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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No Updates

Hi, this is a system message to inform you that there will be no updates or random rantings today as Lukey is busy rushing through his quests in Forsaken World and also busy trying to figure out how a damn nether portal works in MInecraft. In the meantime, Lukey would love to suggest to you to read Xiaxue's blog post of the day regarding trust in relationships and see whether you would agree on what she said. Lukey says that he don't agree wholeheartedly with her but he do admit that she makes quite a convincing argument. 

Maybe he would blog about it tomorrow. For now, he needs to continue whacking bosses and building a nice new house.

To study for a job or to study for something more?

Since young, we have all been told by our parents to study hard because that is the only way to get a job when we grow up. And when we reached university age, our parents ask us to enter the field of medicine, engineering or accounting because these courses guarantee a stable job in the future. If you'd notice, everything about our life when we are growing up is about finding a stable job, getting a stable income and having a stable life for the rest of your life.

A friend recently commented in my blog about not taking Psychology because as a Psychology major, you cannot get a decent job opportunity when you graduate. Which was the exact thing that I have been constantly hearing when I first announced that I was intending to major in Psychology in NUS instead of Computing Science.

"Ha, Psychology? Can find a job meh? Even if can find a job, pay not good one leh! Confirm very low pay. Why you don't go study other more stable fields like Engineering or Computing Science? You will regret one for sure~ Psychology no future one."

Even my parents were not spared from the constant bombardment with all the questions above. I guess it has to do with the common belief in our society that our main purpose in life is to find a job with a decent pay, work for decades , retire and wait for our turn to die. 

Of course, I do not deny the importance of finding a decent paying job in life. After all, if you do not earn enough money, how are you going to survive right? Money makes the world goes round, after all, and without money, there's not much you can do in this world. You can't own a car, you can't live in a comfortable house or worse still, you may need to survive on eating cucumbers for the rest of your life. Which is why our society constantly stresses on the importance of finding a good paying job.

However, I don't think that finding a stable job is the only sole purpose in life. If you have watched the Bollywood movie "Three Idiots" before, you would understand what I'm talking about.

Like the three idiots in the movie, I think that life is more than just settling down. And it's definitely more than just earning money to survive. It's about doing what you love in life and having no regrets when you look back in the future.

When I first decided to major in Psychology, I have already know am I in for.

And now that I'm in the third year of my studies, I have no regrets. Seeing how some of my engineering friends (those in the "safe" field) struggle in their studies, getting all stressed out and hating every part of their course, I am glad to be where I am here today. If I had followed any of the "safe" advice, I could foresee myself pulling my hair and getting kicked out from university early, because I am never good with numbers and formulas.

But then again, two years down the road, I may not be able to land myself a job as compared to my other friends who took other courses, I don't deny that. But at least I can sleep happy knowing that this is the path that I chose to take, the life that I want to live, not the life of what others want me to live.

I guess it all boils down on whether you're studying just to get a job or whether you're studying for something more, like to gain more knowledge, to further your interest or simply because you love the subject. And to grasp what I am really trying to say, watch the movie Three Idiots. It may be a 2 hour long movie but it definitely makes a better argument than me.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FS - CORS and bidding in NUS

Question: Hi Luke, I will be matriculating in NUS FASS in AUG. I plan to take Psych. Any handsome tips for CORS and bidding? What was your bidding history like in Yr1Sem1? Thanks! =) Luke Boleh!

Answer: Hi future freshie and psych junior,

Firstly, congratulations on being selected to join NUS! It will be quite a fun and rewarding experience to be studying here.

For handsome tips for CORS and bidding, I believe that your seniors will have plenty of them when you attend any orientation. They will teach you about all the basic things that you need to know and also the strategies so you don't have to worry about that. My only advice is not to be too nervous when it comes to CORS and bidding. Just take it easy and everything will be fine. And if you have any problems, you can always approach any seniors to help you.

And besides, CORS bidding isn't as difficult as how you might think it is now. In a nutshell, all you have to do is to choose the modules you want and just bid for it like how you would in an auction house.

As for my first sem back in year 1, if I'm not mistaken, I took 4 exposure modules (it's a requirement for all FASS students to take 3 exposure modules from all the 3 departments plus the exposure module of the course you want to major in) which is History, Psych, New Media and South Asian Studies. I took an additional breath module (which I failed badly) to fulfill the 5 module requirement. All modules that I took were of level 1000.

I hope my long winded essay helped you a bit but if you still have questions, don't worry, you have the entire orientation period to clear all your doubts. And welcome to NUS! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Fine Dining Here I Come

After countless hours of trying to choose the best deal on (there's just so many good deals on the site, making it so hard to choose) and also countless hours of trying to find someone who is willing to accompany me, I've finally settled on a seemingly perfect deal; fine dining at a restaurant called Krish!

Awesome view right?

 To be honest, I've never really experienced fine dining before in my life until the moment I clicked buy now on the website and to be honest again, I am really looking forward to the experience of acting high class while eating at the restaurant.

And best of all, thanks to, instead of having to squeeze my bank account dry to enjoy such a good meal at such a high class restaurant like Krish, I get to eat there for a much cheaper price too (I got 50% discount for a SGD 50 voucher, so I save 25 dollars!).

And to make the deal even sweeter,the entire process of ordering was easy and simple too, without having me to go through lots of red tape and obstacles to get the order. All I have to do is just place my order for the voucher, choose the mode of payment (credit card or NETS or wash the plates), confirm your order and voila, you have your vouchers sent to your email.
The vouchers now sitting in my email
And after that, all I have to do is to print out the vouchers and bring it together with me when I visit the restaurant. It's that easy and simple until I can't believe my eyes and I was half expecting something to go wrong during the transaction.

Nothing went wrong though and the entire shopping experience at was quite fun and simple and best-est of all, you get to enjoy loads of awesome deals like good food and also luxury stuff and travel deals for a much cheaper price. And I'll definitely be returning in the future to this website whenever I feel hungry again for some food hunting. Or maybe to grab some awesome vacation deals whenever I want to go for a vacation.

And please vote for me for Singapore Blog Awards at!

Missed Opportunities

An important event (at least for people who call themselves social media addict like me) took place in Singapore yesterday . Known as Singapore's Social Media Day or SGSMD in short, as we all like abbreviations, or by the tag word SoMe!, the event was to celebrate the rise of the power of social media in our world today and also for the social media addicts; bloggers, Tweeters (how do you call people who Tweets a lot anyway?) and Facebookers alike to help raised fund for charity.

The event was inspired by Mashable's World Social Media Day which was held on the exact same day (30th June) in 2010 and it was jointly organized by a group of bloggers, who are quite prominent, with the support of, the online bilingual Singapore newspaper which is also part of SPH (Singapore News Holding), meaning that this is quite a big event, at least in the social media sense.

So in a way, it is perfectly logical for any budding blogger to head down to an event like this to you know, socialize, get to know people and to network. Because everything in this world depends on how many connections you have, the people you know and the connections you have. The more connections you have, the better it is because you'll have more opportunities and chances to shine coming your way. And working alone is never gonna get you anywhere.

Which is why for someone who has the sentence "Be a famous blogger by 30" on his wish list, the event would be a great opportunity to further bring his blogging hobby to a greater height. Not only he could meet fellow bloggers and important people there, he could also learn about tricks about blogging and about the Singapore blogosphere too.

Not only that, happening at the same time was another event too for bloggers, called the Waterfront Feast, a competition also organized by in which the said guy with the "Be a famous blogger by 30" wish got invited too to participate. It would also be another great opportunity for him to network, learn and grow in his blogging journey.

But instead of going to any of the above event, which will benefit him greatly as a blogger, he chose instead to head to JB for a day off with friends. He missed two opportunities in one day. Two. Which is quite a waste actually, because events like this do not usually drop out of sky and everytime you decline an opportunity like this, the chances of another one coming your way is quite slim, given your record of consistently declining chances like this.

One thing is certain though, this said blogger must start to get rid of his persistent habit of avoiding social functions or events where he needs to meet a lot of new people just because he's afraid of it. Or he can stay in hims comfort zone forever because this world is ain't gonna give chances to someone who doesn't even have faith in himself. For all his talk about himself being handsome, deep down inside, this guy has a confidence of a rat.

However, I think it is time to ask for me to throw all these self doubt, shame, shyness, fear and nervousness away because when you're too busy worrying about how others think about you, you would not have the courage to try something new and to step out of your comfort zone. It might feel safe where you are now alright, but you ain't gonna go nowhere if you continue to stay on the spot.

So no more missed opportunities and no more regrets, the next time something like this passes me by, I'm gonna force myself to take a leap of faith into the unknown. And just talking about this made me nervous already. I still have a long way to go.

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Very Own Feedback Form!


I realized that for a lot of bloggers, blogging involves only we writing and you reading most of the time. Rarely do we ask for feedbacks or what readers think because most of the time, we have no idea who our readers are. And also, there's seem to be this popular trend among bloggers that states that if you are supposed to be a blogger, you are not supposed to care about what others think.

"I am like that, I blog like that, take it or leave it", seems to be the common bloggers mantra.

I don't deny the importance of being yourself when it comes to blogging, but for me, a blog is like a product and the readers are your customers. It would be good to listen to them sometimes because there's the opportunity to improve and be a better blogger.

Of course, there's the comment section and also the 4 button down there in my blog that says "handsome", "interesting", "normal" and "bad" for feedback but not everyone comments or tick the boxes unless they really want to. And those features are only tailored to that specific post only.

So being the crazy and WTH blogger I am, not forgetting handsome too, a crazy thought came to my mind, "Why not have my own feedback form, like how corporate companies have survey forms, for my own blog?". Yeah, I know this sounds crazy, for all I know, crazy people would do crazy stuff with the form but who cares, I can blog about those crazy responses too.

If you've noticed, there's a new page up there entitled feedback in which I embed the form already and if you have some free time, you can also go to to play with it. Otherwise, you can always go to the tab above to fill the form.

I can't wait to see the responses. First Look

Prior to being chosen as one of the bloggers's Best Shopping Blog for Singapore Blog Awards 2011, I have heard quite a bit of this kind of special deals website from my friends before. 6 of my friends (or 3 couples, to be exact), for example, will be visiting Bali this coming August for a very cheap price thanks to, an offer that I missed out because I've never heard of before (and I also don't belong to the couples category).

Besides, when it comes to shopping, us guys aren't exactly good at it and I never really thought of hunting down deals online. But, I guess things can be changed. As part of my challenge, I was given 100 SGD credits to spend on the site and to write about my experience spending those money.

Well, when there's free money and the chance to get cheap things, why not right? Off to I go! Actually, wait, I can just do that with a few mouse clicks only. Cool!

And here I am at the site!

Well, if you're like me, when you first arrive at the site, you'll probably will be overwhelmed by all the words, pictures and information thrown at you but thankfully, the site has a great FAQ section and is quite user friendly. After half an hour of prodding around here's what I find about about the site:

1.There are mainly 3 types of deals which you can choose from, which is food, travel and items

2. You need to sign up for an account to be eligible to buy the deals on the site, in which you need to provide your payment details too like credit card or Paypal. Luckily for me, I have a hundred dollars free, courtesy of the Deal Guru himself.

3. When you have an account and credits ready, you're ready to start! Just simply choose any deal that you like and click buy it for a much cheaper price.

4. However, you need to have enough people bidding on a deal for the deal to be valid, which is logical from a business point of view, because if only one person wants the deal, it would be pointless to have that promotion right?

5. Not only that, you need to act fast! Most deals are only there for a certain period of time, after which it will be closed.

6. The website gets updated daily, which means that there's new deals every day, so if you don't find any deal that you like on one day, you can always come back a few days later to see if there's any new deals. Following on or is a good way to keep yourself updated with the daily new deals that they have.

Since I'm a food lover, I think I'll go for awesome food deals (from expensive restaurant at half the price!) that are available. So yeap, would you please excuse me while I go do a little browsing through and I'll be back with the second part of this post when I finally make a purchase cause you know, being a species which shops not very often, I am much more slower when looking through the various options, so stay tune! And remember to vote for me in Singapore Blog Awards!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


0 comments don't let me upload pictures today. So I'm gonna protest by not writing any post. Wait this is a post already. But ah whatever, I'm not gonna write a good post. Because a good post needs pictures and since no pictures, no good post. Bwahaha... Actually I'm just finding an excuse to slack and play Forsaken World. Bye bye.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MOB (Most Original Burger) and Sentosa Boardwalk

Last Saturday was another random outing day. It was the day where Lukey said, "I'm bored. Lets go some place fun" and was immediately followed by a chorus of "Yes" because getting stuck in a hall with nothing else to do is... well, boring. Especially if you have been spending almost 8 hours of that day staring emptily into your computer screen hoping for something to happen, like a pretty girl suddenly jumping out from the screen proclaiming her love to you (now that I think of it, it sounds pretty scary).

So at 5.00 pm sharp last Saturday, we called up whoever who was left in hall (there were six of us), suggested to them about our crazy plan, took a newly bought camera along and then took a bus 10 heading to the unknown. Okay, we headed to Vivo City but as it was a random trip, what are we going to do are still quite unknown so that is why it was a trip to the unknown.

For our dinner, as per our photographer of the night, Teh Jason's suggestion, we decided to pamper ourselves a bit (and that is usually followed by a hole in the wallet) by visiting a restaurant called MOB, not SOB, which stand for Most Original Burger, which has one of the biggest (literally) burgers around. And by big I mean a 300 gram beef burger (not including the weight of the buns), which Jason and Kok Weng ordered.

The 300 gram Korean beef burger that Jason ordered, the beef slices are marinated in a Korean sweet sauce, which I like very much

The overkill classic beef burger that Kok Weng ordered, along with egg and cheese. Can be your breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one due to the sheer size of it

And if you're still not satisfied with the 300 gram of beef, there's also 2 side dishes which comes free with the meal, depending on what you pick. My suggestion? Chilli cheese fries.

Bound to have you grow by at least 2 kg by the end of the meal.

But of course, not all of us could eat that sheer amount of beef. Concerns about weight and whether you can finish are the few reasons why the 300 gram beef is not for everyone. And for those who prefer other meal, there's this cute three burgers in one plate (I forgot the name of the dish because it was too complicated) where you can choose three different taste to go with it. Perfect for those who loves variety.

Can you spot the difference? All the 3 burgers are different

I, on the other hand, chose something the road less taken and ordered something different. The father's day special meal that is, which ended up with me being called father for the entire night. But hey, at least my meal looked something like this:

Grilled tiger prawns and roasted beef with awesome wedges!

Not to mention that it came with a delicious soup and also ice cream.

The delicious soup. Can you see the amount of additional meat plus tomato inside?

And all for the price of 28.80 dollars. For me, that's a steal if you're eating in such a restaurant in Vivo City. Plus not only were the food filling, it was delicious too. It was worth my every single cent. If I'm a rich guy, I swear I would eat there once per week but oh well, who ask me to be a student.

After the very filling meal, we thought it would be good to walk off all the extra calories that we gained and since the Sentosa Boardwalk was just nearby, I suggested a short trip to Sentosa Resort World, you know just to chillax and to de-stress.

And if you have not been to Sentosa Boardwalk before, you should. Especially if you are in a relationship because the scenery there during the night is just awesome. Awesomely romantic, that is. And perfect for taking pictures too. Among the pictures that we took:

The pretty girls

and the pretty boys. With the exception to the second one, he's handsome

I'm secretly helping Adidas to advertise its bags. They're having a promotion now, did you know?

Surprisingly, the walk to Sentosa wasn't as long as we expected. Even with our constant camwhoring here and there, we still managed to reach Sentosa within half an hour. And of course, the night doesn't stop here. We're in Sentosa Resorts World after all. And in Sentosa, we do as what the Sentosaians do (I know, copying the "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" isn't always going to work).

We went crazy over ice-cream, which was going at a one-for-one price.

I was too busy eating ice-cream to pose for a picture

Just kidding

We watched small kids play with colorful water fountain, reminiscing of the days when we as innocent as them, doing things that were much more crazier like climbing trees and getting chased by hornets.

We managed to catch a free water show, if you would deduct the 1 dollar entrance fee to Sentosa.

Okay there was fire too

We dreamt that candies would grow on trees.

Which it did

We went to the casino...

... to take a picture, that is, but not to gamble.

We even starred in a misty fantasy movie.

"Who released gas here!"

And we did what everyone who went to Sentosa Resorts World would do...

We camwhored with the globe that we can only usually see in movies

So yeap ladies and gentleman, if you're feeling bored on Saturday evening without nothing to do, a random outing to a random place, like the Sentosa Boardwalk, may turn out to be quite fun after all, especially if you're going with your close friends, like how I did on a random Saturday evening. Oh, and don't forget to take loads of camwhore pictures too.

After the 612536 time of camwhoring, us guys just couldn't take it anymore :p


This is my 801th post for this blog. Do you know what this means?
This means that I have written over 800 posts already for my blog since the first day I have started blogging. 
This means that if you combine all my posts together and make it into a book, it would sit among the ranks of the "extremely thick books that takes you forever to finish reading" like Harry Potter or Lord Of the Rings, except that this book would be the narcissistic version of it.

This means that the past happenings of my life, the important events, that is, since the past 6 years can roughly be found somewhere in this blog.

This means that has roughly a few dozen gigabytes (or maybe terra) of snapshots of my life in blog posts and pictures stored in their server.

This means that I have effectively wasted 16000 minutes (assuming I spend and average of 20 minutes writing a post, not including the time I take to customize the widgets, layout etc etc) of my life in this blog of mine.

This means that even after 800 posts, I'm still nowhere near reaching my target of being a famous blogger like Kenny Sia or Xiaxue, at least in the number of readers I have.

This means that this blog is now officially older than Windows 7.

This means that if I earned 10 dollars from every post I wrote, I would have 8000 dollars by now.

This means that if I'm an actor, this would be my 801th film, and that would entitle me to an award like this most hardworking actor award. (Seriously, they have that)

This means that some of you might have been reading this blog faithfully for 6 years already, and I sincerely thank you for that. You're my best friend ever.

This means that this is not the end of the journey for, because I only plan to retire when I reach a gazillion blog posts but for now, lets have a virtual fake internet champagne to celebrate this milestone. Like I said, not easy to ready 800 blog posts.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day


I thought that since today is Father's Day (Okay it was my friends who reminded me), it would be good for me to do something for my dad. I admit that when it comes to expressing our feelings, my family is nowhere near the lovey dovey type, being the typical traditional Chinese family, so I'm gonna skip the teary long distance call back home but instead I'm gonna blog about it, being the blogger I am.

So for this father's day, I think I'm going to do something special, something that I am good at doing, like writing a blog post, for example. A thank you blog post, to be exact. So dad, thanks for everything that you have done for me and is still doing for me today.

Thanks for all the bedtime stories that you've read to me when I'm young, it taught me a lot of moral lessons and making my world much more exciting and imaginative. It also taught me the fun of reading (and not forgetting all the books that you bought for me when I asked for it) which in turn taught me so much more.

Thanks for only speaking to me in English since I'm young, despite the overly Chinese environment that I grew up in, because it opened up an entire new world to me, a world that is different from what my peers experienced and for giving me the skills to go where I am today.

Thanks for insisting on signing me up for an English speaking Lasallian school because there, I learned to be competitive, I learned to dream big, I met with a lot of awesome people and it gave me so much great opportunities (NUS being one of it) and also the all great experiences that come with it (LEO, scout, prefects).

Thanks the long drives in your car with brother and sister during the weekends where you would bring us down roads we have not visited before, because it was exciting and fun but at the same time because it sparked the curiosity in me and taught me not to stick to a familiar and comfortable route in life, but rather to try the unknown sometimes. And it also brought us much closer through all the talks, jokes and stories that you share in the car.

Thanks caning the hell out of me whenever I got a result that was below your expectation, because you knew that I could do better and that alone has pushed me to achieve what I have today, studying in one of Asia's top university (although my grades now would result in more caning if I were still young).

Thanks for caning the hell out me too when you found out that I borrowed money (10 cents, I still remember) from my friend when I was in primary school. It taught me the dangers of falling into a habit of borrowing money and it certainly taught me a fiercely independent spirit to depend on myself and not borrow money from others.

Thanks for waiting for me in the wee hours of morning to fetch me back home every time I travel back, despite having work a few hours later.

Thanks for encouraging me to go for what I believe in, for letting me to study Psychology, despite what people around you might say (and what the general thinking is) because if I had chosen another course, I would have hated every moment in university and this had given me more opportunity to truly try out what I want and to enjoy my time in university.

I realized that when I was young and still growing up, I would resent you for all the decisions you made and the actions you took but now that I much more older, I finally understood the rational and reason you had for everything. And if you had chose to do things differently, I may not end up where I am today. So yeah, thanks dad, for everything. And Happy Father's day.



I'm feeling very hot right now. So hot until I want to start a string I'm so hot jokes. Not the weather type of hot but rather the handsome type of hot. Something that goes like "I'm so hot that that girls faint whenever they see me". Yes, the heat fried my brain alright, and now I'm gonna fry yours through all these I'm So Hot jokes, Lukey style:

I'm so hot that any girl that walks beside me instantly becomes a hot babe.

I'm so hot that wherever I stay, sales of air-conditioner in that area rises by a 100%, minimum.

I'm so hot that when I eat ice-cream, it melts.

I'm so hot that whenever I shower, it becomes a hot shower.

I'm so hot that the UN has declared me as a source of global warming.

I'm so hot that if you put a kettle of water on my head, it boils.

I'm so hot that whenever I walk into a freezer, it becomes a microwave.

I'm so hot that the original inspiration of the Human Torch from The Fantastic Four came from me.

I'm so hot that I can make Aquaman become Boilingman.

I'm so hot that whenever I take off my shirt, the Earth's temperature rises by 4 degrees Celsius.

I'm so hot that the last time I visited Mount Everest, I got sued for melting the glacier.

I'm so hot that when you look for the definition of hot in the dictionary, you would find the name Luke.

I'm so hot that the last time I went to a forest in Sumatera, it caused a haze in Malaysia and Singapore.

I'm so hot that I have solar flares every now and then

I'm so hot that the last time I took off my shirt, it melted part of the North Pole

...and I'm so lame that I have nothing to do but to write a post about how hot I am.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Benefits of Being My Girlfriend

This topic cropped up during a lunch break with my best buddy Xian You when we're discussing about failed romance attempts and I thought, "Why not blog about it?".I'm still pretty much single (and desperate) and blogging about this may be good publicity for me. Besides, if the infamous and not so handsome but narcissistic Steven Lim can ask for girlfriend applications through the internet (and received 8 applications in response), I don't see why I can't boast about the benefits of being Lukey's girlfriend. So all you single girls out there, start paying good attention to this post.


1. Free movie invites!

Tired of wasting precious money on movie tickets? Love watching movies but your budget does not allow you? If this describes you, then Lukey is the perfect candidate to be your boyfriend! Being one of the top handsome bloggers around, Lukey usually gets invites to preview movie screenings around Singapore. The only problem is that the movie tickets usually comes in pairs and being a single guy, Lukey usually have trouble finding the appropriate person to attend the movie screening with him.

So by being his girlfriend, you can choose to attend those movie screenings everytime with him and watch movies for free! You never have to pay for another movie ticket again. Of course, you can also do the same thing if you have an extremely rich boyfriend but that is still counted as using money. So yeah, Lukey still wins, cause the tickets are free yo, FREE!


2. Free Entertainment

And of course, being selected as one of the 10 finalists of Singapore's 2011 Best WTH blog category, you could expect tons of jokes and amazing stories from Lukey every time you spend time together. From authentic lame Lukey jokes to jokes about why the chicken crossed to road to stories about why other couples should be jealous of you all, expect a fun filled entertainment specially catered to your needs! Not only that, Lukey is also pretty much capable of performing crazy actions if he's high with endorphins, like pretending to be a chicken crossing the road. There's no need to be afraid of awkward silences anymore because with Lukey, there's always fun experiences to share.


3. Threat-free

You know about the common saying that handsome guys are not worth being boyfriend candidates because the rate of a third party (in the form of a hotter girl) interrupting and spoiling your relationship is much higher?

Well with Lukey, though he's still handsome as ever, you would not be facing this kind of problem. Because his handsome is another type of handsome. He's that handsome until other hotter girls (the third parties) would not dare to approach him because of the epic aura of handsome-ness.

A handsome boyfriend who other girls would not dare to touch? Now that's hard to find.


4. Free Publicity!

Want to be famous but don't know how? With Lukey as your boyfriend, getting famous has never been easier. With just a feature on his blog, you'll be the hottest gossip in town in no time. In fact, even if you cover your face while appearing in my blog, you'd still be famous. Because the girl that appeared in my post "The Day I Went On A Date", a lot of people asked about her. And she was covering her face. Just imagine what would happen if you were to appear in my blog, face uncovered?

Getting famous has never been easier with Lukey as your boyfriend.


5. Forever In Your Memory

Last but no least, one of the benefits of having Lukey as your boyfriend is that you will have all your memories either jotted down in a blog, snapped in a picture or recorded in a video forever, because as a blogger, Lukey is trained to record down memories through this method. And as a blogger, Lukey would not hesitate to record down all those sweet moments (and to show off at the same time) through blog posts, pictures and videos.

And what better way to relive all those sweet memories by going through posts that he wrote about you, pictures that he took of you and videos that he made especially for you? Imagine looking through the first post that he wrote for your first anniversary five years down the road. Sweet right?


With so many benefits of being Lukey's girlfriend, what are you waiting for? Even I want to be my own girlfriend now. Applications open til the 19th of June, 2359.

P/s: This post is only intended as a joke to an otherwise boring day. Lukey is never that desperate to have a girlfriend actually. In fact, he's pretty much happy with his "Boyfriend" now. A guy called Xian You, if you must know (Yeap, he's my best buddy and also my gay buddy). But he's not that bad to reject interested applicants too. If you're hot and pretty, that is.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Green Lantern: Review


"In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power... Green Lantern's light!"

When I attended the preview screening of Green Lantern today, I went in not expecting much from the movie. I mean sure, the trailer looked pretty epic alright, and there's tons of publicity efforts here and there, but looking at the trailer, I half expected the movie to have the standard superhero movie storyline. You know, hero was a normal guy with problems - hero gets bestowed by an incredible power one day - hero gets cocky - hero gets defeated for the first time - hero doubts himself - hero's everything gets threatened - hero unlocks his true power - hero saves the world.

Which can get pretty boring over time if you happened to watch tons of other movie with the same type of plot, so I did not hope much in fears of having my high expectations crumble to the ground, like how it did during the screening of I Am Number Four. I'm still having nightmares of the number 4 til today thanks to that movie.

However, for a movie that follows a much expected plot and storyline, I find the movie to be quite enjoyable. A 7/10 rating, if you would ask me.

Firstly, the casting of the movie was superb. Ryan Reynolds was able to deliver the role of the cocky but yet have inner conflict hero convincingly, something that not every actor can do, because most of the time, one would end up on either one extreme, being too cocky or too conflicted. Besides, Reynolds was also smoking hot, much hotter than me, I suspect because the girl watching the movie with me cannot stop commenting on how handsome he is.

Of course, Blake Lively as Carol Ferris,  Green Lantern's love interest, was also another gem in the movie. Not only she's smoking hot as Reynolds, you also can feel the chemistry going between them. The rest of the cast was also very good. The only problem I have with the casting was with Peter Sarsgaard who plays the role of Hector Hammond, the human antagonist in the movie. Somehow he just gives me the feeling of being blur the whole time and not evil enough. The movie also tries to portray him as someone with loads of conflict but he just could not deliver it. My only feeling towards him was wanting him to just die and let the show go on.

Other than that, I also like the epic-ness of the movie. I guess it has to do with the Green Lantern Corps being an intergalactic peacekeeping force. Everything in the movie was universe scale like. There's this opening dog fight (as in the jet fighters dog fight, not the literal dog fight) between Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) and Carol Ferris with two AI jet fighters, the introductory scene of the Planet Oa (Green Lantern Corps' Home Planet) and the final battle scene between one small human Green Lantern with a planet eating enemy that will make you go 'Wow'. Even the final scene where Hal kissed with Carol was nothing short of epic-ness, with a setting sun as the background. Prepared to be awed when you watching this movie.

Despite the epic-ness of the movie, little details was also not forgotten. There are witty one liners scattered throughout the movie that keeps you interested in the movie and also to provide you with a comedy side to an otherwise serious movie.

Also, the movie also has a pretty good message to it, though it may be a little bit cliche. It tells of a story of someone who struggles to not feel fear, because that is what is required of him, but to find that by the end of the day, it is okay for us to all feel fear, to doubt ourselves, because we are human after all. What matters is to not give up hope and to be courageous in spite of everything that seems to go against you. The key is not walking away.

In short, watching Green Lantern reminded me of watching the first Spiderman movie, except everything was on a much bigger scale and the female lead was much hotter this time. If you're a fan of superhero and epic movies, this is a movie for you. It's epic, funny and exciting at the same time. A must watch.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rally Video

Lukey's Singapore Blog Awards Rally Video:

I love pink. I do.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

X-Men First Class was First Class

I'm feeling a bit lazy today so I'm not gonna write an epic long post like what I did yesterday. Besides, although I made a vow of updating my blog everyday, I realized that posting epic long posts everyday ain't gonna make more readers come to your blog. It will just become something like an information overload (or rather lame blog posts overload), not everyone will read it and I will just be wasting my creative juice. No worries, I am still gonna post everyday but just aim to slip in an epic post maybe once per week or once every two days.

And yes, that's the lazy gene inside me speaking.

As for today, I'm gonna blog about a movie I watched just now. A movie involving mutants with awesome superpowers, called X-Men: First Class.

For someone who sort of (I say sort off because I never really sat down and watch it, I just happened to be around when my father was watching it) watched X-Men 1, 2 and 3 (but did not watch Wolverine Origins, I know, I'm missing out on many things), I would say that X-Men First Class is one of the better movies among those three, in storyline, action and also Professor X, and I enjoyed it really much, especially for an X-Men fan like me. Read on to know why but beware of possible spoiler alerts ahead. Or you could just jump to the last sentence straight away.

Firstly, I like how everything connects to rest of the bigger picture of the X-Men universe. How the mutants struggle started and how everyone came to be who they be. Even Magneto's hat's origin was mentioned in the movie. Everything that you have seen in the past three movies, every small detail, was touched in this movie, even a three second cameo appearance by Hugh Jackman to illustrate Wolverine was included. Not forgetting Storm as a white haired girl too in the younger Charles Xavier scan to find mutants. If you're an X-Men fan like me, you'd be going "Oh, I've seen that before!" and "No wonder that happened in that movie" the entire time.

Secondly, I also like how the plot develops. It is not too draggy nor too fast paced for the audience to stomach. It develops at a comfortable speed, I could say. It leaves enough time for you to ponder about the events in the movie without making you feel bored or confused about why things are happening. And it was very successful in making me grab the edge of my seat and bite my fingers a few times because of the excitement and suspense of that scene. Not many movies can do that to me.

Thirdly, the movie also illustrates the conflict between the two sides of the mutant beautifully. And how the movie manages to balance the two opposing viewpoints of Professor X and Magneto without being two biased to either side. It does it so well that by the time Magneto was asking the mutants to join him, I was torn between accepting his argument and Professor X's idea of peace.

And I liked the messages that the movie is trying portray very much. The notion of accepting ourselves as who we are although we may be different and refrain from bowing to the pressures of society; the consequences of prejudice and stereotypes; our stubborn refusal to accept people who are different that us and the question between what's right and what's wrong in our world today. All which is quite relevant to our daily life. Stereotypes, racism, discrimination and prejudice are undeniably part of or daily lives. Perhaps this movie will get people thinking from the side of the oppressed and to realize that we are not that different after all, despite what may seem different on our outside.

Like Donald Miller (a writer I respect) and many psychologists have found out, we have this innate tendency to stereotype and discriminate. It's inescapable from our nature. I mean when was the last time you have looked down on a Bangladeshi worker, labeling him as someone who you should stay away from? Not very long ago, I suppose. What we do not know is that how much harm all our stereotypes can cause to the people on the receiving end. Maybe it's time to stop lumping a group of people as whole, sharing the same features (eg dirty, criminals, useless) and start treating them as individuals with distinct personalities instead?

And finally, I also like the movie very much because I can really connect to the people in the movie. You see, you may not know this but I'm a mutant myself, just like the X-Men, which is why I connected with them. Know what'smy power? The power of extreme handsomeness.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Things That Make People Go WTH

If you have been reading the news (or rather my blog) lately, you would know that this blog that you're reading now is now in the running for the Best WTH Blog Award in the prestigious Singapore Blog Awards 2011, an Oscar-like event for blogs. And since this blog is in the running to win the Best WTH Blog, I thought it would be good to list out the various things associated with this blog that makes people go "WTH?!" when they read it. You know, so that the judges and you would have a stronger reason to vote for me (yes I need your vote, more details later, after I convinced you) for the Best WTH Blog for Singapore Blog Awards 2011.

My WTH face, for example, is one of the reason why I should win the Best WTH Blog. I mean, who can give such a handsome WTH face as me?

And now, after the WTH picture, the 10 things about that makes people go WTH without fail (and thus why I'm deserving of the title)

1. The Blog Address
I mean, how many people would name their website using their own name and adding a handsome behind it? Even the infamous Steven Lim, the guy who thinks he can sing and act very well and is very good looking at the same time (when he's not) calls his website rather than And honestly, telling newly met people my blog address is a sure way to get a stunned expression out from them.

2. The Narcissism
We all hate people who show off. Especially those who keep saying how good looking they are. And who doesn't feel like saying WTH after seeing Lukey calling himself the handsome blogger for the 673543274th time in his blog post?

3. The Color of the Blog
A male blogger... who calls himself the handsome blogger, chooses pink over a gazillion over colors as the main color for his blog. What can be more WTH than this? Where has all the handsomeness gone with all the pink around?

4. The Prizes I Won
When people blog, they blog for the fun of it rather than the material gains that come from it. But when Lukey blogs, he wins an iPad, 2 handphones, an iPod, a limited edition Trexi collection toy from F&N and now he is in the running to win even more stuff from this Singapore Blog Awards 2011. WTH right? How many things must this idiot win?

5. The Blogger
He claims to be a handsome blogger. He advertise himself as THE handsome blogger. His address calls him that, his blog posts calls him that and even a Facebook page calls him that. But when you really meet him, hoping to see a handsome blogger, that is the time you go WTH.

6. The Writing Style
I don't write in a style that is worthy of a Pulitzer prize. I don't write in a factual style either. In fact, most of the time, you can find typos and grammar mistakes here and there in my posts. But still, I stick to a style is my own, simple, childish and straight to the point. Complicated and flowery words are just not my cup of tea. Sometimes reading my style of writing can make you go WTH because I just simply hate writing like how some do, bombarding you with words that compels you to keep a dictionary beside you whenever you read their posts. I'm just not a writer material.

7. The Consistency
I have a vow as a blogger. And that vow is to update my blog, consistently without fail, every day, one post per day. And that makes most people go "WTH?! How are you able to post without fail everyday?!" or "WTH?! Why are you so crazy to post everyday?!". I just can't help it. I am a blogger after all and I just love writing on my blog.

8. The Facebook Page
"WTH?! You need a Facebook page for a blog?". Yeap, I have a Facebook page to keep my readers updated via Facebook of my latest posts and blog happenings. Best of all, you can also give suggestions and feedback through the Facebook page. Too bad no one has done so yet. You can be the first one by visiting here:

9. The Lameness
No explanation required. The pictures up there are more than a proof of how lame I can be. And being lame is another way of making you go WTH. And if the pictures up there are not enough, what do you call a cow that is angry? Mooooo-dy!

10. Actually I have nothing to write anymore...
...and the statement above just made you go WTH. Mission accomplished!

And there you have it, the 10 things about that makes most people go WTH. Don't you think I should be winning the Best WTH Blog Category now? If you said yes, then head on to and click vote now for because 30% of the final result comes from votes! (You could be walking a way with a brand new laptop because 3 lucky voters will be chosen to win one! The more you vote, the higher your chance. You can vote everyday for it!)

And if your answer is no, perhaps I can arrange for a session to convince you personally...

P/s: If you think this post is good, do help me share it and ask you friends to vote for me too. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

8 Hours

In 8 Hours, I plan to

1. Watch Forrest Gump, the movie that I have been drying to watch for a long time but no one would want to watch with me.

2. Travel more than 300 kilometers

3. Cross an ocean

4. Listen to my entire phone playlist over and over again because I have less than 50 songs in my phone. Time to download more songs to my phone

5. Try to sleep sitting up

6. Get a butt ache

7. Miss my home

8. Get myself mentally prepared for the work that lay in front of me

9. Send some SMS to say goodbye

10. Perform some bladder control exercise

Yeap, I'm coming back to Singapore alright. On an 8 hour journey on a bus.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Best Deal Ever

It's a known and accepted fact that when it comes to shopping, there is a really clear gender divide between the guys and gals. Guys for one, do not enjoy shopping as much as girls and would prefer the fastest and quickest way when it comes to buy stuff. Just go in, grab the stuff we want and pay for it. Simple as that. Ask any guy to spend more than an hour browsing through the things he want to buy and you'll get a dead body by the end of that hour.

In short, the difference between us guys and girls in shopping can be summarized in this picture:

But of course, when it comes to knowing the best shopping deals around, any girl would be able to tell you which store offers the best price, which store has the best service and where is the best place that you should buy from without much difficulty. Ask any guys for for the best shopping deals and all you would get is a blank face. 

Which is why when I go shopping, I will always end up wanting to whack myself later. Because I will end up buying something which I can get for a cheaper price somewhere else. And not only that, I am every shop vendor's dream customer because I suck at bargaining.

Thankfully, help soon arrived for this shopping-gene-absent blogger. In a form of a Guru.

Not just any Guru, but a Dealguru that lives in!

As part of my participation in the Singapore Blog Awards, I was awarded a 100SGD credit to be used at the website. I have never made any purchases online before (after the time I tried to help a Nigerian price transfer his money out) but from what I heard and seen from friends, is a great place to grab any latest deals around Singapore. Perfect for a guy like me. I even had friends who bought extremely cheap travel packages to Bali before as part of a couple's trip (I was left out because I am still single, I guess the inability to score a great deal is part of the reason why).

So the moment I step back to Singapore, I am gonna buy myself a nice Bali trip package to along with the girl of my dreams. Now, to find the girl of my dreams...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Me Is Da Handsome Finalist!

Hello everyone, Lukey here.

Lukey the blogger, that is. Not just any blogger, you know, but a handsome one at that. And not just any normal handsome blogger, but one that has won stuff like iPad, iPod, Wildfire and even soft drinks from blogging. And now, besides winning stuff, this handsome blogger is also one of the Top 10 finalists for Singapore Blog Awards 2011 in not just one, but two categories! The WTH Category and also Best Shopping Blog Category.

That's right, reading makes you go "What the hell?!" and want to go shopping at the same time. Awesome combination right?

But of course, none of the prize winning and Singapore Blog Awards would have been possible if it had not been for the person who is sitting in front of the computer now, reading this blog while thinking "How many things must this guy win from his blog?". Yes, you. Honestly, if it's not for the viewership count and comments in blog, I wouldn't have come this far in blogging. Of course, the handsomeness is an in-born trait so I'm leaving it out in the thank you passage but sincerely, I would love to thank you for your continued support for this pink little blog here.

Singapore Blog Awards is a big thing for me, to be honest, like the Oscar is for any budding Hollywood actor and to tell you a secret, I have been dreaming of winning the Singapore blog awards and be surrounded by pretty female bloggers ever since I was born. Really. I have the blogging gene in me. A handsome guy once told me so.

Which brings us to the main topic of this post, votes!

You don't have to die, but you'll be less handsome/pretty if you choose to vote for someone else :p

Like every competitions since the start of reality television, I will be needing your votes (or rather your mouse clicks) to have a chance to win this thing.

I know, I sincerely dislike asking for votes myself because the way it scares people off and sounding desperate is the last thing I want to be, but being able win this award means having one of my dreams come true and I cannot do so without your help. And since blogging is the only thing I can be good at, to be honest, I would really really really x89327589327 times really want to win this thing. Or at least get second if can.

I'll be coming up with more posts, hopefully posts that can really make you go WTH! and wanna enjoy some good shopping deals ( is a good place to start :p) so I can convince you to vote for me, but in the meantime, you can vote for me in the Best WTH Blog category at and the Best Shopping Blog category at

Many many thanks! Arigatou! Terima Kasih! Xie xie! And I'll start learning how to say Thank You in all the other languages if I win!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Day I Went On A Date

Dear bloggie,

Today was a fun day. I think it was because I went out on a date today. It's been a while since I last went on a proper date and I must say that I'm quite thrilled today when the girl I asked out said okay. Back in Singapore, when I asked a girl for a date, she would come out with all sort of excuses like work, study and even period when I asked. I guess I'm just not hot enough by Singaporean standards. But that's not the point. Lets return to the story, shall we?

For our first activity today, we went and watched Kungfu Panda 2. The movie where I have been hearing from others about how good it is all over my Facebook wall. So I decided to give it a try myself and of course, for a date, watching funny movie is always a killer move.

Due to the bad timing of the 2D English version and the Cantonese version selling out (yes, we have the Cantonese version here in Ipoh, which is why Ipoh rocks, sort of) we ended up buying the 3D version tickets. Which wasn't such a bad idea because now the subtitles now look much closer to me. And also I feel that the 3D effects make the movie look much more real and polished. Sadly, due to the process of habituation, I grew accustomed to the 3D effects and the "wow" factor gradually diminished as the movie progressed.

Overall, maybe due to my overly high expectations perhaps, I find the movie to be a little lacking in terms of the plot buildup and storyline.

Sure, I mean the movie is still funny with Po, his carelessness, Jack Black and also the jokes here and there but other than that, I did not find other parts of the movie quite as appealing as the first movie.

Firstly, you have the weak plot buildup. For this movie, on my opinion, the conflict and the threat was not portrayed in a way that would make the audience sitting on the edge of their seats. Everything feels rushed, from the starting to the end of the movie. Bad guys come, Po goes to save the day, Po fails the first time, some screw up happens, he finds himself and then he manages to save to the day. It feels as if the director just wants to make a few important points here and there without really dwelling into the conflict more. And the entire thing feels very linear without much twist to it.

Watching this movie, I did not get the feeling of excitement like I did during the first movie when Po finally realized his true potential and rushes off to defend his beloved valley from the... erm... leopard? In this movie, the connection just wasn't there. Even during the emo scenes where I'm supposed to feel sad, well I feel nothing. It's more like "Ok lo" to me.

But of course, there are some points that I do like about this movie. The way of how they linked Po's past to this movie and his geese father was brilliant. It finally answered some questions that I had during the first movie onwards. The way they used cartoon to illustrate was also cute and nice.

And then there's the hint of romance between Tigress and Po. Perhaps an inter species romance when Kung Fu Panda 3 returns?

In short, Kung Fu Panda 2 stopped short of my expectations. I would give it a 6/10 if I only watched the movie but because I'll give it a 7/10 because of this:

They call it the Tumbo while I call it the 2-in-1 ultimate cinema experience. And 2 in 1 is because for the first time in my cinema experience, I can now eat popcorn and drink Coke from the same container. Yeap, the awesomness of the Tumbo is that the top part of the thing is to store popcorn while the lower part is for drinks. So now you can eat and drink from the same place! And for this invention I give a 7/10 rating.

After the movie, the next thing to do is of course a dinner, and for dinner we went to a newly opened Korean BBQ restaurant.

Daorae Korean BBQ, De Garden, Ipoh

The thing about this restaurant is that you can only eat there once per year. Not because it only open once a year but because you need an entire year's saving to be able to enjoy a good meal inside. At least for a student with no money like me.

Though the pricing may be a little expensive, the ambiance inside is actually quite classy and really have that Korean feel to it. You need to sit on the floor for example and they prepare the food in front of you, for dishes that need to be BBQ, that is. And they have 20 appetizers free for you. 10! I was saying that to save money, we should all just go in, order 1 dish and spam the appetizers. It's refillable too. So you can eat on and on on the appetizers.

Some pictures from inside the restaurant:

Appetizers plus the BBq dish cooking in the middle

Ambiance plus 1 shy girl

And that's all for my dating day bloggie. And honestly? I had fun. Maybe I should do this more often. Once a year perhaps if I were to consider the Korean restaurant.

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