Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Star Trekking

I've been wasting a lot of time lately. Not by the usual activities like Facebook-ing, gaming or sleeping though. Rather, I've been wasting my time Star Trekking. Or more precisely, immersing myself in the Star Trek universe through reading the Star Trek Wikipedia, watching numerous Star Trek episodes and even finding myself on a blog detailing what would happen should aliens made contact with us (if you must know, there's an impartial task force set up on Earth that would deal with them, in a diplomatic manner of course, should the aliens decide not to wipe us out clean).

The four generations of Star Trek

To be honest, I've always been fascinated by what lies beyond our world since young. Space has always been a magnificent and yet mysterious place for me. The vastness of it, along with the countless probabilities of what may lie out there, never fails to spark my curiosity. It also makes you wonder about a lot of philosophical questions like "What is the meaning of life", "Are we really alone" and "Is there really God" when you think in terms of astronomy.

Space is also a beautiful place for me. If you've seen some astronomy photos taken by the Hubble before, you would agree with me. Also, I find the idea of exploring the space an exciting one. You'll never know what awesome stuff you'll find in your journey. Which is why I often fantasize about being a Starship Captain or an explorer sometimes. 

Sadly, fantasy can only remain as a fantasy. As of now, we humans are pretty much still stuck on earth with the prospect of exploring the universe a few hundred years away as our technology has not reach the stage where it's feasible for intergalactic exploration. And even though Stephen Hawking theorized that alien lifeforms are very likely given the statistical figures, we have not yet been officially contacted by aliens yet even though we have been trying for more than five decades already.

So as for now, I can only satisfy the astronomer need in me by immersing myself in fictional universes like Star Trek, Star Wars and Mass Effect 2. Exploring new worlds, imagining how it would be like to interact with completely different species and doing my part in saving humanity. Which then translates to me wasting more time pondering about something that is fictional rather than studying. Yay.


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