind of got into it with (Eric) Kripke, and were
like, “What kind of show are we making, man? What are we doing here?” We
thought we set out to make this show about the monster-of-the-week, or
things that go bump in the night, a kind of meets .
Not that we didn’t want to get into it, but we didn’t know where the show was
going to go. We didn’t know that we were going to have a following like we do,
that we were going to have this interest, and I think he and I felt like the
writers could write the next day that we were burning crosses and stuff. We
just had a panic that, “What are we saying about religion?” because religion
means a lot to a lot of people, and we don’t want to start saying, “Here’s what
we think, here’s what Sam and Dean think.” We didn’t really know the story
that was going to be told. But now I am really excited about it. I think now, in
season 6, we can’t really stick with that, because where do you go after
you’ve thrown Lucifer into Hell, you’ve seen God and seen Archangels fighting
each other and killed a few and trapped a few in Hell, and run from a few in
Heaven? You can’t keep telling that story because it would get monotonous,
and I was going to say, unbelievable – as if what we are doing already is
believable – but it would just be a really big stretch of the imagination for too
long. So I like what we have done. We’re no long focusing on that. We’re not
denying it’s there, but it’s like we were devoutly, fundamentally religious for a
season or two, and now it’s more like we’re a normal person, that
acknowledges religion, knows that it’s there and what purpose it serves, and
the Angels are still involved – but we’ve got to do what’s right on this Earth,
and not have anything to do with Lucifer or Angels – that guy’s killing this guy,
this guy didn’t do anything, we have to deal with that guy. We’ll worry about
Angels and demons and Devils later. I think both Sam and Dean have been
burnt, or so they think, by the whole Angels and Devil madness. I think they
want to get away. But I certainly had no idea, going back to the pilot, and what
they thought the show was going to be, where we would be five or six years
later. Wow.

AXN Beyond: We can see Dean trying to live this white picket-fence life, but what is
Sam going to do to get Dean back over to the dark side?
JP: We find out in the premiere episode that a) Sam is back but also b) Sam has
been back for a while. So it’s like Dean comes out of Hell and says, “Where’s
Bobby? I need help. What’s going on?” but Sam comes out of Hell and says,
“Where was I before I was in Hell? Oh yeah, Dean promised me he’d go and
find Lisa then live a normal life.” So Sam said to himself, “It’s a harsh truth,
he’s my brother and I love him but I can’t be with him because I want him to
live a normal life. The life I always wanted.” Meanwhile, Sam thinks it’s in his
best interest to go hunt the things that go bump in the night but he doesn’t
want to take anything away from Dean. He thinks that Dean has earned his
normal life, his normalcy. Not that Sam doesn’t feel like he has earned it as
well, but I think Sam has tried it a few times and whether it’s been a demon or
a werewolf or girls burning on the ceiling, I think Sam’s like, “Do you know
what, I’m not going to mess anyone else up. I’m going to try to stay out of it.
I’m going to get my hunting done, what I’ve been born and raised to do and
move on from there.”

AXN Beyond: ‘Normal’ is over-rated.
JP: Normal is over-rated anyway. He’s gets to go to Hell and Heaven and be
possessed and stuff. Normal’s over-rated for Sam.

AXN Beyond: What monsters are you looking forward to taking out?
JP: I love the fact we are getting back into monsters, but it’s kind of like monsters
on steroids, things have kicked up a notch. We start figuring out that
something’s going wrong. It’s not just we’re hunting a shape-shifter, it’s not
just we’re hunting a werewolf or a Djinn or a zombie – we’re meeting the
Alpha werewolf, the Alpha shape-shifter, the ones who started it all – the big
baddies. We’re fighting “the big baddies”, so it’s a whole other cup of tea,
where we are going back and honouring our roots of the show that we set out
to be, but also kicking it up a notch and figuring out that we’re going to need
help from religion, from the Angels, in doing this. I have always loved shape-
shifters. I loved “Skin”, which was the first time we ever did a shape-shifter
episode. I just love the dynamic of not knowing whether someone is good or
bad. To me it’s more interesting than simple possession because it’s not that
your possessed, it’s that you’re not you. So I hope I get to explore some of
that this year.

Judging from the interview, I think we have a great season of Supernatural ahead of us. You don't always get a handsome guy returning from hell you know. I wonder if they would include me as their god brother in all those monster hunting? Perhaps I would make a great addition as another handsome monster hunter.

But then again, with my small body and lack of fitness, I think I could only survive one episode before getting eaten alive.


Supernatural Season 6 premieres 17 May 2011, every Tuesday at 9.50pm
First & Exclusively on AXN BEYOND (StarHub TV ch 525). 

Credits to AXN Beyond for the photos and interview

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