Saturday, September 3, 2011

Topless. I mean laptopless.

Here I am, sitting boringly alone on a Saturday afternoon, ALONE, laptopless and with only a stupid tablet that doesn't allow me to type properly (I miss my good ol keyboard) and a wifi internet connection that goes on and off whenever it likes while most of my friends are at COMEX enjoying themselves. All because I promised another group of friends that I would attend their house warming in a few hours time in which I predict would be very awkward since it's been ages I last seen them and I don't even know more than half of the people who would be attending the house warming (I know because I checked the guests list on Facebook).

But then again, being a no show is not an option too, because we chinese have this strange concept called giving face and if you're unable to attend, people would accuse you of not giving face to them and the relationship would take a downward fall from there. So in order to maintain that relationship, one has to go. It's all part and parcel of human dynamics. Yeap, the things we would do just to not piss people off.

So here I am again, laptopless for a week, ranting on my blog of an upcoming event in which I will cringe about every time I think of the amount of unknown people I need to say hi to. Not to mention the few hours that I have to spend alone now because my entire floor is devoid of people. That's the power of COMEX all right.

I guess I can use this moment of quietness to study alright, since I have an upcoming exam on friday but then again, I guess i'll be seeing my textbook a lot too this week since I have no laptop to distract me. No more 5 minutes break to facebook or twitter and no more zombie slaying and saving the world. Chern Tze was so happy when she found out that. I just pray that i'll emerge from this whole episode a sane person because you know, take away games from a nerd and god knows what he'll turn into. Maybe a plant eating zombie.

Time to return to my oh-so-mindfucking textbook now I guess while waiting for the time for the house warming to arrive. I think i'll just go there, say hi to my friends, act a bit friendly, realize that I know less than 10% of the people there, hide in a corner and leave early the first chance I have. I mean, what do you do at a house warming besides eat anyway? And all the house warming i've been to in life are with my parents. Seriously. Man, where's your parents when you need them.

Oh well, I guess there comes a time when a person has to finally go to a house warming alone without the comfort of his parents. Maybe it's like a rite of passage when you have to undergo in order to call yourself a man. And hopefully after tonight, I would not be a cowardly boy anymore but a real, strong and not shy man. Provided if I don't faint halfway through the house warming. Besides, ho could the owner of be afraid of a small party?

Okay, i'm saying too much already about this whole house warming thing. And this stupid blogger app doesn't let me scroll back up to edit my post. Wtf. And the browser doesn't let me do that either. Man.

I think i'll be a double man if I manage to survive the laptopless week too. Maybe a he-man. I think i'm going crazy already because of all this pressure. I think i'm gonna stop writing now. Fingers, stop typing please. I said stop. Bye. Being laptopless sucks.



When is your laptop gonna be fixed, you can really consider setting up ewlucifer ^^

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