Friday, June 26, 2009

FLY here, FLY there ---->


Wow, almost all of the blogs i'm reading now seems to touch one same issue.
No, its not global warming or how hot is Megan Fox in the Transformer movie.

Its mostly about the inevitable farewell that most of us - being students that are going to head into tertiary education very soon - will bid to our secondary school friends who have been through thick and thin with us, from getting the cane to the buttock by the discipline teacher together to sharing gossips of who dumped Miss-I'm-The-Prettiest-in-school recently.

Of course i would not be blogging about it, search for a form 6 student's blog and you will find everyone writing about how they are going to miss their mum, their dad, their mice at home etc.

And writing about a topic that has four hundred other people blogging about it is never a good idea if you want more people to drop by your blog.

SO, i decided to blog differently.


You see, things aren't gonna be so bleak when you are stepping into university life.
If its the friends you are missing, well, there's always the reunion dinner forty years from now.

The worst that might happen might just be those few extra wrinkles on your face that you did not have 40 years ago.

While we must treasure our old friends, isn't it time to start looking forward to what lies beyond?

Plus we already had 6 months of time for us to accomplish whatever we have not done with our secondary school friends including for example, confessing your love for that girl that you have admired for so long, and doing some brave (or plain stupid?) actions in the process like putting her picture up in your blog.

Besides, we will be making a whole bunch of different friends when we are in our new environment (i'm hoping to meet girls who can scream yamateh! but well, that's just any guys fantasy) and this is the time to pursue our dreams and go for what we want in life.

Start anticipating what lies ahead in your next course of life. And of course, new friends are like silver but old friends are like gold.

We can still keep in touch, thanks to the advancement in technology in sites like Facebook so you do not have to worry about losing contact. It all depends on your effort.

And for you guys that will be missing me when i'm heading to NUS, here's a picture of me to accompany you.

And not forgetting, to all my friends,
GooD LucK in all your undertakings in your future life and it has been God's given grace indeed for me to have a friend like you who takes the time to come to my blog though it may be useless rantings sometimes.
Hope that we will keep in touch always and no matter what happens (like having a few extra wrinkles after 40 years...), i hope we will not forget each other and will remain as friends!

Take CaRe! ! !

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I miss school =(


Went back to school today and man, do i miss my schooling days!
Ah... the nostalgia.

The wonderful whiff from the toilet that could put even the smelliest dump site in Malaysia to shame....

The experience of being looked at by pretty girls not because you are handsome, but instead its the pesky piece of green vegetable that is stuck on your teeth that is stealing all the glances...

The different ways that you have created to sleep in class without being noticed in teachers...

And of course, the thing that i missed most at school would be all my friends.

Everyone is so busy with life nowadays.
Some are occupied with work, some are already at university (most can be found at UTAR), some are busy with the university application and some seemed to have vanish into thin air.

Even a request to go for a drink together is so hard to accomplish.
It used to be so easy to plan and organize an outing together when in school.
Now, it takes your entire phone credit just to ask everyone out

Well, at least there's Facebook


Saturday, June 20, 2009

The road to university....


Life when stepping into tertiary education, or rather the process before getting into it, is like getting lost in an unknown territory while driving.

At least that how i felt.

I once heard that the sole purpose of going to university is to get a decent job, get a decent pay and enjoy a decent pay for your life.

But somewhere along the road, someone told me that going to university is about pursuing your dreams, your passion and live a fruitful life.

Until yesterday, i was still stuck between two choices.
One is studying Arts and Social Science while majoring in Psychology at NUS (National University of Singapore) or i could take Computer Science in a local university.

I am dying to progress in Singapore but deep in my heart i know that studying in Singapore would be quite a burden to my parents.

Plus there are many "EXPERT" aunties who have been telling my mother to just let me study locally.
"Why go abroad? Waste money-lah! "
"And study psychology some more ah? Where got future?"
"Study Computer Science-lah! Sure got job one!"
"Aiya, boy where can study psychology! That is a girl's course!"
(I was like what the F*** on this one. So much for gender equality)
"Arts and Social Science? Only rich people who cannot get nice courses study geh wor!"
(Excuse me, if i'm rich i would be in Cambridge already k?)
And the aunties advices go on.

Seems to me that the aunties nowadays have a very good understanding about the job market's demands nowadays.
But they seem to be missing one quite important point, it is me who is studying, not THEM.

And it seems that all that is on their mind is getting a normal job and stay the same for the rest of their life. SIGH.
They are SO afraid of taking risk and prefer to play it safe.

However, a doctor i met today said something very different.
He asked me to never stop dreaming and if there is a opportunity, go for it.
He said that it is my life so i should not let others bring me down.
Finally, he assure me that God will make a way.

Yeah, God definitely made a way.
I can see it through this caring doctor.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm Sick

I do not why am i saying this,but...

I just feel like dying.

Life's so hard to live on.

So much stress have been choking me in life.

I'm tired of worrying for my future with the constant nagging and pressure from my parents.
They are more worried about my university application than me myself!

I'm tired of constantly trying to impress my friends and being who i am not, just to for the sake of having some friends.

I'm sick of my inability to control my temper, which can go off at the slightest provocation.

I'm sick of church.
Sick of those "hypocrites", acting to be religious when they are not.
Modern day pharisees, i would say.

I'm sick of so many thing.
Maybe its fatal.


Monday, June 15, 2009


Time: 2pm, Sunday Afternoon Place: Somewhere in Malaysia, in more detail, a field near my house

Sis: Hey, is that an open burning?
Me: Does that seem like an open raining?
Sis: (Ignores me) I really hate those people who simply burn stuff. Have they not read newspaper or what? Plus some more now got haze. These people's mother got teach them or not want?
Me: Aiyah, don't like NATO la (No Action, Talk Only)
Sis: Then what you want me to do?

Well, Mahatma Gandhi's (or was that Barrack Obama?) quote suddenly came into my mind.

Me: (In my best Gandhi + Obama impersonation voice) Like a i always use to say, we must be the change we want to see. Don't just talk must have action.

What i intended as a joke eventually resulted in me being dragged together with 2 pails as my sis and her friend, Mei Hui, put into good use the quote that i mentioned.
So much for my big mouth.

But of course, what are 2 pails and a Gandhi's quote when you are fighting with
wind + sun + fire
And soon you have my sis looking like that:-

Me: How about giving up? Basically no one cares about his open fire and 3 of us can't really accomplish anything.
Sis: We can't give up on what we started! I don't care, we will do what we can to stop this fire!
Me: =.=

To my surprise, THERE were people who cared. And after seeing 3 miserable teenagers futilely fighting the fire, some of my neighbours began to help.
And i must admit i was really glad that there were still people who actually give a damn (while most choose to look and drive away in the first place).

Neighbours helping

As the fire spread, we all realized that we could not control the fire and we were fighting a losing war. So what else can we do?
Call BOMBA!!

BOMBA in action!

Of course, all well ends well.
Thanks to the firemen, the fire was brought under control swiftly and i do not have to worry about inhaling smoke for the rest of the day.

Too bad the idiot who started the fire was never caught.
I really could not understand why they would still want to contribute more to global warming with the state our world is in now.

However, i still have a good time.
Sometimes, when no people cares, you really have to get the job done yourself.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Memoirs of a Mapler

Have you ever heard of memoirs?
No, not Memoirs of a Geisha, though i must admit that Zhang Ziyi is quite hot in that movie.

A memoir according to means that it is "a piece of autobiographical writing, usually shorter in nature than a comprehensive autobiography. The memoir, especially as it is being used in publishing today, often tries to capture certain highlights or meaningful moments in one's past, often including a contemplation of the meaning of that event at the time of the writing of the memoir."

I have decided to write a memoir of my own too, since an article in Reader's Digest suggests that memoirs is good for your health, how its good i cannot remember, but who cares anyway?

I am banking on my memoir to be adapted to a movie like Memoirs of a Geisha and then i could be rich and famous!


But of course, what is a good memoir without a good title and a great storyline?

From what i have read, a memoir must be based on reality, so i guess i could not be really writing on how i discovered i am superman and it also must cont
ain "highlights or meaningful moments in one's past."

And based on what i see, most of the bestselling memoirs have titles like "
Thirteen Days: A Memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis", "Accidental Journey: A Cambridge Internee's Memoir of World War II" or even "Almost a Woman".

Which means i have to either encounter a Missile Crisis in Malaysia, or wished that i am still alive when World War III happens or i have to undergo an operation to be a female if i want my memoir to be made into a film since the biggest adventure i ever had in my life was getting lost in a supermarket.


Gosh, i never knew writing a memoir could be so hard work.

I know!
What if my memoir was to be based on the MMORPG game (Maple Story) that i always play?

It would start with something like this:-
"My name is DoriLukey. Its is a combination of Dori and Lukey, with Dori taken from the word Doriyaki, Doraemon's favorite food and Lukey from the name Luke.

Which basically means that my parents were huge fans of Doraemon and not to mention Star Wars, and decided that a "Y" would go really nice with Luke.

I live in a world call Maple World and for the past few hundred of billions of kazillion years, life have been relatively peaceful.
Until that i was told one day by the Maple Adminstrator that someone by the name Black Wizard
(Can't they think of a more original name?) is coming back to life.

Like the name suggests, Black Wizard is definitely not a good guy and it seems to me that the Maple creators have nothing better to do than to always think of ways to make life miserable for us Maplers. "

And there goes the opening of my story. If you want to read more about it, you have to go looking for it near bookstores near you.
That is if i could find someone to first publish my memoir, not forgetting someone to adapt it to a movie.

My Main Character!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Of American Idol, Homosexuality and God

A friend of mine recently commented about American Idol.

I'm no fan of American Idol but from the word on the street, I heard that a guy named Kris Allen won while coming in second was Adam Lambert.

And from what i heard my friend said, he said that Kris winning is a sign that
"God was indeed moving"
because Kris happen to be a worship leader and Adam Lambert happens to be a, uhm, gay.
(You can find his post here:

If i have not mistaken, the message from that post is supposed to be like:-
God hates homosexual singers. Only Christians who are full time worship leaders in church deserve to win American Idol. Gays are not allowed to win even if you can sing very well and have the talent.


I'm not a homosexual, mind you and i happen to be a Christian myself.
And no, i do not belong to the category that advocates homosexuals to be priests or leaders in church as i think homosexuals is something against the nature too.

But enough said bout homosexuality, i'm not writing on this post to start any pro-gay movement supporting Adam Lambert but i felt the need to clarify something regarding Christianity here.


I used to debate with a Muslim friend of mine before regarding issue of spiritually, and one of the issues we talked about is regarding religious fanatics.
The people who take what their religion teach to the extreme and try to alter it to suit their own needs and views. A very good example would be Osama bin Laden.

I argued with him that Christianity is definitely the better religion because most terrorists is a Muslim (no offense, here, that was last time) and he pointed out to me that every religion has its own share of fanatics.

Islam, Christian, Hindu, Buddhism, all.

What am i trying to say here is being too obsessed with religion is not a good thing.
And interpreting events to conform to your own religion views is even worse.

Take American Idol for example.

What happens if Kris lost?
Are you going to say that this is what God wants because He wants to mold Kris into becoming a better Christian?
Or are you going to say that God is doing it because with fame, there will be a lot of evil stuff with it so God decides to protect him?

Do you seriously believe that you understand what is in God's will?
I believe that no one in this world that really understands God's will 100% and what more predicting what God is going to do.

A word to brother and sisters in Christ:
Jesus did not come to this world to judge people. Instead He came to be with the sinners, the outcasts, not the pharisees.
If Jesus were to return today, whom do you think he will mix with?
I sincerely think He will go among the sinners so condemned by you, the homosexuals, the adulterers, the non-believers.
Bear in mind that when He came, He did side with the pharisees in condemning people.
He did not go like, "you've sinned! And you deserve to rot in hell!"


Our job is not to alienate them but instead to go to them.
If you decide to alienate them, whats the difference of you and the pharisees?


P/s: Sorry to the non-Christian readers because my last few posts touched on so much religious things. Hope you would not mind. And thanks for visiting!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lets talk about S-E-X !! 0.o

I find it very hard to be a good guy.
Especially if you are one born in a conservative family with your parents constantly hogging over you plus being hammered with religious lesson in church every week for 19 years straight.


[Please STOP reading if you are of the faint hearted or you think that you are in the good boy good gal category. Don't say i did not warn you.]


Day in and day out, i'm hearing more and more stories about who is losing their virginity, who is sleeping with who etc etc.

And well, being a guy myself, i have to admit that sometimes i do get jealous looking at other guys having this kind of "adventure". Especially when the hormones in my body are just having the time of their life.

Just to be honest guys, if a hot girl really would take off her shirt in front of you and requests for an "adventure", can you really control yourself and say no?
I bet even the most hard will-ed guy would only last at most 30 seconds in that kind of situation before giving in.
Except if your first impulse is to run, which i think that is also a gigantic obstacle to overcome.


What is the big deal anyway?

Pre-marital sex seems so normal nowadays and it is considered one of the essential things you must do with your boyfriend/girlfriend right? Okay, maybe at least that's the trend in major cities like Singapore, JB and some say KL.

So why the heck am i making a fuss out of this thing?

Well, i also do not really know what am i frustrated about. Maybe it is because i cannot turn my back towards everything i have learned and know about this pre-marital sex.

As far as i know, when you have done it one time, you will want to do it again.
Just like when if you stole, gambled, lied once, you will most probably do it again because your are already addicted or used to it.

And the more time you have sex, especially with different partners, the higher the chances of you getting a sexually transmitted disease and passing it on. Forget about condoms or banana leaves, no method is 100% fool-proof except abstinence.

The boring scientific stuff aside, pre-marital sex also makes a mockery out of the concept of marriage. What's the point of marrying if you can have sex with whoever you like?
And when sex means nothing much to you, you will have no qualms about doing it again with someone else who is not your spouse, and the reason why divorce rate is shooting sky high today.

Besides, all of us seem to forget that sex is something very sacred in which a new life can be created. It is the only way too how life can be created, where we as humans, can take part in God's work in creating a one-and-only unique being in this world.

Its saddening how some of us treat this process like a hobby such as football.
"Hey i'm bored, wanna have sex?"


But honestly i am a human too. And when so many people is involve in this activity, i doubt i can hold my ground.

Its just like the story where a person, lets call him A, was approached by another people one day asking him what is the answer to 1 + 1.
Of course A answered 2, but the person claimed that A's answer was wrong and said that the real answer is 11.
You will of course dismiss the other person because you know really well that 1+1=2.
But imagining the second person comes to you and say 1+1=11. And multiply this experience by 1000 times.
Of course, even though 1+1 is still equals to 2, but with a thousand people telling you that 1+1=11, no matter how sure are you, you will also start to doubt whether your answer is correct and will start to accept that 1+1=11.

Well, that roughly sums up my case. Yes, i know that pre-marital sex is still wrong just like the answer is still 2, but after seeing so many people doing it "happily", i also begin to have my doubts. Except if i see a playboy known for his wild ways getting strike by lighting tommorow, then maybe i will stop doubting.

You see, doing the wrong things are always easier to do. Just like lying about how pretty your mum looks is definitely the sure way to survive as compared to telling her the truth about how hideous her dress looks, the same rule applies here.

But of course, i will not go searching for a girlfriend to have the"adventure" with me now, i still think that pre-marital sex is wrong.
I just hope that no girl will come stripping infront of me with the "request".


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