Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hoping for a miracle to take me away...

The talk about beauty is only skin deep and what is inside that matters are just excuses thought up by some to just feel better when they are compared to those who are gorgeous. If given a chance, everyone would want to have a face that that could make passerby drools when they look at you.
Who cares if you have a brain like Albert Einstein when you look like your aunt's bulldog. The most you could get is maybe just one Nobel prize for all your hard work. The people who have fans swooning over them 24-7 usually do not have a proper functioning brain if you come to think of it, take Paris Hilton for example.

Yeah, i know that too much fame could do your no good in the long run, but to be honest, who does not want to be famous? Who does not want people to adore them, to accept and to go nuts over them everyday? The need to be accepted is embedded in our soul, and the fastest way is through fame. That is why talent competition are quite a hit because it provides the shortcut to it.

And sad to say, i'm also a person who desperately wants to be popular. I envy those who are popular by birth, those with good looks for example, or an attitude that kills. I envy them because i have none of these qualities. The only quality that is good about me is background quality, which means i'm most suited to just stay in the background type of person.

Many things have been taking place lately, so please forgive me if i confused or offended you in any way through my post up there. I just think that sometimes it is just unfair for people to get left out, people to go unnoticed while others basked in the limelight when all of us should be equal.

What makes me better than you?
What makes the person next door more superior?

Sigh maybe all these things are the side effects left behind when we human decided that we do not need God in life. Who knows? And who cares?


Saturday, December 27, 2008


Christmas this year was different from all the previous Christmas that i celebrated all these years in a way that, well, i'm more independent because i can finally drive!

The celebration in my church was kinda dull this year, maybe because i did not participate in anything thanks to STPM or maybe because after so many years, celebration seem kinda normal now.

Nevertheless, i also had a good time this year as i can celebrate it with people i care, doing things that we like.
I went to church on Christmas Eve night, then went out with Jia Yee and bumped into Yee Kheng and who else, Jocelyn!

Christmas morning was dull, and went McD for a good ol' Christmas Lunch.

Went to Mixed Cuisine at night and made a fool out of ourselves at Padang where we played a game which includes lots of running and screaming.
There were a lot of people staring at us wondering if we're a bunch of kids that escaped from Hospital Bahagia for a holiday too.

Enough said, i'll let the pictures do the talking.

The girl in the red shirt is the "dead chicken" (translate into cantonese please)

The spectators

The players

Getting drunk at Padang Ipoh

The fries i had for Christmas lunch

Whoops, look who's caught listening to phone during Christmas morning service

Jia Yee and the bear i gave her on 12.00am, Christmas day

Nope, that is not my son

Guess who is he talking to??

With Kah Nyan, Yee Kheng and etc outside of Miners Arm

No matter where we go, a photo is a must (taken in Miners Arm)

With her after Christmas Eve celebration in church


Even Santa dropped by!

I love the ponytail

Caught cam-whoring

Me, David, Kah Chun

How i wish....

Me and the bass!

Artitistic touch to the book

Praying before the whole thing starts

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hiking~! W00t

Never, never hike with your battle shoes (as in shoes that u wear out to "kill" gals). Especially after a rainy day or you risk your white and shiny shoes turning mud brown. Even the strongest detergent can't help you on that.

Well, at least i had a good time. It's been ages since i had a good exercise, i do not even have a decent sport shoe and that's why i had to resort to my battle shoes, and having the sweat pouring out again, well, its enjoying.

Not to mention spending some extra time together with my beloved monkey, LOL and if you guys have the time, try hiking at Kledang Hill, it's FUN.

Here are some pics:

The couple photo after the ascent

Ipoh View

Ipoh View

Group Photo!

There should be smoke coming from the back of they 2, but my camera wasn't good enough.

Hey, it's Mr. Millipede!

Look at the steps! *Pants*

Other pics whom i do not know how to name

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Back from Penang!

Just returned from the 53rd Chinese Diocesan Youth Camp yesterday and though it did not ignite much fire or make any significant change in myself, i still learned many things theoretically.
It was held in YMCA Penang this year but i was forced to sleep someplace else eventually, 800 meters far to be exact, due to the insufficient space at YMCA and as a result i missed out the all the fun that can happen at night and no, not those kind of fun ok?

One of the most memorable things of this camp is certainly the sessions. Yeah, when you can't go and court girls and get yourself noticed too much, you have to settle for the sessions.

I'm just joking, of course. This is my fifth time going to this camp and this sessions is entirely different. Different in a way that this session usually costs USD 1000 per person outside and for the first time in so many years, i manage to stay awake during the session which lasted 7 hours straight. And the only thing we ate was just 2 pieces of Gardenia bread.

Well, time to summarize what i have experienced and learned there.


1. True Love
Yeap, you read it right. I think the most valuable lesson that i learned is true love. Not those kind of boy-girl love that you may have in your mind.
It's a kind of love called the agape love. The love that Jesus said where you must love even your enemies.

Many of us may have known this theoretically already, but not many of us understand and even experienced it before.
To put it simple, the speaker had us playing this odd game where by the end of it, we were hugging each other and yes, boy-girl included.

The strange thing that when we hugged, its not the bad thoughts that come to your mind (i hugged with boys too okay!) but in fact its really a soothing and nice warm feeling.
He shared many touching stories throughout the game, and i realised that deep down inside, well everyone wants to be loved and love each other back.

In the end of the game, he challenged us to go back not to hug everyone in return, but to share the love with everyone else because well, everyone knows, love transcends all boundaries and after having experienced it, we got to understand it better.


2. The CENTER of your life

Another thing the speaker made me realised is that life is really stressed and harder to live if you're living it for yourself.
Many people may think that life is lived out for ourselves and as long as ourselves are happy and satisfied, nothing else matters.

Well, he challenged us to let Jesus be in charge of everything in our life and yes, that means that your phone isn't yours, your house isn't yours, everything isn't yours but Jesus.
Yeah, i now that this is something that is hard to digest considering our culture today where everything is about ourselves but the speaker gave a very perfect example.

Take your phone for example, if you own your phone (imagine the phone costing RM3000) and if you dropped it into the toilet bowl, imagine the pain your would feel. Piercing, isn't it?
But lets say the phone isn't yours but your friends, sure the pain of dropping the phone into toilet bowl is less intense right?

The same applies. When Jesus is in charge of everything of your life, well, living is much easier as someone is already taking care of everything and that includes your future, your wife, your finances and well, technically your life too.


That's roughly the few important lessons that i have learned.

The session also made me understand myself better by introducing the BEST technique which i'm pretty lazy to explain here because i'm afraid you'll be asleep by the time i finish.
Besides that, we also underwent an activity where all we can do is to just sit and listen to each other's heart felt feelings and tears were poured all around too.

Thats about all i guess, like i said, i'm too lazy to explain. I will be uploading some pictures from the camp as soon as the freaking phone cable starts to work. See ya all next time.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

" The Giant Is Down!! " as said by Mrs Yee

Finally the dreaded STPM is over!
Too bad i have just another 3 months of enjoying and not to mention working before beginning another phase of life which is life after school.

Cannot really believe that i'm more and more closer to the adulthood world.
Sigh i am really gonna miss life in uniform and like Peter Pan, i do hate growing up.
My IC may state that i'm already 19 years old in year 2009, but deep inside my heart and also in my brain, i'm just really a small little shy, cute and playful kid.
Okay, maybe not cute but nevertheless, i'm still a kid inside.

Besides, i still do not really know what may lie ahead of me.
The future sure seem dark and uncertain from my point of view now. It is so different from life as i know as a student.
All i ever do is wake up, eat, go school, come home, eat, tuition maybe, sleep and then resume the whole cycle again for years. The path seems so well laid and planned that i do not have to bother about planning about anything.

Second thing to worry about is money.
In school life, money just drop into the pocket from your parents. When you are an adult, there's no such thing as money from parents anymore. Sigh.

Well, no matter how much i whine, time will not turn back. Guess i have to start accepting the fact that i'm no kid no more. Sigh, i sure will miss my lollipops.

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