Friday, July 8, 2011

Failed Competition

Timothy and I came across people giving flyers for this competition at NYP when we went there a few days ago for work. Take a look at the terms and conditions plus the prizes offered.

From what I see, there's a lot of work that is to be done if you want to win this competition. First, you have to submit your application forms via fax or post to the organizers. Seriously, fax or post? Who still uses that nowadays? Only if you're above 50, maybe.

And next, assuming that your fax or post got through, you have to wait for the organizers' reply through mail again to get the DVD containing the songs that you're supposed to sing. Yeap, you cannot find the songs online. You have to sing it from DVD. And you don't even know if the lyrics for the songs are provided.

After you get the DVD, you then have to take a video of yourself and your team of you singing 2 songs and post it to Youtube. So there's a bit of video editing skills and also uploading skills involved there. Not to mention you have to have the proper equipment to record the video.

And finally, if you're lucky enough, you'll be one of the finalist teams that will be selected to perform "live" in the Singapore Discovery Center. Which means going down all the way to Joo Koon to compete. And I don't know why the organizers chose to write "live" instead of live, but I guess by "live" there would not be TV cameras, journalists or anything. Probably just your team standing there singing to the visitors of the Discovery Center that day.

Only after so much hard work and time spent will they pick the two best teams to win the prizes offered. Judging from the amount of time and energy put in, what prizes would you expect to get if you win the competition? An iPad 2? A brand new computer? Or even a chance to perform live during the 2011 NDP parade?

Nope, you'll be getting none of those. You'll be getting something even better. Tickets to attend the 2011 NDP preview ceremony. Yes, you'll only get to watch the NDP preview session if you win this competition. No iPads, no computers and no cash prizes. Heck, it's not even the real show. It's just a god damn preview / rehearsal session.

I don't know about you guys, but the organizers of this competition seem to think that NDP preview tickets are worth more than iPads, computers or chances to perform live that people would go to great lengths just for the chance to attend it. Which is totally not the case here. I mean, what can I possibly gain from watching a preview session anyway? Bragging rights? 

Bloggers might love to attend though but still, the amount of work required doesn't translate to the amount of prize I get. Simply put, this competition is not worth entering. And you would have thought that for an event as big as this, the organizers could have come up with either easier participating methods (who uses post nowadays, like I said) or more attractive prizes to make people want to participate in your competition.

Or I guess Singaporeans just love watching NDP preview session.


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