Friday, September 9, 2011

What I Wanna Do With 10 000 Dollars

1. Buy a super duper awesome gaming computer together with the best gaming gears. Alienware and Razer ftw! And I'm gonna game like there's no tomorrow.

2. Treat myself to the most expensive buffet dinner in Singapore. And go there again the next day. And the day after tomorrow.

3. Check myself in to Marina Bay Sands for a week.

4. Replace my entire wardrobe. New clothes, new pants, new accessories and new shoes! No more wearing the same shirt for days anymore!
5. Finally be able to visit Universal Studios that I've been dying to go since so long ago. Perhaps I could go every week until I used up all the 10 000 dollars.

6. Take a flight to Japan! First experience on a plane!

7. Buy an air-conditioner so that I don't have to suffer under this hot weather anymore

8. Get myself a car! Wait... that wouldn't be enough. I mean get myself a toy car!

9. I guess I should donate some to charity.

10. And to top it all off, I want a 2 storeys high ice-cream cone!

There's just so many things that I want and could do if I only I have 10 000 dollars. Which is why tomorrow is such an important day to me. Because it will be the day where StarHub will finally award the 10 000 SGD reward to the first person who finds Sparky's poodle.

Yeap, after two intense week of puzzle solving, clue hunting and camping in front of the computer, the Love Tail campaign is finally coming to a close. Never mind that I've missed out on so many prizes like the 43" LCD 3D TV or the Xbox Kinect. Never mind that I was stupid enough to go all the way down to Orchard thinking that the password was there. Never mind. Because tomorrow is the big day alright, 10th September 2011. Because it will be the day where I win 10 000 dollars.

You heard me right. I will be the one who will be finding Sparky's poodle and bagging that 10 000 dollars reward from StarHub. And I will be the Love Tail champion. Think you can beat me? You're more than welcomed to try.

Just register yourself as a poodle hunter at and head on down to the location indicated in the map in your Hub It! app. Easy as that. And I'll be seeing you tomorrow to battle it out for the 10 000 dollars.

P/s: For more info, you can also like StarHub's FB page at


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