Sunday, August 14, 2011

Third Year Musings

I still refuse to accept the fact that tomorrow marks the start of my junior (third) year in university. Okay, the official start was last Thursday but as you know, I'm a bit slow in anything related to studies and I've not really enjoyed my holidays enough so I shifted my calendar back a few days. Besides, I prefer to have my week start on a Monday to get me into the mood. Nothing but feeling blue for the start of another year of hectic life of studies and activities right?

I'm getting old :(

Time flies. In a blink of an eye, I've already spent two years overseas studying and more than half through in my journey in university. In another blink of an eye, I'll be starting another part of my life already, finding a work, building up my career, finding a purpose in life and perhaps even starting a family, if God permits (whoever who said finding a girlfriend is easy in university has never been Lukey before.)

And the fact that I'm getting older terrifies me. I'm not ready for any adult commitments and responsibilities! I still wanna enjoy the carefree student life, doing what I like, slacking and having fun for maybe 100 years more. In no way would I want to be stuck in the repetitive work cycle of waking up at 8 am everyday, go to work, come back at 6 pm, eat, sleep then repeat again everyday. In no way too I want to be bogged down by car loans, house loans, family commitments and not forgetting the huge debt that I've accumulated in my studies here. No no no >.<

Sometimes I wonder what's the purpose of all this actually. Of each and everyone of us going through the same cycle, going to study, trying to find a job after that and settle down etc etc. Makes no difference from animals actually, if you think of it. Because they too are subjected to the same routine since the day they're born. To survive and propagate their genes. That's the primary purpose.

But then again, this question is just big for us to ponder. Never fails to give me the mindfuck. Because there's just so many reasons that you can devise out to keep you going in life. Some do it for religion, others for the sake of humanity and some just choose to ignore it. But no one really knows what's the true answer of the purpose of our existence. It's a question that can be answered when we hit the grave. Seriously. 

But I'm not in a rush. I'm still loving my life right now. And looking back, I'm glad that I took a leap of faith and came to Singapore, though life here is much harder than what would have been if I chose to stay in Malaysia. What that does not kill you makes you stronger, I couldn't agree more with that.

In just a short period of two years, I've done tons of things that I otherwise wouldn't have chance to experience if I've stayed, which is part of the reason I am glad I'm here in NUS, because I make it a point to experience as many things as life can offer before I die. And in 2 years, I've been involved in countless activities, big and small, such as (in chronological order starting from Year 1, depending on whether my memory remembers it):

1. Freshman participating in MSL's (Malaysian Student League) UFO (University Freshmen Orientation). Got to know my first friends in uni, the Polobunnies and also the first time I came to know the custom of overusing abbreviations in Singapore

2. Eusoff Hall freshman for The Rise of the Titans orientation week. Didn't quite enjoy it because well, somehow I just couldn't click

3. Rag helper for Eusoff Hall. I remember carrying a landscape with lotsa corals on it.

4. EusoffWorks videographer for the Tech Crew. My first hall video was the IBG video with the help of Nisha Alex. Woots. Did a lot more videos also under EusoffWorks. And the most epic part was where I got arrowed to be an old man in the short film. Big =.=" face.

5. A salvation army tutor for EVC (Eusoff Voluntary Corps). One of my most challenging activities ever because you have to get yourself used to being ignored and talking to someone who doesn't respond to you. But still, it was eye opening.

6. SAC (Student Affairs Committee) member or as I would like to call it, the Sai-kang Action Committee, where all you do is sai kang work for hall like serving food, packing welfare pack and sorting mails. But still we have a great head, Hun Sopheara, which made the work much more bearable. And I got a glimpse of all the behind scenes work. Not easy.

7. Phantom Drama member. Phantom because all I ever did was to go for audition, workshop and helped out some behind the stage work for dunno what already. Perhaps I'm not made for the stage :(

6. Tried and failed my auditions for Eusoff Dance, Eusoff Choir and Dance Production :(

8. Became a member of the Elixer, Eusoff's Percussion group. Despite my experience of being a church drummer, found out that I still have lots to learn regarding my beats and rhythm. But still we had a great head called Azad. And I had the chance to perform a gig at Shaw Foundation House.

9. Got promoted to Junior Video Director of EusoffWorks. I have no idea what I was doing when I said yes.
10. Joined the EHOC programmes team as a way to spend my first three months of holiday break, much to the horror of my parents. Wasn't the best experience I had, but it sure helped to pave the way for what is going to happen at the end of my Year 2.

11. Signed up for rag dance as I was not giving up on dancing after the two initial rejections. My first actual serious dance experience in life. It was an awesome learning experience and it was the reason why I was able to go further in dance during my second year. And my first major performance on stage, which was held during the Youth Olympic games opening ceremony.

12. Started my second year as the Video Director of EusoffWorks, who is in charge of hall level video coverage and production work. Not exactly the best job that I ever did and wasn't exactly prepared for it. But still it was a great experience, a painful one to be honest. Learned that being leader isn't exactly as easy as I have always taught it would be. 

14. Tried to run as Block B head but failed. Still, it was a good thing that I did not get elected or I don't know how badly would I have died.

13. Switched from being a SA tutor to being an Elderly Service member in EVC. Made a vow not to retire in Singapore seeing the state of some elderly here. Getting visits from university students is definitely not on my to do list when I'm old.

14. Got accepted into Eusoff Dance. The rewards of not giving up.

15. My first major blogging breakthrough when I won an iPad and a Nokia X6 from two different

15. Passed my Eusoff Dance Production auditions too. Though the practices were really tiring and difficult, being able to perform on the big stage was an entire different type of feeling. An experience that I would never forget. Enjoyed it to the max.

16. Became Standard Chartered Bank's Top 23 World's  Coolest Intern. How I got that, I did not know. But I did learn this thing about social media and its rising influence in the world.

17. Went to Chingay, so called the "grandest stage of Asia", where there was procession of awesome floats followed by dance performances to the crowd. Danced a total of 6 times for the same routine. Also one of the biggest event I ever danced for.

18. Participated as one of the Top 10 bloggers for Singapore's Dance Delight blogging competition. Though I did not win any major prizes, it was my first introduction to Singapore's blogging scene which is quite a vibrant and lively, I must say. And found out that there were many more better bloggers than me.

19. As my second major three months started, I took on one of the biggest responsibility I ever took in hall. The co-head for the orientation committee. I was half sure it would fail thanks to my stint as the video director which did not end very well. But still, it was the best three months I ever had. And the best activity I ever joined.

20. Joined rag dance again, this time for a NDP performance. Also a great experience. Got to know a lot of people and had a lot of fun. Also up leveled in dance, I think.

And now I've ended up as a head for the block I'm staying in. Awesome right?

In short, NUS has never been short of awesomeness for me and frankly, I really don't feel like putting all these fun and excitement down. In psychology terms, I have a high threshold to be stimulated. Which means that I can never settle for routine and normal.

Well, I just have to see what third year has to offer me.



Wow, your journey is really quite something. I'm sure you've leveled up a lot. Keep up the good work. Come back to help EW whenever you can. Nothing beats advice from a senior who've trotten down the same path.

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