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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Of Politics and Adidas

If there were a competition today to find out which race have an insecure self esteem problem, the Malays would win hands down. Not the Malays in Singapore or Indonesia, i'm just meaning the Malays in the so called "Tanah Melayu" or Malay Land in the literal translation.

Before you start accusing me of being a racist, i need to clarify that i don't mean all the Malays in Malaysia, just the majority of them whom i always see at headlines making all those racist statements. Just yesterday i saw another piece of news stating that more than 50 Malay NGOs have formed a so called "consultative body to defend Malay rights, Islam", which is one of the prove why that i say Malaysian Malays can win the inferior complex competition hands down.

You see, Malaysia already have every imaginable measures to "defend Malay rights", from the country's constitution, economic policies (NEP), quotas (entrance to university) and even discounts when buying house. Yet time and time again they keep harping that other races are out to get them, their rights are being eroded, their country is being taken away and so much more.

If this is not paranoia to the extreme, i don't know what is.

I keep wanting to believe that moderate Malays back in Malaysia form the majority. People like Datuk Zaid Ibrahim or even Nik Aziz, who believes in moderation and tolerance, not screaming kill every time they see a Chinese. Sadly, this does not seems to be the case because it is the racist people who dominates the top cabinet or government post in Malaysia. People who believe in race superiority.

People like Rais Yatim, the famously notorious Information Minister. After making his famous "Tweeter and Facebook is BAD for society" statement, which helped to put Malaysia on the world map because the topic became Tweeter's top 3 most tweeted topic, he is back with another plan to make Malaysia famous. 

"Malays urged not to marry Westerners", he says.
Another move to make Malaysia one of the joke hubs in the world. Since when our dear Information Minister decides to become a marriage counselor? And he's just using statistics from a Malay sociologist to make his statement. Well, like all UMNO Ministers, i don't expect him to have any brains. He has failed to take into account why marriage with Westerners don't turn out well. Is it because Westerners are really bad or is it your country's draconian law that requires a person to convert to Islam if he/she decides to marry a Malay the problem? Have you used data from Singapore or Indonesia to verify your point?

Sigh, judging from the current events, i don't think Malaysia is heading anywhere near good with these paranoid racist people in charge. So much for the information age helping to educate people. But i guess that when you choose to be ignorant to the facts that it is not other races that suck, or sucking has nothing really to do with races anyway, just your mentality, no matter how much information i give you also useless. Like they say, ignorance is a bliss, which may be one of the key factors UMNO choose to be ignorant.

The thing that i fear most?
Another racial riot sparking out again. Because looking at history, whenever in a country there's this racial superiority or racial paranoia going on, and without any measures to stop it, it's bound to get bloody. Look at the Holocaust in Germany, look at the genocide at Rwanda between the Tutsi and Hutu, the massacre of Armenians in Turkey or the May 13 racial riots in Malaysia. Yes, i'm comparing these few events together, because they all share the same elements. 

All these started when a particular race begins to feel unease towards each other, thinking that the race they belong to are genetically more superior then others when science has proven otherwise. When people start believing the lies of the authorities saying that they should protect the rights of their race. When although living together for so many years, sharing so many things together, they decide that all of these do not matter compared to the matters of their race. When they decide that killing is the only reasonable way out.

Of course, this would be a worst case scenario. But i'm just afraid. I hope none of these will come true, that more reasonable Malaysians will stand up and fight these blatant racism practiced by these goons who think using their skin color.  Like the old saying goes, the only way for the bad guys to win is for the good people to do nothing. Which i hope is not going to be the case in Malaysia.

As for me, i will do my part. I will register as a voter and go back to vote no matter how hard it is for me come 2013. Like what the handsome Gandhi said, be the change you want to see in people. And for Malaysian readers who feels the same way as me, i hope you will to. Lets not sit and fold our arms while we watch our beloved country sink. At least let us do something to somehow salvage or fight for whatever we believe in. A diversified but yet harmonious Malaysia. The Malaysia we all knew and want it to be.


On a much lighter note, and i know i've been bragging too much about this already, but i couldn't really resist. Because this is really my first time buying a branded good.

I've got myself a cool Adidas bag!

Well, it's white, which means it can get dirty quite easily but i really loved the design. Besides, i got it at a bazaar at my uni at a quite reasonable price. Another reason why i like NUS so much, there's always bazaar with cheap sales and you don't have to walk far for it because it's all in campus! You can even go shopping during class breaks!

Anyway, the bag costs SGD 48.30, which is around RM 95+ like that, which i don't know is a good price or not, because this is really my first time buying a brand like Adidas (to be honest, i never had any Nike or Adidas before) so i don't really know price which can be considered to be cheap. 

But from the colors, design and the fact that i don't have to take any transport out from campus and waste time buying it, i think it's quite worth it. Wohoo~!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Life is really about our choices.
If we choose to be lazy, we can blame no one but ourselves. Nothing to do with being born with the lazy gene or whatsoever. I'm the person that believes we control our life, not me being controlled by life.
We shape the life we are in.

So no more excuses of procrastinating!
If not i'm gonna fail my exams again!
Chiong ah!

2 lines

Time really flies in uni.
Maybe it's because i'm too numbed by all the assignments, stress and competition to feel anything?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don Juan De Mercado - 情人眼裏高一D

After finally finishing, or at least half of it, one of my tons of assignments, i decided to chill a while and watched some TVB drama since i'm already half asleep in those heaps of words.

I have stopped TVB drama for some time now since breaking up with my old girlfriend, the TV and starting a new relationship with my new partner, the laptop. Besides, i realized that almost all TVB dramas share almost the same storyline. After a few years of watching, you can practically guess how a particular drama will end. Even if the drama have a nice storyline, the long episodes is somewhat a killer. Anything beyond 20 episodes is considered long for me. Because they'll delve in the same conflict again and again just to keep the audience. Obviously they don't have people like me in mind as audience.
I accidentally stumbled on this mini drama when i was back in Ipoh slacking for a week. Surprisingly, this drama is not like any ordinary drama. It only has 6 episodes with each of the episodes a short 20 minutes long with exception to the first and last episode. Which means i don't have to waste an entire hour glued in front of the TV.

The drama is called Don Juan De Mercado in English or 情人眼裏高一D in Cantonese.

My friend said that this drama is made especially for the CNY + Valentines period.

In the series, our hero is normal vegetable seller who since young has been ridiculed, discriminated and laughed at because of his looks. Although he has an angelic singing voice, in this harsh world where we all live in, we cannot deny that looks indeed is valued more than anything. Try as he might, people still judge him by how he look. In the midst of his unhappiness he found a magical chocolate that will transform him into a handsome looking person for 24 hours. With a new look, he was able to attain fame, wealth and a celebrity girlfriend in the process. He could finally do what he have always wanted to do, which is singing on top of a stage which he cannot have done so previously because of his looks. However, like all chocolates, it soon ran out. When he was running out of idea of what to do, the person who invented the chocolate appeared in front of him and gave him 2 choices: either Eat another chocolate that will make him remain handsome forever, or Return to who he really was originally.

Of course, for the ending, you have to see it for yourself. The story is also interlaced with a love story in it. Our hero found himself stuck between a pretty celebrity that loves him for who she wants him to be, the handsome him, and a not so pretty one that loves him for who he is. 

I must say this is a real good drama series. It has both comedy and romance in it. Plus you do not have to devote a lot of time to chase all the episodes. 

Besides, it also has a hot actress called Christine Kuo!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Shooting Sadistic Movies

I hate bus rides. 
Bus rides that take longer than 5 hours.
And you have to go through it alone.
Plus the driver has no sense of good movie and decides to show it on the bus TV.
He also decides that a loud volume would be good too.
To make matters worse, i'm sitting in the front row of the bus.
So trying to sleep is definitely not an option because you'll be waken up by the blinding flashes of light or the loud volume.
 My worst bus ride since i started bus rides to Singapore. 

King Kong by Peter Jackson. I thought it'll be a great movie since he's the person who brought LOTR into the big screen and made it a hit.
Turns out to be a disaster.

Wasted 2 or 3 hours my time making me sit through such torture. Throughout the whole movie i was just wishing for either King Kong, Naomi Watts or the director in the movie to just get killed by something and end my misery. It's funny how some movie make everyone die in every imaginable way except the person that you want dead most. Movies.

SAW is another series of movie that i hate. 
Everyone dies except the guy that you want him dead the most. If he dies, the world would be a better place where you don't have to get dragged by your friends to watch other people dying in the every creative manner. If i want to see people dead, i can just flip open the newspapers. Movies are supposed to provide a sense of escapism, to make you feel good, not disgusted. But well, who knows, there may be a sadistic inside each of us.

Sometimes i just wish i could do the same to the directors who enjoy killing people in their film.
Just to see if they enjoy it if they were the ones getting killed / tortured.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

72 Tenants of Prosperity

What's a Chinese New Year without a good ol' Hong Kong TVB drama?
Due to the fact that CNY usually = no tickets + long queues, i decided to do a little high tech thing this year, which is online booking!

It was surprisingly easy considering that we're booking tickets for a cinema in Malaysia online, where almost nothing works online because we all know how fast Malaysia's internet speed can be. And even if you have a good internet speed, you have to deal with the even slower people operating the internet. But i must commend TGV on the efficiency of their online booking system. Maybe all is not lost for Malaysia's online world. All i had to do is to register the account, activate the account, grab my dad's credit card (with his permission, of course), choose my seats and voila, it's all done. I just have to pay only an extra RM 1 as booking fees, which is cheap as i do not have to waste my time and petrol money to go out there and buy the tickets. Not bad! Next time i'm gonna use the same way again when watching movie in Ipoh. It's quite a shame that their mobile phone billing system don't work though.

A lot of my friends recommended this movie, 72 Tenants of Prosperity, saying it was really funny and worth watching. Even my mum, who rarely supports the idea of watching movie in cinema, wants us to all go and watch this movie. Since she's paying for me, i decided to tag along and see if a movie with 170+ Hong Kong famous actors/actresses is really that good.

At almost 2 hours, i can say that the movie is quite nice overall. Being a typical CNY movie, you can expect many laughs and jokes from it. The only sad thing is with so many stars inside a movie, you cannot really focus because there's so many people you have to focus on. There are even some stars that i saw in the poster but not in the movie because their appearance time is too short for me to notice them. The movie also seems to move at a strangely fast pace, which keeps throwing jokes after jokes at you without really allowing time to breath and savor the movie.

Some jokes and gags also requires you to be familiar with the normal TVB drama series too. One example would be the cameo appearance of "Laughing Gor".

If you're not up with the current TVB drama series, you would be in the dark of why he is called "Laughing Gor" and why from a gangster he could become an undercover police in the 72 Tenants movie. Must thank my sister for making me sit through all those hours of TVB Astro On Demand. At least i still can get some jokes. But being the banana i am, there are a lot that i missed out too.

Technical matters aside, it's still a movie worth watching. A movie with a storyline about two best friends who falls in love with a same girl and end up being rivals after tossing a coin to decides who marries the girl, who both opens a mobile phone shop opposite of each other to show who's the best, who both have their children falling for each other despite the parent's rivalry is a sure recipe of success. Add in a little conflict in which an outside element threatens both their shops, and you'll get a good movie. The laughter, jokes and gags are so abundant in the movie you'll be laughing non-stop during the whole 2 hours of the movie. Besides, where else will you find so many TVB stars together in 1 movie?

So if you're a person who likes Hong Kong comedy movie or TVB dramas, this is the movie for you.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ipoh Rantings

I cannot believe it! I have been offline for 2 days straight (i think) in a very very long time. Didn't realized how addicted i was to the internet (eg Facebook, blogging) until i came back Ipoh. As my house have no wireless router and my neighbour refuses to part with his password, i have no choice but to wait til everyone is asleep to use the computer with the internet access. If not, i would have to endure  a wrestling match with my brother or a debate with my sister to secure the rights to use this pesky desktop. Most of the time, i would just skip all this and play with my laptop games.

My new gaming spot, transformed from a piano bench.

Speaking of my laptop, i think it is seriously the time to delete some games from it. The reason is because even my brother can sit on hours without end playing my laptop. And it's supposed to be a uni student's laptop. 

Look at all the Jolly Shandy he drank. No wonder i find it hard to un-glue myself from this laptop too.

Most of my days (and nights) in Ipoh were spent on everything but studying. The 2 books that i brought back is still sitting in my bag. Makes me wonder why on Earth did i sweat and pant while carrying the bag just because i wanted to bring 2 books back "in case" i want to study. And i can't leave the books back here at Ipoh. Which means i have to sweat and pant again carrying the freakingly heavy bag thanks to the textbooks when i go back to Singapore. Next year, i'm gonna bring only the lightest textbook back. or get my self an e-book. Or bring a packet of cards instead.

Because during CNY, wherever we go, we play cards. Even outside during "yum cha" period. Michelle is having so much fun playing Asshole Dai Di in Station 1 Cafe in this photo.

As i was uploading photos from my phone just now, i stumbled across 4 photos of the same person in it. In roughly the same pose. Guess who is it?

Jia Yee! Hmm, maybe i can start a photo taking and uploading service using my phone.

Never leave your phone unattended.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Don't Drink and Blog

I’m still waiting for an answer. An answer that I hope I would not have to wait forever to get it.

I wonder why sometimes the world must use such unfair standards when it comes to judging people. Why a guy have to be as handsome as Edward Cullen, as athletic as Christiano Ronaldo, rich as Bill Gates, as smart as Albert Einstein or as talented as Adam Lambert in order to be liked by others? Why can’t someone who has nothing of the above, but is able to offer his whole heart in its place receive the same treatment as those who have the attributes that are mentioned above? Physical attributes, such as looks or talents, are often determined by birth while the capacity to show love for example, needs many years of hard work to truly learn the meaning of it. So why we often choose something that is pre-determined before birth over something that’s needs to be learnt and cultivated?

Sometimes I think that the world use a very unfair standard to judge people. We are often not judged by how we think or how we feel, but rather by how we look or how we dress. But who am I to complain? The world is set like this and there’s really no point in fighting it. Cheers to a *%$#@* world.

 I'm writing under a partial influence of alcohol.
Pardon me for the strong language used.

Monday, February 15, 2010

CNVY: Chinese New Valentines Year

Normal people go to relatives house, the grandparents especially, but for me, it is my culture to visit my church for Chinese New Year service every year. Strange, right?

St Michael's and All Angels Church, Kampung Tawas, Tasek, Ipoh, Kinta Valley, Perak, Malaysia, Southeast Asia... 19 out of 20 years of my life were spent here. My second home, i guess.

Even the inside of the church have Chinese New Year decorations. Who said that a Chinese Christian must forget about your Chinese roots? This is what you call localization mah...

During Chinese New Year, i'm sure all of the people who celebrates Chinese New Year will get a new set of clothes. It's sort of compulsory. With the dawn of technology, namely the camera and social networking sites, this can only mean one thing...
Cam-whore time!!

I'm not really good at cam-whoring, and  along with my other buddies who don't cam-whore so much, well, it's not a really good thing.

Attempt 1: Fail

Attempt 2: Fail also...

Attempt 3: Fail too because photographer says we look like dunno what...

Attempt 4: The photographer gave up already. She say the both of us (who were sitting by the side) really no hope. Sad. I didn't know that you need a degree to cam-whore

Eventually after reading Cam-Whore for Dummies which one of my friend happily borrowed me after seeing our desperate attempts, i did manage to get some good shots.

Ok lah, though face did not make it but at least the shirt did...

 Took a MTV photo as a custom. The IDLJ band (Ivan Goh, David Wong, Luke Phang, Jimmy Ng). The LJ have nothing to do with Lan Jiao btw...

Did not forget to take some pictures with our church's pretty ladies. 




Went back my grandfather's house for lunch after the church service.


You can guess the amount of people at my grandfather's house from the number of shoes + slippers

My cousin's son. Mix of Chinese + Japanese. Future handsome guy oh

When the lunch and relative chit chat is finished, we called all of our friends to prepare for the next important job. Which happens to be angpau hunting! So a few dozen of us packed into a few cars and headed out.


House 1 - Michael's + Michelle's + Matthew's 

Michael emo-ing because David spoiled his bathroom door

House 2

House 3 - Anna's. Noticed my camera in time to pose =.=


House 4 - Rachel's 

Looks like someone is tired after all the angpau hunting

But someone is still hungry after so many houses visited


Last house visited before we all had to go back for dinner. Special til we need to sit outside. Haha

That concludes my first day of CNY! At least the part with sun. Still have tons of assignments to do but i doubt i will have the time considering the fact that i'm now out 24/7. Geng ah.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

First Day in Ipoh!

My first day back in Ipoh was mostly spent at my good ol' house because i wanted to be a good boy and sit around house. If not i can expect a home lecture from mum which goes like, "First day back in home so fast want go out with friends already. Now is family more important or friends more important?". Another reason of me sticking around house would be the absence of credit from my phone. Which means i can't call any of my friends to go out. I should really get the Super Long Life plan from DiGi.

I did manage to sneak out from my house a while after the reunion dinner. Thanks to my buddy David who still remembered me. Went out with my church friends to a newly built chill out area in Ipoh. A place called De'Garden if i'm not mistaken. Sounds classy, and certainly looks classy from the outside too.

Outside view. First time see such a nice place in Ipoh

One of their design concepts. Certainly have some CNY feeling because of the red colour

Since it's the first time most for most of us here, we took a walk around to check out the area. I must say this place has a quite elegant and cool look to it. Certainly different from much of the normal areas we Ipoh youths are used to. 

The toilets are so classy and un-Malaysian (which means it's very clean) that even me and David decides to camwhore in it. Just to understand the feel of why girls like to take pictures in the toilet.

Turns out to be quite fun til we choose to take 2 pictures. Until a uncle walked in with a strange look on his face staring at us. I bet he must be thinking "WTF??".

There's even a waterway with lights which Miss Stella Chong happily agreed to pose beside.

Saw this big jeep in the parking lot. Looks like the guy who own this jeep just came down from a mountain trip or something.

The benefit of having SMART. Can park wherever you like without much hassle. Even my Kancil lose to it

Does this guy look strangely familiar?
Hmm, looks like Colonel Sanders tried selling coffee before he sold fried chicken. Well, like they say, if you can't succeed at one thing, there's always other better choices.

I seriously need to buy a camera that takes good photo under bad lighting.

Culture of Malaysian teenagers. Always wait til last minute to find out where should we sit down, eat, drink and talk cock. Pictured here is a mini meeting at work. 
"Eh, we forgot to choose where we would like to drink..."

 Eventually chose the nearest cafe where we were having a mini meeting.

Coffee T.O.S Bistro. Looks classy on outside

The design inside is quite nice too. An ambient environment. Until we saw the menu.

Classy cafe of course means classy price right? Wahliao eh... even my Singaporean standard also can't take this. RM 3.50 for iced coffee? Better go 'mamak' stall and drink. 

We did however, ordered some drinks but no food. Luckily all of us had reunion dinner. Some of us were still hungry though, so we did what sensible people would normally do. Second round! At mamak stall!

My favorite mamak stall near where i live, Tasek. Called Naina Mohamed. We like to call it Jalina though. The reason why still eludes me

 Maggie goreng that deserves to be called maggie goreng. Beats all Singaporean maggie goreng hands down. Well, as much as Singapore is better than us in many aspects, at least our mamak food still taste better than them. Malaysia Boleh! 

And i'm a happy man by the end of the day. Coming back to Ipoh sure is a fun thing to do. Will be attending church tomorrow. Can't wait for the time to collect $$$ and not to mention showing off the best set of clothes i can get for the entire year. 

Oh not forgetting, i would like to wish all my loyal blog readers, friends and pretty girls a Happy Happy Romantic Valentines Chinese New Year!

P/s: For pretty girls who are feeling lonely this Valentines, you can always find me cause i'm SAD! Single, available and desperate! My number is +6014-Lukey-is-Handsome! Girls only oh, guys are not welcomed...

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