Friday, August 12, 2011

Coming Soon: Cars 2

I have always loved watching the movie Cars by Disney. It combines two of things that I love most, Disney and cars. What more could I ask for? I probably have rewatched the movie a hundred times already thanks to the Disney channel that I have at my house.

Cars (2006)

And coming this August, the highly anticipated sequel to the movie, Cars 2 is going to be released by Disney and Pixar! The sequel sees the return of our hero in the first movie, Lighting McQueen along with his buddy tow-truck Mater as a team racing across the globe. Better still, Disney and Pixar has decided to throw in another of my favorite thing, espionage! That's right, in Cars 2, Mater unknowingly gets tangled up in a international spies issue which inadvertently affected the relationship between him and McQueen. How will Mater perform his duty as a spy and as part of McQueen's racing team at the same time?

This is Mater and he's a spy

Speaking of spies and espionage, I think it would be great if I can come up with a spy name for myself too. You know, just to get in the mood for Cars 2 and make myself look cool.

How bout Lukey McHandsome? I think it's a great spy name for me, don't you think? Firstly, it's not my real name but it still symbolizes me. And like they say, sometimes the most dangerous things are the safest and I think the same goes for names too. The name might attract a lot of attention but people would just think that I'm just a narcisstic person and not some spy. Perfect for undercover missions.

And what better catch line than, "Call me Lukey... Lukey McHandsome". Awesome right? Not forgetting that the name is inspired by my favorite characters in Cars, Lighting McQueen. My spy name rhymes with his name right?

I think I will wear a big signboard with the name Lukey McHandsome when I go watch Cars 2 if I happen to get the chance (hints at Nuffnang). Along with shades and a comb over hair XD

Anyways, if you have yet to watch the trailer for Cars 2, I've included it here:

With so many exotic places, exciting storyline and two of the best movie makers in the world, Cars 2 is a must watch! Catch Cars 2 movie starting from 25th August 2011 and join the official Disney Studios Singapore & page!


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