Friday, September 23, 2011

Get Your Sexy Back!

When it comes to drinking, all of us are sure to have stories of how someone, either ourselves or our friends or our friend's friends, doing some really uncool stuff before. There's there classic "coma out on the sidewalk unable to move" case and there's also the "puke everywhere type". Sometimes, stories may range to the more serious type, the types which unfortunately brings lot of regrets the day tomorrow, like how one end up having sex with someone who looks like Steven Lim.

The picture speaks for itself

But of course, all of us love drinking. Even if we don't, our friends do. At least most of the friends I know do. And to say that you hate alcohol is equivalent to saying you have no life and all you enjoy is to sit in front of the computer and surf the web everyday (ops). At least that's how most people nowadays think, especially people living in university.

So how do you have fun while staying cool at the same time? Drink in moderation, that is! Better still, you may be able to win an awesome trip worth 10 000 dollars to Hong Kong if you're able to drink, have fun and keep your cool!

Come this September 2011, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore is organizing a campaign called Get Your Sexy Back, or GYSB in short, to combat binge drinking in Singapore. A youth led initiative itself, GYSB is all about getting your sexy back while drinking responsibly! And to throw in some fun in the campaign, like I mentioned just now, there's 4 grand tickets to giveaway for an awesome trip to Hong Kong! Yes, Hong Kong, along with a star treatment which includes limousine, spa relaxation, awesome suite stay and not forgetting outing to the coolest clubs there! Worth 10000 dollars!


If you are, all you need to do is to simply log on to Facebook, like GYSB's page and then share a story of an unsexy moment of either you or your friend drunk . It could be about anything, banging into a tree, puking inside the cab or flirting with a cat. Anything! The funnier and the more unsexy, the better. Next, get your friends to vote for your story!

The top 8 people with the highest voted story, along with 3 of your friends will then get invited to the Ultimate Night Out Challenge where you will get to have loads of fun (caution: lots of drinks involved!) and stand a chance to win the Hong Kong tickets! The only catch? You must maintain your sexiness the whole night! Teams who have even one person who is drunk unsexy will be immediately disqualified from the challenge. There will be tasks along the way for teams to do.

More info about the Ultimate Night Out can be found below:

So what are you waiting for? Head on to and start sharing your story now. Who knows, your unsexy story might just land you in Hong Kong!


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