Friday, August 20, 2010

Rain drops when everything was done

Well, what do you know, i've actually managed to finish the entire Starcraft 2 : Wings of Liberty single player campaign in less than one week. As the final scene closes, strangely, the rain began to fall outside of my room. I guess it kinda add to the mood of the story alongside the epic background music. And i'm happy to say that Starcraft 2 did not disappoint. It still manages to capture my imagination and leave me grabbing the edge of my seat as it used to when i played it last time. 

When the final cinematic began playing, it almost brought tears to my eyes watching how the story unfolds. The rain came in the right time too. And to top it all of, i have Xian You, my neighbour happily playing guitar next door. Nice.

Kerrigan in Jim Raynors arms in the final scene of Starcraft 2

Oh, well, a good things must come to a close eventually. As i see Jim carrying Kerrigan into the sunlight, i thought this would be a great end to the Stracraft story, finally. And i could finally stop myself from being so engrossed in the whole Starcraft thing and get myself to focus on my studies and reading, which is like, so much more important than saving Kerrigan in the first place.

Or so i thought when i saw the accompanying message next: "Watch out for the second installment of the Starcraft Two trilogy to know what happens to the Zerg!"

WTH?! You mean the entire Starcraft Two is a trilogy? Like Lord of the Rings? Oh i can so kiss my results goodbye... and it's 5 am now... ugh...



Lols boys :)

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