Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day Two

Day 2 of me without a laptop. Which means that i'm blogging using my XOOM again. Which means x2 that this post will end up with loads of grammarical errors, spelling mistakes and sentences that don't make sense because is not XOOM browser friendly and no one has decided to make an Android app for blogger yet, despite blogger being part of Google's product. Apparently bloggers like me are the last thing on the developers mind when they designed the tablet or when they make app for Google market. Time to go healthy and eat an Apple?

Life's pretty good so far. I've finally received the long overdue pay of mine (a total of 1200+ SGD), the guy looked like s our plum though when I went to collect the money, I think it must be because of the 100000 SMS and emails I sent asking him when my pay is ready. Sorry, i'm that impatient when it comes to money owed to me.

I've bought a brand new Acer 23 inch LED monitor for only 200 bucks, an awesome deal if you would ask me, and I can so imagine the many hours of fun gaming and awesome movie experience ahead with that monitor. Moreover, it has a freaking 3 year warranty. The only problem now? My laptop is still in hospital. Hopefully by the time it is discharged, it will be like a brand new laptop and then it will be an awesome non stop gaming marathon ahead! I mean studying. Yes, awesome studying experience ahead. The lecture notes will be so much clearer now (in case CT is reading this blog post).

Also, for the first time in history, I actually manage to drag myself and ran for one hour yesterday. The Lukey who has always preferred to sit down in front of the computer clicking away actually went jogging. Okay it was walking most of the time because my stamina sucked, but still, being able to gather enough willpower to actually exercise is pretty much a big accomplishment for me. Normally, the only part of my body that has exercise are my fingers from all the typing and clicking. I guess the health psychology module that i'm taking now really did a good job in scaring me. So bye bye, McSpicy and hello, jogging shoes!

Not forgetting that I went church today. Which was a good thing because church is fun. I always felt at home and loved when i'm in church. And my parents would kill me if I missed church back at home. When I have children, I want them to attend church too. Argue all you want about the insignificance of religion and stuff like that, I still think that there's no where else that you can find a tight knitted community so easily except from church. We humans after all, yearns to be part of a group and being in church provides us with the option. Not to mention the friends and relationships you can find there. My two best buddies are after all from church too and even after so many years and so many miles apart, they'r still my best buddies. Which is why I gotta stop over sleeping and attend church more.

So yeah, life's good so far. Except for the studying part, that is. I just can't seem to catch up with the tons of readings (maybe because i'm too busy blogging) but otherwise, life's good. Eusoff Dance Production auditions are starting son, and i'm trying out acting this year, and i'm watching a movie for free this Tuesday, courtesy of Let's just hope my good luck so far would last til after my exam this Friday. And did I mention it's at 8am in the morning? Which roughly translate to 5am NUS time? Time to drink red bull like there's no tomorrow again.



I have a feeling that you went running because you have an extra push now, no?

1200SGD is from the ASEAN games is it?

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