Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today, Mr Luke went for a dance audition for his hostel's dance corps. Mr Luke had enjoyed his previous experience with Rag Dance very much and hoped to have the chance of dancing again. Upon entering the dance studio, Mr Luke suddenly realized that he and his friend, Kok Weng, happened to be the only two seniors out of the multitude of freshmen auditioning too. Mr Luke thought that perhaps he was too old after all for stuff like this.

Or perhaps Mr Luke needs to stop thinking about all these stuff and just be himself. And not to update his blog 3 am in the morning. So Mr Luke is just going to do some reading for his class tomorrow before sleeping. After all, Mr Luke has some serious catching up to do in his studies.

And by the way, Mr Luke has a strange tendency to refer himself in third person view these days. It must be the stress getting to him.



Clinical displacement? Separating from yourself for better view of whats happening? or separating ur self to prevent overwhelming emotions. ^^ Glow thisnk Mr Luke is experimenting with personality disorders ^^


:) Mr. RollingFumblingThug thinks that Mr. Luke is not that old and he is as cool as Homer. :)


mr. luke should do what he likes and likes what he does! =)

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