Saturday, August 27, 2011

How To Prepare A Budget

Task: Prepare a proposed budget for your committee and send it by tonight for approval.

How normal people do it:

1. Open Microsoft Excel. Load the excel spreadsheet "Proposed Budget.xls" that you have prepared weeks ago (after numerous research, discussion with your main comm and sleepless nights planning on how you can get the best budget out).

2. Triple check the budget again and see whether there are any errors and whether the value adds up.

3. Find that everything is perfect. Compose an incredibly long email explaining the 120 items contained in the budget, attach the spreadsheet and send it for approval. Not forgetting to cc all your comm members the email too.

4. Budget gets approved. Total time spent: 30 minutes


How Lukey does it:

1. Open Microsoft Excel.

2. Have a sudden realization that you have no idea how a budget looks like.

3. Google for budget examples

4. Check Faceboon and Twitter in the meantime to see if there's anyone who replied to your update about dying your hair pink

5. Type in the title "Proposed Budget".

6. Spend the next 15 minutes deciding whether Times New Roman or Arial looks better

7. Eat a biscuit

8. Start to ponder on what activities and events you need to budget for.

9. You start with supper and allocate 300 dollars for it. Add another 2 suppers

10. Go for dinner with friends

11. Come back from dinner. Decided that work after meal is not healthy. Play a game of DOTA with friends to "de-stress"

12. Play another game of DOTA because you lost the first match

13. =SUM(supper1+supper2+supper3)

14. Facebook and Twitter again. Annoyed that no one commented on the picture that you posted and thought that it would become viral.

15. Take a 10 minutes nap

16. Get a call from your boss asking you the reason why you're not at the budget meeting yet

17. Rush off to attend the meeting

18. Feel very bad because everyone keeps emphasizing the importance of getting the budget done early.

19. Go for supper with friends to shake off that bad feeling

20. Come back from supper. Go bathing to cool off

21. See if anyone commented on the photo yet

22. Start to enter the second item in the budget

23. have no idea what to enter for the third item

24. Give up. Dump all the remaining money into "Miscellaneous"

25. Write an incredibly short email, attach the spreadsheet and sent it for approval

26. Blog about the entire experience because you're lazy to blog about other stuff

27. Budget gets rejected. 

28. Repeat 1. Total time spent: 10 hours and counting

And people wonder why I hate to be a treasurer.



you are treasurer? Which committee?

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