Saturday, August 27, 2011

StarHub Poodle Video

Okay I'm being extremely nice here. For those of you who are still stuck on the 4th clue finding the poodle video, and for taking the effort to Google it (and indirectly contributing traffic to my blog), here's the poodle video that Sparky mentioned for the 4th clue.

How I found it? Just watch the original video, look for the part where there was a scene of Sparky on Youtube, look for the title of the video and search for it in Youtube.

Sadly though, by the time I got to the video 301 people had viewed it. Oh well, they had a 3 hour headstart anyway. Sorry lah, it's a Saturday night after all. Sitting at home waiting for a clue to come out is so not my style. Better woof luck next time then. And bye Samsung LCD TV.

Also, stay tune to this blog for updates because I'll be posting more about the competition as time passes. Hopefully the 10 000 dollars is mine!

Tags: StarHub, Love Tail, Task #4, Clue 4, poodle video


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