Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I thought that since today is Father's Day (Okay it was my friends who reminded me), it would be good for me to do something for my dad. I admit that when it comes to expressing our feelings, my family is nowhere near the lovey dovey type, being the typical traditional Chinese family, so I'm gonna skip the teary long distance call back home but instead I'm gonna blog about it, being the blogger I am.

So for this father's day, I think I'm going to do something special, something that I am good at doing, like writing a blog post, for example. A thank you blog post, to be exact. So dad, thanks for everything that you have done for me and is still doing for me today.

Thanks for all the bedtime stories that you've read to me when I'm young, it taught me a lot of moral lessons and making my world much more exciting and imaginative. It also taught me the fun of reading (and not forgetting all the books that you bought for me when I asked for it) which in turn taught me so much more.

Thanks for only speaking to me in English since I'm young, despite the overly Chinese environment that I grew up in, because it opened up an entire new world to me, a world that is different from what my peers experienced and for giving me the skills to go where I am today.

Thanks for insisting on signing me up for an English speaking Lasallian school because there, I learned to be competitive, I learned to dream big, I met with a lot of awesome people and it gave me so much great opportunities (NUS being one of it) and also the all great experiences that come with it (LEO, scout, prefects).

Thanks the long drives in your car with brother and sister during the weekends where you would bring us down roads we have not visited before, because it was exciting and fun but at the same time because it sparked the curiosity in me and taught me not to stick to a familiar and comfortable route in life, but rather to try the unknown sometimes. And it also brought us much closer through all the talks, jokes and stories that you share in the car.

Thanks caning the hell out of me whenever I got a result that was below your expectation, because you knew that I could do better and that alone has pushed me to achieve what I have today, studying in one of Asia's top university (although my grades now would result in more caning if I were still young).

Thanks for caning the hell out me too when you found out that I borrowed money (10 cents, I still remember) from my friend when I was in primary school. It taught me the dangers of falling into a habit of borrowing money and it certainly taught me a fiercely independent spirit to depend on myself and not borrow money from others.

Thanks for waiting for me in the wee hours of morning to fetch me back home every time I travel back, despite having work a few hours later.

Thanks for encouraging me to go for what I believe in, for letting me to study Psychology, despite what people around you might say (and what the general thinking is) because if I had chosen another course, I would have hated every moment in university and this had given me more opportunity to truly try out what I want and to enjoy my time in university.

I realized that when I was young and still growing up, I would resent you for all the decisions you made and the actions you took but now that I much more older, I finally understood the rational and reason you had for everything. And if you had chose to do things differently, I may not end up where I am today. So yeah, thanks dad, for everything. And Happy Father's day.


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