Friday, April 22, 2011

Osmosis Please

I'm bored, way bored. I know I should be reading and revising since I have an exam tomorrow but my brain is so full with images of Marx fighting with Weber about who's definition of class inequality is better that I'm not sure whether I still can pile anything in. Besides, any further reading would only exaggerate my current half panic mood because I've just realized I had not been able to understand a single thing that I've read since the past 3 days.

I would love to sleep, sleep is good after all to help you get sufficient rest and to be alert when the exam comes but I'm afraid I would wake up too early tomorrow and grow sleepy again by the time my exam start. So I'm waiting for the perfect time where I can go to bed and sleep a full 8 hours so I can be a refreshed handsome man when I wake up tomorrow. And 10pm is definitely too early for me to sleep because my exam is 1pm tomorrow. 

The various laughing sounds of a girl around my hostel is not helping either. I refuse to think of it as a lady in white who would stand outside my window tonight my under the influence of a saturated brain, suddenly everything becomes scary. Maybe it's just a pretty girl who is as stressed out as me because of this stupid exam and perhaps the laughter was to cope with the sudden realization that she is gonna so fail the exam tomorrow. Which is a good thing for me if she's in my class because my uni has this system called the evil bell curve to grade student's performance.

The evil is not part of the official name, mind you, I just put it in because of the considerable misery that this bell curve has caused me.

Or I could cook some supper to eat while waiting for time to pass. Having some food in my stomach will definitely help me to sleep better and a good supper would also help me to save on breakfast tomorrow. And a good supper could work wonders to cheer me up. But then again, looking at my waistline, I better don't. Besides, I am also really lazy to wash all those pots and utensils.

I think I'll just go and put my head unto the book and hope that osmosis would happen where the information from the more saturated book would flow to my less saturated brain.




Study life is real torturing when comes to exams :/ be happy with it lo. Haha good luck Lukey :)

Anonymous said...

lol osmosis is the flow of water in and out. probably u meant diffusion? xDD
btw, nice blog =)

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