Wednesday, August 3, 2011

8TV's Ramadan's Advertisement 2011 Video

In just a short period of a few days, two videos of 8TV's recent controversial Ramadan advertisement were pulled out from Youtube due to copyrights claim by the company.

The used to be 8TV Advertisement

Just to give a back story to this post, there was this advertisement shown in one of Malaysia's channel, 8TV, as part of the Ramadan celebration that attracted lots of attention online because it was said to be racist and derogatory. Read the full story here.

The move to censor the video and stop people from viewing the video is understandable, I guess, because it's Malaysia after all, where all unsavory news against the government or authorities will be barred from entering the main media. So yeah, you can say that Malaysia is a land of biased journalism. Only positive news can be shared.

But this is the internet after all, where information should be freely distributed and shared and personally, the more you want to censor the information, the more I want to spread it. For those of you who want to watch the video, here's a embedded version of it:

Also, I've included a Mediafire link for you to download the video in case the above video gets censored too. You know, just to be save. And if possible, spread the video as far as you can. Upload it everywhere, to DailyMotion, to Blogger or to other video hosting sites. Show those buggers that they cannot withhold information from us. To download the video, just simply visit:

My suggestion is to download the video before it gets censored again and maybe upload it somewhere where it cannot be taken down due to copyrights claim. As for me, I guess I have to go into hiding now in case they use ISA against me.
P/s: On a side note, TV9's Ramadan Advertisement is so much better. Check them out:

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thanks been looking for the video ;)

Anonymous said...

They're trying desperately to block all the videos online, so thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA luke, putting aside the racist nuances in TV 8's ad, the ad's bad lah. I mean its not that they are celebrating their first fasting month what...malaysia have been doing this for years LOL.. :)

Anonymous said...

the AD is sooooo bad that its good lol

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