Saturday, September 24, 2011

Light Is No More The Fastest

Scientists found out that there's something that can move faster than the speed of light today. It's a neutrino fired at CERN or something. I dunno. It sure got the science world abuzz with the this latest discovery. I'm sure light is pretty sad now that it's not the fastest moving thing in the whole wide universe anymore now that a neutrino beat him by a mere 60 nano seconds in speed.

Other implications from the fact that light is no more the fastest:

1. "Traveling faster than the speed of light" is not a cool sentence anymore

2. Einstein finally got something wrong in his formula!

3. The past few years of studying science has been wasted because what you studied cannot be applied anymore. And teachers and textbook publishers alike will curse at the researchers for the impending change in the syllabus

4. Barney for How I Met You Mother will now have a new pick up line. "Hey, you heard about light not being the fastest anymore? Yeah, I beat him in running"

5. Now scientists need to squeeze their brains for juice to figure out how to build more sophisticated tools to measure stuff that travels faster than the speed of light

6. If you travel faster than light? Does it make you go back or go to forward in time?

7. It makes you blog pretty lame stuff about what are the ramifications of something traveling faster than the speed of light are

Friday, September 23, 2011

Get Your Sexy Back!

When it comes to drinking, all of us are sure to have stories of how someone, either ourselves or our friends or our friend's friends, doing some really uncool stuff before. There's there classic "coma out on the sidewalk unable to move" case and there's also the "puke everywhere type". Sometimes, stories may range to the more serious type, the types which unfortunately brings lot of regrets the day tomorrow, like how one end up having sex with someone who looks like Steven Lim.

The picture speaks for itself

But of course, all of us love drinking. Even if we don't, our friends do. At least most of the friends I know do. And to say that you hate alcohol is equivalent to saying you have no life and all you enjoy is to sit in front of the computer and surf the web everyday (ops). At least that's how most people nowadays think, especially people living in university.

So how do you have fun while staying cool at the same time? Drink in moderation, that is! Better still, you may be able to win an awesome trip worth 10 000 dollars to Hong Kong if you're able to drink, have fun and keep your cool!

Come this September 2011, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore is organizing a campaign called Get Your Sexy Back, or GYSB in short, to combat binge drinking in Singapore. A youth led initiative itself, GYSB is all about getting your sexy back while drinking responsibly! And to throw in some fun in the campaign, like I mentioned just now, there's 4 grand tickets to giveaway for an awesome trip to Hong Kong! Yes, Hong Kong, along with a star treatment which includes limousine, spa relaxation, awesome suite stay and not forgetting outing to the coolest clubs there! Worth 10000 dollars!


If you are, all you need to do is to simply log on to Facebook, like GYSB's page and then share a story of an unsexy moment of either you or your friend drunk . It could be about anything, banging into a tree, puking inside the cab or flirting with a cat. Anything! The funnier and the more unsexy, the better. Next, get your friends to vote for your story!

The top 8 people with the highest voted story, along with 3 of your friends will then get invited to the Ultimate Night Out Challenge where you will get to have loads of fun (caution: lots of drinks involved!) and stand a chance to win the Hong Kong tickets! The only catch? You must maintain your sexiness the whole night! Teams who have even one person who is drunk unsexy will be immediately disqualified from the challenge. There will be tasks along the way for teams to do.

More info about the Ultimate Night Out can be found below:

So what are you waiting for? Head on to and start sharing your story now. Who knows, your unsexy story might just land you in Hong Kong!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stages of Procrastination


And guess why I did not update my blog today.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Living With The Tiger

What do  you do when you're born into difficult life circumstances? Do you go around living bitterly blaming everything from your parents, your country, society and even God for this life that was given to you, though you never ask for it, or do you make the best of whatever you have now, and fight for a better life?

That was the question that lingered in my mind as I watched Living With The Tiger, an upcoming documentary from Thailand that is gonna be featured this Thursday (22nd September 2011) as part of the Singapore film festival.

The poster speaks for itself

Described as "hugely empowering and uplifting" (George Lowe, CNNgo) and contains "powerful important messages" (The Nation newspaper), Living With The Tiger follows the story of Baan Gerda, a home which provides care for HIV infected children who were otherwise left to die alone without family nor friends. The film further focuses on the children's participation in an opera production and the story of two children in it, Oy and Bla.

What I liked about this film was instead of painting it with the grim reality of the disease like the ones that you would usually get with heart wrenching stories and statistics, the film instead chose to focus on the positive side of it. It shows the remarkable resilience in these kids that despite all their circumstances, they're able to choose to focus on the bright side of life and make the best out of it.

Content and meaning wise, Living With The Tiger has it. It's a movie that you should watch to understand the negativity surrounding HIV patients, particularly children who never asked to be born with this disease in them. It challenges you in a way to see life from a different perspective, one that isn't that lucky and makes you glad to have what you have now. And perhaps it will move you do give back the blessings that you have to those who are not as fortunate.

What the movie needs now is publicity and awareness. Limited by the budget they have due to it being a non-profit movie, it needs all the help it can get. If you're not persuaded, you can take a look at the movie yourself. It will be premiering this coming 22nd of September, 2011, 9.30pm at Shaw Lido cinemas, Singapore and tickets can be bought from See for yourself the movie and decide whether the message is worth spreading or not. For more info you can visit the film's official website at

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Star Trekking

I've been wasting a lot of time lately. Not by the usual activities like Facebook-ing, gaming or sleeping though. Rather, I've been wasting my time Star Trekking. Or more precisely, immersing myself in the Star Trek universe through reading the Star Trek Wikipedia, watching numerous Star Trek episodes and even finding myself on a blog detailing what would happen should aliens made contact with us (if you must know, there's an impartial task force set up on Earth that would deal with them, in a diplomatic manner of course, should the aliens decide not to wipe us out clean).

The four generations of Star Trek

To be honest, I've always been fascinated by what lies beyond our world since young. Space has always been a magnificent and yet mysterious place for me. The vastness of it, along with the countless probabilities of what may lie out there, never fails to spark my curiosity. It also makes you wonder about a lot of philosophical questions like "What is the meaning of life", "Are we really alone" and "Is there really God" when you think in terms of astronomy.

Space is also a beautiful place for me. If you've seen some astronomy photos taken by the Hubble before, you would agree with me. Also, I find the idea of exploring the space an exciting one. You'll never know what awesome stuff you'll find in your journey. Which is why I often fantasize about being a Starship Captain or an explorer sometimes. 

Sadly, fantasy can only remain as a fantasy. As of now, we humans are pretty much still stuck on earth with the prospect of exploring the universe a few hundred years away as our technology has not reach the stage where it's feasible for intergalactic exploration. And even though Stephen Hawking theorized that alien lifeforms are very likely given the statistical figures, we have not yet been officially contacted by aliens yet even though we have been trying for more than five decades already.

So as for now, I can only satisfy the astronomer need in me by immersing myself in fictional universes like Star Trek, Star Wars and Mass Effect 2. Exploring new worlds, imagining how it would be like to interact with completely different species and doing my part in saving humanity. Which then translates to me wasting more time pondering about something that is fictional rather than studying. Yay.

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