Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Six Blogs

Every blogger have their own list of blogs in which they look up to for inspiration. These are the blogs that we go back to time and time again to keep ourselves updated, get useful info, stimulate our thinking or just to pass time away. And like any other bloggers, I have my own list of blogs too that i regularly read for inspiration and in a way, the way I blog is also somewhat influenced by them too.

Since 31st August happens to be the 6th Blog Day 2011, I have decided to put together a tribute post of the blogs that I regularly stalk for everything and also to share with you on why I love these blogs.

1. "Everyone's reading it"

How can someone who calls himself a blogger not follow the blog of Xiaxue, the queen of bloggers?

Despite how some might comment on her looks, her plastic surgery and other forms of flaws of hers, one cannot deny that when it comes to blogging, she is one of the top. One of the few things that I enjoy reading in her blog is the way she argues. She has this way of putting her thoughts so well in words that most of the time, I end up agreeing to whatever she's saying.

Another thing that I like about her blog is her confidence and self esteem. Although she may constantly get attacked online for all her controversial posts, she doesn't care and is still true to herself. I mean, how many of us can be true to ourselves in today's world? I can't. Whenever I want to post some controversial stuff, I get scared by the repercussions that I might get and hit delete.

Also, she happens to be my role model blogger when I first started blogging. I told myself that one day, I want my blog to be as famous as hers in terms of viewership and influence. I'm nowhere near that dream yet but she's the one reason why I think I can make it big in blogging.

2. k0k bL0k (Kok Sen Wai)

 If you're looking for controversial, k0k bL0k is the block for you.

Belonging to a doctor in the making, who also happens to be a very strong atheist, this blog is mainly about challenging conventions. I love how Kok blogs using sophisticated English and strong arguments to prove out his point, though I may not agree with them everytime.

I still remember the first time I landed on his blog. He was talking about how religion corrupts people and being the Christian I was, I took it upon my responsibility to prove him wrong. After countless paragraphs of arguing (I bet it's more than all the Harry Potter books combined), I promised that I will never return to this blog again in fear of another World War.

But return I did. Though I still disagree with his views, I find it enlightening to try to sometimes just try to look at things from another point of view. Besides, the sarcastic way in which he writes can also serve as a morning entertainment too.

3. Vincent's Philosophy (Vin Tsen Gan)

I once called him the next Kenny Sia in the making because his posts are funny, random and lame (in a good way) all at the same time.

A soon to be lawyer, Vincent would just talk cock about anything and make witty statements of our everyday life. Laughter is something that you will definitely get out from this blog. Reading his blog is a great way to de-stress. It's sort of like watching Russell Peters perform but the only thing different is that it's on a blog and it's written by a Malaysian Chinese.

4. Niamah!!! (Patrick Teoh)

Not many people enjoy reading political blogs. Mainly because some of them can get real biased, vulgar and outrageous at the same time. Take a look at a Malay supremacist blog and you'll understand. Niamah!!! on the other hand, is different and by being different I mean it's mostly neutral (although there's still strong language) and funny at the same time.

If sarcasm was a language, Niamah!!! is full of it. That's one of the reasons why I enjoy reading this blog. I also use this blog to sometimes keep up to date about all the drama happening in Malaysia and also to de-stress. Patrick Teoh has this uncanny ability to turn the politicians' words against themselves and make something funny out of it at the same time.

And the word "Niamah!!!" that he always use to end his post? Priceless.

5. Cheechingy

 CUTEEEE!!!! That's the one word that can describe this blog written (or drawn) by a girl called Chee Ching.

One of the few comic blogs that I read, is funny, colorful and makes you go "aww.." at the same time. She mainly blogs about her life but her posts are mostly all in visual. Ideal for someone who hates too much word like me.

And she's really talented too! The most I can go with drawing on my computer are horribly distorted stick figures so I really admire her ability to produce such an awesome comic blog. Maybe I could ask her to help design a cute+handsome banner for me :p


Last but not least, I have! (No one said I cannot share my own blog right?)

As the name suggests, this blog is written by a guy who loves to call himself handsome all the time in his posts. Every single post, to be exact. He's not Steven Lim's brother though.

The blog consists of his daily rantings about life in university and also about any topic that he finds interesting or controversial. Sometimes he would also muse about the big questions in life (when he feels like it) but most of the time, he's just his lame self.

Though his blog is nowhere near the awesomeness of the other 5 blogs above, he is in fact trying really hard to make it there (by posting everyday) and maybe one day you could see in newspaper headlines, ", the most popular self claimed handsome blog in Singapore, Malaysia and some say Steven Lim's house".

Happy blog day everyone!


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