Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Meet My New Friend!

Hi everyone, please meet my new friend, Motorola Xoom the tablet! It runs on Android, has a camera and it's free! Many thanks to StarHub!

And I thought it was a phone at first

My Xoom is now best friends with my iPad already

And if you're eager to lay your hands on some cool gadgets too for free, you can! There's iPad 2, MacBook Air and also a Samsung 3D LCD TV up for grabs!

As long as you're a Singapore resident, owns a smart phone (or a tablet with a camera like Xoom), knows how to surf Youtube and loves to solve mysteries, you can win a cool gadget too for free. Best of all, you'll get to have lots of fun too during the process. There's something big coming alright, perhaps the most revolutionary campaign ever organized in Singapore, this coming August but as for now I can't reveal too much yet.

All you have to do now is to follow this blog closely, and maybe like my too because I'll be posting updates there too, and when clock strikes 1pm this 25th August, there will be a blogpost up detailing how you can join in the fun too and be on your way to getting all those awesome gadgets, for free! And guess what, there will be a cute dog named Sparky too involved!

So stay tune! I promise you that this contest is in no way like those lame contests where you have to ask your beg your friends to like your photo in Facebook or stuff like that. It really requires skills from you and it will be an exciting journey all the way. I would say that it's the social media version of the Amazing Race itself. But that's all for now!  Spread the message to your friends and wait for the 25th of August 2011, 1pm! Woof!



is the XOOM interface smooth?

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