Sunday, August 21, 2011

In The Dumps

Haven't been feeling like blogging much lately. In fact, I have 0 motivation to blog as for now. I think it must be due to the depressing state of my life. Real depressing. I mean seriously.

Firstly, my laptop is dying. I think it must have gotten the laptop version of cancer, AIDS or some kind of terminal disease. It overheats easily and every now and then, I get a blue screen of death. Which is quite annoying actually because most of my leisure time and not so leisure time is spent on my laptop and with the frequent blue screen, I can't do anything in peace. I can't blog in peace, I can't watch movie in peace and I even can't game in peace. The computer just flashes a blue screen on me whenever it thinks that I'm having the most fun or during the most important times. I think it must be getting back on me for not taking good care of it. And my friends must be hating me now for crashing a few times during the DOTA games we're having. Sorry.

Not my laptop, but definitely has the same problem as me

I sure hope that the formatting tomorrow will at least save it or prolong it's life by a little bit. Because there's no way I'm getting a new computer anytime yet. Ugh. But then again, this laptop is getting a little old already going by the computer's age. Still I was hoping that it will be able to last at least for years during my university time. To my dear laptop, please don't play this kind of prank on me again. Thanks to you, blue is my newest hated color.

And computer problems aside, the start of the new semester is also another reason why I'm feeling in the dumps. I mean, what could possibly more depressing than the start of a new schooling term to the student right? Just thinking of the new assignments, new classes and new exams sends chills to my spine. Brrr... Not to mention that two of my lecturers think that its very fun not to upload any lecture notes and make us copy like slaves during the class. And there's this radio antenna I have to build to capture the Sun's cosmic rays as part of my Breath module assignment. Yes, they expect an Arts student to do just that.

And to put the final nail in the coffin, the Asean School Games organizer and IP Media has still not pay me yet for the videography work that I did for them. A freaking 1300+ SGD. Thanks to them, I am literally eating maggie mee everyday now. If they still don't bank in the pay, I dunno what I'll do. Maybe starve to death I think. Never again will I take up freelance videography work again simply.

So yeah life's pretty in the dumps lately for me. Which is why I have 0 motivation to blog now. I would rather much prefer to lie on my bed and be depressed until something good happens. Speaking of which, something good did happen to me. Perhaps the only good thing now amidst all the gloomy news surrounding me. Maybe I'll share about it in later posts to come once everything is confirmed :)


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