Sunday, September 25, 2011

Things Would Make A University Student Jump

Things that would make a university student rather jump from a building than do:

1. Sleep before 11pm and wake up before 8am

2. Read the textbook/journal article/tutorial when the latest season of How I met Your Mother / Gossip Girl / Naruto is just out.

3. GUYS: Say No to a DOTA Game / GIRLS: Say Yes to a DOTA game

4. Say no to alcohol or a drinking session, and then proceeding to proof read your assignment for the 10th time

5. Finish up all your readings, tutorial questions and syllabus one week before time. And also draft up 10 questions that you want to ask the lecturer for the class next week

6. Your computer wallpaper is a picture of the lecturer to remind you how awesome he is

7. Live in a room without any internet connection, be it WIFI or LAN

8. Study for 10 hours everyday, even weekends, without any Facebook, Twitter or food until the results slip shows A for all subjects

9. Get at least 8 hours of sleep everyday

10. Blog about how exciting studies, assignments and exams are in the university


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