Friday, June 10, 2011

The Best Deal Ever

It's a known and accepted fact that when it comes to shopping, there is a really clear gender divide between the guys and gals. Guys for one, do not enjoy shopping as much as girls and would prefer the fastest and quickest way when it comes to buy stuff. Just go in, grab the stuff we want and pay for it. Simple as that. Ask any guy to spend more than an hour browsing through the things he want to buy and you'll get a dead body by the end of that hour.

In short, the difference between us guys and girls in shopping can be summarized in this picture:

But of course, when it comes to knowing the best shopping deals around, any girl would be able to tell you which store offers the best price, which store has the best service and where is the best place that you should buy from without much difficulty. Ask any guys for for the best shopping deals and all you would get is a blank face. 

Which is why when I go shopping, I will always end up wanting to whack myself later. Because I will end up buying something which I can get for a cheaper price somewhere else. And not only that, I am every shop vendor's dream customer because I suck at bargaining.

Thankfully, help soon arrived for this shopping-gene-absent blogger. In a form of a Guru.

Not just any Guru, but a Dealguru that lives in!

As part of my participation in the Singapore Blog Awards, I was awarded a 100SGD credit to be used at the website. I have never made any purchases online before (after the time I tried to help a Nigerian price transfer his money out) but from what I heard and seen from friends, is a great place to grab any latest deals around Singapore. Perfect for a guy like me. I even had friends who bought extremely cheap travel packages to Bali before as part of a couple's trip (I was left out because I am still single, I guess the inability to score a great deal is part of the reason why).

So the moment I step back to Singapore, I am gonna buy myself a nice Bali trip package to along with the girl of my dreams. Now, to find the girl of my dreams...


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