Monday, June 13, 2011

The Things That Make People Go WTH

If you have been reading the news (or rather my blog) lately, you would know that this blog that you're reading now is now in the running for the Best WTH Blog Award in the prestigious Singapore Blog Awards 2011, an Oscar-like event for blogs. And since this blog is in the running to win the Best WTH Blog, I thought it would be good to list out the various things associated with this blog that makes people go "WTH?!" when they read it. You know, so that the judges and you would have a stronger reason to vote for me (yes I need your vote, more details later, after I convinced you) for the Best WTH Blog for Singapore Blog Awards 2011.

My WTH face, for example, is one of the reason why I should win the Best WTH Blog. I mean, who can give such a handsome WTH face as me?

And now, after the WTH picture, the 10 things about that makes people go WTH without fail (and thus why I'm deserving of the title)

1. The Blog Address
I mean, how many people would name their website using their own name and adding a handsome behind it? Even the infamous Steven Lim, the guy who thinks he can sing and act very well and is very good looking at the same time (when he's not) calls his website rather than And honestly, telling newly met people my blog address is a sure way to get a stunned expression out from them.

2. The Narcissism
We all hate people who show off. Especially those who keep saying how good looking they are. And who doesn't feel like saying WTH after seeing Lukey calling himself the handsome blogger for the 673543274th time in his blog post?

3. The Color of the Blog
A male blogger... who calls himself the handsome blogger, chooses pink over a gazillion over colors as the main color for his blog. What can be more WTH than this? Where has all the handsomeness gone with all the pink around?

4. The Prizes I Won
When people blog, they blog for the fun of it rather than the material gains that come from it. But when Lukey blogs, he wins an iPad, 2 handphones, an iPod, a limited edition Trexi collection toy from F&N and now he is in the running to win even more stuff from this Singapore Blog Awards 2011. WTH right? How many things must this idiot win?

5. The Blogger
He claims to be a handsome blogger. He advertise himself as THE handsome blogger. His address calls him that, his blog posts calls him that and even a Facebook page calls him that. But when you really meet him, hoping to see a handsome blogger, that is the time you go WTH.

6. The Writing Style
I don't write in a style that is worthy of a Pulitzer prize. I don't write in a factual style either. In fact, most of the time, you can find typos and grammar mistakes here and there in my posts. But still, I stick to a style is my own, simple, childish and straight to the point. Complicated and flowery words are just not my cup of tea. Sometimes reading my style of writing can make you go WTH because I just simply hate writing like how some do, bombarding you with words that compels you to keep a dictionary beside you whenever you read their posts. I'm just not a writer material.

7. The Consistency
I have a vow as a blogger. And that vow is to update my blog, consistently without fail, every day, one post per day. And that makes most people go "WTH?! How are you able to post without fail everyday?!" or "WTH?! Why are you so crazy to post everyday?!". I just can't help it. I am a blogger after all and I just love writing on my blog.

8. The Facebook Page
"WTH?! You need a Facebook page for a blog?". Yeap, I have a Facebook page to keep my readers updated via Facebook of my latest posts and blog happenings. Best of all, you can also give suggestions and feedback through the Facebook page. Too bad no one has done so yet. You can be the first one by visiting here:

9. The Lameness
No explanation required. The pictures up there are more than a proof of how lame I can be. And being lame is another way of making you go WTH. And if the pictures up there are not enough, what do you call a cow that is angry? Mooooo-dy!

10. Actually I have nothing to write anymore...
...and the statement above just made you go WTH. Mission accomplished!

And there you have it, the 10 things about that makes most people go WTH. Don't you think I should be winning the Best WTH Blog Category now? If you said yes, then head on to and click vote now for because 30% of the final result comes from votes! (You could be walking a way with a brand new laptop because 3 lucky voters will be chosen to win one! The more you vote, the higher your chance. You can vote everyday for it!)

And if your answer is no, perhaps I can arrange for a session to convince you personally...

P/s: If you think this post is good, do help me share it and ask you friends to vote for me too. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks!



Hahaha! Love your humour and you're right... you DID make me go WTH a number of times in the above post. Your mission has been accomplished, and you've got my vote! ;) All the best!

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