Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blogging Mentor?

I got a phone call today. It was right after I woke up. From About the their school correspondent initiative thing. They asked if I'm okay to give a speech on the 17th of April in front of the public in Scape. Because I said yes to being a blogger mentor for this whole event. A speech. In front of the public. In a place like Scape. 

I think I'm gonna faint.

Just joking. I do admit that this would be my first time speaking for such an event after such a long time but it's definitely not the worst. I still remember that once upon a time ago when I still had my center parting hair, someone put me on stage in front of a 900 strong crowd and asked me to talk about how to get straight As in SPM (O-Levels).

I was so nervous that time that I wet my pants. Seriously. Who in their right mind would put a glass of water on the podium right?

Maybe if I get nervous on that day, I could just stand there and look handsome.

Anyways, long gone were the days of center hair parting and wetting my pants whenever I get nervous and to be honest, this whole school blogging initiative by Youth.SG is much more interesting that me wetting my pants.

Called the Youth.SG Ultimate Campus Spy Network, the idea behind this initiative is to search for aspiring bloggers and writers to give an inside view for the life inside their school. One representative will be chosen from each JC/Poly/Uni and they will be asked to write at least one article per week about life in their school. 

The specific campus spies will not only be able to use this opportunity to build their writing credentials and make their resume look good, there are also a lot of perks that are waiting for them along the way. Better still, there will be an ultimate showdown among all the respective school Campus Spies and attractive prizes await the winner! You can read more here:

Too bad I'm already asked to be the blogger mentor though, although I still have no idea why I'm chosen, because I would so totally prefer trying my luck out as one of the spies. Campus spy sound so much cooler than blogger mentor right?

But then again, I spend so much time in hall that I rarely have any idea of what's happening in NUS except that there's free Milo here and there occasionally and that FASS girls are hot. That's the best that I know. And NUS is too big to see the entire big picture without having to sacrifice the small details or what we would call the insider look.
Either way, I foresee a great experience ahead in this Campus Spy initiative. Seems that my blogging life just couldn't stop being colorful. And I'm not complaining. Thanks Youth.SG again for choosing me as a blogging mentor. Although it does make me sound old :p

On a side note, Youth.SG will be invading NUS next Tuesday, April 12th from 10am to 3pm! Think I'm gonna go grab some freebie from them :)


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