Monday, August 22, 2011

STGCC (Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention) 2011

Okay, at first I totally did not know that there was this event going on in Singapore. The only toys, gaming and comics convention that I know about are the ones I see from TVs and sitcoms, you know, from shows like The Big Bang Theory and The Guild. I never imagined to be able to visit one myself.

Luckily for me, my luck always beat my imagination. On the day of the convention itself, I got myself a ticket to visit the convention from a friend of mine, Huang Hua. One of her friends could not make it due to work and I was the lucky one to get the ticket. And so together with another two friends of mine, Jason and Kok Weng, I went to the first ever nerd convention of my life, which was held in Suntec City, Singapore.

Look at the amount of people at the convention

The first thing that I learned about conventions like this is that the whole place is a photo taking gold mine, thanks to the cosplayers that are walking around. Looks like the television is not lying after all when it comes to sexy hot girls in conventions.

Everywhere we went, there were people from all the animes, comics, movies and games that you can possibly think of. And everywhere we went, there were hordes of other people snapping picture of the cosplayers with badass DSLR cameras. We brought one too (although it's nowhere near a badass DSLR), Jason's Canon 600D and like people out from the kampung, we spammed taking pictures of our favorite characters.

Huang Hua with my mini father

The 3 guys with War Machine!

Huang Hua again with Ichigo from Bleach

The 3 of them with loads of power rangers red

The plumber brothers say hi. Classic characters

I dunno her character but she's definitely kawaii

A hunter was seen lurking around ready to pounce on any survivor

And that's me with my favorite character from Star Wars, R2-D2! Triple nerd like!

But photo taking and cosplayers aside, the whole convention was only on an average scale for most of us. I think we may have slightly over-anticipated the size of the convention (no thanks to the impression given to me by The Guild and Big Bang Theory) and in just less than two hours, we have already circled the whole area a few times and seen all the stalls there (not forgetting the few thousand photos that we took along the way). Which inevitably lead to boredom.

There were not much things to buy too, most of the stuff available to sell were either toys or figurines that were too expensive so all of us came back empty handed despite some of our initial plans to get some souvenirs like a sweater. Except Huang Hua, that is. She bought a replica of Ichigo's Tensa Zangetsu (his sowrd, basically) which was made out of wood for only 20 bucks. A cheap price if you ask me. You can see some of us holding the sword in the pictures up there.

So we went back after one or two hours there because there was no more other things to do there.

But still, the STGCC was a great experience, especially for a nerd like me. Next stop? Maybe the annual Comic Con or Games Con in US. And I can go there dressed up as my favorite character too. Myself.


nic tay said...

LUKELUKE. hahaha sorry that i came so late that you guys were already bored!

mannn i must've spent the most money at the con LOL. bought an artbook from my favourite studio artists in singapore, a new era tokidoki cap, and the Dragon Nest game. >,< aiyaaaaa~~

come Anime Festival Asia '11 (AFA'11) with me and Hua in November? i promise it's much bigger scaled. it'll be full of anime stuff yea :P HURHURRR. my favourite cosplaying group is coming down! i'm so excited xD

Yellow Flower said...

@Nic Tay: Yay!! Let's go and buy the costume tgt!! Hohohohoho!!!

And actually Lukey u should have taken a look at the photos I took for the Cosplay competition later on, the costume making is quite awsome!!! And of course Iron Man War Machine win the first prize of the competition and bring the 1000 SGD home hahaha~

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