Monday, August 31, 2009

I wished i spammed co-curricular activities in my early days...


Someone forgot to tell me that to study in Singapore, or to stay in the campus hostel at least,
you'll need a lot of co-curricular activities.


And it's not the usual ones you can find in secondary or high school by the way, where you can join without any prior experience.

Here, experience counts for everything

To join the band, you'll need a diploma in the instrument you want to play.

Choir, you'll need singing experience for at least 90% of your life before uni, and by singing experience i mean you can hum out a song just by looking at all the Mozart or Beethoven musical notes on a paper.

For drama, you need to appear at least once on TV.

To be in a committee for any co-curricular activities, you need to be the president for your country last time.

If you don't have all those, maybe some cash would be nice so you can pay as fees to learn.

Okay, i may be exaggerating but this roughly gives you an idea of how co-curricular activities work in university and how high is their standards.
Everything has an audition and interview at least.

What happened to giving everybody a fair chance?


Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy National Day, Malaysia


Dear Bloggy (think of it as Dear Diary),

It has been 44 days, 20 hours, 36 minutes and 3 seconds, no make that 4 seconds, oh now is 7 seconds (okay, forget about it) since i arrived in this new country.

To be honest, although this country, which is called Singapore, is in many ways better than Malaysia, my old country, i still find myself sometimes reminiscing about my hometown Ipoh. Like the Malay saying that goes, "
Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik di negeri sendiri" which roughly means although our own country may not be as good as other countries, sometimes it is still better to choose our native country.

Although Malaysia isn't a very good country to start with, considering that the politicians from the governing party managed to screw it quite well after 52 years of governing, as whole i still miss Malaysia very much.

I miss the diversity of Malaysia, where Malays, Indians and Chinese managed to live harmoniously together. I miss all the major celebrations like Hari Raya or Deepavaali for example, where i would visit every my friends who although are from a different race, and celebrated the occasion together. I miss the kuih raya, the murukku and most importantly the laughter and fun we all had together.

I miss the peacefulness of Ipoh, where the days move by its own pace and not affected by the ever busy pace like what you experience in Singapore.

I miss my friends, whom i can rely on no matter what and share anything under the sky. I miss their smile and their friendliness, and i know that no matter what i could trust in them, that they are friends with me just because they want to and not because of some ulterior motive.

I do certainly miss the food there, where everything is unique in taste and just eating alone is so fulfilling unlike in Singapore where most of the things taste either too sweet or just plain bland.

I miss the coolness in Ipoh, even though it may be noon as in Singapore, you really can really sweat to fill almost 1 litre bottle every day.

I miss so many things back in my hometown. Like they say, there's no other place else rather than home. I miss you, Malaysia.

Happy National Day


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Look, ghost!


There's a common perception that all humans that are categorized under the gender MALE should not be afraid of ghost movies.

For those that are afraid, well, they're not called males, but rather SISSIES.
I, sadly, happened to be in the SISSIES group.

To be honest, i do not know how some people stand ghost movies. I'm the kind of person who after watching nice movies likes to repeat them over and over again in my head.

Though ghost movies are categorized as not nice for me, i do not know why my brain still likes to replay the ghost movie, especially the scenes where the ghost brutally murders someone by using some horrifying tactics that would make you pee in your pants.

Luckily, i still can manage not to pee, just that i will only stay awake the whole night afraid to go to the toilet even just to pee.

That is why i hate going to watch ghost movies.

After 19 years of existence, i only watched 1 ghost movie before in cinema.

And it was a Thai ghost movie called "Coming Soon", not to mention i was watching it with just another girl.
In normal situations, you would have the girl screaming and the guy laughing throughout the movie, in my instance, it was the other way around.

Talk about losing all your ego in one day.

After that incident, i vowed never again to touch ghost movie.
Until Jack Neo decided to release this film:

Lesson learned: Never Trust Trailers and Never Sit in the First Row.

Though the movie still have its funny elements, its from Jack Neo anyway, it is still scary. It practically had me laughing while screaming throughout the whole movie. And the effects also got amplified as i was sitting in the first row.

To make things worse, this movie is about combining 3 ghost movies into 1 so instead of having just 1 scary ghost, now you have 3.

Talk about losing all your ego in one day, AGAIN.
(But of course, overall, the movie is still great.)

I think i will head out to do a vow renewal not to touch ghost movies again.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Psychology Lesson 101


I'm gonna start this post with a picture of me.

Okay, now that i'm done, i can begin with my post.
(Yeah, i can see many crows flying around, but i can't help wanting to be lame for a moment back there, and i have some reasons too *winks*)

Tutorials have finally started!

But i would not dwell on that though, because we all know how much dread and despair tutorial can strike in our hearts with all those assignments, presentations and stuff that can sap every ounce of enthusiasm from our souls.

Instead, i'll be talking about my second Psychology lecture!

I regretted taking Psychology, well, at least for the first 10 minutes because i took a look at the textbook that we're supposed to use for this module and it gave me pictures like this:

And the thought of having to go through Biology again took me back to my secondary school days where Biology class pretty much meant hypnosis class, with the hypnotist standing in front bombarding you with names of hormones that help you to sleep in a monologue tone.

That is bad, considering the fact that i am planning to major in Psychology and i could not afford to sleep myself through the four years right?

Luckily for me, i did not end up getting hypnotized as i was busy laughing once the lecturer opened his mouth.
And we wonder why Malaysian education system sucks.

At the end of his lecture, he even thought us Psychology of chasing girls!

Which is why i put my picture up there.

Guys you see, can be divided into two groups, the first being feminine looking guys
(not pondans/ah guas/or transexuals, mind you)
and the other being masculine looking guys.

So, before continuing, if you are a girl, please pick a guy from the below whom you are attracted to without reading the bottom line first, or the fun is gone.
(Picture on the left depicts feminine guy and left is masculine, but they are the same person, just photo-shopped to look that way)

The prof told us that females in general would be attracted to feminine guys but that depends on their menstrual cycle too. If you are at high risk of having a baby, in layman terms, as having an ovum floating inside, then you tend to pick masculine guys because hormones will play a factor in deciding.

But in overall, feminine guys are the main choice.

The reason being that feminine guys gives the impression that they're generally
"less dominant, more faithful, a better parent and less aggressive"
as compared to the masculine ones.

Like my prof put it, if you're a feminine guy, you can always say
"I may not be a hunk, but i can take care of your children".

He also mentioned a lot of other stuff too regarding about these mating tricks but i won't be dwelling on them. If you want more details, just come to NUS and take this course.

Which brings me back to the main reason of why i put my picture up there.
Ahem, am i considered feminine looking or masculine looking?

I have always have the wrong idea from TV that masculine guys get all the gals, and trying very hard to look masculine without knowing the real deal.

Hmm, maybe i should consider going for plastic surgery?


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Academic VS Creative?


Looks like writing a blog to buck up on my English isn't a very bright idea after all.

I suspect that it is too much posting on this blog that caused me to fail on that stupid QET (Q-"something" English Test) because as my professor put it,

"English in university is not like English in secondary school. We do not emphasize on creative writing but rather academic writing".

And what is academic writing in other words?
Boring writing.

Allow me to demonstrate. What i have wrote above is called creative writing.
What i'm about to write below now is called academic writing.

Research have showed that writing on blogs may heighten the risk of a student failing in the QET examination.

According to professor Priscillia Phan, "English in university is not like English in secondary school. We do not emphasize on creative writing but rather academic writing".

Academic writing in other words is defined as boring writing.



Friday, August 21, 2009

15 Malaysia!


I came across 15 Malaysia at my friend's blog today and i decided to become a fan of it!
Just check out the below video to see why and then go to their website!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009



I'm so bored and spiders are weaving their web on me now.

There is still 40 minutes before my next class starts and already i have ran out of ideas of what to do.

I've checked and rechecked my Facebook and Hotmail for a dozen times now,
looked through me lecture notes for the fifth time,

peered at the clock every 30 seconds and if time still ticks at 60 second per minute,
i'm gonna pull all of my hair out and become Bruce Willis because of boredom.

Coming to university is HARD.

Not because that studies or co-curricular activities is hard, its the empty space in your time slot that is hard.

You seriously need to find some activity or you'll go nuts re-reading the love email your lover sent you for the hundredth time.

Or you need to learn time travel, or maybe steal that time travel clock from Hermione to speed things up a little.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm better than you, not!


I have a confession to make.
I need to admit that i have a tendency to do something that i think will make me more superior than the people around me.

Be it learning a new musical instrument, showing off my joking skills or spewing out some scientific jargon that no one except Einstein would understand,
and secretly i hope that by doing this people will admire me and look up to me.

And there will be a sound in my brain that goes like,
"Hey, look at me! I can do so and so. Can you? Cannot right?
Which means that i'm better than you, hah!"

From what i noticed, it isn't only me who is susceptible to having this kind of thinking.
Almost everyone of us would like to feel that we are better right?
Heck, there are even some who will do weirder things than me just to prove that they are better.

Just scan the newspapers daily and you'll see what i mean.

There are those who strap C4 explosives on their body, run into a building and blow themselves up just to prove that they have the guts to die for the religion, it actually not for their religion anyway, because no religion would ask you to blow yourself up because bombs were not even invented back then.

There are also those who would do plain stupid stuff like eating 36 cockroaches in 1 minute just to break a Guinness World Record. (Its true!)

And you have those traditional type that for example study like S*** to obtain a number of As that is ten times more than mine just to prove that they can memorize books better than my computer (Thank God the Ministry of Education decided to cap the number of As at 10).

I believe that all of us, as human would enjoy this kind of feeling.
That we are in some sort of way, better than the person next to us.

Why actually, that we are so prone to this kind of thinking?

Is it that something is missing in our life, that there's a void that we need to desperately climb up the hierarchy of society doing whatever we can to just prove that we are not useless?

Well, for that question, you'll have to answer it yourself.
If i were to continue, people would be complaining about how long my blog is until i dwarf their university thesis again.
Besides, i have serious climbing to attend to now.


Monday, August 17, 2009

La~La~La~Laaaa~~~~! *Coughs*


Woot, i failed my choir audition!

Received an email which goes like:

"First of all we'd really thank you for your interest in joining Eusoff Choir and coming down for the audition. It is really great to see such an overwhelming response from all of you.

However, as we have to meet a certain quota, we could not take in all the people who came for auditions. After a long grueling process and careful considerations, we truly regret to inform you that you did not pass the choir audition this time.

Nevertheless, do not let this stop your passion in singing! If you are interested in le
arning and knowing more about singing, please look out for upcoming vocal workshops that Eusoff Performing Arts Committee is going to conduct. Keep on practising and hopefully you can join us next time! :)

Thank you! "

Guess all those trainings that i underwent during all my bathing time in toilet did not work out after all. And i thought after countless hours i put into those training, considering i bath twice a day, at least i could have improved slightly.

Oh well, looks like what you think of yourself is always different from what others think of you.

For example until now i still cant get people to agree with me that i'm handsome.
Sad.... XD

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sleeeppppp zzzzz...


Scientist recently said that sleeping early is good for your health.
I'm also sure that most of us are very well aware of this fact that sleeping early is good for health.

I once thought that as university students, educated university students, that is, university students will know better than everyone else that sleeping early is vital for mental and physical health.

Which makes me wonder why everything is exactly the opposite since i arrive in uni.
And its not just Singapore uni anyway.
Take any uni in Malaysia and you'll have almost everyone staying up late til the night, ops i mean morning, as after 12am is considered morning, doing all sorts of things.

Maybe its because of peer pressure?
Of course you cannot be sleeping when all of your friends are busy DOTA-ing or chatting on MSN right?
That would like so leave you out of the social circle.
What's a few hours a sleep compared to spending some quality time shooting zombies with your best buddies?

Sigh, and for a guy who's mum chases him to sleep every night after 12 back at home, this could be quite a task for him to choose to stay awake after 12.
Which explains why i was mistaken for a panda that day and got hauled up to zoo.



Saturday, August 15, 2009

Write, write, write!


I think i'm going to apply to become a writer!
I've been going through my campus magazines just now and from the way i see it, its just like blogging out your thoughts. Except its on paper, that is.

You have articles mentioning about zombies, where to get nice clothes, rantings, some gossip about the latest on campus scandal and the things you would normally find in blogs around the internet.

So why not?
I basically have too much time on my hands and being a writer can also look good for my resume.
I do not have to squeeze my brains out too just to think of a topic to write about.
The editor will worry about that (i think).

Besides, this activity does not require me to perform immensely difficult tasks like trying to get a ball into a goal post, sing a C-sharp note or staying up late until the night which a nerd like me could find it very hard to accomplish.

Guess my application would be something like this:
"Hi, my name's Luke and i love to write. My prior experience? No, no i never wrote in any major articles in newspaper or magazines. I have a blog though, does a blog count?
What i love to write about? Erm, girls?
I'm a guy, you see, so its perfectly normal right?...."

So, do you think i can make the cut?


Friday, August 14, 2009

Rantings at 4 a.m


These pictures are taken from a disco/bar/pub during my hall's bash.


"When you choose to take up the cross like what Jesus did, life will not going to be easy for you.
You will find yourself constantly struggling to make the right choices as opposed to the world's choices.
And sometimes you might wonder you have made a correct decision of taking
up the cross.
But rest assured, that there will be no greater peace or joy tha
n to have God in your life compared to all the world riches or woman you may find if you have chosen the world's path",
this was what one of my good friend in church once told me.

I often find myself in the position of that fish in that picture, swimming the opposite direction of where all other fishes are swimming.

For example, when the trend now is sleep with whoever you want,
i, myself, as a Christian must abstain until the day of my marriage.

I went to my Hall's Freshmen Bash today.
And for a small fish like me, its certainly surprising for me to see how the atmosphere during the bash was like.
Guys touching girls like there's no tomorrow and french kissing if she smell nice, those sort of things.

You can call me conservative. You can call me stupid. Idiot perhaps?

But i sincerely believe that God is not a sadistic person. He do not simply give rules just because He enjoys having people obey Him.

I rather choose to believe that what is He giving is some sort of a guideline.

Case proven when i was walking out of the pub.
I saw a couple arguing quite badly until the state of shouting.
They do not even care if they're in the public.
She's accusing him of touching or snogging some other girl.
Break up seems inevitable.

And you ask why Christians cannot get drunk?

So i would gladly choose to stay sober and stay within the guidelines rather than breaking everyone of them known.

Freedom is not doing whatever you want.
Freedom is the ability to control what you do not want to do.


According to a research recently done by animal scientists, apparently the worrying news of wolves population declining nothing but a false alarm.

The study states that although natural habitats of wolves are being destroyed by humans, wolves actually manage to find a new habitat among human population in the city.

Its called pub/bar/disco.

The study shows that this new habitat is the new meeting place for male and she-wolves to meet up and find a suitable partner.

The process starts with the male wolf scanning the floor a suitable mate.
It will then approach the suitable she-wolf carrying a fruit that is called the BEER-fruit as a gift to the she-wolf.
The male wolf will also harbour a thought hoping the BEER-fruit would save it a lot of trouble of trying to win over the she-wolf as the BEER-fruit is known to hamper the she-wolf's ability to judge if the male wolf is of a good breeding mate.

When the BEER-fruit is eaten, then the pair of wolves will engage in a ritual in where the male wolf will get the she-wolf aroused by touching wherever it can touch on the she-wolf's body.

The process will culminate in either the male wolf's den, the she-wolf's den or just in the toilet of the bar/pub/disco. You see, wolves a really urgent need to let go and they just really do not mind.
In fact, some male wolves have been to known to have multiple partners to increase the chance of producing offspring.

This method have been very effective in increasing the wolves population until scientists decided to put a stop to it by introducing condom.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Me and Pick Up Lines


I'm never good with girls.
I cannot seem to understand why some guys are such girl killers.

When i walk up to girls, my stomach wriggles and my legs start shaking.

"Erm, hi.... my name's Luke", is all i can manage to mutter.

Forget about those cheesy pick up lines that go
"Hi, i think i just broke my knees falling for you."
"Allow me to rescue you from your crowd of admirers. "
or even
"Baby, you must be a broom, cause you just swept me off my feet."

Gosh, i would be lost somewhere in the middle of the lines if i were to say it.
"Hi, i think i broke my... erm was it head again? Or was it my bones?"

You get the idea.

People like me need time.
And if you're going against some Romeo, things are bound to end up with me singing some break-up-crush songs from Jay Chow.

Sad isn't it?
By the time i finish saying my name, the guy next to me is already reciting Shakespeare's Sonnet 18.
Which might explain why i'm still stuck single.

Maybe my resolution of staying single for 4 years is not that hard to keep at all.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Rantings


I could not believe that i actually went for a choir audition today!
You could blame that on peer pressure, honestly, as all of my friends in Eusoff went for it.

It was an totally new experience as you know, i'm not a person who can really sing back in Ipoh and choir was never my interest as i thought it was only for sissies.

So now i'm going to change my mindset.
Choir are not for sissies, it is for high-taste-gentlemen.
That is, with me in it of course.


Read that there's 38 confirmed deaths from H1N1 in Malaysia today.
Meanwhile Singapore has only 10 at the moment.

And surprisingly it was Singapore who got infected first.

Really "Malaysia Boleh".
Even H1N1 cases also want to compete with people.


Monday, August 10, 2009



Finally my SEM is going to start tomorrow after almost one month of me being in Singapore.
And it has been more than 8 months since i last touched a book!
A text book, that is.

And well, guess you can officially say that i am a university student now!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Why, actually?

NOTE: I maybe writing this blog in a half-drunken state of mind, so forgive me if i said anything offensive, or you could just let me know.


I thought of updating my blog about Rag Day today but i guess i'll have to do it later as i just need to scream out something as a person would when they are drunk.

I just returned from a student lounge having taken part in an activity called the
"Drinking Game".

As the name suggests, you know what is that roughly about and i get to witness again the wonderful effects alcohol can do to someone.
(If you really want to know the "effects", 3 girls got really drunk with vomiting and stuff, and well, nothing really good comes after that really. You'll never know what will happen.)

Why do people drink actually?
When they know that by drinking, it takes away the 2 important aspects of us humans.
Our common sense and the sense of embarrassment.
(I think i said it before)

Is it because they want to prove something to their friends?

Or is it just pure evil motives?
(I should know this as i'm a guy and when a guy wants a girl to drink, deep inside, he harbours some secret desires that both you and i know without having me to mention here)

I, myself hates alcohol and also the people who promotes it.
Nothing good comes from it besides maybe having a good time yourself by standing with someone for one night (That is if you do not get HIV in the process).

From my point of view, people never made smart choices with it.
Have you ever heard of someone who brainstormed a fantastic idea when he/she was drunk?

I can't understand, really.
Can anyone tell me what good can you get from alcohol?
Not to mention the pre-activities like clubbing?


Friday, August 7, 2009

Things That I have Learned in Singapore (Part 1)


1. NUS = National University of Stairs/Slopes

2. They sell condoms in the university book shop

3. Every pedestrian is a royalty when it comes to zebra crossing that do not have the traffic light

4. Jokes that worked in Malaysia do not necessary mean that it will work in Singapore

4. Singaporeans like tasteless or extremely over the taste (too salty) food compared to a typical Malaysian (especially if you're from Penang or Ipoh)... T.T

5. You can see a lot of drainage system (longkang) here as maybe Singapore is hotter, so less clothes is better. A haven for guys like me

6. Do not ever ever convert the cost of things to Malaysian Ringgit, you will die of hunger

7. INTERNET SPEED HERE ROCKS! At least 7 times faster than Streamyx!

8. Every drop of water here is mixed with Newater, the water that comes out from our bottom

9. Singapore is like a subsidiary of China, as everywhere you go you can see Chinese nationals

10. Singaporeans are nocturnal


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In 3 weeks time!


Trivia: The most popular question that your friends would always ask you when you step into university is not how is studies or how is your new environment.
It is "Have you found a girlfriend or not?" or a "target" those sort of questions.

Sad to disappoint you guys and good news to the gals of course, nope, i have neither found a girlfriend or a target to be my soul mate or whatsoever.
Like i said, i came to NUS to study.
(That may sound a little fake, but hey, everyone does right? Unless you are going to "FISH" a "Big Fish" of course.)


So, here's a little update for my friends of how am i doing in NUS aside from still being single and very available (or desperate, like some of you who would like to call it).

Classes have yet to start, that's one and yeah, i know its very surprising since it has been almost a month since i last left Malaysia.

Well, one thing about Singapore is that they like orientation!
Not to mention making our lives miserable too with all the other administrative procedures we also have to do to gain a place in NUS.

But above all that, i'm still happy that God
(i prefer to believe its God rather than some stupid chance)
sent me to a new place rather than locking me up in Malaysia.

Among the stuff that i got to experience for the first time (including some really bizarre ones) since arriving which i believe would not appear in any local Malaysia uni are:-

1. Attending a dating service organized by the uni.
(Rumour goes that Singapore are in desperate need for babies)But too bad, the activity failed to find me any girlfriends or potential targets.


2. Visiting one of Singapore largest church, FCBC
(The service is held in an expo area with 10 000 plus people and it rocked! I've never been to such atmosphere before and i truly enjoyed every second in it. Except the sermon part that is, i was falling asleep there.)

3. Going out to ask for donations from the public, its for charity and not the uni, btw

My can

Sleeping on the job~zzz

Collection time!


4. And etc etc....

The etc includes going to the zoo, going to Sentosa, going to Clarke Quay, going to the Museum and going to a lots of places.

It really makes me wonder sometimes if i am coming here to study or to have fun but heck, who cares?
As long as i do not have to touch books, i'm happy!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Singapore Zoo Online Blog Tour Guide!

Hello ladies and gentleman, and welcome to the online blog tour guide of our well known Singapore Zoo done by me, Mr Luke or as some of you now call me, Geylang Lily.

Today i'll be taking you on a FREE guide from the eyes of a handsome boy (which is very good of me to give you so) to Singapore Zoo just by using my blog!

So sit tight and enjoy your journey as what you're about to see is one of the best zoos in Singapore! (Considering Singapore has only 1 zoo, right?)

P/S: Do take note however that because that the author did not went to the zoo alone, you will find some extra actors in the pictures aside from the animals.

Have a great day!


So firstly, i would like to introduce you to the wide variety of cute and special animals you can find at this zoo.

Firstly, i would like you to meet our tall headed, ops, i mean long necked giraffe all the way imporated from Africa!

Next up, the lion that is always shy!
(as all lions are in all zoos, kings are supposed to be camera shy, perhaps?)

And of course, zebras who looked like they have just escaped from prison...
(Prison clothes look like them right?)

Not forgetting, our dear cheetah who has tired itself out after a long day run...

(I'm starting to steal bones -curi tulang- di, lazy la....)

Imported Californai Seal of approval, ops, just seal would be enough

Africa Penguins, and yes, penguins can be found in Africa too.

Incredibly obese sea cows!
So girls, if you think you're fat, take a look at them first!

Zzzz... *feel alseep*
(You should know what is this, and for those who failed bio or common general easy knowledge, it's called a turtle... or tortoise)

Okay, i wasn't really paying attention at zookeeping class, so i'll skip this animal.

Some Australlian bird who cant fly, not Ostrich though!


And our all star female elephants...
(Apparently they have only 1 male elephant in the zoo. Lucky guy...)

Our closest relative, the Forest People as how Singapore Zoo likes to say it...
(Hate Malay gua)
or better know as Orang Utan

Introducing our zoo's main star attraction, the Green Polar Bear!
Which happens to be yellow on my visit.
What i heard is that algae grow on them and thus earning the nickname green Polar Bear throughout Singapore

Other animals whom i'm lazy to name.....

And lastly, our famous meditating white tiger!
As you can see, his hobby is to meditate under the water for reasons known only to him til hours pass and he still would not move.
(Practicing tiger kungfu?)
And we have also the cat walk tiger which you have to see for yourself when you visit the zoo.
As the name suggests, it likes to CAT walk.

Besides animal exhibits, our zoo also provides trivias which you can use for your bio essays!

But do not hope too much, from the quality of it, i think the trivia is more suitable to be made into lame jokes. Other than that, the uses are pretty limited actually except if you want to show off to a hot girls that you know lots of things.


Oh and we have also natives living in the zoo too!
You know, those that prefer very less clothes?

Apparently they're blaming us city dwellers for the destruction of the forests and they are hatching a plan to fight back and its called.......
(Drum roll please...)

Natives on the loose:


And of course. Since this blog writer did not went to the zoo alone, there're bound to be photographs of people in it.

Lazy to intro them though, since they are so numerous in numbers, so we'll just call them NUS baboons... ops, i mean students.

(You'll see why i mistaken them for baboons later.. no offense meant!!)


Fuh, so finally we have come to an end to our tour of Singapore Zoo.
Thank you ladies and gentlemans, not to mention some aunties and uncles of your patience in taking the Geylang Lily Tour Guide services.

Besides prociding tour guide service for Singapore Zoo,
we are also offering
"Which Chicken Rice is Best In Geylang?"
tour guide services. Please feel free to visit our main office in Geylang or you can call our toll free number: 1800-Our-Business-Is-Legal-000

Thank you.


Below are the few extra notes you have to take notice about the zoo too:

Romantic Dating Place

As most of our visiotrs are children below 10 who still cannot walk, you'll find a lot of these:

Nope don't get it wrong, its not some Chinese towkey who opened this restaurant, in fact it was named after an orang utan!

Besides animals, we have exhibits for bicycles too!

Well, guess thats all then.
Don't forget to participate in our other tour guide services too!
(But those won't be free already!)


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