Monday, September 12, 2011

Blue from Monday

Tomorrow is Monday again. Wait, I mean today. And I can so see a host of depressing news that comes together with the mere mention of a Monday. There's the unfinished assignments, unread journal articles and also the Friday term test. And it had to be an open book exam. And negative marking.

I never liked open book exams. Many people will think that is much easier that the standard exams that we took in high school but the sad reality is that it is much worse. One main reason is because the answer is never gonna be found in the books, readings or whatever cheat sheet that you decide to bring in anyway and you'll waste most of your time flipping your book inside out thinking there surely must be an answer there when it's not. You might just as well spend the time thinking of what to write rather than flipping the book aimlessly.


And don't even get me started about negative marking. I mean, why penalize us for trying? I remember someone before that the result is not important as long as we try. The only lesson that I can get from negative marking is don't even attempt to try to answer if you're not 3000% sure. Heck, even a small spelling error could cost you that grade. Scary right?

Oh well, at least recess week is the week after this. At least I can finally get some rest. I hope. Where did all the time went, actually?


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