Thursday, January 29, 2009


God created many wonderful things for us in this life, and i think one of it would certainly be Dgi's Super SMS Plan. For only 50 cent a day, it can allow you to send unlimited number of SMSes to other 016 numbers. Pretty cool right?

Thanks to the plan, i could SMS non-stop this CNY which you normally have to every festive season, wishing friends, making plans of going where to hunt angpaus and keeping myself updated with the latest CNY gossips from friends. According to my phone's SMS counter, i have already sent an approximate 1500++ SMS just for this CNY. Fuh, imagine how much the bill would be like at 7 cent per SMS just for DIGI numbers.

And suprisingly, there is no lag in the network this year, i think DIGI has certainly done some upgrading, so well, i guess i have to thank the DIGI Yellowman for doing a job well done this CNY. Thanks!

p/s: LOL, seems like my blog is turning more and more into a promotional blog. Seriously, you can't blame me when i have alomost nothing to update about because believe it or not, i have not even took a picture for the whole CNY because my phone memory is busted. So i guess you guys have to endure this for now 1st.

But i promise you that the next post would not be another advertisement anymore. Well, unless that DIGI or Wimax decides to pay me some royalty for helping them advertise.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fed up of Streamyx?


Tired of the poor Streamyx speed and lags? Fed up with the poor services?

I'm sure you are because i do too. SO much for 100 mbps speed when actually what you are getting is not even 10% of it.
But what can we do? If we do not use Streamyx, what -myx can we turn to?


Come this March, a completely new technology is coming to Ipoh as our long awaited answer and its name is called Wimax!

Most of you would not know or maybe just heard a little about it before but Wimax is a name for wireless broadband technology that is relatively quite new in Malaysia. Only KL, Penang and other big cities are currently enjoying this service now, and currently the company that offers this service, P1, is deciding whther to branch in into Ipoh.

So peeps, if you are looking for another option besides Streamyx, i sincerely suggest using P1 Wimax. I would not be telling about the rates and speed because it would take an awfully long time, so i will recommend that you go to their website (click on the image below) to find out more.

Oh, and if you think that Wimax is good, you have to vote for your area to be included into their service area. So start voting!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Yes, i am SINGLE

Due to the overwhelmingly responses and questions that constantly bombard me since i changed my relationship status at facebook, i decided to try to explain briefly on what happen to those of you who eargerly wants to know the latest gossip.

Please do not message, call or msn me or Jia Yee regarding about this matter after this post anymore. Both of us would want to put this behind and move on so i hope you as our friend would understand.

For those of you who did not read this blog (you probably would not be reading this also) and still ask me or either Jia Yee, well we would have the rights not to tell you anymore details. Except if you're just friends with Jia Yee and not me.

Yes i am single and i broke up with her. It is not because of anything dramatic like those reasons you would find in Hong Kong TVB dramas.
It is just because we found ourselves too different from each other and, well, to be honest, i'm also not a very good boyfriend.

But me and her still are friends for now. Normal friends, that is. She's still working at the same place with me and i still send and fecth her back from work.

I guess all this would be sufficient enough as explanation. But if you still need to know about all those smaller details, well, you could tr asking me, just hope that my mood might be good enough to explain.


Monday, January 19, 2009

People just love tagging me T.T

I'm tagged, tagged and tagged again.

Actually it's just one tag, but it feels like a lot to me. It's not that i hate the person who tagged me
(Kam Wah), it's not his fault actually because i also tagged him once.

The person whom i hold grudges against the the idiot who invented the tag. Okay, maybe the person is not an idiot. He/she is pretty smart actually. Smart in a way that he/she managed to leave a LEGACY in And not to mention wasting the heck of our time.

Who actually reads tags anyway unless they're close to you? Strangers would not be interested about whom you ate strawberries with, in fact, i'm sure no many of your friends do either unless they are involved in the strawberry eating festival with you.

And that is why i'm gonna just mess up this tag just the same way i messed up with Ginn Yi's. (Did i get the name right this time? LOL, but Ginn Yee do sound nice XD)

1. Do you think you're hot ??
Human's Body temperature is 37 Celcius, is that considered hot?

2.Upload your favourite picture
(i deleted "of you" by purpose,in fact, i do everything with a purpose)

3.Why do you like that picture?
Because not everyone could wear a red underwear outside and save the world at the same time. And not everyone can wear a read underwear on the outside and have girls admiring their fashion sense.

4.When was the last time you ate pizza?
Why pizzas? Why not strawberries? Sorry, i'm just a rebelious kid.

5.The last song you listened to
A drama theme song which i do not know what name is that. I've been watching drama just now, that's why

6.What are you thinking besides this?
THAT, because opposite of this is that

7.What name you prefer besides yours?
Superman, Strawberryman sounds nice too

People to tag :-
a.) Tan Ginn Yi Yee
b.) My cat this time.. standard answer is *Meow*
c.) Zzzz Yee Kheng is tagged again =.=
d.) Hmm, Aaron Oo would be nice XD

8.Who is (a)
Since Kam Wah used the term homosapiens, i think i'll use the the homosexual

9.(c) having relationship with ?
Aha, i'm gonna answer this seriously for the 1st time, ahem, the name starts with "J"!
(The full name could not be revealed due to existing privacy laws in Malaysia, but i guess u all would know la)

10.Say something about (b)

11.What about (d)?
Someone that thinks that chicken would cross the roads for chick, refer to for details


Guess thats it for this time, this tag kinda sucks because it doesn't allow much creativity so to all my fans, SoRRy! Sorry if i disappointed you! (perasan-ing)

Oh and talking about chickens crossing the road, i can't manage to answer the question in full in Kam Wah's blog so i'm gonna do it here.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: Because everytime it crosses a road, hordes of people will pay attention. Heck, even Superman also doesn't get as much attention as the chicken when he crosses the road.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Work Work (Think of the human peasant from Warcraft)

Today was second day of work and i'm afraid that there would be no pictures, sorry lol, because what else? I am not allowed to take pictures during work.

I'm working as a telemarketer now, the kind of job where the telephone is one of your life companion, literally. I have to call companies, some of them real big, for example companies like Mid Valley Megamall, Mediacorp Publishing and Suria KLCC just to name a few, to promote my company's business.

It's not a job for the faint hearted to be honest, but luckily, i'm getting used to it. The fact that you're speaking through the phone makes the job much easier because you do not have to see the expression of the person you're speaking too and the worst case scenario only involves the customer slamming the phone and you'll end up with buzzing in your ears.

Well, the negative things aside, the job is pretty fun actually as you get to boost your self confidence and it teaches you how to speak effectively.

Oh not forgetting, to those of you who simply cannot stand telemarketers, please think from our shoes. Not all of us enjoy talking on the phone 24/7 and we have emotions too. If you really want to slam our phones, at least slam it gently after giving us maybe 10 seconds to talk. LOL

In conclusion (waiseh, sound like writing an essay), this job is much better than my previous jobs working in customer services like being a waiter. At least i have normal working hours with a few hours of personal time to spare and the best part is holidays during CNY!


Monday, January 5, 2009

Ouch.. tagged

Tagged. And Ginn Yee wants to see me mess this all up and to mess this all up, well, i have to let you guys know a secret.

I'm actually a Superhero! And being a Superhero, well, you get to know other Superheroes too, not to mention a few famous people whom i saved along the way. *Winks*

So here goes.

Name 15 closest people to you (including the person who tagged you if you think he/she is close to you) :

In random order and just listing whoever comes to my mind okay. Not necessarily close.

A: Peter Parker aka Spiderman
B: Clark Kent aka Superman
C: Tony Stark aka Ironman
D: Bruce Wayne aka Batman
E: Hairi aka Cicakman (i'm from Malaysia, of course i will get to know our own Buatan Malaysia's Superhero)
F: George Bush (I once saved him, you know)
G: Sue Storm, the girl who can go invisible in Fantastic Four
H: Storm, the girl who can control storms in X-men
I: Wolverine
J: Dragonflyman (Did not bother to get his real name, all he does is just bang into walls)

Oh and of course, i have my share of normal people i'm close to too, i don't live a Superhero life 24/7, you know.

K: My Dad
L: My Mum
M: My girlfriend, Jia Yee
N: My dog (can this be considered a person? cause he talks)
O: Oh and not forgetting my dear friend who tagged me, Mr Tan Ginn Yi

1. What is L's full name? [My Mum]
Yap Yin Kwan

2. What is your relationship with H? [Storm]
Fellow superhero, oh, and she has a crush on me, if you must know

3. What type of person is A? [Spiderman]
A person who freaks out every time i kill a spider =.=

4. How did you got to know B? [Superman]
We helped to kill Godzilla when it visited Ipoh a while back then (You'll understand if you always read my blog *winks*)

5.What does D wants to be when he grows up? [Batman]
Erm, He's already a grown up?

6. Is it possible for F and K to be married in the future? [George Bush and My Dad]
The last thing i want is George Bush being my mother after Obama steps up

7. Who is M's favourite actor or actress? [My girlfriend, Jia Yee]
Hmm, she certainly likes me acting XD

8. Does I have a boyfriend/girlfriend? [Wolverine]
*Please refer to Marvel Comics to catch up on the latest Gossip about him*

9. How is C's family background? [Ironman]
His whole family runs the arms business or so what the movie says

10. Have you kissed N before? [My Dog]
Nope, but i did kissed the person on top of N before XD

11. What is E's favorite drama? [Cicakman]
Documentaries about lizards, i guess

12. Did J ever make you angry before? [Dragonflyman]
Go watch the movie, i bet even you'll be angry at him, or maybe just annoyed, i dunno

13. What is G's occupation? [Sue Storm]
All these questions are common knowledge please, everyone knows she's now working as a Superhero in a team called Fantastic Four

14. Is O a funny person and did she ever make you laugh before? [Mr Ginn Yi]
Ermmmm... erm.... erm.... erm....

15. Is B pretty/handsome? [Superman]
You have girls swooning over him since the 1960s when his first movie came out, do i still have to answer that?

16. What is your saddest moment together with J? [Dragonflyman]
Not him again. Yeah, when he broke the walls of my house

17. Will C and L make a great couple? [Ironman and My Mum]
If they do, K will beat C up and I will beat C up too, who cares if he's Ironman

18. Is A clever or stupid? [Spiderman]
Erm... kinda. He loves to get bitten by spiders

19. Does K hate N? [My dad and My dog]
Only when N pees inside the house

20. Does E have any secret admirers? [Cicakman]
Tons of them, he even have a second movie out. I just could not understand why people would pick a lizard over me T.T

21. Did you argue with F before? [George Bush]
I did told him invading another country would be a stupid idea...

22. Who is M's favourite singer?[Jia Yee]

23. What are the happiest moments that you shared with I? [Wolverine]
When we both peep at H bathing (It's not my fault really, I is the guy who gave the idea!)

24. Who is O's best friend? [Ginn Yi]
He got tons of them, well, you can't blame him really, small kids do tend to befriend anyone

You must tag at least 3 people after you have finished answering all the questions.
1. My Dog (his standard answer: " woof ")
2.Suk Wai
3.Kam Wah

P/S: I HATE U GINN YI, You forced me to expose my secret T.T
And how dare you tag Yee Kheng before i do

Btw, i'm just joking bout the hate you part, i do love you actually, just that i can't get the chance to say it out loud in this tag


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