Monday, August 23, 2010

Hot and Sizzly!

After what seems like 1098217 hours of waiting and going through every single tutorial regarding every single thing about blogger, DNS and CNAME records etc etc, finally the completely revamped look of my blog is up! With a new name too!

Not forgetting a new header, a new favicon and a new template to go with it! Since moving over to a new domain without the is a big thing for us bloggers, i guess all the new things are kinda necessary for a new start. Of course, no one told me how hard it would be to change tons of stuff at one go so i ended up wasting pretty much of my Sunday revamping this blog. And i must say HTML codes can really drain the energy out from you.

As for the change of name, i guess many of you are dying to know more about it. From rantings to handsome is a big thing too. Long story, perhaps in the next post when i have the time to write about how i manage to get this custom domain and also why ended up being chosen. For now, i have to retire to my bed and get a well deserved sleep, night world!


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