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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Working Woes

Horror movies are scary.  I don't mean those kind of horror movies with a long haired girl in a white dress chasing you around.  Those movies are actually quite nice, i think.  Because i seldom get a girl chasing me around.  In fact, i have none! It it me who have to do all the chasing around here when it comes to girls.  A pretty girl with long hair going after you may not be such a bad thing after all.

What i'm talking about are horror movies that talk about real life.  One particular one would be the movie "Just Follow Law" starring Gurmit Singh aka the famous contractor in Singapore, JB and some say Batam and Fann Wong.  The movie is directed by the famous Singapore director, Mr Jack Neo who brought us movies like "I'm Not Stupid" and "Ah Long Pvt Ltd".


The movie shows us the reality about working in the corporate sector, especially about office work.  Among the horrors that i found about corporate sector in the movie involves the mundane lifestyle, the overly troublesome bureaucracy, repetitive meetings and the constant office politics.  When the office is not a war zone, it's something like a torture chamber which is designed to torture you through routine.

I never liked office work to start with.  I have always pictured office cubicles to be something like this:

But if i do not work in an office, what can i work as?  Maybe it's time to start planning.  Googling "non-office jobs" returned me with some queer results. Well, like they say, the first step to anything is to visualize yourself in that position.  Among the 5 non office jobs on the list.

Brad Pitt seems to be a very good example.  Aside from being married to the sexiest person on Earth, he have to live up with all the kind of kids she adopted.  Erm, maybe that is not a very good idea.  I'll pass.

I have extreme fear of heights.  Flying an airplane which means going higher than ever which is pure horrifying.  Pass!

JOB 3: HENCHMAN (Gangster)
Pass, because my mother would never approve of it.  Besides, there's also a high possibility that my dad will kill me first before i have the chance to hit the streets.

 If i were to depend on blogging for revenue, i would starve to death.  Because after so many years of running this blog, the revenue that i have generated through ads is only two puny dollars.  Pass!

Too much sun, pass.  Parents would kill me again, pass x 2.  Salary wise, erm, pass too.

Looks like non-office work have nothing much to offer too.  Sigh, why is finding a decent work where you'll enjoy is so hard?  Well, after thinking about it for a couple of hours, i have decided to pack my bags, leave this place and return to my old job.

Which is being a Jedi! Time to hop on to my X-Wing and head on home!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Gay Trip wid Xian You

Like the title suggests, me and Mr Lim Xian You went for a gay trip together halfway across Singapore because i'm bored of my hostel and needed some fresh air.  Gay trip not because we are homosexual gays but because there were only two of us handsome guys who went out.  And like they said, all handsome guys are gay and thus the "Gay Trip" name.  Wanted to choose "Handsome Trip" but decided not in case people who think i'm otherwise do something horrible to me.

Skipped one lecture as a result, but wasn't important anyway, because the lecturer speaks alien and Xian You was much worse than me by skipping 3 lectures in one go.  Among the highlights of this gay trip were:

Since it was a gay trip, i decided to wear pink so it would match the occasion.  Like wearing red during Chinese New Year.  Besides, the International Gay Association states that for a gay trip, at least one of the participants must be in gay colour

Brought a Biological Psychology textbook in case i want to study, a packet of tissue paper in case i need to go toilet and the toilet do not have any tissue paper and a bottle of water in case i got thirsty.  Ended up only touching the water bottler and the textbook was just to make my bag heavier

Sat in a bus... (that's Xian You, btw)

Saw Mr Raymond Chua who is very shy to have his picture taken, dunno why...

Sat in a very crowded SMRT train...

Sat in a bus again with Mr Lim Xian You again, and this time the bus uses natural air-cond which means there's no air-cond which means it's really hot which means i sweat a lot...

Camwhored in the no air-cond bus

Went to Yuenos or Yunos or Yuinoes (i've just been here less than a year so i'm still quite blur about all the places name) to have a very expensive Mickey mouse fixed... i mean the computer mouse...

I saw this in the place where Mr Xian You sent his Mickey, i mean Orochi (the name of his mouse) to be fixed.  Judging from what they post, i'm pretty sure this is not the best place to work in

Went to Bugis Junction after that to do some shopping.  This is where the gay part comes in.  Can you imagine two guys go shopping?  And one of them is wearing pink...

Guess what, it's almost Valentines!  Since i have no girlfriend and currently have no target, maybe i could buy some stuff for my gay partner... or maybe not...

My spoils of the day!  1 Lux body shampoo and 2 Gillette razorblades.  Wanted to buy drumsticks but they do not have music stores in Bugis Junction.  Sad...

And thus, that ends the Gay Trip with Xian You was officially declared ended by 5.15 pm.  Sometimes it's nice doing some random stuff to add colours to your life.  Wouldn't be that boring then.  

And oh btw, i'm not gay.  Just to clarify.  =)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

LOL = Laugh Out Loud (Part III)

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"And so, the valiant hero, whom is known across the land as Aldous Adrian de Castro, fought on and on to secure what he believes is rightfully his.  The right to control his wife's access to friends.  Summoning all his might, he delivered his final blow in hope to defeat the antagonist. And so he used the Ultimate Hollow Attack, which tries to confuse the victims mind through the use of bombastic language which contains no meaning, on the antagonist..."

"And at last, after long hours of battle, our hero thought he'd finally won.  His ultimate attack worked, or so he thought, as he watched the still figure of the antagonist.  The antagonist did not return his attack and remained still as a tree.  He felt proud that his mighty enemy has finally fallen under his feet.  
He could have chosen to leave if he had wanted too.  But intoxicated with feelings of self glory, he made a costly mistake.  He launched yet another attack towards the the supposedly defeated antagonist..."

"Imagine his horror when the supposedly defeated antagonist stood up after he decided to attack again.  In a blink of the eye, the antagonist lunged forward and unleashed his fury after being almost bored to death by the hero.  It seems like he was not defeated after all in the first place.  He had just fallen asleep in the midst of the Boredom Attack..."

"Caught off guard, Aldous Adrain de Castro tried to retaliate..."

"But the antagonist was prepared for what is coming..."

"Our hero decided that enough was enough.  There's a limit of which a person can take so he looked to his right, to his left and took off as fast as his legs can carry him.  But not without leaving some remarks to at least save some of his dignity..."

"And like any other story, our hero must return to the embrace of his lover.  Did they lived happily ever after as all love stories end?  Did his girlfriend admire him for his courage to stand up and fight against the evil antagonist?"

"As Mr Aldous Adrian de Castro came to learn, not everything can be solved through excessive display of testosterone, especially when it comes to the matter of love.  The end."


LOL = Laugh Out Loud (Part II)

For the original post, click here.

"And so, the husband fought on and on with the antagonist, knowing that he could win, that he has truth on his side. However, the more he fought, the more he realized that the antagonist is not as weak as he thinks. And so, he decided to use his real powers, and unleashed his true face..."


"He thought by revealing his true face, he could intimidate the antagonist to leave and issue an apology for having the courage to accept the maiden's request for a friendship.  He even went as far as to struck where the antagonist would feel the most pain, by attacking the antagonist's personal space, his blog.

How wrong he was.  Besides failing to achieve what he had in mind, the antagonist fought back with more vengeance and amusement as he have never seen such a foe before who only knows how to ramble without using any brains"

"Although the antagonist appears to be strong, the hero knew that the answer lies in relentless attacks, though it may be stupid.  The answer lies not in outsmarting the antagonist, because the hero stood no chance if the battle were to based purely on wits.  He had to tire and bore the antagonist with personal attacks which hold no content and is downright empty.

This time, he was right.  The antagonist grew tired of the fight due to the fact that the hero is at a completely different level than the antagonist.  And that level happens to be a child play level.  So the antagonist decides to take a rest and save his time from arguing with a child.

And so, the hero managed to chase the antagonist away from making anymore advancement.  At least for today, because he knew that his wife is too hot for the taking and he knew that with his caliber, he is unable to leave his wife alone because the sight of any other guy drives him nuts with paranoia."


I thought of continuing this post the second day.  But since so many people wanted me to continue, well, here is it.  Besides, i couldn't really resist not posting all these stuff up.

P/s:  I'm thinking on whether to continue playing with this guy or not.  Because he can seriously bore me with his arguments.  This is the first time i see someone argue with no essence at all.  I ask something, he answer something else.  It's like a duck trying to communicate with a chicken.  But if you all want to see more, well, i don't mind prolonging this

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

LOL = Laugh Out Loud

Note: Please read the following paragraph with the voice that you will usually here from the narration of an epic movie, like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter to achieve the full effects of this post. 

"Once upon a time, there was this teenage couple who are very loving.  Although they have yet to reach the age of marriage, they have made a promise to each other that when the time comes, the first thing that they gonna do is to run into a church and get their vows done.  Thanks to a magical tool called Facebook, they were able to declare their love to each other by stating that they are married to each other on their Profile Pages.

However, like all love stories.  Happily ever after is just confined in those soppy Disney fairy tales.  A antagonist soon appears in a form of a long lost friend whom the girl sends a friend request to.  The "husband", sensing that their happily-ever-after is threatened, did what a "husband" should do to protect his lover.

He deleted the antagonist from his girlfriend's friend list using the magical key called password that he had obtained from the girl using the reason that all lovers should share their Facebook account like how they share a house (they haven't bought a house yet, mind you, because they have yet to reach the legal age).  Not only that, he sent a flurry of angry Facebook messages to keep the antagonist away...."

Well, only to be met with a problem.  The antagonist happens to own a blog and it happens to be me.  So like any "bad guys", i'm gonna post the exchange of the angry messages just to let you all be the judge.



I've heard of over-controlling boyfriends before from all the horror stories like "Honey, I know what you did on Facebook"  but this is the first time i have a heads on encounter.  Not bad, i sure did not know that my face pose such a threat to their relationship.

Maybe because i'm too handsome?

p/s: And btw, girls please seriously don't get a bf like that or risk losing all your friends.  Guys like him needs professional help

Monday, January 25, 2010


One of my friend mentioned to me that one of the essence of a successful blog is the ability to talk cock.  Not in the sense of talking to a chicken or start making rooster sounds, if you're not a Malaysian or Singaporean, because talk cock happens to be another Manglish or Singlish word invented by the creative minds of people in these countries who want to be proficient in English but ends up confusing it with other languages.  Word's like "-lah", "-loh" are a classic example that Malaysians and Singaporeans often forget that words from Malay, Hokkien or Cantonese should stay Malay, Hokkien or Cantonese.

 A typical cock cocking (please don't get the wrong ideas)

Of course, before i start talking cock, i must be able to define what is talk cock in case an ang moh (foreigner) decides to stop by my blog.  Globalization-mah, must know how to globalize my product!

According to Wiktionary (sheesh, they have almost Wiki for everything nowadays, before you know it, they will start Wiki-ing about things like.... like.... gosh, i can't even think of things they have not Wiki yet, even the word "shit" has a Wiki page.  Maybe it's time to do a Wiki of my own, but that will be in another blog post) Talk Cock basically means: To talk nonsense or engage in idle chatter.

So, i guess a blog post have to be nonsense to be good?  That explains why i enjoy doing nonsense (as my secondary school teacher would have put it) rather than doing things like concentrating on the teacher teaching.  You couldn't really blame me for that because it is not my fault that she chooses to focus her attention talking to the wall rather than me.  So naturally my focus will drift off to somewhere else more important.  Like adding to the beautiful works of art on my table.  One of it would be a portrait of the teacher's face in a rather "Picasso" manner.

Or should i "engage in idle chatter"?  So guess what i have to do is to grab a cup of coffee, head to the nearest water dispensing machine and chatter away.  Wait, that is what they do in work place.  Guess i just have to settle for in front of my room's mirror.

"Hey Mr Luke, how are you?"
 "I'm fine, thank you.  And do you look goooood today"
"You too Mr Luke the second.  I guess we both share the same good looking genes"
"Oh, sure we do handsome.  Sure we do"

Ok, this is getting creepy.  If i want to self praise, i have my friends as audience for that.  In fact, every time the phrase "I am handsome" pops up, i'm the first person to pop into their mind.  Of course, it can be either of i'm really handsome or i have to start cutting down on self praise activity.

And of course, like all activities, talking cock must have an end too.  For now, i have to take my rest and eat the chicken (or cock?) rice that i have take away for my dinner.  This is my first attempt and cock talk, but it certainly will not be the last, provided i do not get thrown by eggs for a cock post.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pain in the back!

Finally, i'm gonna update something about my life!  Didn't got to sleep the whole night yesterday because some of us decided to be macho.  Macho in the sense that we thought we could swim without sunblock around 10 am to 12 pm in our university swimming pool.  The results?  Sunburn!  And it's pain!  My whole back is now flaming red and every time someone pat me on my shoulders, i will jump to the ceiling.  I am now sadly also resigned to sleeping on my sides, for the whole night in the same position or risk jumping out the bed because of the pain.
Lesson learned?  Sunblock every time you swim!

Suggestion for their new ads: "You can't be macho if you're sunburned!"

Watched the movie Fireproof again (original post about the movie HERE) but this time was not with any Christian friends or in any Christian groups, instead it was 3 of my hostel best buddies Jason, Kok Weng and Huang Hua.  Wanna thank you guys again for the second time for willing to spend time and watch the movie.  I understand that sometimes people wouldn't like Christian things very much because well, sometimes Christians can be quite annoying in spreading the gospel.  
But when you have found something good in life, for example a good movie or ways to get perfect results every time you sit for exams, of course you wanna share with your friends.  Because happy things in life are worth sharing and not worth keeping alone.  There's sure to be a reason why some of us are so die hard in telling everyone about Christianity, even when we might be rejected or when we might be labeled as Christian freaks by our friends.  So hope you all understand.  Most importantly, hope you all will learn something from the movie, even with the Christian messages aside.  Especially about the love your partner part even when there is no reward.

Well, guess that's all about my life updates now.  Will talk update more in the next post!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I took a bus today.  It was like any bus on the outside, but once i stepped in, i was greeted by the driver of the bus, "Hello, welcome and good morning!".  It wasn't only me alone, for every passenger that stepped into his bus, he greeted each and everyone of them.  With a smile.  And when it was time for me to get down from my destination, he turned around, thanked me and wished me a nice day.  It was not my first time taking his bus either, so i knew he had been doing this for like almost all of his career as a driver.

From the bottom of my heart, i salute and admire him.  Because i know that if i was in his place, i will have not found the courage and motivation to be kind to others day after day.  Like any normal human, i expect rewards every time i do something good.  I expect people to take notice of me.  And if i do not get any returns, i will give up and see no point in being kind anymore.  Because it's not worth it.  But this driver is different, he is doing it not because of some greater reward nor for others to take notice of him.  Even if some passengers ignored him, he did not give up.  Day after day, year after year.

Because he knew by being kind, he could brighten up a person's day.

I wished i could say the same for myself.  Even with my friends, whenever i give in to them, i expect them to give in to me too some other time.  And if they don't, i will get all emotional.  How is it that someone can continue to be selfless, ignoring what they want themselves completely and just focus on the needs of others?  I do not know.  I think this is the biggest homework God has given me.  To give selflessly, without complaining, to be there for my friends no matter what, without caring for myself.

Some might dismiss this as stupid, i think the same way too, that's why i say it's my homework, but in fact, when you care about yourself too much, life would be much harder than if you were to care less about what you want.  You would not get annoyed easily if sometimes your friend forget about you.  Because you're not hoping for any returns.  You're merely doing everything for your friend because you love them.

Selfless love.  Unreserved love.  Love without the hope of rewards.
I still have so much to learn.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I don't know how many times have i blogged about being bored.  I'm sure if i repeat another of one of this type of post, i'm sure you all will also be bored by the unending repetition too.  Scientist made a very good point when they say human are social creatures.  If i were to stay alone in my room for a whole day, you'll find a rotting corpse by the end of the day.


No, i'm not suicidal because of what you think it might be.  Not because of a pretty girl dumped me or i'm not handsome anymore.  My remaining bank account of 10 dollars might be a factor, but that's another story.  I'm suicidal because of books.  Yes, books.  Lots of it.  Because i need to read these books if i'm ever gonna get an honors for my university degree.

My "compulsory" readings for this semester

This does not include assignments which is of an entirely different matter.  I know every university student goes through all these, which might explain the high stress atmosphere i constantly feel around me.  Going at this rate, i think i will develop Logophobia (fear of words) or on a less extreme, Bibliophobia (fear of books) by the time i graduate.

Go uni life!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The early sleeper never wins at pranking people

My friend Jason thought he could prank me by putting 2 piece of door hanger advertisements on my door handle.  He forgot that Luke is the king of pranks.  And Luke has a proverb that goes, "The early sleeper never wins at pranking people".

So here is what i did after he choose to sleep at 11pm.

For your info, those 2 colorful paper are the advertisements that he hung at my door

I wonder how will he look like when he wakes up and find that he has extra decorations in his slippers.
Good night.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


"How could you LOVE someone who constantly rejects you over and over again?"

This was one of the themes that i loved from the movie Fireproof.  I watched it during the Christian Fellowship gathering.  Though it may be a Christian movie, i find the movie to be quite different from ordinary Christian movies which emphasizes too much on preaching the gospel.  This movie decides to take it differently by exploring a growing trend in our society today, DIVORCE.

In our society today, i'm sure most of us have grown accustomed to the concept of divorce.  Some might even think of it as something necessary or something that is good when you hit a roadblock in marriage.

But how have you truly consider about what is divorce?  Why divorce?  And if you gonna get married in the first place, why consider divorce later when there's trouble?  What happened to "til death do us part"?

"When people say for better or worse in marriage, most of the time they only mean for the better"

Whether you believe in Him or not, i think Jesus made a very good point in saying that there is no such thing as divorce in the Bible.  Because true love never stops loving, even when there is no reward, even when you are constantly rejected.  True love withstands all trials.

Maybe that is what's wrong with society nowadays.  Most of us want an instant love, to enjoy all those feelings and leave at the first signs of trouble.  Be it like minor thing like your partner is going off to overseas to study, there's a hotter babe around or if she does not want to have sex with you, you are off and before anyone knew it, you're now in a new relationship, all over in "love" again.

Love requires commitment, and marriage for me, is not a contract that you can sign and cancel when you feel that your spouse is not offering you what you wanted.  Or claiming that your spouse "changed" and not the person you "used" to know.  I find people who use these claims quite funny, to be honest.
Why jump into relationship and the first sign of a quick heartbeat without even trying to understand the person first?

If you're gonna only love the good parts of your partner and not his/her weaknesses, that's not love.

Enough of me ranting.  I think you must be quite bored now.
Well, as for me, i think i'll stick to the theme song of the movie, "While I'm Waiting".  I'll leave it to the Lord to provide for me.  Because i know He knows best, and i'm not in a rush to get into a relationship.

Because love is patient.

P/S: If you guys are thinking about wanting to watch this movie or not, or if you think this movie sucks without watching it yet, you might want to take a look at the trailer.  Who knows?

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling mood-less before?
Mood-less til you don't feel like doing anything or leaving your room, even if 100 million dollars is waiting for you at your front door?  Felt that you just wanna spend some quiet time alone, not wanting to bother about those pesky worries like your exams and jobs?

I think i'll just remain as a statue for the day.

Give and Take lah

Just what is friendship?
There are probably infinite ways to define friendship, some of it which we may never come to understand even in our whole life.  As for me, friendship is like the proverb "it takes two to tango".

I used to think that friendship is a one way matter.  I thought that i was the "important" one.  And when there is minor conflicts, i would easily get annoyed.  I wanted to be the center of attention in my circle of friends.  For example thinking that my friends do not care about me when they forgot to call me out for an outing without really understanding why.  Sometimes, i even throw "tantrums" to garner attention.  Like the Chinese idiom goes, i was the "small gas" fellow.

As you would have guessed it, friends started to drift from me slowly.  And i was still with my egoistic mind, thinking that if they do not want to be my friends, it was their problem, not mine.

If it was not for one of my seniors in church, i think i would pretty much friend-less now.
She pulled me aside one day in church and practically unleashed her machine gun on me.  She said that by my actions and "tantrums", i was being selfish to my friends.  I was merely thinking from my point of view without really taking into account the reasons my friends might have for forgetting me.

Is it because that i was busy?  Is it because they are doing some activity that i did not join before because i said last time that i do not like it?  Maybe it is me who did not take the initiative to ask?  Or is it plainly that they forgot because they are human too?

Either way, if i choose to be angry without first understanding why, i am also at fault.  Because i doubted my friends.  No matter what, i believe that friendship is a compromise.  If you want your friends to treat you in a certain way, you sometimes have to take the first step too.  You cannot expect your friends to think of you all the time right?  You have your life and they have theirs too.

Yeah, thanks to my senior, i try not to mind so much when i have to go the extra mile in the friendship.  Be it notifying my friends about an upcoming activity and even going for some activities that i thought i wouldn't like it with them.  Because i learned that what matter most if not what the activities that you do, but who is with you.  As a result, i'm now jogging, going library to study and even taking a biology class.

Like my friend said, "give and take lah".

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I miss it.

I miss playing bass guitar.  I still remember the fun time i had when i was back in church, jamming with my friends, hearing myself producing music along with my friends to form a beautiful song.  Though i am nowhere near good, i still enjoyed it because i love music.  And playing the bass guitar gives me a sense of escape.  To put down all of my worries and just immerse myself into the song.  Especially when i'm playing Christian songs, it brings me closer to God.

I thought i could do the same in university, if not at least in my hostel because they have a music studio here.  Turned out that i was wrong.  Seems like the facility is only for band members, or at least those with superb music skills.  People like me?  I can only look from afar at those "superb" people playing.

I guess this is how things work in Singapore.  You have to have something good to offer to be accepted.  Be it choir, band, sports or drama.  You have to be already an expert to be accepted or if you can fork out a sum of cash as "learning fees".

I miss the days back in my hometown when everyone is given a fair chance to learn.  Be it if you already have the skills or not.  In church or in school.

I want to enjoy the feeling of playing bass guitar again.  But i guess this "want" have to come with a price tag in Singapore. Ka-ching

Friday, January 15, 2010

I Hate This

It has been quite some time now since i last felt like this.  The feeling of wanting to be next to someone closely, to hear her voice, to see her smile and to enjoy every moment with her.  To feel the thumping of your heart when you're next to her, to rub your sweaty palms whenever you're talking to her. 

I hate this.  I hate feeling like this again.  Because i know i'm bound to get hurt.

How often the person whom we like feels the same way as us?  Most of the time, we might just end up at the sidelines, wanting just to be friends, unwilling to take another step forward, afraid that it will spoil the friendship, eventually looking on as a more dashing and charming guy sweeps her away.

I hate this.  I don't want to feel this way again.  Because i know where it is going to lead to.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Al-Jazeera News Report on Religious Violence in Malaysia

If you have been following closely the recent controversy regarding the use of the word "Allah" in Malaysia and if you have 25 minutes to spare, you might want to take a look at this Al-Jazeera news report about the current situation in Malaysia.  Take a look at how other people does things and discuss important issues. Mind you, Al-Jazeera is not like any Western news station like CNN and BBC so you can't really complain about them being on the Western side.

On a personal front, i would like to note that the guy speaking for the Islamic Youth Movement in this news report is an epic failed guy.  His English is an epic failure, his debating skill is also an epic failure and not to mention that all he does is read from a prepared paper.  Prove of what the education system in Malaysia can do for you if you are brainwashed properly.  You do not know how to think for yourself and all you can do is to depend on what others tell you.  Speaks volume about these people opposing the use of "Allah".  They are presented with lots of facts regarding this issue and all they can do is use the same points "Allah is close to our heart", "we tolerate them for so long",  "we should discuss behind closed doors" and "Muslims will be confused by the use of the word Allah by Christians" again and again and again.  Ugh, how are we supposed to have a constructive dialogue if you only know how to respond in only four sentences?  Maybe this is what is on the paper he is holding.
No matter what they say, pick only one of these four responses according to the situation.

 You be the judge.
Who are the ones overreacting in this controversy?  Who are the ones trying to play up this issue?  If this is not an issue in other parts of the world, why it is in Malaysia?  Is there some sort of hidden agenda behind it?

No matter how i look at it, i smell politics all over. Some people will just do anything in order to stay in power.  They put fear into you, hoping you'll run to them for cover and regard them as the "protector" of the race.  If that is what they're hoping for, let's wish them luck, shan't we?

After all, the Malaysia i know today is much more tolerant and understanding compared to the past.  If the politicians are trying to garner support by using the religion card, i say we give them the boot come the next general election.  I don't want these buggers destroying my beloved country.

Come GE-13 in 2013, i'm gonna vote.  Yeah, time to show those people what i think about politicizing religion and racial issues.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My day today sucks.  Big time.
I still cannot get my PL2131 module which is required to major in Psychology.  Way to go NUS bidding system, now you're flipping my life upside down.  If i still cannot get this module next semester, i seriously think i'm gonna switch majors and just minor in Psychology.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Midnight Rantings

I am a guy but sometimes, i find it hard to understand guys myself.

One month ago, there was this guy who was in love with this girl, A, or sort of.  He was helping to hold her bags, always close to her, well, displaying all sorts of actions a guy would normally do to a girl he likes.  Friends of that guy say he liked her and the might probably get together.

Flash forward 1 month and the girl in the picture is not A anymore but another one.  A change of heart? And it's not the first time too.  But why so fast?

 Sometimes i find myself doubting the sincerity of these people when it comes to relationship.  Are they really heads over heels with that girl or is it a mere infatuation that will die down after a few weeks?  And then will it be off to another girl?  Are the feelings sincere?

Call me conservative or what, but i believe that if you like a girl, the feelings you have for her would not just go "puff" in a day or two.  No matter what happens, you would still want to be close to her and every moment would feel like heaven.  Isn't that love?

But why is love nowadays like hunting animals in the ancient days?  You do it merely just for fun, the thrill of it.  And when you get bored, you look for another prey and dump the current one.  Is this love?  I don't know.  Maybe the meaning has taken a whole new level with the dawn of the 21st century to something more "open" or "liberal" perhaps?

No wonder some girls hate guys so much.

Monday, January 11, 2010


With the seventh attack on a Miri church, i have to admit i'm kinda worried of the situation in Malaysia now.  One of the reasons being me as a Christian, my family are all Christians and most of my friends in Malaysia are Christians.  It's funny how a small matter could turn into a full blown issue if it is politicized correctly.  More amazing is the fact that the majority of Muslims (i hope i am wrong here) choose to only hear their side of the story without listening to the countless explanation and articles of the opposite side of their view, both by non-Muslims and Muslims.

Maybe this is what is called the confirmation bias that i have studied in Psychology.  That someone refuse to listen to the other side of the argument and instead choose only to believe to arguments conforming to his/her beliefs.  This is not good as when we fail to take into account the other side of the argument as a good argument requires you to rebut the opposing view.  Failure to take into account other people's perspective will lead to failure of tolerance which in the end could only mean violence.

I don't want Malaysia to become like another Afghanistan or Pakistan. 


Sem 2 is starting tomorrow.
Guess it will be the same old lectures, tutorials, assignments and exams.
Many had taken place in Sem 1, both around me and around my friends.  Treasure each and every moment of it.

This Sem, i'm going in hard!
New determination!
New fire!
New push!
I'm going to make it!

After i figure out what class am i having again tomorrow!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

In NUS...

In NUS, when you are an Arts student, you need to bid for your modules...

In NUS, bidding is something like auctioning, where you need to throw points and compete with each other to get to study what you want because the module have limited spaces...

In NUS, shit happens when the module you need to major in Psychology has a minimum bidding point of 1054...

In NUS, double shit means discovering that you only have 600 points left...

In NUS, when you have no whatsoever means of getting the module, you have to appeal...

In NUS, you really feels like shitting when the appeal email says that "The outcome of your appeal will only be made known to you, at the earliest, Monday, 18 January 2010" and the first day of school is on January 11th.


Friday, January 8, 2010

I just only want to say "What the fuck?!"


I though i was reading news from conflict torn countries like Palestine or Afghanistan when i first saw today's news headlines.  Turns out the conflict is just right next door, or more accurately, in my own home country. 

This is indeed a saddening day.  A country like Malaysia who prides itself on "racial harmony" having to experience incidences like this.  What is the difference now between Malaysia now and other backward, third world countries?

The funny thing that before the attack, some politicians even went as far as to say that they will allow protests to go, and will only take action when the situation gets out of hand.  They certainly did not act that way when opposition parties were holding peaceful candlelight vigils.  I'm guessing that either those FRU dudes are having a vacation or our dear politicians love to practice double talk. 

The funnier thing is that all these were not sparked by an attack on a mosque, degrading of Islam by Christians or any sort of invasion, i would say.  It's all because Christians who spoke Malay wanted to use the word Allah to refer to God.  Another thing to take into consideration is that those Christians who spoke Malay have been using it for ages.
As far as i know, and as the countless articles around the internet have said, Allah is a Arabic word.  If the Malay Muslims who wants a word to refer to god almighty to be exclusive to themselves, then invent a new word.  Don't use Allah then because you have to share it too with Christians in the Middle East and Indonesia.

There are still a lot that i can write about why i think the Malay Muslims who protested are a bunch of ignorant idiots but i'll leave it up to the experts.  Go to Malaysian Insider if you want to find out more.

The only thing that i wanted to say was the people who stirred up this issue, these so called "defenders of Islam" are nothing more like terrorists we see in newspapers.  Resorting to extreme measures instead of love and tolerance encourage by Islam, acting ignorant to the facts are nowhere near religious. 

I beg of you, Muslim brothers and sisters who might be reading this blog, not to be taken into by all their speeches which are nothing but full of lies just to gain personal advantages.
They care nothing more about religion than insects are, because all on their mind is to stoke some fire and they will enjoy all the support they want.

I know of Muslims who are kind, tolerant and rational.  Please do not change this into a negative view.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


  1. the excessive belief in one's own abilities or attractiveness to others (Wikipedia)    
  2. –noun

    excessive pride in one's appearance, qualities, abilities, achievements, etc.; character or quality of being vain; conceit: Failure to be elected was a great blow to his vanity.(

I'm sure everyone had their share of experience with vain people before.  Those who flaunt their talents or the talents they think they have relentlessly.  Be it their body, their looks or anything under the sky that they can compare with others.  They will always go something like, "Look at my (insert talent here), don't you think it's the best?".  And this degree of vanity is not those that you say when you joke with friends, it's something that they take seriously.

Psychologist calls this the Narcissists Personality Disorder.
(Looks like calling myself handsome all the time isn't a good thing now)

I know of a person who is like that, constantly showing off his body like no tomorrow.  I know i may not have abs like you but constantly telling me how girls admire your ab isn't a very good way to keep a friend.

But why?
I'm not sure about it, but i think it's the feeling of wanting to be superior to others.  Humans always have a knack of wanting to be superior, on the top, don't you think?
Or is it because by showing off something others do not have, we are seeking acceptance and acknowledgment from others?
Or perhaps it is something deeper?  For example salvation like how Donald Miller put it in his book "Searching for God Knows What?"

Well, i personally prefer traits that you cannot measure or see.  Not looks, bodies or fashion styles.  Something like love, perhaps.  After all, you cannot have that killer body once you reach your middle age.  Everything will start migrating.  Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If you are going to depend on something to gain acceptance or acknowledgment or whatsoever reason you might have, i prefer something permanent.  Not something that will start their shift 10 years down the road.  And no constant show off would also be better.  Action speaks tons.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shopping Spoils!

Today... today... i went shopping!  At Batu Pahat Mall, that is.

Yes, i know it's hard to believe, even myself is shocked too!  I remember the days back then where i thought of shopping as a method used by my mother to punish me if i ever misbehave.  And pillars in shopping centers were my best friends then, as they are literally my "pillars of support" in the midst of tiring and energy sapping shopping quests.  Back then, i would leave all the shopping to my mother.  Clothes, pants, shoes will be all my mother's choice.

Flash forward about ten years later, even the notion of leaving choices of clothes to my mum seems strangely odd, if not scary.  I guess the urge of wanting to be independent comes naturally with age.  I'm much more comfortable buying clothes which i can see and try for myself.  And besides, to go forth and multiply, i need to look my best right?

Other than wanting to make my own choice, i also realized that shopping has a strange therapeutic effect.  There's this odd sense of triumph when you know you got yourself a really good deal of cloth, shoe, etc.  Guess this is what make girls enjoy shopping that much.

I feel the same way too after buying myself an awesome pants and shoes for a really good price.  Nothing beats the feeling knowing that come Chinese New Year, you'll be among the league of handsome guys.  Even if it's just only for that day, i don't really mind.  Able to be handsome for 1 day is better than being ugly the whole year.  At least you get to beat the cycle.

Even better, i got both of those for under RM 200!  Guess i finally found 1 of my talents which is in shopping.  I guess my future girlfriend would love this talent too.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Trip To Batu Pahat

I'll be going to Batu Pahat, Johor, later with my other 3 buddies, Jason, Kok Weng and Xian You, to chill out in Xian You's house.  And maybe do some Chinese New Year shopping since everything is cheaper in Malaysia.  Will be gone for a week i think so might not be able to update this blog so frequently as now.

3 of them are trying to make me dye my hair when i reach BP.  I would love to, but i can't.  I have scalp problems and i'm not taking any chances with it.  I have received ample warnings and even my mother knows about it.  Even if i don't kill myself for dying my hair, my mother will.  So no matter what, my hair stays black.  I don't want losing my hair and wasting my mum's money for my scalp treatment.  Even if it means getting into a fight.  I hope they will understand.

Til the next blog post then, bye!

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Watched a movie again together with my uni friends in the hostel's lounge.
Movie of choice this time was "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events".

The movie is about three orphans, the inventor big sister Violet, the brother who reads and remembers everything, Klaus and the baby sister who bites through anything, Sunny.  Their characters is quite interesting to watch as their strengths compliment each other weaknesses.  The 3 orphans have to face up to their so called uncle Count Olaf whom just wants their inheritance money after their parents died in a fire.

Overall, i say the movie was quite nice but dark sometimes.  Not the typical Disney movie you would expect as there are many conflicts and plot twists in the movie.  Which is not quite good because by the time i got to the climax, it did not feel much like the climax due to the earlier plot twists and events.  However, throughout the movie the plot had me sitting on the edge of my seat because you'll never know what to expect from the villain-ny Count Olaf.

The acting of Jim Carrey in this movie is also commendable.  This is the first time i see him acting as a villain and honestly, he is a really good villain.  Good until it made me hated him.  And it's quite a new experience to see him in a role other than the goofy ones he normally play.

Sunny the baby in the movie is cute too!  At first when Jia Yee first squealed at my because of the baby's cuteness, i did not believed her that much because i've known her to go crazy about babies.  But undeniably, the baby is cute when she babbles with subtitles.  Kudos to the director for his hard work with the baby.

Baby Sunny

If you're thinking about which movie to watch while chilling out with friends, this movie is not bad.  There is a balance between laughs, suspense and mystery.  I've not read the book yet, but i think i will soon.  I'll give it a rating of 8/10.  Worth watching.  One warning however, would be the adults in this film especially the Mr Poe, the banker who is supposed to help the children.  He could be quite stupid.

p/s: Thanks Jia Yee for the recommendation!  I'll look for you if i need ideas for movies next time!

Inba "I See You" Duet

It's amazing how with the advancement of technology, you can be famous overnight if you have the right talents or material.
Take Youtube for example, you can showcase whatever you have to the world for free.
If you're lucky, you'll be a hit and the next thing you know you'll be appearing on TV screens.

Here's another example of someone bound to be famous.
His name is Joey Goldberg and see how he harmonize to the song "I See You", theme song of Avatar sung by Leona Lewis, without actually recording the song with her.
I'll let the video do the talking.


I think this duet version is better than the original version because the story of Avatar is about two people and one person singing the song wouldn't be so nice.  The song would be incomplete.  Five star rating to this song!

Guess i also should start harmonizing other things since i can't sing really well.
If i can get famous, then i don't have to study anymore!

Maybe i can harmonize my acting with Avatar?
Or harmonize me telling lame jokes with Jim Carrey?

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Why do i always expect my friends to treat me the same way i treat them?
Why couldn't i just be a good friend without expecting my friends to be good to me too just like Jesus?
Why couldn't i just give without expecting anything in return?
 Why do i feel hurt when i give so much for my friends and all they can do is say "paiseh" (sorry) whenever they break a promise or do something without me?
Is there any way that can make me don't care whenever they forget about me?
Wouldn't life be so much easier like that?

Sometimes i just wished i could be like Jesus.
He did not care when others ridiculed him and forsaken him, even when if they were his closest friends.
Unconditional love.

I don't know.
Maybe it's just me.
Maybe we are not supposed to give a damn when friends forget about us.
Maybe forgetting about friends isn't such a big deal after all, as what i have seen in university.

Maybe the definition of friends is all wrong too.
Friends are not the people you share your deepest secrets with, enjoy life with, cry with or the people who will always be by your side no matter what storms in life.
Maybe friends are just the people whom you just share some laughter, maybe a beer or two, the people you find if you need money or lecture notes or if your DOTA game do not have enough players.  Never more than that.

Sentosa Trip December 2009

After waiting for so long, finally posting the video that i took and edited for our Sentosa Trip December 2009!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

And the Oscar goes to....

When i was young i always wanted to be an actor.
Maybe it was because of the fame, glory and acceptance from others.
The hard part of it never came to me though.

I certainly did not anticipate the hard work and sweat you have to put in just to make a scene in a movie looks nice.  Now i had my chance in acting, i only realized that no dreams are easy in this world, with the exception of being a cleaner or maid, maybe.  Everything needs hard work, including acting that looks so easy to the majority of us.  I now know the feeling of all those actors that we always took for granted. I have just finished filming from 9 am to 6 pm and honestly, it was tiring.  And that's just 3 scenes.  Still have lots to continue tomorrow but who am i to complain?

I got my wish alright, and i'm gonna stick to it til the very end.
Then i'm gonna sleep.

Right now i'll be heading for a sushi buffet in Sakae Sushi, compliments of Huang Hua who graciously agreed to treat us because she got the best results.  Will be back with pictures later (hopefully). 
This is the first time that i'm getting treated for getting a not so good result.  Not bad

Friday, January 1, 2010

I Resolve to...

Lukey's 2010 10 New Year's Resolutions:

1. Get rid of the ants that are currently infesting my room, even if it means blowing the entire room up with explosives but preferably with less violent methods.  Open to suggestion from fellow pest busters

2.  Keep my hair black and keep my hair on my head so please don't force me to dye my hair  >.<

3. Exercise more or eat less or buy larger sized clothings

4. "Try" to limit sleeping hours per day to 8, and preferably in one go

5. Clean my room once per week or at least when Mr Cockroach decides to stop by

6. Learn to iron my clothes, at least the clothes which needs ironing

7. Learn the art of keeping a distance from each other, especially with my computer

8. Try to make less cold jokes and more hot jokes.  If cannot, just try to keep quiet when the impulse to tell a joke appears

9. Try to remember that normal human's sleeping time is at 11 pm, not 11 am.  And don't confuse my identity with Batman cause he's rich and can afford to sleep at 11 am without any consequences.  I'm not

10. Meetings, classes, tutorials, work-times that are supposed to start at 10 am starts at 10 am, not 10.30 am nor 11.00 am.

Oh and also not forgetting one more extra resolution.  Ahem.

11. Maintain the current handsome-ness if not becoming more handsome.

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