Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Computer Needed

My computer died. Died in a way that it automatically shuts down everytime you turn it on, gets blue screen every so often even if you manage to load Windows and reformatting it doesn't help. I suspect it's a hardware problem, but then again, it works perfectly fine in safe mode so I really don't know what to expect. It might be a corrupted driver but as I'm a Arts student, my computer skills are fairly limited to Bloccing, Facebook-ing and Tweeting.

Blue is now my laptop's favorite color

I would want to send it for repair but judging from past experiences, it would not be cheap considering that my warranty just expired. Great time for a computer to die right? 

I firgured it would be much cheaper to just get a new computer because 2 years is considered to be the mid point of life in a computer already and it would not be worth to be repairing if the repair costs shoots up the ceiling. However, being a poor student as I am, with more debts than than income (actually my income is relatively 0, this blog earns peanuts by the way), a buying a new computer with my own money is definitely not a viable idea, unless if the next powerful computer costs 50 cents that is, because that's all I can afford. So like any cheap-free-stuff-loving-blogger, I devised a few strategies in which I can get my hands on a free new laptop:


1. "Hi, my name is Lukey and I happen one of Singapore's top emerging handsome blogger. In regards to the email subject, the purpose of this email is to propose a deal between and your company, in which I would review the top laptop of your company in one of my blog posts and in exchange, I would appreciate it if the laptop would be given free as a courtesy of the blog review. I wouldn't want to choose, but your company's new Razer Switchblade does look quite awesome. Can I review it please? Pretty please?"

2. Scout for any blogging competition which has a laptop as a prize and enter it. Then, ask my computing friend to hack the rest of the participants blog post and sabotage it to read "Lukey should really win this competition". Just to be safe.

3. Create 10 000 fake Facebook accounts to like the photo of myself doing some weird stuff so I can win the ongoing "Beg Your Friends For Likes" competition on Facebook because they are offering a laptop as the first prize.

4. Rob a computer store.

5. Rob my friend who has an Alienware as his laptop when he's walking back from school at night. And I must remember to wear a mask this time

6. Camp in front of the computer every night at 8 pm and hope to bag one of the 10 major prizes StarHub is giving away as part of the Love Tail competition (this is perhaps the most feasible idea yet. but also the most unsure one)

7. Pray really hard that a free laptop will drop down from the sky.

8. Take a walk around NUS canteens and hope for someone who would be naive enough to use their laptops to chop seats. And I would be teaching them a good lesson of not leaving your laptop unattended because you'll never know when a desperate guy without laptop would be stalking the canteens for a free laptop.

9. Pray harder for that laptop to drop from the sky because all the methods above don't seem to be working.

10. Walk into a computer store, points towards some random direction, scream "Tony Tan is distributing free KFC chicken there" and grab the nearest laptop on display and run when everyone is looking at that direction.


I just hope that I would get a laptop before my first assignment comes in. Oh wait, it already had.


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