Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shaolin Soccer Malaysian Parody

Awesome video by a group of Malaysians to drive out a political message. It's great to see how the social media is used to create awareness and to go where the traditional media can't go. And honestly, in the realm of social media, the opposition is way ahead of the ruling coalition. I guess there's not much of a choice given that the traditional media is controlled by the government.

Anyways, enjoy the video. It's a parody from Shaolin Soccer, portraying Stephen Chow going around asking people to attend the Bersih Rally.

Finding "Kakis" To Attend The Bersih Rally

Now this is what I call a good publicity campaign. So much better than the 1.8 million dollars Malaysian government used to create a Facebook page. I mean, even the Facebook page of this blog is created free and if I can, why the government can't?

Which is why it's time for Malaysians to demand for the better. And if the impossible happened in the Middle East, why it can't take place in Malaysia?


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