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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Facebook blocked me

I woke up thinking what a wonderful day it could be today. Orientation is finally over and i can now take a deep breath and start spending more time reading books, Facebook, that is, as i have more free time now. I also could start adding more freshmen there because compared to other programmers, i'm pretty much left behind at knowing new freshies. And i thought nothing would go wrong again to prevent me from logging in to Facebook. Until i saw this message.


Eusoff Orienation 10/11 finally ended...

Eusoff Hall's Orientation Programs officially ended today. Finally. Which probably mean that I could now finally go back to my pre-programs routine such as sitting in front of the computer the whole day doing nothing, playing computer games, blogging and sleeping more than i need. My girlfriend would also be happy to hear this too. No more having to contend with a busy boyfriend.

But deep down inside, i must admit that i'm going to miss this type of lifestyle. I really enjoyed planning and executing all the programs for the freshmen plus all the fun moments that i shared with the programmers. All the busy and hectic schedule somehow made me feel more alive and purposeful. It's a shame i did not get to know many freshmen though. I must say that i am an introvert to start with. But if fate permits, maybe i'll do this again next year.

EHOC Programs 10/11

The only sad thing is that i could not manage to even take a single picture from the whole orientation.Can you believe it? Not a single picture! I guess i was too busy doing other stuff to worry about taking picture. Oh well, i could always steal some photos from EusoffWorks. Anyway, there is a video that i managed to produce that has something to do with the orientation. It's a blooper video of our videoshoot.
Hope you will like it!

The summary video will not be done by me, sadly. But never mind, it's good to have some free time. And some sleeping time too. It's been so long since i had a full night sleep. I think i'm just gonna crash til the evening tomorrow. Good night, world.

Friday, July 30, 2010

My Defining Moment

Every blogger has their own defining moments. It may be the 10000th hit on their blog, the first million dollar earned or something simple like winning a well known blogging competition. I have yet to achieve anything on the scale yet, but i had a mini defining moment a few days ago when i saw these comments in my blog for the post that i spent 3 days on > How To Not Earn Any Money From Blogging

Whoa! Wow! Fuah!
Though not as big as getting a million dollar from blog earnings, it still made me feel dang good. Enough to put a a real big smile on my face from ear to ear like how the Cheshire cat smiles

Heck, it's even better than winning an Oscar! And perhaps i'm well on my way to blog stardom already! Maybe i should start practicing to be like James Cameroon when he got his 13 awards from Oscar thanks to the movie Titanic once upon a time ago.

 Ops, sorry, i got too carried away. Anyway,this post is just to thank all of you who keep on coming to this blog even though i'm not churning out high quality posts consistently. It is the support that i get from you all that makes me want to continue on blogging no matter what. Thanks and you people rocks!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nokia X6 has the X-factor!

I'm not a very savvy person when it comes to handphones. In fact, if you hear me talking about handphones without looking at me, you might think that i'm in the same generation as your parents or even grandparents!

"Aiyah, as long as the phone can call and send SMS then ok-lah. No need so high end phones one. Waste money only." (Speaking in the traditional Singlish/Manglish style)

Of course, having a phone that can only make calls and SMS does have its own downside sometimes, especially with the kind of modern lifestyle that we have now. There are lots of situations in which i sometimes find having a phone that does more than just SMS and make calls would be more suitable. Situations like:-

Situation 1. Take pictures! Take Pictures! Camera!
As bloggers, being able to take interesting pictures on the go is a very important plus point in making sure you're able to express what you've seen in your blog post. Like the saying that goes, "Pictures Speak A Thousand Words". A picture taken during an interesting event sure beats a 1000 word essay to describe it. Especially if you suck at using words to portray something accurately.
Besides that, a phone camera is also very important in the situation where a you meet a pretty girl who owns a phone that can only SMS and make calls only.

Situation 2. I'm bored...
Ever encountered any boring situations with nothing to do? I have. Be it waiting for the public bus to come, waiting for my appointment to start, waiting for this, waiting for that, having some form of entertainment on your phone sure makes lots of difference. And by entertainment i don't mean those MiDi music or games like Snake. At least you do not have to struggle to stay awake while waiting for time to pass.

With the two top reasons up there, i guess it's time for a phone change! The only problem being the countless choices of phones out there! It's sure not easy to find a phone that suits you perfectly these days. Browsing through phone choices sometimes even seem harder than choosing a wife. One of the other reasons why my phone stayed camera-less and feature-less.
Gahh... no i can't choose, i can't choose!!

But luckily for me, i have now found a perfect candidate to replace my aging phone!
Introducing to you, Nokia X6!

The moment i saw it, i was in love! With such a sleek and cool design, it's bound to make me look cool too whenever i take out the phone. Not only it is good on the outside, it's good on the inside too! It boast of excellent music playing capabilities with its great speakers and unlimited music downloads from Nokia too. Aside from that, its design also allows for better mobile gaming experience. So it's bye bye boring moments in the bus stop! I have portable entertainment now wherever i go.

Its 5.0 megapixels camera with Carl Zeiss optics and dual LED flash also means that i can take great pictures and videos too! No more saying "Err..." when pretty girls walk to me to ask for a picture taken. Heck, i can even offer to take a great video of them too. The 3.2” widescreen display would then make it a great experience to view the photos and videos i have took earlier on the go. No need to wait til i get back to my computer to get a good view of what have i taken.

To top that all off, the X6 also allows instant updates to Twitter and Facebook from the phone! A major milestone for users like me who have no idea how to use the internet along with the phone. No need again for me to wait til i have my computer to post important status updates to Facebook and Twitter! Sweet!

So what do you think? I would make good partners with the Nokia X6, eh?

Dear Nuffang, please help me realize my dream of partnering the phone with the X-Factor, Nokia X6!


Being an introvert

I like to think about ridiculous stuff. Like how our world tends to value extroverts more than introverts. From what i've seen in my 20 years of life, i tend to notice that people who are extroverts are the ones who get more friends, get accepted more easily and can get things more easily due to their sociable nature. Introverts on the other hand, are often viewed as unfriendly because they tend to mix lesser with people and as a result, they are also often lonely and have very little friends.

I know this, because i'm an introvert myself too.

Consequently, some people think of me as a arrogant person (someone told me this before) who do not like to speak with new people. I give the impression of being unfriendly as i seldom make the first move to get to know new people. So when it comes to big social events, i'm usually the guy who sits quietly at the corner alone. It's not that i enjoy being an introvert, it can get pretty depressing sometimes, but most of the time, i find myself lacking of courage to go to people that i do not know and make friends with them.

I can at most make past two introductory sentence before i find myself stuck without any more ideas to proceed. My brains would be racing to find a suitable conversation topic to steer myself out of the following awkward silence. More often than not, my new friend will eventually get bored of me and walked away. And after many repeated instances of the same situation, it wouldn't be surprising if i naturally gave up trying to make the first move. I would still enjoy being talked to though, as long as the person would not expect me to tell the world funniest joke. The next time i go for some big social event, i should get a shirt with a message that says something like this:-

Well, maybe introverts are just meant for other things XD

When you're too busy to blog...

It's not easy being a good blogger. A good blog post usually requires a decent writing skill and lots of time dedicated making the blog post at least readable and entertaining. Famous bloggers like Kenny Sia or even Kenwooi spends hours preparing a nice and entertaining blog post. My last blog post for example, which surprisingly garnered lots of positive comments, was written over a span of three days. So i guess the time you invest into blogging does contribute to the quality of the posts you churn out. 
Unless of course, your writing skills got a bit problem-lah, but that's the previous post's story.

But what happens if you simply do not have the time to blog? Take me for example. I currently have a 8 am to 1 am working hour schedule for a whole week which translates to lesser blogging hours (definitely no more 3 days span) and along with that the drop of visitors coming to my blog. Of course, i couldn't just let that happen after all those positive comments that i've received in the last post. So i've been considering numerous ways to keep up my blog's visitor count even though i'm freaking busy right now.

I could for example, learn from Naruto and perform a kage-shino-jutsu (i hope i got it correct) trick.
Then i could create a clone of myself just like what Naruto does and do 2x the work! I could leave the clone of mine blogging while i go out and settle all my other stuff. Maybe even three clones so i can go watch movie while they help me do all the tedious stuff. That way i don't have to worry about updating my blog anymore as my blogging clone will take care of everything.

If in the unforeseen circumstances that my mastery of Naruto's clone skill cannot be completed, the i could learn some hypnosis trick that can be used in my blog.
 Reducing the need to worry about clones running away or whether my clone is adept blogging, this is the trick to go. All i have to do is to figure how to hypnotize you into thinking that my blog is so dang awesome til you'll keep returning to my blog even though there's no new updates using just only words. No matter how busy i am, i can rest assured that my blog reader's will not drop because i know that they're all under my spell.

Or if i'm lazy to learn all the complicated stuff of ninja's jutsu and the art of hypnotizing someone, i could always opt for the easiest choice. Pray for a divine miracle!

But of course, all of the methods mentioned above are not a guaranteed success. At the end of the day, a good post is always directly proportional to the amount of free time you have in front of your computer. If you're busy with some other thing in life, then it would not be surprising to see your blog viewership drop after a while. Take Kenny Sia (the overused blogger example) for example, after he became famous, he decided to open his own fitness center and he has to run here and there everyday to fulfill his reputation as a famous blogger. As a result, the amount of posts he wrote gradually became much fewer as compared to his early days as a blogger.

Unless if you have a dang good way of making sure that the amount of effort you put in will always quadruple in results. Unless lah...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

How To Not Earn Any Money From Blogging

I've been complaining very much lately about how little my blog earns (For those who want to know, my combined earnings after 4 years of blogging are RM 6+ and SGD 36.51 so far) in Innit everytime a blogger comes up with a post about how much they have managed to cash out from Nuffnang. In fact I think that most of the bloggers at Innit are already quite tired from my constant rendition of the song Down by Jay Sean to signify my blog earnings.

27lilian suggested why not i go write a post about how to not earn any money from blogging since i'm so well versed in keeping my earnings from blogging on such a low level. And voila, you're now reading the how to not earn any money from blogging post! Since there are countless blog posts out there teaching bloggers countless methods to increase their blog traffic (i remember having such a post too), it would be good for me to do something different for a change, don't you think?

After much research which was done mostly during my bathing time in the toilet, i have finally come up with the top 10 ways of how not to earn any money from blogging! A word of caution though, this is not a guide that you should follow if you want to be a famous blogger and earns of money through blogging. In fact, most of the methods that are going to be portrayed have a high chance of scaring people away from your blog. So watch where you tread! :p

So here goes Lukey's guide to How To Not Earn Any Money From Blogging!
(aka how to keep people away from your blog)

Method 1 : Emo Posts, not just one, but LOTS of it
Emo posts are basically the post people write when they're feeling sad, down or when you're overwhelmed by hormones other than endorphin. Technically, in an emo post people would go on and on about how life sucks, how unfair is life and how depressing is your situation. A typical emo sentence found in an emo blog (i did found this on a real blog, btw): "when my ex bf broke my heart i thought i would never be able to eat or move or talk anymore.. i lay in bed for as long as possible crying my eyes out with a razor beside me for anytime i felt deeply depressed or angry.. i kept thinking how could he after all them times he said that he loved me...". You get the idea.

Method 2 : Use a language not normally used
The equivalent as speaking gibberish, your blog will hit 0 traffic eventually as no one is able to understand what you're writing. A typical sentence: "I wanted a breaking up but he doesn't wanted a breaking up i doesn't know why he dun wanted a breaking up..." and we all go ???

Method 3 : Ain't LOVE a little too much?
Have a new boyfriend who looks like Brad Pitt and always give you gifts? Splash the whole blog with lovey dovey pictures of you both and also stories how you his tongue when into your mouth during the first kiss! The more detailed the better!

Method 4 : He/She don't want me anymore!
The exact opposite of Method 3. Written when you just had an unexpected break up with your Brad Pitt like boyfriend. Details that must be included in this post covers how good he used to be but now did not sms you now, how this is all his fault and all guys suck!

 Method 5 : I Like To Be Simple...
...and by simple i mean a blog update with a sentence containing words half of the size allowed by Twitter. Something like, "July 25, 2010 - Today I Ate Durians".

Method 6 : Haunted Blog
The method requiring the least energy, all you have to do is to create a blog and then just leave it there for a long period of time. Or update it one month once at most. And the one month post must be about how less you update your blog and how you don't have time and you promise to update your blog more often.

Method 7 : Just Be Lukey!
Last but not least, you can just be the owner of Lukey's Rantings! Which is me! Because i rarely earn much from blogging!


My New Youtube Idol, Peter Chao!

I'm a lazy blogger who likes to write lazy posts. Explains why my earnings reflect a lazy earning too. Anyways, this is gonna be another lazy post from me where i will turn to my trusty friend, the internet, coop something from there, comment a bit on it and declare it as a blog post! Sorry-lah when your brain juice is running dry, plagiarism innovation is a very good method to keep your blog alive.

Ahem. So let me get started. As we all know, with the arrival of Youtube plus webcams, many people have been able post videos of themselves doing all sorts of things unto it. One of the many types on genres of videos posted would be the ranting videos. The kind of video where a person rants on and on about a certain issue, most of the time accompanied by lots of swearing and cussing. Something similar to Lukey's Rantings, minus the swearing and cussing, and except that Lukey's Rantings is words centered and does not get one million plus views per update.

Shane Dawson for example, is one of the most famous Youtube celebrity that does the ranting type of videos. You can normally see his videos on the featured videos corner in Youtube.
Shane Dawson's Youtube channel:

I used to wonder how some random guy ranting on Youtube could be so famous. I mean, a few million views per video! Reaching even 100 page views per blog post for is already like scaling Mt Everest for me. But i think i found the reason why some people just love all these Youtube celebrities when i see this guy:-

His name is Peter Chao, he's a Canadian Chinese with Hong Kong roots (which explains why i could relate easier with him and yes, i'm being sort of a racist) and speaks with a funny Hong Kong accent! Most importantly, he disses everything that i hate too!

He disses about Twilight: Eclipse

He disses Justin Bieber

And Ipad got dissed too!

Peter Chao! My Youtube hero!
Hmm... perhaps Lukey's Rantings should go Youtube too!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A McDonald's Sign

A sign that i've been eating too much McDonald's since the start of the World Cup:

Also a reminder for me to finally get my butt away from the computer chair, slip on my running shoes (provided if i still remember where i put them) and jog off some of the calories that i managed to put on from all these meals. Seriously, building a McDonald's branch inside the university is not a very good idea. Especially if it is within 10 minutes of walking distance from your hostel.

Blogging Nocturnal-ly

Lukey is updating his blog again way past the normal human sleeping time. If there's a blog award for nocturnal bloggers who always update their blog after 12 am, Lukey thinks that Lukey's Rantings will have a high chance of winning it. Maybe it's the only blog award that Lukey's Rantings will get a high chance to win. Too bad it has yet to be included as one of the category in the annual Bloggers Award.

Lukey actually wanted to followed the schedule that he prepared yesterday (, but in the end he did not managed to get up at 7.30 am as planned because of some unforeseen circumstances in bed. He couldn't get to sleep.
(What were you guys thinking anyway?)

He did manage to go to work though. The whole freaking journey took 30 minutes in a taxi. In total, Mr Lukey managed to chalk up a total of hundred dollars just for taxi fares to get to work. 
A hundred dollars in taxi fares!

But at least by the end of the day, he got 200 bucks as his pay for the work. After seeing the high amount of pay just to cover an event, Lukey is seriously considering to work as a videographer. At least he does not have to study til like a pig just to pull his results out to be able to do honours. Or just to graduate from university and to be able to find a decent job.

It was rag dance practice again later during the night for Lukey. Although Lukey is very slow as compared to the other dancers in learning the dance moves, he feels very happy every time he has the chance to go up there and perform. All the aching feet and hand made him very happy too because he just loves dancing. Besides, acting as a cactus in a dance that will be broadcast around the world is not a chance to be missed!
Life is busy for Lukey alright, to the point where he can only surf the web after all activities had died down, but he's happy. Happy doing all the stuff that he likes! Life rocks!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lukey's Schedule

Lukey's Schedule for tomorrow, Friday, 23rd of July, 2010.
Oh, wait, that's today.

1. Wake up at 7.30 am to prepare for the Freshmen Matriculation Fair

2. Lug a bag full of video equipment all the way to Tampines to help cover some sort of event from 11 am to at least 3 pm. Luckily the organizer said that there would be some pretty girls to help me out. I certainly hope that he's not saying that just to attract me there.

3. Head over to Bishan (another faraway area...) to hand over the the result of the coverage to the fellow who hired me. Yay, extra pocket money!

4. Head back to hall for rag dance practice from 7.30 pm all the way to 11.00 pm. Hopes that some miracle will happen and i will be able to dance perfectly without making any mistakes because i predict that i will be half dead by then. Either that or i hope my brain will be able to focus during the dance. And pray that my hands and legs will do what they are supposed to do for the dance

5. Dance piecing at 11.30 pm til God knows how long. Crosses fingers and repeats the hopes of Point No 4 above 10 times. Please happen, miracle... please happen, miracle... please happen, miracle...

6. Send a few SMS-es to girlfriend to assure her that i'm still pretty much alive amid all these activities

Welcome to the life of a NUS Eusoffian. It'll be such a great day tomorrow :p

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Most Interesting Spam Comment Ever!

Spam comments. The comments that normally criticizes your asset and attempts to offer you a solution to make your asset more attractive if you would click the link and buy the medicine advertised in the link. I think as a blogger, we will definitely at least see them once in the entire course of blogging. 

Typical spam comments include some boring messages lacking in creativity like, "Buy Penis Enlargement Product! at". Totally void of any creativity that will make me click the link. Come on, if you wanna make me have the desire to enlarge my private parts, at least you can put in a more convincing message!

Something like this comment i received today!

For those who cannot read it:
"HELP! I’m currently being held prisoner by the Russian mafia xyzrxyz [url=]penis enlargement[/url] xyzrxyz and being forced to post spam comments on blogs and forum! If you don’t approve this they will kill me. xyzrxyz [url=]penis enlargement[/url] xyzrxyz They’re coming back now. xyzrxyz [url=http:/]vimax[/url] xyzrxyz Please send help!"
Of course, if i can help to save a fellow human being and get something good in return, why not?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I L-O-V-E all these kind people on the internet!

I absolutely love the internet. And i love all the kind souls on the internet more. The kind souls i'm refering to are people who takes the time to explain any sort of questions like how to beat the bloody evil boss in computer game to the people who spends lot of time writing incredibly long wiki entries explaining every single detail in the movie that you like and to the people who makes tutorial videos for free teaching you how to do really cool stuff like building a website or even do something like the video beneath.

For those of you who are wondering, yeap, that video was done by me! And yeap, i couldn't believe myself too! Which is why i think the internet is such a great place for learning almost anything thanks to all these people who are kind enough to share with the world their talents. You can pick up any language, brush up all sorts of musical skills, learn various types of computer skills, figure out how to diagnose your own disease and even expose yourself to a few tricks of having sex!

And if you're wondering again, yeap, i got this from a Google search and don't act all surprised. I bet you already know such thing exists on the internet

Ok, forget i mentioned about the sex part. Honestly, i'm very thankful for being born after the invention of the internet. There's so much to learn and the best of all, teverything is free! Before the internet, if you wanna pick up an new skill like playing guitar for example, you have to drag yourself to a guitar school and pay a ridiculous amount of money for just that few hours of lesson. Now, all you have to do is to just buy yourself a guitar, turn on your computer (and the internet connection, of course), hop to and just key in phrases like free guitar tutorials or guitar lessons for beginners.

There's a saying that goes among geeks that "Google is your friend". Especially if the Google comes in the form of a sexy girl like the one at the top :p

And of course, the people who does all these kind of things, the ones that bothered to help members of their own species without charging, are freakingly awesome people. They are willing to spend the time and energy to teach others without hoping anything in return which is quite noble, i think. Of course, they do hope to earn some money through the ads that you can click on the website, but at least they don't charge you like 80 dollars per hour just to teach you where the G-string is on your guitar. 

So this post is a tribute to all the kind souls out on the internet helping people like me to learn something new like how to make the video up above! You guys rock!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Okay, i know i'm not a medical student but...

Okay, i guess i totally overreacted with my last blog post regarding my friend, Chee Eng who had a bad fall on his head. And also not forgetting about the Facebook status update that made it sound like Chee Eng's condition was so bad as if he's halfway to heaven already. But on the bright side, i have never got so much replies to my status update in Facebook before. At least i know people do read my Facebook status updates.

It's been a long time since my status update attracted so many people. The only time when more people spammed on my profile was the time when my status read "I am Handsome". But that was ages ago.
A word of sorry first to all the people who at first thought that Mr Chee Eng was seriously injured thanks to all my efforts in the cyberspace. When you're not a medical student, it's actually very easy to hit panic mode when your friend keeps asking you the same question over and over again. You're bound to be afraid that he's not going to remember your name again and the 100 dollars that he still owes you. Seeing a friend lose their memory is not a very fun thing to watch, you know. It's actually quite scary.

Well, at least after this incident, i know now that it is very normal for a person to lose some memory if you get hit hard enough on the head. Looks like all those amnesia cases often portrayed in those soap operas i used to watch as a kid is true after all.

The next time if a friend of mine falls and hit the head again, at least i already know what should i do. Keep reminding him/her of the 100 dollars he/she owe me.

p/s: Look on the bright side Chee Eng, i found you a new nickname! 
The guy who falls with a sickening THUD :p

Oh, and in addition to that, i think we found how the name of slippers came about today. They call slippers slippers because when you're wearing them, you're bound to slip and fall most of the time.So please be careful the next time you're wearing slippers and walking on a slippery floor. Not a good combination.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I am... i dunno... this just sucks...

I've read about it everywhere before. Heard it, seen it like a few hundred times already. Of the description of accidents, how it happen, what could it cause, the emotional trauma associated with it and stuff like that. After what happened a few hours earlier, i am still shocked and find myself unable to fully comprehend the event that has taken place. I guess that's the one thing that words can never do. To fully prepare yourself of what is about to hit you when you're actually faced with an accident right before your eyes.

My day started off like any normal Sunday in hall. Me and a few friends from hall went for a church service at a nearby church and then followed by lunch at our favourite chicken rice stall after the service ended. Everything seemed normal during lunch, with all the jokes, cock talking and laughs going around the table.

But as we're all preparing to leave after our meal, something unforeseen happened. One of my friend was walking towards his bicycle when he slipped, fell and hit his head on the wet concrete floor. Although i did not had a clear view of what happened, i had an uneasy feeling that this is not a normal fall as i heard a sickening "thud" coming from there.

When i rushed over, i saw my friend lying on the floor with a blank stare on his face. It was not like any normal fall where you would scream and curse the floor for the pain that was on your head immediately after that. My friend was lying on the floor immobile. It's like a scene from the movies where when this kind of situation appears in the movie, you know that things are not going right. And it's a pretty sucky feeling, i must say.

Thankfully Uncle Mun Cheong and his wife, both members from our church were there. They helped my friend up while i was standing there feeling so useless not knowing what to do or expect. To be honest, i have never been in a situation where a friend was involved in such an accident before. As we helped him up, i quietly mouth a silent prayer and hoped that the worse have pass and nothing serious happened. Uncle Mun Cheong offered to fetch us all back seeing that my friend was in no condition to cycle.

During our journey back, we all thought that my friend is doing fine and everything will be ok. But when he kept asking again and again of happened to him, i began to suspect that something was not right. As he turned as asked me for the fifth time of what happened to him again, i finally plucked out my courage and asked him back, "Do you remember asking us about what happened to you just now?" The answer was no. Turns out that he just kept forgetting all the things that took place today no matter how many times we told him.
That's when we decided to send him to hospital.

That was a few hours ago. I just came back from the hospital while some other friends went to took our place. Frankly, i'm very worried about him. I'm worried that the memory loss will not be temporary. I try to be optimistic but every time only the worst case scenario pops into my mind. The doctor told us that he was unable to form new memory for the time being and currently i still have no idea of how everything will turn out as the results from the brain scanare not yet out.

I'm worried, frustrated and all messed up inside at the same time. I guess this is how you feel when a friend of yours in such a situation. Wanting to assure other worried friends that everything is gonna be ok but deep down inside, you question that statement yourself. Sigh. Dear Lord, please let everything to be ok...

MSL UFO5 : Sentosa Beach Outing!

Today, my day began with numerous attempts by my handphone's alarm to wake me up at 5.00 am in the morning. Although i only had a total of less than three hours of sleep and was in no good condition to wake up, my handphone did not spare any mercy on me and kept repeating its annoying beep. I know it was trying to do it's job, but sometimes i seriously do hope that my phone would have some sympathy on me and let me go back to my sleep. Sadly, my phone was very cold hearted when it comes to performing its duty.

After finally unable to ignore that cold hearted phone's incessant ringing, i had no choice but to pull myself up off the bed. To make matters worse other than having to wake up at such an impossible time after so few hours of sleep, it was raining heavily outside. Along with that rain, my room was feeling all cool and comfortable. Normally, that would have meant a few extra minutes, if not hours, of ZzZz for me. But as i've already promised my friends in MSL (Malaysian Student League) that i will wake up early and help them with the UFO5 (University Freshmen Orientation 5) preparation at the Sentosa Beach, i have no choice but to put all thoughts of extra ZzZz away. How i wish that my phone had stopped ringing earlier somehow.

Every year, the MSL from NUS will organize a series of activities to help the new Malaysian freshmen to adapt to the life in Singapore. As new arrivals in a foreign country, undoubtedly most of the freshmen will have troubles blending into a culture that is new to them. The UFO, therefore, is organized as part of an orientation program for the freshmen to find friends and adapt. And among all the activities within the UFO, the Sentosa Beach outing is part of the MSL custom and must do activity. It helps the freshmen to bond among their peers and to let them have some fun before the real nightmare in university starts.

Besides serving as a place to bond and relax, the Sentosa outing also serves as an unofficial ritual for every MSL member. To become a fully fledged member in MSL, you must at least attend the Sentosa outing once to get the feel of what MSL is all about. This is due to the fact that aside of sharing lots of fun experiences with fellow MSL members, there are also a few activities that you can only do in Sentosa. Activities that you will find most MSL members talking about them for a quite some time after the orientation. Activities like:-

Having a lunch that only consists of bread and tuna spread

Playing some beach games that is created uniquely by MSL (like Poison Ball in the picture above)

Building a sandcastle that is to be used as a shield for war games...

... and also building a sandcastle made out of Kim Wong's body

Plus having fun in the sea water...

By mentioning about having fun in the see water, i'm talking about flipping your fellow MSL mates into the sea water whenever you have the chance!

And of course, there's no minimum number of flipping time! Flip as many times as you like!

With so many different activities, the Sentosa beach outing is a must go for all MSL freshmen! It's part of our inauguration ceremony for members. Lots of memories, jokes and of course, electric sparks will originate from this one trip. It's not surprising actually when you have game masters asking you to put your head unto another girl's butt to collect water. Though it may be tiring, it's definitely worth it.

And speaking of being tired, i think i'll be crashing soon. Waking up at 5 am after only two and a half hours of sleep followed by non stop activity (like blogging) all the way til 4 am is not a good way to keep yourself alive. Call the police if you don't see me blogging tomorrow ya? ZzZz...

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