Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Three Months Semester Break

The last time I went back home, all my friends asked me why on earth am I coming back only for two weeks out of the entire three months of holiday. Is it because I love Singapore so much already that I don't feel like going home? I've never really answered the question in detail, to be honest, because my standard answer would be "I'm doing some hostel stuff" without giving too much details because well, I'm just too lazy to explain everything that I'll be doing in three months and it's just a little bit too complicated to fit three months in five minutes of talk.

Until now, that is, thanks to advance in technologies. Dear friends, here's a summary of my three months of semester break in 13 minutes and 10 seconds:

Eusoff Hall Orientation Summary Video:

Eusoff / Temasek Rag Performance 2011 at NDP

And that's how I spent my three months semester break. Organizing the orientation week for Eusoff Hall and being part of the Rag Dance for Eusoff and Temasek.

And with this blog post, I guess I can finally bid my those fun times goodbye already and prepare for yet another exciting year ahead in NUS, now as a Year 3 student. I'm getting old :(


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