Saturday, April 9, 2011

When you define sexism, include Ibrahim Ali please

You know why husbands nowadays seem to love cheating on their wives? It's not because they're unfaithful or they're immoral, it's because of their wives. It's all their wives fault. If the wife has fulfilled her duty to satisfy all her husband's sexual urges, then he would not seek it outside with other women. 

The women have no one but themselves to blame if their husband commit adultery. Blame it all on the wives of the husbands' extramarital affairs.

Well, at least that's what our beloved Islamic and Malay rights champion Ibrahim Ali says. Oh, and did I mention he is an officially elected member of Malaysia's Parliament? And he's involved in the lawmaking process in Malaysia. Ain't that great? It wouldn't be surprising if Malaysia have a law that states that a woman must be accompanied by a male whenever she goes out in 10 years time.

The Newspaper report

And I thought the evolutionary psychology way of explanation is bad enough.

Going by his logic, one can argue back that if the wife refuses to cook or clean the house, it's the husband's fault too for not giving her enough support.

Even better, if your wife decides to run away with another guy who is richer, do not blame her. It's because you have failed at your duty at earning enough for your wife to spend. When a husband returns from work, a wife sees thing that are money arousing and would expect the husbands to fulfill their duty of providing their wives with the correct amount of allowance. If the husband fails to do so, then you couldn't blame the wife she choose choose to approach a richer guy to satisfy her urges.

It's surprising to see that in our ever modernizing world, there sexist bigots like him still exist. Blaming your own sexual promiscuity on your wife? That's a new low man. 

And if everyone were to think like him, soon we might have rapists blaming their victims for dressing too sexily and causing them them to be aroused instead of blaming their own lack of self control. Oh wait, I think that already happened.

While every nation in the world is moving towards a better understanding and universal acceptance among each other, Malaysia on the contrary is slowly sinking back into the dark ages where women are viewed as secondary class citizens and not worthy of anything. And they say they want Malaysia to be a modern nation by 2020.

I so hope that Ibrahim Ali's wife don't give him any sex when she sees what he said.

Our dear Ibrahim Ali's face. And he wonders why his wife doesn't want to satisfy his urges. That face can even turn a female gorilla off.


Anonymous said...

reminds me of the wild africa over astro!

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