Thursday, August 5, 2010

Toothpaste Thief!

In the university hostel that i stay in, it's not only just university students you'll find living side by side with you, sometimes you'll find more than that too. In my case, sadly the "more than that happens" to be a thief. I've heard horror stories before about how half eaten chocolate goes missing from the common fridge, how people wake up to find a pair of their Nike slippers missing but so far i have never had an unfortunate encounter with such incidents before. That is, until now.

Notes like this are a common sight in my hostel, thanks to all these thieves

So there was i, walking to the toilet to get a morning bath before heading out for a long day of dance practice. I took the basket containing all my bathing stuff and headed to the cubicles just in time to notice something missing. Something green, white and yellow. My Darlie toothpaste!

Who would want to steal this anyway?

I mean, a toothpaste?! Why are you so desperate til you want to steal a toothpaste? It's not like very expensive or hard to get. There's a freaking 7-11 within 5 minutes of walk from the hostel. I guess that guy's teeth must be very important to him til he cannot even live a moment without having his precious teeth brushed. I was pissed alright. And i decided to come up with a sign of my own:-

I think i'm gonna have to start labeling my toothbrush, soap, razor and things of the like from now on.
 And you thought the university students are supposed to be an educated bunch. Guess no matter how much education you get you will steal steal if your morals is not high enough.



Do they steal underwear too? O.o


theft in community living is something that you cant escape from.. no matter how highly you think of the people around you, there are bound to be some black sheep around.

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